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Lipids in Animal Science

Effect of Cisplatin on Rat Liver Nuclear Membrane Phospholipids as Integral Participants in Signal Transduction N. Hakobyan, Yerevan/AM, A. Hovhannisyan, Yerevan/AM, Z. Yavroyan, Yerevan/AM, E. Gevorgyan, Yerevan/AM download abstract

Valorization of Acid Oils for Feed Uses: Characterization and Other Challenges R. Codony, Barcelona/ES, A.C. Barroeta, Bellaterra/ES, R. Sala, Bellaterra/ES, A. Tres, Barcelona/ES, E. Varona, Barcelona/ES, F. Guardiola, Barcelona/ES download abstract

Cuetlas Larvae (Arsenuda armida C) Source of Fatty Acids and Energy V. Melo Ruiz, Mexico/MX, T. Quirino-Barreda, Mexico City/MX, K. Sánchez-Herrera, Mexico City/MX, S. Macin-Cabrera, Mexico City/MX, R. Díaz-García, Mexico City/MX, R. Gutiérrez-Tolentino, Mexico City/MX download abstract

Lipid Profile of Buffalo Meat from different Breeds N. Bragagnolo, Campinas/BR, S.J.G.B. Simon, Campinas/BR, L.R.B. Mariutti, Campinas/BR download abstract

Dried By-products from Fish Processing as Potential Sources of Valuable Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids for Animal Nutrition M.A. Rincon-Cervera, Santiago/CL, M.B. Villarreal-Rubio, Santiago/CL, R. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL, A. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almeria/ES, R. Ramos-Bueno, Almeria/ES, M.J. Gonzalez-Fernandez, Almeria/ES download abstract

Supplementation with Hydroxytyrosol Prevents Hepatic Oxidative Stress and Reduction of Desaturation Capacity in Mice Fed High Fat Diet: Effects on Fatty Acid Composition in Liver and Extra Hepatic Tissues M.A. Rincon, Santiago/CL, A. Espinosa, Santiago/CL, F. Echeverria, Santiago/CL, M. Ortiz, Santiago/CL, M.A. Rincon-Cervera, Santiago/CL, L. Videla, Santiago/CL, A. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL, R. Ramos-Bueno, Almeria/ES, M.J. Gonzalez-Fernandez, Almeria/ES download abstract

Anti-steatotic effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid and Hydroxytyrosol Mixture in Liver of Mice Subjected to High Fat Diet: Relation to PPAR-α and Nrf2 Upregulation, jointly with SREBP-1c and NF-κB Downregulation M.A. Rincon, Santiago/CL, A. Espinosa, Santiago/CL, F. Echeverria, Santiago/CL, M. Ortiz, Santiago/CL, M.A. Rincon-Cervera, Santiago/CL, L. Videla, Santiago/CL, A. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Santiago/CL download abstract

Raman Spectroscopy as a Fast and Non-Destructive Method to Determine Fat Content and Estimate n-3 Content in Fish S. Sampels, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, J. Masilko, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, J. Mraz, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, T. Zajic, Ceske Budejovice/CZ download abstract

Selective Solid-Phase Extraction of Phospholipids Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and its Application in Human Milk Samples I. Ten-Doménech, Burjassot (Valencia)/ES, E. F. Simó-Alfonso, Burjassot (Valencia)/ES, J. M. Herrero-Martínez, Burjassot (Valencia)/ES download abstract

Extraction and Preconcentration of Phospholipids from Human Milk by Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction I. Ten-Doménech, Burjassot (Valencia)/ES, E.F. Simó-Alfonso, Burjassot (Valencia)/ES, S. Torres-Cartas, Grao de Gandía (Valencia)/ES, S. Meseguer-Lloret, Grao de Gandía (Valencia)/ES, J. M. Herrero-Martínez, Burjassot (Valencia)/ES download abstract

Differences in Altitude and Available Pasture on Ewe Milk Fatty Acid Profile L. Bravo-Lamas, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, N. Aldai, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, J.K.G. Kramer, Guelph/CA, L.J.R. Barron, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES download abstract

Fatty Acids Transfer between Contrasting Primary Producers and an Aquatic Invador I. Guschina, Cardiff/GB, H. Patel, Cardiff/GB, J. Harwood, Cardiff/GB, S. Ormerod, Cardiff/GB download abstract

MALDI-TOF/MS Analyses of the Lipids of Artemia franciscana P. Lopalco, Bari/IT, R. Santos, Gent/BE, G. Van Stappen, Gent/BE, A. Corcelli, Bari/IT download abstract

Sesquiterpenoid Ratios to Authenticate Dairy Products from Mountain Grasslands N. Aldai, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, L.J.R. Barron, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, I. Valdivielso, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES download abstract

Production of Functionalised Pork Fat Through Enzymatic Glycerolysis and Short Path Distillation E. Miquel Becker, Aarhus C/DK, M.B. Larsen, Aarhus C/DK, M.F. Falkenborg, Aarhus C/DK download abstract

Plant Lipids and Plant Breeding

Formation of 4-hydroxy-Hexenal and 4-hydroxy-Nonenal in Camelina sativa oil. An Accelerated Storage Study J.-E. Haugen, Aas/NO, F. Lundby, Aas/NO, E.M. Nicolaisen, Aas/NO, G. Vogt, Moss/NO, A. Nilsson, Aas/NO download abstract

Selection of Soybean Cultivar for the High and Stable Yield of Oil, Protein and Lipids in Pakistan M. Usman, Peshawar/PK, Asghar Ali Shah Syed, Peshawar/PK download abstract

Significant Chemical Properties of Cold Pressed Seed Oils used as Unconventional Bio-Oils in Edible Oil and Pharmaceutical Industries H.F. Ayyildiz, Konya/TR download abstract

Sunflower Oil from Sunflowers, that Cultivated with Contaminated Water V. Andrianos, Athens/GR, V. Stoikou, Athens/GR, I. Zabetakis, Limerick/IE download abstract

Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Microbiological Properties, Antimicrobial Activity, Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Grape Seed Oils A.S. Demirci, Tekirdağ/TR, D. Apaydin, Tekirdag/TR, Ü. Gecgel, Tekirdag/TR download abstract

Preparation and Characterization of Pomegranate Seed Oil-in-Water Nanoemulsion: Effect of Emulsifier Type and Concentration S.A.H. Goli, Isfahan/IR, S.M. Sahafi, Isfahan/IR, M. Kadivar, Isfahan/IR, J. Varshosaz, Isfahan/IR download abstract

Evaluation of Storage Conditions on the Quality of Canola Oil obtained by Screw Press A. Dagdelen, Balikesir/TR, G. Özkan, Isparta/TR, D. Wiesenborn, Fargo/US download abstract

Valorization of Seeds from Some Field Border Flowering Seeds A. Paul, Gembloux/BE, S. Danthine, Gembloux/BE, P. Mutwale, Kinshasa/969, O. Jansen, Liege/BE, C. Blecker, Gembloux/BE, S. Heuskin, Gembloux/BE, A. Mouithys-Mickalad, Liege/BE, T. Franck, Liege/BE, G. Lognay, Gembloux/BE, M. Frederich, Liege/BE download abstract

Determination of Physicochemical Properties and Oxidative Stability of Rice Bran Oils in Different Rice Varieties D. Apaydın, Tekirdağ/TR, Ü. Geçgel, Tekirdag/TR, O. Daglioglu, Tekirdag/TR, I. Yilmaz, Tekirdag/TR, M. Arici, Istanbul/TR, K.G. Güner, Tekirdag/TR, G.Ç. Dülger, Edirne/TR, O. Ay, Tekirdag/TR, B. Ersöz, Istanbul/TR, Y. Çotra, Tekirdag/TR, M. Tasan, Tekirdag/TR download abstract

Lipids and Fatty Acids of Artemisia Genus Halophytes in the Lake Elton Region O. Rozentsvet, Togliatti/RU, E.S. Bogdanova, Togliatti/RU, V.N. Nesterov, Togliatti/RU download abstract

Chemical Composition and Physicochemical Caracteristics of Fixed Oil from Algerian Nigella Sativa Seeds Extracted by Hexane and Green Solvent Isopropanol F. Benkaci-Ali, Algiers/DZ, M. Marlier, Gembloux/BE, J.P. Wathelet, Gembloux/BE download abstract

Production of Structured Lipids from Hazelnut Oil with Conjugated Linoleic Acid by Lipase-Catalyzed Esterification: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology A. Yücetepe, Istanbul/TR, N. Bakir, Istanbul/TR, H. Ilyasoglu, Gumushane/TR, K.N. Kasapoglu, Istanbul/TR, B. Özcelik, Istanbul/TR download abstract

Positional Distribution Assessment of Several GLA-enriched Borago Species R.P. Ramos Bueno, Almería/ES, M.J. González-Fernández, Almería/ES, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES, M.A. Rincón-Cervera, Santiago/CL, R. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL download abstract

Isolation of sn-2 PUFA-Based Monoacylglycerols From Edible Oils by Argentated Silica Gel Chromatography M.J. González Fernández, Almería/ES, R.P. Ramos Bueno, Almería/ES, J.L. Guil Guerrero, Almería/ES, M.A Rincón Cervera, Santiago/CL, R. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL download abstract

Sardinian Boraginaceae are New Potential Sources of Gamma-Linolenic Acid R.P. Ramos Bueno, Almería/ES, M.J. González-Fernández, Almería/ES, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES, M.A. Rincón-Cervera, Santiago/CL, R. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL download abstract

From Botany to Food: Are Oleosomes Ready to be an Ingredient? G. Waschatko, Vilvoorde/BE download abstract

Comparison Study of Different Planting Locations on Seed Oil Content and Quality of Jatropha Trees H. A. Zahran, Cairo/EG, D.M. Ahmed, Cairo/EG, F. A. Zaher, Cairo/EG, M. Abd El-hady, Cairo/EG, M. El-Hamidi, Cairo/EG download abstract

Determining Oil Quality Parameters of Some Seed Oils Obtained by Cold Pressing Technology D. Apaydın, Tekirdağ/TR, Ü. Geçgel, Tekirdag/TR, M. Alpaslan, Tekirdag/TR, M. Tasan, Tekirdag/TR, G.Ç. Dülger, Tekirdag/TR, H. Erol, Tekirdag/TR download abstract

Characterization of Seed Oils from Evening Primrose, Viper´s Bugloss and Borage from Experimental Crops in Chile as Sources of Gamma-linolenic and Stearidonic Acids M.A. Rincon-Cervera, Santiago/CL, M.B. Villarreal-Rubio, Santiago/CL, R. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL, A. Valenzuela, Santiago/CL, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almeria/ES, R. Ramos-Bueno, Almeria/ES, M.J. Gonzalez-Fernandez, Almeria/ES download abstract

Physical and Chemical Properties of Fresh Fig Seed Oils Collected Different Location in Turkey E. Duman, Afyonkarahisar/TR, A.S. Yazici, Afyonkarahisar/TR download abstract

Monitoring of Composition of Fig (Yellow Loop) Dry Fruit and Seed Oil in Turkey E. Duman, Afyonkarahisar/TR, S. Duman, Afyonkarahisar/TR download abstract

Fig (Ficus carica) Seed Oil D. Apaydın, Tekirdağ/TR, U. Gecgel, Tekirdag/TR download abstract

The Influence of Seeds Roasting on the Bioactive Compounds in Pumpkin Oils M. Rudzińska, Poznań/PL, M. Raczyk, Poznan/PL, A. Siger, Poznan/PL, E. Radziejewska-Kubzdela, Poznan/PL download abstract

Oleochemistry, Biofuel and Biosurfactants

Conversion of High Oleic Sunflower Oil to Biogasoil by High Pressure/High Temperature Hydrotreating I. Jachmanián, Montevideo/UY, E. Volonterio, Montevideo/UY download abstract

Facile synthesis of ultra-long chain fatty acid sugar alcohol monoesters: A reaction system study K. Sztukiel, Aarhus/DK, Wei Wei, Aarhus/DK, Guo Zheng, Aarhus/DK

Modeling of the Kinetics of in situ Soybean Oil Epoxidation with Peracetic Acid in the Presence of an Ion Exchange Resin S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS, M. Jankovic, Novi Sad/XS, O. Govedarica, Novi Sad/XS download abstract

Epoxidation of Linseed Oil with Peracetic Acid formed in situ in the Presence of an Ion Exchange Resin O. Govedarica, Novi Sad/XS, M. Jankovic, Novi Sad/XS, S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS, B. Nikolovski, Novi Sad/XS download abstract

Biodiesel Production from Crude Jatropha Oil Catalyzed by Immobilized Lipase/Acyltransferase from Candida Parapsilosis in Aqueous Media J. Rodrigues, Lisbon/PT, V. Perrier, Montpellier/FR, J. Lecomte, Montpellier/FR, E. Dubreucq, Montpellier/FR, S. Ferreira-Dias, Lisbon/PT download abstract

Anaerobic Digestion of Sweetwater Glycerol to Biogas D. Zwakhals, Gouda/NL download abstract

The Oilseed Biorefinery of the Future: From Biomass to Chemicals C. Hillairet, Venette/FR, J. Le Nôtre, Venette/FR download abstract

Microbial Surfactants: from Lab to Market S. Roelants, Ghent/BE, L. Van Rengerghem, Ghent/BE, B. Everaert, Ghent/BE, E. Redant, Ghent/BE, B. Van Lerberghe, Ghent/BE, I. Van Bogaert, Ghent/BE, W. Soetaert, Ghent/BE download abstract

Characterization of Eco-Friendly Extender Oils O. Govedarica, Novi Sad/XS, D. Govedarica, Novi Sad/XS, N. Sovtic, Novi Sad/XS, M. Jankovic, Novi Sad/XS, S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS, O. Bera, Novi Sad/XS, M. Jovicic, Novi Sad/XS download abstract

Analytics, Authenticity, Lipidomics

Optimizing Shelf-life of Nut Mixes by means of an Electronic Nose G. Schroder, Toulouse/FR, S. Morel, Toulouse/FR, M. Bonnefille, Toulouse/FR download abstract

Sorption interaction between lung surfactants and amorphous silica nanoparticles investigated by SPE HILIC ESI MS and SPE ICP MS Y. Silina, Saarbrücken/DE, M. Koch, Saarbrücken/DE, C. Fink-Straube, Saarbrücken/DE download abstract

European Validation of the Determination of Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons (MOSH) and Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons MOAH) in Vegetable Oils F. Lacoste, Pessac/FR download abstract

Rapid NIRS Estimation of Squalene in Olive Oils and Sorting J.A. Cayuela, Seville/ES download abstract

Thermal Analysis of Oils: Influence of Oleic Acid on Fast DSC Heating Curves I.A. van Wetten, Delfgauw/Wageningen/NL, A.W. van Herwaarden, Delfgauw/NL, R. Splinter, Delfgauw/NL, R. Boerrigter-Eenling, Wageningen/NL, S.M. van Ruth, Wageningen/NL download abstract

Monitoring of MCPD Esters Levels in Lipid Samples obtained from Commercially available Food Products R. Jędrkiewicz, Gdańsk/PL, A. Glowacz-Rózynska, Gdansk/PL, J. Gromadzka, Gdansk/PL, J. Namiesnik, Gdansk/PL download abstract

Investigations on 3-MCPD and 2-MCPD Esters Levels in Oil Samples after Deep Frying of Various Food Products A. Głowacz-Różyńska, Gdańsk/PL, R. Jedrkiewicz, Gdansk/PL, J. Gromadzka, Gdansk/PL download abstract

Content of Coenzyme Q10 in different Types of Virgin or Cold-Pressed Vegetable Oils B. Matthäus, Detmold/DE download abstract

Contribution of different Bacteria on the Formation of Volatile Compounds during Storage of Rapeseed B. Matthäus, Detmold/DE, L. Brühl, Detmold/DE, A. Bonte, Detmold/DE, K. Niehaus, Bielefeld/DE, H. Bednarz, Bielefeld/DE, C. Wagner, Münster/DE download abstract

Sorting Olive Oils According their Vitamine E by using NIRS J.A. Cayuela, Seville/ES download abstract

GC-MS Quantification of Keto-cholestene in Seasoned Hard and Semi-hard Cheeses G. Palla, Parma/IT, A. Caligiani, Parma/IT, V. Lolli, Parma/IT, A. Marseglia, Parma/IT download abstract

Characterization of Palm Oil by Non-Destructive Portable Near Infrared Spectroscopy D. Barbin, Campinas/BR, M. Vasconcelos, Campinas/BR, H. Godoy, Campinas/BR, F. Favero, Campinas/BR download abstract

The Quality and Quantity Analysis of Phytosterols in Commercial Pumpkin Oils from Poland M. Rudzińska, Poznań/PL, M. Raczyk, Poznan/PL, D. Labrenz, Poznan/PL download abstract

Gravimetric Fat Determination According to Mojonnier D. Senn, Flawil/CH, N. Turrà, Flawil/CH, L. Quenouille, Aumale/FR download abstract

Supercritical Fluid Extracted Rapeseed Oil, its Chemical- and Sensory Profile H.B. Frandsen, Copenhagen/DK, S.S. Wæhrens, Copenhagen/DK, M.A. Petersen, Copenhagen/DK, H. Sørensen, Copenhagen/DK, S. Sørensen, Copenhagen/DK, J.C. Sørensen, Copenhagen/DK download abstract

Universal Route to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Foodstuff: Two-dimensional Heart-Cut Liquid Chromatography – Gas Chromatography – mass Spectrometry (LC-LC-GC-MS) M. Nestola, Sprockhövel/DE, R. Friedrich, Sprockhövel/DE, P. Bluhme, Sprockhövel/DE, T.C. Schmidt, Sprockhövel/DE

Determination of the Cyanogenic Glycoside contents of Flaxseed Breads by GC-MS V. Barthet, Winnipeg, MB/CA download abstract

Determination of Phthalates in Edible Oil by GC-MS M. Watiez, Coudekerque-Branche/FR, C. Louré, Coudekerque-Branche/FR, A. Ryckenbusch, Coudekerque-Branche/FR, S. Breton, Asnières sur Seine/FR, F. Joffre, Pessac/FR, J.N. Arnaud, Pessac/FR, F. Lacoste, Pessac/FR download abstract

Fully Automated, Heart-Cutting Three-Dimensional Column-Switching SPE-FIA-HPLC/ELSD Method for the Analysis of Lipids in Palm Oil H. Kara, Konya/TR, F.N. Arslan, Karaman/TR download abstract

Biotechnology and Enzyme Technology

Lipase Catalysed Fatty Acid Enrichment K. Zorn, Greifswald/DE, I. Oroz-Guinea, Greifswald/DE, H. Brundiek, Greifswald/DE, U.T. Bornscheuer, Greifswald/DE download abstract

Beta-galactosidase Catalyzed Synthesis of Alkyl Galactopyranoside in Ionic Liquids as Co-solvent: Impact on Transglycosylation Activity J. Yang, Aarhus/DK, R. Gao, Changchun/CN, Z. Guo, Aarhus/DK download abstract

Comparative Screening of Lipase Biocatalysts in Polar Organic and Deep Eutectic Solvents B. Kleiner, Leverkusen/DE, F. Kovacic, Jülich/DE, P. Dollinger, Jülich/DE, N. Katzke, Jülich/DE, K-E. Jaeger, Jülich/DE, U. Schörken, Leverkusen/DE download abstract

Response Surface Modeling Looking for Maximal Lipase Activity from Ricinus Communis Powder in Hydrolysis Reactions C. Palla, Bahía Blanca/AR, F. Salaberría, Bahía Blanca/AR, M.E. Carrín, Bahía Blanca/AR download abstract

The Influence of Salicylic Acid on Secretion of Oleanolic Acid Glycosides in Marigold (Calendula officinalis) Hairy Root Culture A. Alsoufi, Warsaw/PL, C. Paczkowski, Warsaw/PL, A. Szakiel, Warsaw/PL, M. Dlugosz, Warsaw/PL download abstract

Effect of Enzymes on the Oil Solvent Extraction from Sunflower Collets with Different Moisture Content C. Palla, Bahía Blanca/AR, L. Rodríguez, Bahía Blanca/AR, M.B. Fernández, Olavarría/AR, E. Pérez, Bahía Blanca/AR, G.H. Crapiste, Bahía Blanca/AR download abstract

Sophorolipids: Renewable Resources for Chemical Derivatization E.I.P. Delbeke, Ghent/BE, S.L.K.W. Roelants, Ghent/BE, I.N.A. Van Bogaert, Ghent/BE, K.M. Van Geem, Ghent/BE, C.V. Stevens, Ghent/BE download abstract

Effect of Enzyme Cocktails on the Extraction of Pumpkin Oil from Pumpkin Seeds G. Balcioglu, Istanbul/TR, T. Dindar, Istanbul/TR, D. Coskunsu, Istanbul/TR, G. Ustun, Istanbul/TR, M. Tuter, Istanbul/TR download abstract

Studies on the Extraction of Multiple Ingredients from Different Microalgae S. Baecker, Magdeburg/DE download abstract

Enzymatic Degumming of Vegetable Oils using Phospholipase-C K. Sampaio, Campinas/BR, N. Zyaykina, Gent/BE, C. Stevens, Gent/BE, W. De Greyt, Gent/BE, A. Meirelles, Campinas/BR download abstract

Chromatographic Recovery of Lipid-modifying Enzymes from Potato Juice R.E.J. Spelbrink, Foxhol/NL download abstract

Olive Oil and other Virgin Oils

Application of Perturbation Curves on RSM Data for Steam Distillation Parameters O. Özdikicierler, Izmir/TR, F. Yemiscioglu, Izmir/TR, A.S. Gumuskesen, Izmir/TR download abstract

Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils: An alternative to Food Industry A. Gürman, Izmir/TR, F. Yemiscioglu, Izmir/TR, G. Sevindirici, Izmir/TR, E. Toplu, Izmir/TR, O. Özdikicierler, Izmir/TR download abstract

Validated Analytical Approach for a Reliable Analysis of Virgin Olive Oil Volatile Compounds M.T. Morales, Seville/ES, I Romero del Río, Seville/ES, C. Oliver-Pozo, Seville/ES, N. Tena, Seville/ES, R. Aparicio-Ruiz, Seville/ES, D.L. García-González, Seville/ES, R. Aparicio, Seville/ES download abstract

Some Analitycal Properties of Ozonated Commercial Olive Oils H. Diraman, Afyonkarahisar/TR download abstract

Fatty acid profiles of Wild Bunium persicum Boiss. and Cultivated Cuminum cyminum L. from Iran H. Diraman, Afyonkarahisar/TR, A. Soltanbeigi, Afyonkarahisar/TR download abstract

The Spectroscopic Studies on Virgin Olive Oils Produced from Gemlik Olive Cultivar in Grown The Different Two Locations (Manisa and Bursa): A Chemometric Approach in view of Geographical Classification H. Diraman, Afyonkarahisar/TR, Durmus Ozdemir, Urla -Izmir/TR

Influence of Hydric Stress on Olive Oil Sesquiterpenes B. Quintanilla-Casas, Barcelona/ES, S. Vichi, Barcelona/ES, S. De Caria, Udine/IT, M.H. Prieto, Badajoz/ES, E. Lara, Badajoz/ES, J.M. Pérez-Rodríguez, Badajoz/ES download abstract

Effect of Malaxation combined by Ultrasound on Extraction Yield and Quality Characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil A.Y. Aydar, Manisa/TR, E. Obuz, Manisa/TR download abstract

Growing Area Effect on Physicochemical Properties of Olive Fruit and Some Legal Quality Citerias of Virgin Olive Oil: Aegean and Marmara Regions A. Dağdelen, Balikesir/TR download abstract

Identification and Quantitation of Triglycerides in Cold-pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil Cultivars by HPLC/DAD Method G. Akin, Karman/TR, F.N. Arslan, Karaman/TR, I. Yilmaz, Karaman/TR download abstract

Quantitative Determination of Free Fatty Acids in Extra Virgin Olive Oils by Multivariate Methods and FT-IR Spectroscopy Considering Different Absorption Modes I. Tarhan, Konya/TR, A.A. Ismail, Montreal/CA, H. Kara, Konya/TR download abstract

Rapid Discrimination of Extra Virgin Olive Oils by FT-NIR Spectroscopy I. Tarhan, Konya/TR, A.A. Ismail, Montreal/CA, H. Kara, Konya/TR download abstract

Enrichment of Refined Olive Oil with Olive Leave Extracts obtained from some Turkish Olives Variety T.M. Keceli, Adana/TR, F. Harp, Balcali-Adana/TR download abstract

Physical Properties, Quality and Yield of Argentinian Olive Oil from Province of Buenos Aires M.T. González, Bahia Blanca/AR, L.N. Ceci, Bahia Blanca/AR, C. Gatica, Bahia Blanca/AR, A.B. Pezzutti, Bahia Blanca/AR, A.A. Carelli, Bahia Blanca/AR download abstract

New Technique for Olive Oil Extraction using High Power Ultrasound M.A. Bejaoui, Jaén/ES, A. Sánchez-Ortiz, Jaen/ES, M.P. Aguilera, Jaen/ES, A. Jiménez, Jaen/ES, G. Beltrán, Jaen/ES download abstract

Effect of Growing Regions on the Fatty Acid Methyl and Ethyl Esters of Turkish Virgin Olive Oils O. Köseogli, Izmir/TR, D. Sevim, Izmir/TR, S. Kantarci Savas, Kirklareli/TR, M. Ulas, Izmir/TR, E. Nasiboglu, Izmir/TR download abstract

The Impact of Geography on the Healthy Compounds of Olive Oil A. Dağdelen, Balikesir/TR download abstract

Composition and Properties of Walnut, Hazelnut and Almond Virgin Oils and their By-products from different Cultivars R.M. Ojeda-Amador, Ciudad Real/ES, L. Regazzini, Ciudad Real/ES, S. Gomez-Alonso, Ciudad Real/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES download abstract

Optimization of Phenol Extraction from Extra Virgin Olive Oil using a Deep Eutectic Solvent A. Clemente, Bari/IT, V.M. Paradiso, Bari/IT, R. Nasti, Bari/IT, C. Summo, Bari/IT, A. Pasqualone, Bari/IT, F. Caponio, Bari/IT download abstract

Influence of the Calcium Carbonate on Olive Oil Quality, Extraction Yield and Energy Consumption during Processing G. Squeo, Bari/IT, A. Tamborrino, Bari/IT, R. Silletti, Bari/IT, R. Nasti, Bari/IT, C. Summo, Bari/IT, V.M. Paradiso, Bari/IT, B. Bianchi, Bari/IT, A. Leone, Foggia/IT, A. Pasqualone, Bari/IT, F. Caponio, Bari/IT download abstract

A Chemometric Approach to Correlate Sensorial Attributes and Gas-chromatographic Data in Virgin Olive Oils L. Conte, Udine/IT, E. Moret, Udine/IT, D. Melucci, Bologna/IT, A. Zappi, Bologna/IT download abstract

Influence of Malaxation and Separation Steps (Decanter and Centrifugal) on the Antioxidant Content and Oxidation Stability of Olive Oil O. Köseoglu, Izmir/TR, D. Sevim, Izmir/TR download abstract

Effect of Microwave Heating on the Degradation of Chemical Parameters of Two Different Turkish Virgin Olive Oils O. Köseoglu, Izmir/TR, D. Sevim, Izmir/TR download abstract

Antioxidant Activity and Oxidative Stability of Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oils Regarding Stages Olive Ripening O. Köseoglu, Izmir/TR, D. Sevim, Izmir/TR, P. Kadiroglu, Adana/TR download abstract

Identification and Quantitation of Tocols in Cold-pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil Cultivars by HPLC/FLD Method F.N. Arslan, Karaman/TR, G. Akin, Karaman/TR, I. Yilmaz, Karaman/TR, N. Karuk Elmas, Karaman/TR download abstract

Evaluation of Portable Spectroscopic Techniques for Discrimination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Refined Olive Oil Blends J. Yan, Wageningen/NL, Y. Weesepoel, Wageningen/NL, S. van Ruth, Wageningen/NL download abstract

Optimization of Malaxation Conditions to Improve the Phenolic Extraction from Olive Pastes N. Mulinacci, Firenze/IT, L. Cecchi, Firenze/IT, S. Trapani, Firenze/IT, M.S. Maglia, Firenze/IT, A. Stimoli, Firenze/IT, M. Migliorini, Firenze/IT, L. Guerrini, Firenze/IT, A. Parenti, Firenze/IT, B. Zanoni, Firenze/IT download abstract

Olive Oil Tracability by SSR Markers of Sixteen Tunisian Olive Cultivars M. Sameh, Borj Cedria/TN download abstract

Crystallization and Melting Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Studied by Synchrotron XRD and DSC F. Valoppi, Trieste/IT, L. Barba, Trieste/IT, S. Calligaris, Udine/IT download abstract

A Study on Determining Evaporation Conditions of Oleic Acid Using Molecular Distillation and Multiobjective Optimization A. Tekin, Ankara/TR, O. Ketenoglu, Ankara/TR, F. Erdogdu, Ankara/TR download abstract

Application of Principal Component Analysis for Characterization of Northern Aegean Olive Oils Extracted from Ayvalik Variety in Turkey O. Özdikicierler, İzmir/TR, I. Çillidag, Izmir/TR, M. Zengin, Izmir/TR, F. Yemisçioglu, Izmir/TR download abstract

Influence of a Modified Crushing Process on Certain Characteristics of Virgin Olive Oil A. Yorulmaz, Aydin/TR, Ö. Kula, Balikesir/TR, A. Yorulmaz, Aydin/TR, M. Duran, Aydin/TR, I. Mutlu, Balikesir/TR, M. Kivrak, Balikesir/TR download abstract

A Comparison of Temperatures and Precipitation Turkey Olive Harvest Crop M. Kivrak, Edremit / Balikesir/TR, M. Kivark, Balikeser/TR, B. Tan, Erdemit -Balikeser/TR, S. Kesin, Erdemit -Balikeser/TW download abstract

Geographic Distribution and some Properties of Olive Varieties inTurkey T. Abacigil, balikesir/TR, M. Kivrak, Edremit / Balikesir/TR download abstract

Enviromental Pollution effects on Olive Plants G. Sakin, Balikesir/TR, T. Abacigil, Edremit / Balikesir/TR, M. Kivrak, Edremit / Balikesir/TR download abstract

Herbiside Residues Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil H. Demirkan, Izmir/TR, M. Kivrak, Edremit / Balikesir/TR download abstract

Deodorization-Absorption in the Refining Operations Lithium Bromide and Water using the Cooling System I. Mutlu, Edremit / Balikesir/TR, Ozer Kula, Edremit / Balikesir/TR download abstract

Health and Nutrition

Trans Fat’s Long-term Effects E.N. Enig, Bethesda/US download abstract

Chia Seeds (Salvia hispánica L) Source of Fatty Acids and Vitamin E Natural Antioxidant V. Melo Ruiz, Mexico/MX, K. Sánchez-Herrera, Mexico City/MX, B. Schettino-Bermudez, Mexico City/MX, C. Calvo-Carrillo, Mexico City/MX, R. Gutiérrez-Tolentino, Mexico City/MX download abstract

Developing Low Cholesterol Light Mayonnaise Formulation T.M. Keceli, Adana/TR, C. Kokbas, Balcali-Adana/TR, G. Dursun, Balcali-Adana/TR download abstract

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Signalling via the Mitochondrial Cell Death Pathway in Human Primary Brain Tumours A. Leaver, Edinburgh/GB, U. U Anilkumar, Edinburgh/GB, S. Loughridge, Edinburgh/GB, M.T. Rizzo, Indianapolis/US, I.R. Whittle, Edinburgh/GB, D. Rotondo, Glasgow/GB download abstract

Role of Fatty Acids on Erythrocyte Membrane Phospholipids in Ehrlich Induced Ascites and Solid Carcinoma in Mice D. Medhat, Giza/EG, Z. El-khayat, Giza/EG, O. Ahmed Abas, Port- said/EG, M. Elghreeb, Port- said/EG, A.R. Farrag, Giza/EG, N. Mostafa, Port- said/EG download abstract

Effect of Omega-3 on Chemically Induced Hepatitis in Rats D. Medhat, Giza/EG, J. Hussein, Giza/EG, D. Abo Elmatty, Suiz canal/EG, N.M. Mesbah, Suiz canal/EG, A.R. Farrag, Giza/EG, H. Fahmy, Giza/EG download abstract

Structure-activity Relationship of Phenoli Acid Derivatives: Inpact on Membrane Interactions, Toxicity and Anti-inflammatory Activity. F. Paiva-Martins, Porto/PT, B. Ferreira, Porto/PT, A. Santos, Porto/PT, S. Losada-Barreiro, Porto/PT, T. Silva, Porto/PT, P. Valentão, Porto/PT, P. Andrade, Porto/PT, D. Pareira, Porto/PT download abstract

Utilization of Melon (Cucumis melo L.) Seeds as a Natural Source of Vegetable Oil S. Mallek Ayadi, Sfax/TN, N. Bahloul, Sfax/TN, N. Kechaou, Sfax/TN download abstract

RNA-sequencing of HepG2 Cells Treated with Trans 18:1 Fractions from Beef Fat with different Isomeric Profiles P. Vahmani, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, S. Ravichandran, Ottawa/CA, W.J. Meadus, Lacombe/CA, P. Duff, Lacombe/CA, D.C. Rolland, Lacombe/CA, M.E.R Dugan, Lacombe/CA download abstract

Follow up of the MEFAB Birth Cohort from Birth to Adulthood N. Stratakis, Maastricht/NL, M. Gielen, Maastricht/NL, R. de Groot, Maastricht/NL, I.S.M. van der Wurff, Maastricht/NL, A. Ibrahim, Maastricht/NL, R. Godschalk, Maastricht/NL, S. Kremers, Maastricht/NL, E. Antoniou, Maastricht/NL, MP Zeegers, Maastricht/NL download abstract

Fatty Acid Composition of Woodenworm Larvae of Arhopalus L. Edible Insect in Mexico A. Vilchis Perez, Mexico City/MX, B. Marquez-Cruz, Mexico City/MX, R. Gutierrez-Tolentino, Mexico City/MX, R. Diaz-Garcia, Mexico City/MX, V. Melo-Ruiz, Mexico City/MX download abstract

Fatty Acids Composition of Pink Caterpillar Larvae (Hypopta agavis), Edible Insect of Maguey Cactus in Mexico A. Vilchis-Perez, Mexico City/MX, B. Marquez-Cruz, Mexico City/MX, R. Diaz-Garcia, Mexico City/MX, B. Schettino-Bermudez, Mexico City/MX, V. Melo-Ruiz, Mexico City/MX download abstract

PUFA-Containing Monoacylglycerols Exert Different Antitumor Actions on HT-29 Colorectal Cancer Cell Line M.J. González Fernández, Almería/ES, R.P. Ramos Bueno, Almería/ES, J.L. Guil Guerrero, Almería/ES download abstract

Omega-3 Status of Hominins in Europe at the Medium-Upper-Palaeolithic Transition J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES, R.P. Ramos-Bueno, Almería/ES, M.J. González-Fernández, Almería/ES download abstract

The Role of Dietary Interesterified Fat on Glucose Homeostasis in Mice J.E. Miyamoto, Limeira/BR, A. Reginato, Limeira/BR, M. Portovedo, Limeira/BR, T. Fante, Limeira/BR, B. C. Sousa, Limeira/BR, M. Stahl, Campinas/BR, M. A. Torsoni, Limeira/BR, A. S. Torsoni, Limeira/BR, A. P. B. Ribeiro, Campinas/BR, M. Milanski, Limeira/BR download abstract

Correlation Levels of mRNA Expression of ABCA1, LXR α, PPAR α, β, γ and SIRT1 in Whole Blood with Stimuli of Moderate Aerobic Physical Exercises and Hypocaloric Diet in Patients with Overweigth and Obesity A.A. Ahumada, Mexico City/MX, A. Santoyo, Mexico City/MX, J. Piña, Mexico City/MX, Y. Hurtado, Mexico City/MX, E. Luna, Mexico City/MX download abstract

Thermostability of a Lutein Delivery Nanoemulsion N. Bragagnolo, Campinas/BR, D. B. Rodrigues, Campinas/BR, D.Z. Demasi, Campinas/BR, L.C.O. Carvalho, Campinas/BR, L.R.B. Mariutti, Campinas/BR download abstract

Hypotriglyceridemic effect of Sciadonic Acid is Mediated by Inhibition of the Δ9-desaturase Expression and Activity in Rat Hepatocytes F Pédrono, Rennes/FR, N. Boulier-Monthéan, Rennes/FR, F. Boissel, Rennes/FR, P. Legrand, Rennes/FR download abstract

Impact of US Biofuel Policy on Food Price in South Africa: Implication for Health and Nutrition G.C. Aye, Pretoria/ZA download abstract

Cytotoxic Activity of Stigmasteryl Esters and their Derivatives Formed During Thermo-Oxidation M. Rudzińska, Poznań/PL, A. Paszel-Jaworska, Poznan/PL, M. Raczyk, Poznan/PL download abstract

Determination of 3-MCPD Levels in Potato Chips sold in Turkish Market B. Önal, İzmir/TR, G. Basaslan, Izmir/TR, O. Özdikicierler, Izmir/TR, F. Yemisçioglu, Izmir/TR download abstract

Antioxidant Properties of black Cumin Oils and Cinnamon Essential Oils: A Comparative Study and the Interaction Effect D.R.A. Muhammad, Ghent/BE, K. Alsayed Mahmoud, Ghent/BE, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/BE download abstract

Innovative Formulation of Milk Chocolates Enriched with Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) Seed and Characterization of their Properties K. Alsayed Mahmoud, Ghent/BE, D.R.A. Muhammad, Ghent/BE, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/BE download abstract

Functional and Structural Impact of Lipid Quality in Formula in Artificially Reared Rat Pups: Effects of Dairy Lipids and n-6 and n-3 LC-PUFA Supplementation N. Aidoud, Marseille/FR, B. Delplanque, Paris/FR, C. Garcia, Marseille/FR, D. Darmaun, Nantes/FR, A. Moyon, Marseille/FR, S. Fernandez, Marseille/FR, B. Guillet, Marseille/FR, C. Antona, Marseille/FR, C. Baudry, Retiers/FR, P. Le Ruyet, Retiers/FR, J.-C. Martin, Marseille/FR download abstract

Enzymatic Synthesis of Structured Lipids High in GLA Produced with Fish Oil and Enriched Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters from Borage Oil N. Castejón, Madrid/ES, M. García González, Madrid/ES, N. Castejón, Madrid/ES, F.J. Señoráns, Madrid/ES download abstract

Functionality of Wheat Germ Oil: A Valuable By-Product of Cereal Industry A. Yıldırım, Aydın/TR, E.N Herken, Denizli/TR download abstract

Hydrolytic Activity of rHGL on Phospholipid Stabilized Oil-in-Water Emulsions A.C. Heerup Larsson, Lyngby/DK, K.F. Nielsen, Lyngby/DK, A. Müllertz, Copnhagen/DK, M. Fanoe, Copenhagen/DK, R.V. Mateiu, Lyngby/DK, R. Poulsen, Lyngby/DK, L.I. Hellgren, Lyngby/DK download abstract

Replacing the Conventional Fat in Ice Cream by a Structured Oil Matrix M. Scharfe, Berlin/DE, K. Lubosch, Berlin/DE, T. Djike, Berlin/DE, A. Wendt, Berlin/DE, E. Flöter, Berlin/DE download abstract

Determination of bioactive compounds in olive fruits by HPLC. Biophenols, triterpenoids and sugars. M Rada, Seville/ES, L. Vázquez, Seville/ES, J.M. Castellano, Seville/ES download abstract

Lipid Oxidation and Quality

Effects of Frying Temperature on Oxidation Products of Leavened Dough R. Solak, Bolu/TR, S. Turan, Bolu/TR, S. Keskin, Bolu/TR, S. Cilgin, Bolu/TR download abstract

The Effect of Lecithin on the Antioxidant Activities of Olive Wastewater and Pomace Extracts under Accelerated Oxidation Conditions D. Günal, Bolu/TR, R. Solak, Bolu/TR download abstract

FORTIUM® TR60 B as an Optimal Blend for Stabilising Pork Fat W. Dooghe, Herentals/BE download abstract

Development and Photostability of Transparent Microemulsions delivering β-carotene and Curcumin S. Calligaris, Udine/IT, L. Manzocco, Udine/IT, F. Valoppi, Trieste/IT, M. Anese, Udine/IT, M.C. Nicoli, Udine/IT download abstract

Influence of Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil Blending on Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Characteristics of Oil During Deep Fat Frying K. Kittipongpittaya, Bangkok/TH, T. Prasomsri, Bangkok/TH, P. Sueaphet, Bangkok/TH download abstract

Encapsulation of Bioactive Unsaponifiable Matter of Rice Bran Oil and Evaluation of their Oxidative Stability S. Das, Kolkata/IN, D.K. Bhattacharyya, Kolkata/IN, M. Ghosh, Kolkata/IN download abstract

Study of Linoleic Acid oxidation kinetics by Capillary Electrophoresis M. Poncet, Avignon/FR, C. Dufour, Avignon/FR, R. Plasson, Avignon/FR download abstract

Evaluation of the Thermo-oxidation Properties of Cucumis melo L. Seed Oil by Oxidative Stability and Differential Scanning Calorimetry S. Mallek Ayadi, Sfax/TN, N. Bahloul, Sfax/TN, N. Kechaou, Sfax/TN download abstract

Effect of Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants on the Formation of Epoxy Fatty Acids B. Matthäus, Detmold/DE, L. Brühl, Detmold/DE download abstract

Correlation between the Antioxidant Efficiency of Chlorogenic Acid and its Alkyl Esters and its Distribution in the Interfaciak Region of Olive Oil Emulsions. F. Paiva-Martins, Porto/PT, M. Meireles, Porto/PT, R. Silva, Porto/PT, S. Losada-Barreiro, Porto/PT, C. Bravo-Díaz, Vigo/ES download abstract

Oxidative Stability of Oil-in-Water Emulsions with Faba Bean Proteins in the Presence of Native Lipoxygenase Enzyme G. Gürbüz, Helsinki/FI, C. Liu, Helsinki/FI, Z.-Q. Jiang, Helsinki/FI, M. Pulkkinen, Helsinki/FI, V. Piironen, Helsinki/FI, T. Sontag-Strohm, Helsinki/FI, M. Heinonen, Helsinki/FI download abstract

A Kinetic Approach for Evaluation of the Radical Scavenging Efficiency of Sinapic Acid and its Derivatives H. Abramovič, Ljubljana/SI, N. Niciforovic, Ljubljana/SI, N. Poklar Ulrih, Ljubljana/SI download abstract

Effect of Polyunsaturated Free Fatty Acids, Natural Plant Antioxidants and Biopolymers on the Structure and Form of Liposomes/ Micelles, Prepaired From Soy Phospholipids N. Palmina, Moscow/RU, N.G. Bogdanova, Moscow/RU, V.I. Binyukov, Moscow/RU, V.V. Kasparov, Moscow/RU, A.S. Antipova, Moscow/RU, M.G. Semenova, Moscow/RU download abstract

Protective Effect of C. annuum Mixture on Fatty Acids Degradation in 'Nduja Samples M. Balzano, Ancona/IT, M. R. Loizzo, Arcavacata di Rende/IT, D. Pacetti, Ancona/IT, D. Restuccia, Arcavacata di Rende/IT, R. Tundis, Arcavacata di Rende/IT, M. Bonesi, Arcavacata di Rende/IT, G. Spizzirri, Arcavacata di Rende/IT, T. Falco, Rende/IT, N. G. Frega, Ancona/IT download abstract

Lipid Stability of Buffalo Meat during Frozen Storage and Cooking: Effect of cumari Pepper Addition N. Bragagnolo, Campinas/BR, S.J.G.B. Simon, Campinas/BR, L.R.B. Mariutti, Campinas/BR download abstract

Effect of Black Cumin Oil on Oxidative Stability and Sensory Characteristics of Mayonnaise N. Ozdemir, Ankara/TR, M.N. Kantekin Erdogan, Ankara/TR, T. Tat, Ankara/TR, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR download abstract

Effect of Dietary Oregano (Origanum vulgare) Supplementation on Chicken Meat Quality M. Balzano, Ancona/IT, D. Pacetti, Ancona/IT, R. Branciari, Perugia/IT, N.G. Frega, Ancona/IT, M. Trabalza-Marinucci, Perugia/IT download abstract

Antioxidant Strategies for Preventing Oxidative Deterioration of Food Emulsions Enriched with n-3 Polyunsaturated Lipids. F. Paiva-Martins, Porto/PT, I. Ferreira, Porto/PT, M. Costa, Porto/PT, S. Losada-Barreiro, Porto/PT, C. Bravo-Díaz, Vigo/ES download abstract

Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity in Food Model System of Fish Peptides Released during Simulated Gastrointestinal dDgestion P.J. García-Moreno, Kgs. Lyngby/DK, B. Nieva-Echevarria, Vitoria/ES, J. Charlotte, Kgs. Lyngby/DK, S. Ann-Dorit M., Kgs. Lyngby/DK, G. Encarnación, Vitoria/ES, G. María Dolores, Vitoria/ES download abstract

Changes of Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Leavened Dough during Frying in Sunflower Oil R. Solak, Bolu/TR, S. Turan, Bolu/TR, S. Keskin, Bolu/TR, E.N. Arslan, Bolu/TR download abstract

Change in Polymer Triglyceride Content of Leavened Dough during Deep Fat Frying R. Solak, Bolu/TR, R. Solak, Bolu/TR, S. Keskin, Bolu/TR, H. Uyar, Bolu/TR download abstract

Lipid Oxidation of Edible Oil: Is the Fenton Reaction Involved? M.-E. Cuvelier, Massy/FR, A. Boussard, Massy/FR, S. Keller, Massy/FR, S. Roux, Massy/FR download abstract

Formation of Lipid Oxidation Products (MDA, HHE, and HNE) during Static and Dynamic in Vitro Digestion of Cod Liver Oil C. Tullberg, Göteborg/SE, K. Larsson, Göteborg/SE, I. Undeland, Göteborg/SE, G. Vegarud, Göteborg/SE download abstract

Palm Oil

Effect of Addition of Antifoaming Agent (PDMS) on Quality of Palm Oil and Physicochemical Properties of Chickpea Splits during Repeated Frying Cycles R.P. Rathod, Mumbai/IN, R.P. Rathod, Mumbai/IN, U.S. Annapure, Mumbai/IN, A.V. Patwardhan, Mumbai/IN download abstract

Rebalancing the debate on Palm Oil A. Louwaege, Zoetermeer/NL, E. Esselink, Zoetermeer/NL download abstract

FT-NIR Contribution in Rapid Process Control Analysis in Palm Oil Mill M. Stojkovic, Flawil/CH, B. Vranic, Flawil/CH, L. Ramirez-Lopez, Flawil/CH download abstract

Adsorption mechanism and kinetics of carotenes from interspecific hybrid palm oil onto neutral bleaching earth S. Monteiro, Brasília/BR, E.S. Almeida, Brasília/BR, I.O.S. Soares, Brasília/BR, E.R. Luz, Brasília/BR download abstract

Physical Chemistry

Formation of Multivesicular Structures in Phospholipid Stabilized Oil in Water Emulsions L.I. Hellgren, Lyngby/DK, A. Müllertz, Copenhagen/DK, M. Fanoe, Copenhagen/DK, A.C. Heerup Larsson, Lyngby/DK, R.V. Mateiu, Lyngby/DK download abstract

Enzyme Catalyzed Interesterification for the Compatibilization of Blends Liquid Oil/Solid Fully Hydrogenated Oil I. Jachmanián, Montevideo/UY, N. Callejas, Montevideo/UY download abstract

Oil Structuring Based on Commercial Lecithins A. Wendt, Berlin/DE download abstract

Chemical Profiling of the Major Components in Natural Waxes to Elucidate their Role in Liquid Oil Structuring C.D. Doan, Ghent/BE, A.R. Patel, Ghent/BE, C.M. To, Ghent/BE, F. Lynen, Ghent/BE, S. Danthine, Gembloux/BE, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/BE download abstract

Physicochemical Properties and Thermal behaviour of African Wild Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) Seed Fat S. Danthine, Gembloux/BE, J. Yamoneka, Gembloux/BE, P. Malumba, Gembloux/BE, G. Lognay, Gembloux/BE, C. Blecker, Gembloux/BE download abstract

Real-Time DSC/X-ray Powder Diffraction Investigation of Shea Butter Temperature-Dependent cCystallization Behavior: Effect of Minor Components S. Danthine, Gembloux/BE, V. Gibon, Zaventem/BE, C. Blecker, Gembloux/BE download abstract

Calorimetry Study of the Effect of Thermal Pre-Treatment on the Crystallisation of Cocoa Butter M. Ladd Parada, Leeds/GB, M. Povey, Leeds/GB, M. Rappolt, Leeds/GB, Jo. Vieira, York/GB, P.S. Chong, York/GB, S. Gregersen, Aarhus/DK download abstract

Addressing Global Consumer Challenges of Ambient Stability of Retail Emulsions for better Sustainability Footprint K. Bhattacharya, Brabrand/DK, P. Gerstenberg Kirkeby, Brabrand/DK, B. Sehested, Brabrand/DK download abstract

Effects of Dynamic Thermal Treatments on the In Situ Crystallization and Transformation of Polymorphic Forms of Saturated-Unsaturated-Unsaturated Triacylglycerols L. Bayés-García, Barcelona/ES, T. Calvet, Barcelona/ES, M.A. Cuevas-Diarte, Barcelona/ES, J. Pons, Barcelona/ES, S. Ueno, Higashi-Hiroshima/JP download abstract

SFC Determination of Fats Using a Bi-Gaussian Model Fit to pNMR Data A. Declerck, Ghent/BE, P. Van der Meeren, Ghent/BE, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/BE download abstract

Oleogels of Hazelnut Oil with Unrefined Rose Wax as Spreadable Products G. Ozkan, Isparta/TR, S. Cevik, Isparta/TR, I. Barutcu Mazi, Ordu/TR, B.G. Mazi, Ordu/TR download abstract

Comparison of the Different Vegetable Oil Oleogels with Unrefined Bee Wax S. Cevik, Isparta/TR, I. Barutcu Mazi, Ordu/TR, B.G. Mazi, Ordu/TR, G. Ozkan, Isparta/TR download abstract

Multiobjective Optimization of the Composition of a Water-in-Oil Emulsion Containing Pumpkin Seed Oil S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS, B. Nikolovski, Novi Sad/XS, J. Ilic, Novi Sad/XS, O. Govedarica, Novi Sad/XS download abstract

Combination Effect of Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters and Polysorbates on the Stability of O/W Emulsion H. Satoshi, Higashihiroshima/JP, T. Deguchi, Higashihiroshima/JP, H. Hondoh, Higashihiroshima/JP, S. Arima, Yokohama/JP, A. Ogawa, Yokohama/JP, S. Ueno, Higashihiroshima/JP download abstract

Structure and Phyiscal Properties of Organogel Containing Peanut Oil and Saturated Even Fatty Alcohols F. Valoppi, Trieste/IT, S. Calligaris, Udine/IT, A.G. Marangoni, Guelph/CA download abstract

Oleogels Preparation From Hazelnut Oil With Using Bees wax And Its Utilization In Cake Making S. Cevik, Isparta/TR, G. Özkan, Isparta/TR, Ibrahim Kirici, Isparta/TR download abstract

Preparation Of Oleogel From Hazelnut Oil And Sunflower Oil By Using Carnauba Wax And Its Characterization S. Cevik, Isparta/TR, G. Özkan, Isparta/TR, P. Cakar, Isparta/TR download abstract

Diffusion coefficient of cocoa butter in canola oil H. Hondoh, Higashi-Hiroshima/JP download abstract

Processing Variables Influence over Characteristics of High Oleic Sunflower Oil - Saturated Monoglycerides Oleogels C. Palla, Bahía Blanca/AR, A. Giacomozzi, Bahía Blanca/AR, M.E. Carrín, Bahía Blanca/AR download abstract

Characterization of Oleogels formulated by Saturated Monoglycerides and Saturated Fatty Acids in High Oleic Sunflower Oil C. Palla, Bahía Blanca/AR, A. Giacomozzi, Bahía Blanca/AR, S.E. Richards, Bahía Blanca/AR, M.E. Carrín, Bahía Blanca/AR download abstract

Processing and Sustainable Sourcing

Brazil Nut Oil Ethanolic Extraction: Solid-Liquid Equilibrium Data K. Sampaio, Campinas/BR, O. Z. Sampaio Neto, Campinas/BR, E. A. C. Batista, Campinas/BR, A. J. A. Meirelles, Campinas/BR download abstract

Full-Pressing of Canola and Sunflower Seed with the Two-Step Pressing Process R. Speck, Hamburg/DE download abstract

Vegan Milk Chocolate Alternatives I. Rothkopf, Freising/DE, W. Danzl, Freising/DE download abstract

Comparing Storage Tests for Chocolate Shelf Life Prediction W. Danzl, Freising/DE, I. Rothkopf, Freising/DE download abstract

Hazelnut Quality Influences Shelf Life of Chocolate with Whole Nuts W. Danzl, Freising/DE, I. Rothkopf, Freising/DE download abstract

Cocoa Butter Alternatives from Vegetable Oils T.M. Keceli, Adana/TR, G. Dursun, Balcali-Adana/TR download abstract

An Innovative Edibe Oil Structuring Method by using Organogels T.M. Keceli, Adana/TR, G. Dursun, Adana/TR download abstract

Particle Formation using Supercritical Fluid Technology to Deliver Bioactive Lipids O.N. Ciftci, Lincoln/US, J. Yang, Lincoln/US, A. Ubeyitogullari, Lincoln/US download abstract

Thermal Behaviour and Physicochemical Properties of Safou (Dacryodes edulis) Pulp Oil: Comparison between Hexane and Press Extraction S. Danthine, Gembloux/BE, J. Yamoneka, Gembloux/BE, P. Malumba, Gembloux/BE, F. Béra, Gembloux/BE, G. Lognay, Gembloux/BE, C. Blecker, Gembloux/BE download abstract

Ion Exchange for Solvent Recovery in Deacidification of Vegetable Oils by Solvent Extraction H. Gurbuz, Istanbul/TR, M. Erguvan, Istanbul/TR, S. Turkay, Istanbul/TR download abstract

Fatty Acid Composition and Stereospecific Positioning of Fatty Acids in Triacylglycerol Structures of Several Insect Species Potential PUFA Sources J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES, R.P. Ramos-Bueno, Almería/ES, M.J. González-Fernández, Almería/ES download abstract

Polar Compounds Changes in Olive Fat During Green Spanish-Style Table Olive Processing A. López López, Sevilla/ES, A. Cortés Delgado, Sevilla/ES, A. Garrido Fernández, Sevilla/ES download abstract

Microbial and Algae Lipids

Biodiesel Production from Lignocellulose and Biodiesel-derived Glycerol by Oleaginous Yeasts V. Passoth, Uppsala/SE, V. Passoth, Uppsala/SE, J. Brandenburg, Uppsala/SE, J. Blomqvist, Uppsala/SE, M. Chmielarz, Uppsala/SE, A. Michel, Uppsala/SE, H. Karlsson, Uppsala/SE, M. Sandgren, Uppsala/SE download abstract

Lipolytic Stability during Wet Storage of T-Isochrysis and Nannochloropsis L. Balduyck, Kortrijk/BE, S. Bijttebier, Mol/BE, C. Bruneel, Kortrijk/BE, G. Jacobs, Mol/BE, S. Voorspoels, Mol/BE, J. Van Durme, Gent/BE, K. Muylaert, Kortrijk/BE, I. Foubert, Kortrijk/BE download abstract

Effect of Oil Types and Fatty Acids as Carbon Source on Growth of Extremophilic Archaea for Lipase Production S. Yücel, Istanbul/TR, A. Attar, Istanbul/TR, Y. Elalmis, Istanbul/TR download abstract

Innovative Enzymatic Aqueous Extraction Process For Astaxanthin Production From Algal Bioresource P.-H. Baudelet, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/FR, L. Muniglia, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/FR, M. Linder, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/FR, G. Ricochon, Nancy/FR, N. Attenot, Nancy/FR download abstract

Effect of Light Intensity on Lipids and Photosynthetic Competence of the Brown Alga Undaria Pinnatifida N.V. Zhukova, Vladivostok/RU, I.M. Yakovleva, Vladivostok/RU download abstract

Bioactive Compounds Produced by Galactomyces geotrichum M. Rudzińska, Poznań/PL, A. Grygier, Poznan/PL, E. Gotkowska, Poznan/PL download abstract

Other Topics

Effect of Emulsifiers on Rheological Properties of Dough, Textural and Sensory Properties of Indian Traditional Unleavened Multigrain Pancake (ITUMP) S. Gaikwad, Mumbai/IN, S. Arya, Mumbai/IN download abstract

Effect of Emulsifiers on Antioxidant Activity and Polyphenolic Compound Stability of Lentil-Orange peel Powder blend in an Extrusion Process R.P. Rathod, Mumbai/IN, U. S. Annapure, Mumbai/IN download abstract

Pickering Dry Emulsion System for Enhancement of Dissolution and Pharmacological Performance of Poorly Water Soluble Fenofibrate N. Jadhav, Mumbai/IN, P. Vavia, Mumbai/IN download abstract

Effect Of Gamma Irradiation On Biochemical Properties Of Grape Seed Oils D. Apaydın, Tekirdağ/TR, A.S. Demirci, Tekirdag/TR, Ü. Gecgel, Tekirdag/TR download abstract

Physicochemical Charesteristic and Composition of Iranian Soybeen Deodrized Distillate and Recovery of Bioactive Components with Modified Supercritical Extraction P. Jafarian, Mashhad/IR, R. Niazmand, Mashhad/IR, M. Jahani, Mashhad/IR, A. Beigh Babayi, Mashhad/IR download abstract

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