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Analytics, Authenticity, Lipidomics

ANA-001 (Mon-Wed)
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of dialkylketones (DAKs) in Chemical Interesterification and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Producing by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Tandem Quadrupole Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
C. Zhou, Shanghai/CN , H. Yang, Shanghai/CN, Y. Jiang, Shanghai/CN
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ANA-002 (Mon-Wed)
Elucidation of the Free Fatty Acid Profile in Mussels M. galloprovincialis by a NanoLC-EI-MS System
F. Rigano, Messina/IT , A. Albergamo, Messina/IT, M. Beccaria, Messina/IT, S. Salivo, Messina/IT, D. Sciarrone, Messina/IT, G. Purcaro, Messina/IT, P.Q. Tranchida, Messina/IT, L. Mondello, Messina/IT
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ANA-003 (Mon-Wed)
1H NMR-based Metabolomics Study on the Homogeneity of Metabolic Profile in Liver of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)
K. Cheng, Uppsala/SE , L. Wagner, Uppsala/SE, A.A. Moazzami, Uppsala/SE, J. Pickova, Uppsala/SE
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ANA-004 (Mon-Wed)
Analytical Techniques in Determination of Chloropropanols in Food Lipid Matrices
J. Gromadzka, Gdańsk/PL , A. Głowacz, Gdańsk/PL, R. Jędrkiewicz, Gdańsk/PL
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ANA-005 (Mon-Wed)
Determination of Free Fatty Acids in Nuts and Nut Products
T. Tybussek, Freising/DE , K. Rieblinger, Freising/DE, M. Rychlik, Freising/DE
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ANA-007 (Mon-Wed)
3-MCPD and 2-MCPD Esters in Edible Oils, Fish Oils and Lipid Fractions of Margarines and Infant Formulas Marketed in Poland
R. Jędrkiewicz, Gdańsk/PL , A. Głowacz, Gdańsk/PL, J. Gromadzka, Gdańsk/PL, J. Namieśnik, Gdańsk/PL
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ANA-008 (Mon-Wed)
Holistic Control of Edible Oils based on NMR Spectroscopy
E. Zailer, Köln/DE , B. Diehl, Cologne/DE, Y. Monakhova, Cologne/DE
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ANA-009 (Mon-Wed)
Advanced Multidimensional Gas Chromatographic Techniques Coupled to Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of the Saponifiable and Unsaponifiable Fractions of Lipids
F.A. Franchina, Messina/IT , S. Salivo, messina/IT, M. Piparo, Messina/IT, G. Purcaro, Messina/IT, P.Q. Tranchida, Messina/IT, L. Mondello, Messina/IT
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ANA-011 (Mon-Wed)
Profiling of Chloropropanol Fatty Acid Esters Formed in a Model System
K. Hori, Osaka/JP , N. Hori-Koriyama, Osaka/JP, K. Tsumura, Ibaragi/JP, E. Fukusaki, Osaka/JP, T. Bamba, Fukuoka/JP
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ANA-012 (Mon-Wed)
Compositional Analysis of Encapsulated Fish Oil Supplements by Multinuclear Multidimensional NMR Spectroscopy
P. Dais, Heraklion/GR , E. Hatzakis, PA/US, M. Misiak, Warsaw/PL
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ANA-013 (Mon-Wed)
Usefulness of Multi-suppression 1H NMR Experiments to Characterize some Minor Extra Virgin Olive Oil Components
A. Ruiz-Aracama, Vitoria/ES , E. Goicoechea, Vitoria/ES, M.D. Guillén, Vitoria/ES
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ANA-014 (Mon-Wed)
Non-Enzymatic Products of Adrenic Acid as Symptomatic Biomarker for Brain
J.-M. Galano, Montpellier/FR , Y. Y. Lee, Hong Kong/HK, C Oger, Montpellier/FR, T. Durand, Montpellier/FR, J.C.Y. Lee, Hong Kong/HK
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ANA-015 (Mon-Wed)
Development of a New Methodology able to Characterize most of the Volatile and Non-volatile Minor Components of Edible Oils
M.L. Ibargoitia, Vitoria/ES , G. Cristillo, Vitoria/ES, P. Sopelana, Vitoria/ES, M.D. Guillén, Vitoria/ES
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ANA-016 (Mon-Wed)
Analytical Methods for Lipid Profiling in Biological Samples
M. Beccaria, Messina/IT , V. Inferrera, Messina/IT, F. Rigano, Messina/IT, F.A. Franchina, Messina/IT, P. Donato,, Messina/IT, G. Purcaro,, Messina/IT, P. Dugo, Messina/IT, L. Mondello, Messina/IT
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ANA-017 (Mon-Wed)
On the Complexity of Sterol Fraction of Vegetable Oils
L. Conte, Udine/IT , D. Mascarin, uDINE/IT, r: Bortolomeazzi, Udine/IT
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ANA-018 (Mon-Wed)
The use of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for the Identification of Virgin Olive and Pomace Olive Oil
M. Reder, Warsaw/PL , D. Derewiaka, Warsaw/PL, A. Łuczak, Warsaw/PL, H. Ciemniewska-Żytkiewicz, Warsaw/PL, K. Sujka, Warsaw/PL
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ANA-019 (Mon-Wed)
Determination Methods of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Edible Oil
I. Turhan, Istanbul/TR , B. Karakuzu, Istanbul/TR, S. Yücel, Istanbul/TR, M. Bakan, Istanbul/TR
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ANA-020 (Mon-Wed)
Characterization of Key Aroma Compounds in Native Cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil
M. Granvogl, Freising/DE , K. Matheis, Freising/DE, P. Schieberle, Freising/DE
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LAMI-001 (Sunday)
A new Method to determine Short Chain Fatty Acids in Rat Feces by SPME-GC-FID
D. Fiorini, Camerino/IT , D. Pacetti, Ancona/IT, P. Logiodice, Camerino/IT, M.C. Boarelli, Camerino/IT, S. Gabrielli, Camerino/IT, E. Marcantoni, Camerino/IT, R. Ballini, Camerino/IT
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LAMI-010 (Sunday)
Characterization of Lipid Sources for Food and Biodiesel Industries using a New Chromatographic Method
L. Casas-Godoy, Guadalajara/MX , G. Sandoval, Guadalajara/MX
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LAMI-030 (Sunday)
Automated Analysis of 3-MCPD-esters and Glycidolesters
F. Campos, Hamburg/DE , H. Fritz, Hamburg/DE, N. Hinrichsen, Hamburg/DE
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LAMI-039 (Sunday)
A Pilot Survey of 2- and 3-monochloropropanediol and Glycidol Fatty Acid Esters in Baby Formula on the Canadian Market 2012-2013
A. Becalski, Ottawa/CA , T. Zhao, Ottawa/CA, S. Feng, Ottawa/CA, B.P-Y. Lau, Ottawa/CA
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LAMI-042 (Sunday)
Triacylglycerol Profiling by direct ESI-UHRMS and Chemometrics for Olive Oil Fraud Detection
S. Vichi, Barcelona/ES , P. Guiu, Barcelona/ES, A. Romero, Tarragona/ES, J. Caixach, Barcelona/ES, A. Tres, Barcelona/ES
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Bioscience, Biocatalysis, Biochemistry

BIO-001 (Mon-Wed)
Tradition-Innovation of Oily Foods
Y. Yamada, Nagoya/JP , K. Yamada, Nagoya/JP
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BIO-002 (Mon-Wed)
Constitutive Expression of Recombinant Human Gastric Lipase in Pichia pastoris
L. Sams, Marseille/FR , M. Chakroun, Marseille/FR, S. Coudre, Marseille/FR, S. Amara, Marseille/FR, J. Paume, Marseille/FR, J. Giallo, Marseille/FR, F. Carriere, Marseille/FR
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BIO-003 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Alloxidim on Phospholipid Acyl Hydrolase, Wax Esters Synthetase and Ethanol Esters Synthetase in Roots of Graminicide-sensitive Wheat Plants
A. Banas, Gdansk/PL , W. Banas, Siedlce/PL, K. Jasieniecka-Gazarkiewicz, Gdansk/PL, K. Demski, Gdansk/PL
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BIO-004 (Mon-Wed)
A Novel Approach: Lipase Catalyzed Esterification of 2-monoacylglycerol and Nα-acetyl-L-leucine
H. Keskin, Gaziantep/TR , D. Koçak Yanık, Gaziantep/TR, F. Göğüş, Gaziantep/TR, S. Fadıloğlu, Gaziantep/TR
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BIO-005 (Mon-Wed)
Changes in the Sterol Content of Marigold (Calendula officinalis) Hairy Root Culture in Response to Elicitation with Heavy Metals
A. Alsoufi, Warsaw/PL , M. Długosz, Warsaw/PL, C. Pączkowski, Warsaw/PL, A. Szakiel, Warsaw/PL
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BIO-006 (Mon-Wed)
Cloning, Purification and Characterization of a New Aminopeptidase from Sulfolobus tokodaii
X. Yu, Aarhus/DK , R. Gao, Changchun/CN, Z. Guo, Aarhus/DK
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BIO-007 (Mon-Wed)
Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Phospholipids with Anisic Acid Moiety and Evaluation their Anticancer Activity
A. Gliszczyńska, Wrocław/PL , N. Niezgoda, Wrocław/PL, M. Świtalska, Wrocław/PL, W. Gładkowski, Wrocław/PL, M. Czarnecka, Wrocław/PL, A. Chojnacka, Wrocław/PL, M. Kłobucki, Wrocław/PL, J. Wietrzyk, Wrocław/PL, C. Wawrzenczyk, Wrocław/PL
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BIO-008 (Mon-Wed)
Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of Phospholipids containing Geranic Acid
A. Gliszczynska, Wroclaw/PL , N. Niezgoda, Wroclaw/PL, M. Świtalska, Wroclaw/PL, W. Gladkowski, Wroclaw/PL, M. Czarnecka, Wroclaw/PL, A. Chojnacka, Wroclaw/PL, M. Klobucki, Wroclaw/PL, J. Wietrzyk, Wroclaw/PL, C. Wawrzenczyk, Wroclaw/PL
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BIO-009 (Mon-Wed)
The Effect of Reaction Conditions on the Incorporation of α-linolenic Acid into Phosphatids by their Lipase-catalyzed Transesteryfication with Linseed Oil
W. Gładkowski, Wroclaw/PL , A. Chojnacka, Wrocław/PL, A. Gliszczyńska, Wrocław/PL, N. Niezgoda, Wrocław/PL, G. Kiełbowicz, Wrocław/PL, R. Spychaj, Wrocław/PL, C. Wawrzeńczyk, Wrocław/PL
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BIO-010 (Mon-Wed)
Structured Lipids obtained through of Tristearin and Triolein Rich Blends: Physico-chemical Properties
M. Ribeiro, Campinas/BR , C. Ming, Campinas/BR, R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR, L. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
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BIO-011 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Oleic Acid on Lipase Production from Yarrowia lipolytica Strains
N. Şahin Yeşilçubuk, İstanbul/TR , A. Saygün, İstanbul/TR, N. Aran, İstanbul/TR
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BIO-012 (Sunday)
Biomolecule Carriers Based on Natural Polymers and Microemulsions
M. Zoumpanioti, Athens/GR , A. Xenakis, Athens/GR
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BIO-013 (Mon-Wed)
Specificity of the Commercial lipase (Lipozyme TL-IM) in the Interesterification Reaction of the Amazonian buriti Oil
P. Speranza, Campinas/BR , T.S.N. Gomes, Campinas/BR, G.A. Macedo, Campinas/BR
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BIO-014 (Sunday)
Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Phospholipid Classes by using Enzymatic Fluorometric Assays
S.Y. Morita, Otsu City/JP , Y. Ikeda, Otsu City/JP, T. Terada, Otsu City/JP
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BIO-015 (Sunday)
Physicochemical Properties of Lipase Catalyzed Interesterified Blends of Mafura Butter- Camellia Oil
M. Poojary, Camerino/IT
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LAMI-012 (Sunday)
Production of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Plants by Metabolic Engineering
J.-B. Kim, Jeonju/KR , K.-H. Roh, Jeonju/KR, H.-K. Kang, Jeonju/KR, H.U. Kim, Jeonju/KR, K.-R. Lee, Jeonju/KR, S.-H. Kim, Jeonju/KR, E.-Y. Lee, Jeonju/KR, J.-B. Kim, Jeonju/KR, K.-S. Kim, Jeonju/KR
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LAMI-036 (Sunday)
Human and Bovine Milk Membrane Extracts Interfacial Behavior and their Influence on Gastric Lipase Adsorption
V. Vié, Rennes/FR , W. Mahdoueni, Rennes/FR, G. Paboeuf, Rennes/FR, C. Desport, Rennes/FR, S. de Oliveira, Rennes/FR, S. Pezennec, Rennes/FR, JF. Cavalier, Rennes/FR, O. Ménard, Rennes/FR, A. Deglaire, Rennes/FR, S. Bouhallab, Rennes/FR, D. Dupont, Rennes/FR, F. Carrière, Marseille/FR, C. Bourlieu, Rennes/FR
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Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants

LAMI-028 (Sunday)
Development of Iron Chelating Poly(ethylene terphthalate) Packaging for Inhibiting Lipid Oxidation in Oil-in-Water Emulsions
D. Johnson, Amherst/US , F. Tian, Amherst/US, M. Roman, Amherst/US, E. Decker, Amherst/US, J. Goddard, Amherst/US
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LAMI-034 (Sunday)
Tocopherols Degradation and Polymerized Triacylglycerols Formation during Vegetable Oil Heating
J. Fišnar, Prague/CZ , M. Sabolová, Prague/CZ, Z. Réblová, Prague/CZ
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LAMI-040 (Sunday)
Erythorbyl Laurate as a Potential Food Additive with Multi-functionalities (Emulsifying, Antioxidative, and Antibacterial Activities)
K.-M. Park, Seoul/KR , M.J. Lee, Seoul/KR, S.-J. Lee, Seoul/KR, H.J. Yu, Seoul/KR, P.-S. Chang, Seoul/KR
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LAMI-044 (Sunday)
Protective Effects of New Synthetic Biphenyl Analogs of some Natural Methoxyphenols
L. Koleva, Sofia/BG , A. Slavova-Kazakova, Sofia/BG, S. Angelova, Sofia/BG, M.A. Dettori, Sassari/IT, D. Fabbri, Sassari/IT, G. Delogu, Sassari/IT, V.D. Kancheva, Sofia/BG
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OXI-002 (Mon-Wed)
Antioxidant Activity and Synergistic Interaction between Caralluma fimbriata and Rosmarinus officinalis Extracts in 80% Mayonnaise
T. Isak, Brabrand/DK , L. Månsson, Brabrand/DK
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OXI-004 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Natural Plant Antioxidants on the Structure and Form of Liposomes, Prepaired from Phosphatidylcholie, Control and with Biopolymers
N. Palmina, Moscow/RU , E.L. Maltseva, Moscow/RU, V.I. Binyukov, Moscow/RU, V.V. Kasparov, Moscow/RU, A.S. Antipova, Moscow/RU, M.G. Semenova, Moscow/RU
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OXI-005 (Mon-Wed)
Fish Oil Emulsion stabilized by Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) Extract
S. Abel, Bellville/ZA , L. Follet, Paris/FR, C. Van der Merwe, Bellville/ZA, W.C.A. Gelderblom, Bellville/ZA
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OXI-006 (Sunday)
Thermo-oxidative Stability of Vegetable Oils Determined by Isothermal Differential Scanning Calorimetry
M. Canatar, Kahramanmaras/TR , A.S. Colakoglu, Kahramanmaras/TR, A.L. Inanc, Kahramanmaras/TR
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OXI-009 (Mon-Wed)
Phenolipids from Gallic Acid: Improvement of the Antioxidant Stability of Food Emulsionated Products
M.J. Gonzalez, Vigo/ES , J.C. Morales, Sevilla/ES, R. Lucas, Sevilla/ES, I. Medina, Vigo/ES
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OXI-012 (Mon-Wed)
Antioxidant Activity of Artichoke co-products in Sparus aurata Fillet during Refrigerated Storage
S. Dabbou, Monastir/TN , N. Zayene, Monastir/TN, K. Adouni, Monastir/TN, S. Dabbou, Monastir/TN, H. Guerbeg, Monastir/TN, L. Achour, Monastir/TN
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OXI-013 (Mon-Wed)
A Central Composite Design Application: Investigation of the Comparative effects of Conventional and Microwave Heating Methods on the Thermo-oxidative Degradation of Corn Oil
H.F. Ayyildiz, Konya/TR , M. Topkafa, Konya/TR, H. Kara, Konya/TR
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OXI-014 (Mon-Wed)
Comparison of Rapid Tests for the Determination of Quality of Fried Oils
D. Georgiou, Thessaloniki/GR , M. Romaidi, Thessaloniki/GR, M. Arvanitaki, Thessaloniki/GR, G. Dimitreli, Thessaloniki/GR, E. Kalogianni, Thessaloniki/GR
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OXI-016 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Presence and Absence of Three different Foods on the Degradation of Two Different Oils during Frying
S. Exarhopoulos, Thessaloniki/GR
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OXI-017 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Microwave Heating on Phytosterol Oxidation
R. Inchingolo, Bologna/IT , E.J. Leal-Castañeda, Veracruz/MX, V. Cardenia, Bologna/IT, H.S. García, Veracruz/MX, M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, Bologna/IT
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OXI-018 (Mon-Wed)
Assess the Potential of some Traditional Bulgarian Teas to Scavenge Free Radicals and to Exhibit Antioxidant Activity after Gamma-Irradiation
V. Kancheva, Sofia/BG , A. Slavova-Kazakova, Sofia/BG, A. Terzieva, Sofia/BG, M. Ivanova, Sofia/BG
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OXI-019 (Mon-Wed)
DFT/B3LYP Calculated Bond-dissociation Enthalpies, and Radical-Scavenging and Antioxidant Activities of Natural-like Coumarins
V. Kancheva, Sofia/BG , S.E. Angelova, Sofia/BG, A. Slavova-Kazakova, Sofia/BG, L. Saso, Rome/IT, Sh. Malhotra, Delhi/IN, A.K. Prasad, Delhi/IN
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OXI-020 (Mon-Wed)
Understanding the Dynamic Behavior of Functional Molecules: An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy Approach
E. Durand, Montpellier/FR , W.F. Leong, University park/US, Y. Zhao, University park/US, R.J. Elias, University park/US, J. Coupland, University park/US
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OXI-021 (Mon-Wed)
Simultaneous Monitoring of the Degradation of Minor Oil Components able to Exhibit Antioxidant Ability and of the Formation of Secondary Oxidation Products during Accelerated Storage of Refined Soybean Oil
M.L. Ibargoitia, Vitoria/ES , G. Cristillo, Vitoria/ES, A.S. Martin, Vitoria/ES, P. Sopelana, Vitoria/ES, M.D. Guillén, Vitoria/ES
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OXI-022 (Mon-Wed)
Study by 1H NMR of the Effect of α-tocopherol at High Concentrations on the Oxidative Stability of Linseed Oil
M.D. Guillén, Vitoria/ES , B. Nieva-Echevarria, Vitoria/ES, E. Goicoechea, Vitoria/ES, M.J. Manzanos, Vitoria/ES
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OXI-023 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Glaze and Giant Squid (Dosidicus gigas) Skin Extract on the Lipid Damage of Frozen Chub Mackerel (Scomber scombrus)
S. Aubourg, Vigo/ES , M. Trigo, Vigo/ES, W. Torres-Arreola, Hermosillo/MX, M- López, Vigo/ES, M. Sousa, Vigo/ES, J.M. Ezquerra-Brauer, Hermosillo/MX
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OXI-024 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) Extract on the Rancidity Stability of Commercial Marine Oil
S. Aubourg, Vigo/ES , M. Trigo, Vigo/ES, L. Zura, La Serena/CL, M. López, Vigo/ES, U. Cernadas, Vigo/ES, M. Miranda, La Serena/CL, A. Vega-Gálvez, La Serena/CL
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OXI-025 (Mon-Wed)
Assessment of Discontinuous Oxidation in Microencapsulated FAME based upon Analysis of Hydroperoxy-, Keto- and Hydroxy- dienes
M.V. Ruiz-Méndez, Seville/ES , A. Morales, Seville/ES, S. Marmesat, Seville/ES, G. Márquez-Ruiz, Madrid/ES, J. Velasco, Seville/ES
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OXI-026 (Mon-Wed)
Optimisation of Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Pecan Nut [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch] Shell using Response Surface Methodology
J.M. Block, Florianópolis/BR , J. Hilbig, Florianópolis/BR, C.M.O. Muller, Florianópolis/BR, R.C. Pedroza, Florianópolis/BR
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OXI-027 (Mon-Wed)
Inhibiting Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells in BALB/c Mice by Aquous Extract of Pecan Nut [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch] Shell
J.M. Block, Florianópolis/BR , J. Hilbig, Florianópolis/BR, F.O. Silva, Florianópolis/BR, L.S.E.P.W. Castro, Florianópolis/BR, R.C. Pedrosa, Florianópolis/BR
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OXI-028 (Mon-Wed)
Correlations between Viscosity and Polymers Concentration in Frying Oils
G. Dimitreli, Thessaloniki/GR , E.P. Kalogianni, Thessaloniki/GR, S. Exarchopoulos, Thessaloniki/GR, C. Karastogiannidou, Thessaloniki/GR
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OXI-029 (Mon-Wed)
Effects of Ozone on Rheological and Emulsifying Properties of Emulsions Prepared with Ozone Treated Hazelnut Oil
H. Uzun, Gaziantep/TR , E. Ibanoglu, Gaziantep/TR

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OXI-030 (Mon-Wed)
Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oils Extracted from Five Mediterranean Aromatic Plants
R. Cava, Caceres/ES , L. Ladero , Caceres/ES, V. Cantero, Caceres/ES, F.M. Vazquez, Badajoz/ES, J. Blanco, Badajoz/ES
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OXI-031 (Mon-Wed)
Oxidation in Olive Oil/Water Emulsions as affected by Sodium Chloride
M. Giarnetti, Bari/IT , V.M. Paradiso, Bari/IT, C.D. Di Mattia, Teramo/IT, F. Caponio, Bari/IT, A. Pasqualone, Bari/IT, C. Summo, Bari/IT, T. Gomes, Bari/IT
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OXI-032 (Mon-Wed)
Interaction of Catecholamines with α-tocopherol in Lipid Micelles
G. Litwinienko, Warsaw/PL , K. Jodko-Piorecka, Warsaw/PL, E. van Wenum, Warsaw/PL
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OXI-033 (Mon-Wed)
Synergy between (poly)phenolic Antioxidants in Biphasic Systems: Structural and Media Effects
G. Litwinienko, Warsaw/PL , E. van Wenum, Warsaw/PL, K. Jodko-Piorecka, Warsaw/PL
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OXI-034 (Mon-Wed)
Heating effect on the Oxidative Stability of Linseed Oil containing Anthocyanin Extract
S. Oancea, Sibiu/RO , O. Drăghici, Sibiu/RO, M. Stoia, Sibiu/RO
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OXI-035 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Microwave Frying on the Thermal Stability of Sunflower oil
I. Barutcu Mazi, Ordu/TR , E. Aydinkaptan, Ordu/TR, B.G. Mazi, Ordu/TR
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OXI-036 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of the Addition of Phenolic Extracts from Gilaburu (Viburnum opulus L.) Seed on the Degradation of Sunflower Oil during Frying of French Fries
B.G. Mazi, Ordu/TR , H. Demirkiran, Ordu/TR, Z. Ar, Ordu/TR, E. Aydinkaptan, Ordu/TR, I. Barutcu Mazi, Ordu/TR
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OXI-037 (Mon-Wed)
Aproduct Extracts on the Oxidation of Sunflower Oil
N. Noshirvani, Tabriz/IR , H. Fasihi, Isfahan/IR
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OXI-038 (Mon-Wed)
Microencapsulation and Release of Antioxidants Extracted from Pecan Nut [Carya illinoinensis (wangenh) C. Koch] Shell in Zein using Spray Drying Technology
J.M. Block, Florianopolis/BR , I. Kureck, Florianópolis/BR, P.M. Barreto, Florianópolis/BR
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OXI-040 (Sunday)
Biosynthesis of Cerium Nanoparticles using Rapeseed Extracts
A. Tułodziecka, Toruń/PL , A. Szydlowska-Czerniak, Torún/PL
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OXI-041 (Sunday)
Approach to Reveal Synergistic effect by Specific Combination of Antioxidants on Stability Improvement of DHA-containing Oil
Y. Matsuda, Tokyo/JP , M. Shimizu, Tokyo/JP
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OXI-042 (Sunday)
Oxidative Stability of Norwegian Camelina sativa Oil
A. Nilsson, Aas/NO , E.M. Nicolaisen, Aas/NO, G. Vogt, Moss/NO
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Lipids in Animal Science

ANIMAL-001 (Mon-Wed)
The effect of Calf Presence during Milking, Cow Parity and Season on Milk Fatty Acid Composition from Salers Cows
A. Cozma, Cluj-Napoca/RO , B. Martin, Clermont-Ferrand/FR, C. Cirié, Clermont-Ferrand/FR, J. Agabriel, Clermont-Ferrand/FR, A. Ferlay, Clermont-Ferrand/FR
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ANIMAL-002 (Mon-Wed)
Novel Additives for Increasing Shelf Life and Antioxidative Capacity of Freshwater Fish Flesh
J. Másílko, Ceske Budejovice/CZ , K. Fulinova, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, J. Masilko, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, J. Mraz, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, S. Sampels, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, T. Zajíc, Ceske Budejovice/CZ
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ANIMAL-005 (Mon-Wed)
Influence of Vegetable Oils on Ruminal Fermentation Parameters and Bacterial Populations in Bovines
E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez, Santiago/CL , N. Cancino-Padilla, Santiago/CL, J. Romero, Santiago/CL, P.C. Garnsworthy, Loughborough/GB
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ANIMAL-006 (Mon-Wed)
Photoxidation of Lipids and Proteins of different Types of Raw Meats during Storage under Commercial Retail Conditions
M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, Bologna/IT , A. Zaazaa, Bologna/IT, S. Savioli, Bologna/IT, V. Cardenia, Bologna/IT
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ANIMAL-007 (Mon-Wed)
The Impact of Heat Processing and Storage Conditions on the Fatty Acid Stability in Feed
S. Popović, Novi Sad/XS , Lj. Kostadinović, Novi Sad/XS, J. Lević, Novi Sad/XS, O. Đuragić, Novi Sad/XS, R. Čolović, Novi Sad/XS, Đ. Vukmirović, Novi Sad/XS, V. Banjac, Novi Sad/XS
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ANIMAL-008 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Cistus ladanifer L. and its fractions on in vitro ruminal biohydrogenation of C18 fatty acids
O. Guerreiro, Lisbon/PT , M. Costa, Lisbon/PT, A. Cabo, Lisbon/PT, S.P. Alves, Lisbon/PT, M.F. Duarte, Beja/PT, E. Jerónimo, Beja/PT, R.J.B. Bessa, Lisbon/PT
download abstract

ANIMAL-009 (Mon-Wed)
Minor Milkfat Components: Recent Experiences of their Role in Milk Traceability
V. Pelizzola, Lodi/IT , M. Povolo, Lodi/IT, G. Contarini, Lodi/IT
download abstract

ANIMAL-011 (Mon-Wed)
A Lipidomics Strategy to Investigate the effects of Breed and Restricted Feeding in Ovine Muscle
S.P. Alves, Lisbon/PT , M.K. Doherty, Inverness/GB, S.R. Tammireddy, Inverness/GB, R.J.B. Bessa, Lisbon/PT, A. Almeida, Lisbon/PT, P.D. Whitfield, Inverness/GB
download abstract

ANIMAL-012 (Mon-Wed)
Fatty Acid Composition of Dry Fermented Sausages Made with Low Value Pork Raw Material
S. Alves, Lisboa/PT , M.J. Fernandes, Lisbon/PT, M.H. Fernandes, Lisbon/PT, R.J.B. Bessa, Lisbon/PT, M. Laranjo, Evora/PT, A.C.A Santos, Evora/PT, M. Elias, Evora/PT, M.J. Fraqueza, Lisbon/PT
download abstract

ANIMAL-013 (Mon-Wed)
Fatty Acid Composition of the Mammary Gland of Majorera and Palmera Goat Breeds Subject to Undernutrition
S.P. Alves, Lisbon/PT , A. Cabo, Lisbon/PT, L.E. Hernández-Castellano, Arucas/ES, N. Castro, Arucas/ES, A. Arguëllo, Arucas/ES, J. Capote, Tenerife/ES, R.J.B. Bessa, Lisbon/PT, A. Almeida, Lisbon/PT
download abstract

ANIMAL-014 (Sunday)
Fractionation of High Value Oils from Pork Fat by Short Path Distillation
M.B. Larsen, Aarhus/DK , E. Miquel Becker, Aarhus/DK
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LAMI-006 (Sunday)
Distribution of Furan Fatty Acids in Phospholipid Classes of Marine Crustaceans
D. Pacetti, Ancona/IT , M. Balzano, Ancona/IT, P. Lucci, Udine/IT, D. Fiorini, Camerino/IT, N.G. Frega, Ancona/IT
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LAMI-013 (Sunday)
Microbiome of Lambs´ Rumen Samples presenting Distinct Biohydrogenation Patterns
R.J.B. Bessa, Lisboa/PT , M. Costa, Lisboa/PT, S.P. Alves, Lisboa/PT, A. Francisco, Lisboa/PT, A. Duarte, Lisboa/PT, J. Santos-Silva, Santarem/PT, R.J.B. Bessa, Lisboa/PT
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Health and Nutrition

HENU-001 (Mon-Wed)
Novel Vegetable Oil blends with High Antioxidative Stability Oils for Healthy Purposes and Prevention of Diseases
M. Hassanein, Cairo/EG , A.G. Abdel-Razek, Cairo/EG
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HENU-002 (Mon-Wed)
Development of a New Method for Processing Rice Bran to a High-Quality Oil with High Content of γ-oryzanol
K. Kupey, Magdeburg/DE , F. Pudel, Magdeburg/DE, G. Fleck, Magdeburg/DE, M. Moll, Neuss/DE, N. Stadermann, Neuss/DE
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HENU-003 (Mon-Wed)
A Novel Insight into the Correct Design of Healthy Marine Oils: Lipidomics to Determine the Role of EPA:DHA Ratios in Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
G. Dasilva, Vigo/ES , M. Pazos, Vigo/ES, E. García-Egido, Vigo/ES, L. Méndez, Vigo/ES, J.M. Gallardo, Vigo/ES, I. Rodríguez, Santiago de Compostela/ES, R. Cela, Santiago de Compostela/ES, I Medina, Vigo/ES
download abstract

HENU-004 (Mon-Wed)
Relevant pH and Lipase for Simulating Intragastric Digestion of Fat
L. Sams, Marseille/FR , J. Paume, Marseille/FR, J. Giallo, Marseille/FR, F. Carriere, Marseille/FR
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HENU-005 (Mon-Wed)
Method Comparison and Application for the Determination of Free and Ester Bound 2,- 3-MCPD and Esterified Glycidol in Fishery Products
S. Merkle, Hamburg/DE , H. Karl, Hamburg/DE, J. Kuhlmann, Hamburg/DE, J. Fritsche, Hamburg/DE
download abstract

HENU-006 (Mon-Wed)
Development and Technofunctional-sensory Characterization of Virtually TFA-free Deep-frying Fats for the Production of Bakery Products
S. Merkle, Hamburg/DE , K.D. Petersen, Hamburg/DE, N. Dietz, Bremerhaven/DE, K. Lösche, Bremerhaven/DE, J. Fritsche, Hamburg/DE
download abstract

HENU-007 (Mon-Wed)
Delta-9 Desaturation Rate of Individual Trans 18:1 Isomers in 3T3-L1 Cells depends on the Location of Trans Double Bond
P. Vahmani, Lacombe, Alberta/CA , W.J. Meadus, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, C. Mapiye, Stellenbosch/ZA, P. Duff, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, D.C. Rolland, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, M.E.R. Dugan, Lacombe, Alberta/CA
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HENU-008 (Mon-Wed)
Trans-6 18:1 and Trans-9 18:1 but not Trans-11, Trans-13, Trans-14 or Trans-15 18:1 Upregulate Genes involved in Fatty Acid and Cholesterol Synthesis in HepG2 Cells
P. Vahmani, Lacombe, Alberta/CA , W.J. Meadus, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, C. Mapiye, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, P. Duff, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, D.C. Rolland, Lacombe, Alberta/CA, M. E. R. Dugan, Lacombe, Alberta/CA
download abstract

HENU-009 (Mon-Wed)
Change the Feed Diet of Animals allow to Approach the Nutritional Recommendations for Consumers without Changing their Eating Habits
M. Guillevic, Combourtillé/FR , H. Jacquot, Combourtillé/FR, N. Kerhoas, Combourtillé/FR, P. Weill, Combourtillé/FR, G. Chesneau, Combourtillé/FR, M. Guillevic, Combourtillé/FR, C. Ferry, Lorient/FR, B. Schmitt, Lorient/FR, J. Mourot, Saint-Gilles/FR
download abstract

HENU-010 (Mon-Wed)
What is the Contribution of a Change of Production of Animals in Daily Intake of Fatty Acids?
M. Guillevic, Combourtillé/FR , H. Jacquot, Combourtillé/FR, N. Kerhoas, Combourtillé/FR, P. Weill, Combourtillé/FR, G. Chesneau, Combourtillé/FR, C. Ferry, Lorient/FR, B. Schmitt, Lorient/FR, J. Mourot, Saint-Gilles/FR, M. Guillevic, Combourtillé/FR
download abstract

HENU-011 (Mon-Wed)
Oil Extracted from Two Discarded Species of the Mediterranean Sea as Raw Material for the Production of Structured Lipids: Seasonal Characterization of their Fatty Acids Regiodistribution
R. Morales-Medina, Granada/ES , P.J. Garcia-Moreno, Granada/ES, R. Perez-Galvez, Granada/ES, M.M. Munio, Granada/ES, A.M. Guadix, Granada/ES, E.M. Guadix, Granada/ES
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HENU-012 (Mon-Wed)
Production of PUFA Concentrates of Sardine Oil by Simple, Staged and Fractional Low-temperature Winterization
R. Morales-Medina, Granada/ES , G. De Leon, Granada/ES, M.M. Munio, Granada/ES, A.M. Guadix, Granada/ES, E.M. Guadix, Granada/ES
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HENU-013 (Mon-Wed)
Effects of ω-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) Supplementation on Erythrocyte Cytoskeletal-plasma Membrane Protein Network in Rett Syndrome
J.-M. Galano, Montpellier/FR , A. Cortelazzo, Siena/IT, C. Signorini, Siena/IT, S. Leoncini, Siena/IT, R. Guerranti, Siena/IT, T. Durand, Montpellier/FR, C. Oger, Montpellier/FR, A. Guy, Montpellier/FR, V. Bultel-Poncé, Montpellier/FR, L. Bini, Siena/IT, A. Pecorelli, Siena/IT, L Ciccoli, Siena/IT, J. Hayek, Siena/IT, C. De Felice, Siena/IT
download abstract

HENU-014 (Mon-Wed)
Cytokine Dysregulation in Rett Syndrome – Effect of ω-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Supplementation
J.M. Galano, Montpellier/FR , S. Leoncini, Siena/IT, C. Signorini, Siena/IT, C. De Felice, Siena/IT, T. Durand, Montpellier/FR, A. Cortelazzo, Siena/IT, G. Zollo, Siena/IT, R. Guerranti, Siena/IT, L. Ciccoli, Siena/IT, J. Hayek, Siena/IT
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HENU-015 (Mon-Wed)
Investigationon the Effect of Dietary Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids and Lard on CarbonTetrachloride induced Liver Injury
K.S. Leung, Hong Kong/HK , H.L. Wang, Hong Kong/HK, C. Oger, Montpellier/FR, J.M. Galano, Montpellier/FR, T. Durrand, Montpellier/FR, J.M.F. Wan, Hong Kong/HK, J.C.Y. Lee, Hong Kong/HK
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HENU-016 (Mon-Wed)
Optimisation of the enzymatic acidolysis of PUFA.enriched canola (Brassica napus L.) oil under supercritical-CO2 conditions
S. Aubourg, Vigo/ES , J. M. Cedano, Santiago/CL, M. Rivera, Santiago/CL, Mª M. Berríos, Santiago/CL, Mª E. Pando, Santiago/CL, C. Hernández, Santiago/CL, E. Contreras, Santiago/CL, A. Rodríguez, Santiago/CL
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HENU-017 (Mon-Wed)
Compositional changes of Hass Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) Oil of different Maturation Degrees: Effect of Supercritical-CO2 Extraction with Alternative Methods of Drying
S. Aubourg, Vigo/ES , J. Ortiz, Santiago/CL, C. Mella, Santiago/CL, T. Toledo, Santiago/CL, E. Castro, Santiago/CL, F. Osorio, Santiago/CL
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HENU-018 (Mon-Wed)
Dynamics of Oxysterol Formation during Baking of Meat
M. Sabolová, Prague/CZ , Š. Šimková, Prague/CZ, J. Fišnar, Prague/CZ, J. Pánek, Prague/CZ
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HENU-019 (Mon-Wed)
Bioavailability of Dietary Tocotrienols from Barley Oil and Palm Oil
A.M. Drotleff, Hannover/DE , W. Ternes, Hannover/DE
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HENU-020 (Mon-Wed)
Effects of Dietary Sea Squirt Viscera on Lipid Metabolism in Rats
M. Kawasaki, Takizawa, Iwate/JP
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HENU-021 (Mon-Wed)
Production of PUFA Concentrates from Sardine Oil by Enzymatic Hydrolysis in Organic Media
E.M. Guadix, Granada/ES , R. Morales-Medina, Granada/ES, M.M. Munio, Granada/ES, F. Camacho, Granada/ES, A.M. Guadix, Granada/ES
download abstract

HENU-022 (Mon-Wed)
Production and Incorporation of Structured Lipids from Olive Oil in Ice Cream Formulations
E.M. Guadix, Granada/ES , M. Marin-Suarez, Granada/ES, M. Padial-Domínguez, Granada/ES, P.J. Garcia-Moreno, Granada/ES, M.M. Munio, Granada/ES, A.M. Guadix, Granada/ES
download abstract

HENU-023 (Mon-Wed)
Characterization of Capsul®, Maltodextrin and Gum Arabic Microparticles Loaded with Short-chain Fatty Acids obtained by Spray Drying
J.M. Block, Florianópolis/BR , R. Luchtenberg, Florianópolis/BR, P. Policarpi, Florianópolis/BR, I. Kureck, Florianópolis/BR, A.C.P. Prado, Florianópolis/BR, P.L.M. Barreto, Florianópolis/BR
download abstract

HENU-024 (Mon-Wed)
Olive oil Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR
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HENU-025 (Mon-Wed)
Nutrition, Health Status and Lipid Intake in Romanian Population
M. Stoia, Sibiu/RO , S. Oancea, Sibiu/RO
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HENU-026 (Mon-Wed)
The Roll of Essential Fatty Acids from Pistachio Nut Pistacia vera L in Human Health
K. Sanchez-Herrera, Mexico City/MX , V. Melo-Ruiz, Mexico City/MX, C. Moreno-Bonnet, Mexico City/MX, F. Lopez-Naranjo, Mexico City/MX, H. Sandoval-Trujillo, Mexico City/MX
download abstract

HENU-027 (Mon-Wed)
Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of CLAs and TFAs in Selected Edible Oils Marketed in Turkey
M. Ozmen, Konya/TR , M. Topkafa, Konya/TR, H.F. Ayyildiz, Konya/TR, F. Durmaz, Konya/TR, H. Kara, Konya/TR
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HENU-028 (Mon-Wed)
Fortification Of Cheese as a Functional Food, with D3, Bioactive Lipophilic Compounds
M. Mollazadeh, Ankara/TR
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HENU-029 (Mon-Wed)
Improvment Of Omega-3 And Omega-6 Levels in Fortified Cheese
M. Mollazadeh, Ankara/TR , E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR
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HENU-030 (Mon-Wed)
Flaxseed and its Impact on Diseases
M. Mollazadeh, Ankara/TR
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HENU-031 (Mon-Wed)
Nanoemulsion Delivery Systems for Oil-soluble Vitamins: Influence of Carrier Oil Type on Lipid Digestion and Vitamin D3 Bioaccessibility
B. Öztürk, KOCAELI/TR , S. Argin, ISTANBUL/TR, M. Özilgen, ISTANBUL/TR, D.J. McClements, AMHERST/US
download abstract

HENU-032 (Mon-Wed)
Shelf Life of a Functional Food. Olive Oil Enriched with Oleanolic Acid
M. Rada, Sevilla/ES , J.M. Castellano, Sevilla/ES, Á. Guinda, Sevilla/ES
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HENU-033 (Mon-Wed)
Influence of Beta-cyclodextrin in Reduction on Cholesterol Content in Dairy, Egg and Meat Products
L. Alonso, Villaviciosa, Asturias/ES , J. Fontecha, Madrid/ES
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HENU-034 (Sunday)
Effects of Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma System on Hazelnut Part 1: Effects on Aspergillus sp. and aflatoxins
B. Onal-Ulusoy, Çankırı/TR , Y. Sen, Ankara/TR, M. Mutlu, Ankara/TR
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HENU-035 (Sunday)
Effects of Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma System on Hazelnut Part 2: Effects on Tocopherols, Free Fatty Acids and Peroxides Contents
B. Onal-Ulusoy, Çankırı/TR , Y. Sen, Ankara/TR, M. Mutlu, Ankara/TR
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HENU-036 (Sunday)
Long Chain Saturated Structured Lipids: Synthesis and Characterisation
W.M. Kok, Kuala Lumpur/MY , S.F. Cheng, Kuala Lumpur/MY, C.H. Chuah, Kuala Lumpur/MY
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LAMI-033 (Sunday)
The Astaxanthin Production from Haematococcus pluvialis algae tested in Different Growth Media
C. Cokcan, Istanbul/TR , S. Yucel, Istanbul/TR, M. Bogoclu, Istanbul/TR, B.Z. Haznedaroglu, Istanbul/TR, T. Cakmak, Istanbul/TR
download abstract

LAMI-037 (Sunday)
Are Infant Formulas Biomimetic of Human Milk Digestive Behavior: A Dynamic in vitro Study
V. Vié, Rennes/FR , S.C. de Oliviera, rennes/FR, C. Moustiés, rennes/FR, A. Deglaire, rennes/FR, O. Ménard, rennes/FR, A. Bellanger, rennes/FR, F. Carrière, marseille/FR, E. Dirson, rennes/FR, V. Vié, rennes/FR, Y. Legouar, rennes/FR, F. Rousseau, rennes/FR, D. Dupont, rennes/FR, C. Bourlieu, Rennes/FR
download abstract

Microbial and Algae Lipids

LAMI-014 (Sunday)
Determination of Fatty Acid Profile of Chlorella minutissima Oil for Biodiesel Production
B. İnan, Istanbul/TR
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LAMI-015 (Sunday)
A Fast and Simple Qualitative Method for Screening Oleaginous Yeasts
X. Niehus, Guadalajara/MX , G. Sandoval, GUADALAJARA/MX
download abstract

MAL-002 (Mon-Wed)
Microalgal Biodiesel Production from Chlorella vulgaris
D. Özçimen, Istanbul/TR , B. Inan, Istanbul/TR, A.T. Koçer, Istanbul/TR
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MAL-003 (Mon-Wed)
Comparison of Lipid Metabolism of Apicomplexan Cousins Chromera velia and Vitrella brassicaformis
I. Schneedorferova, České Budějovice/CZ , A. Tomčala, České Budějovice/CZ, J. Michálek, České Budějovice/CZ, M. Oborník, České Budějovice/CZ
download abstract

MAL-004 (Mon-Wed)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Production by the Mould Galactomyces geotrichum
A. Grygier, Poznań/PL , M. Rudzińska, Poznań/PL
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MAL-005 (Mon-Wed)
Lipid Content Modulation of Apicomplexan Cousin Chromera velia by Nitrogen Addition
V. Kyselova, Ceske Budejovice/CZ , A. Tomcala, Ceske Budejovice/CZ, M. Obornik, Ceske Budejovice/CZ
download abstract

MAL-006 (Mon-Wed)
In vitro Investigation of Antigastric Cancer Activities of Single Cell Omega 3 Oil Rich in Docosahexaenoic Acid
S. Shakeri, Kerman/IR , A. Hassanzadeh, Kerman/IR
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MAL-007 (Mon-Wed)
New Production Possibilities of Palmitoleic Acid by Yeasts
I. Kolouchova, Prague/CZ , O. Schreiberova, Prague/CZ, J. Masak, prague/CZ, T. Rezanka, Prague/CZ
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MAL-008 (Mon-Wed)
Mutation in Bordetella bronchiseptica Core Lipopolysaccharide Transferase Genes Triggers different Lipid a Structures
A.C. Casabuono, Buenos Aires/AR , F. Sisti, La Plata/AR, D. Hozbor, La Plata/AR, A. Couto, Buenos Aires/AR
download abstract

MAL-009 (Mon-Wed)
Membrane Lipids in Archaic Microorganisms
A. Attar, Istanbul/TR , S. Yücel, Istanbul/TR
download abstract

MAL-010 (Mon-Wed)
Extraction and Analysis of Microbial Lipids
C. Breil, Avignon/FR , A. Meullemiestre, Avignon/FR, M. Vian, Avignon/FR, F. Chemat, Avignon/FR
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Oil Seeds, Plant Breeding and Plant Lipids

LAMI-002 (Sunday)
Fatty Acids and Nutritional Composition of Cocoa Beans coming from different Regions of Cameroon
D. Fiorini, Camerino/IT , G. Caprioli, Camerino/IT, F. Maggi, Camerino/IT, M. Nicoletti, Roma/IT, M. Ricciutelli, Camerino/IT, C. Toniolo, Roma/IT, B. Prosper, Dschang/CM, S. Vittori, Camerino/IT, G. Sagratini, Camerino/IT
download abstract

LAMI-004 (Sunday)
Composition and Properties of Pistachio Virgin Oils and its By-products from different Cultivars
R. M. Ojeda-Amador, Ciudad Real/ES , S. Gómez-Alonso, Ciudad Real/ES, S. Trapani, Florence/IT, A. Salvador, Ciudad Real/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES
download abstract

LAMI-023 (Sunday)
Apricot Kernel Oil
G. Durmaz, Malatya/TR
download abstract

LAMI-025 (Sunday)
The effect of Storage on Physicochemical and Sensoric Properties of Cold-pressed Oils
A. Kita, Wroclaw/PL
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LAMI-026 (Sunday)
The effect of Storage on Physicochemical and Sensoric Properties of Ground Seed Meals after Oils Cold-pressing
A. Kita, Wrocław/PL
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OLEO-005 (Mon-Wed)
Hybrid Biodiesel Fuel from Waste
S. Velea, Bucharest/RO , E. Stepan, Bucharest/RO, O. Blajan, Medias/RO, A. Crucean, Medias/RO
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OSPB-002 (Mon-Wed)
Chemical Characterization Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge Seed Oil: Analysis of Fatty Acids, Sterols and Tocopherols
M.V. Ruiz-Méndez, Seville/ES , J. Velasco Jiménez, Seville/ES
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OSPB-004 (Mon-Wed)
Tentative Identification of Volatile Flavor Compounds in Sacha inchi Oil, from Peruvian Origin, using Headspace-SPME-GC/MS
F. Ramos-Escudero, Lima/PE , M.T. Morales, Sevilla/ES, A. Asuero, Sevilla/ES, I. Romero, Sevilla/
download abstract

OSPB-005 (Mon-Wed)
Influence of the Structure of Key Intermediates of Plant Oxylipins on their Interactions at the Molecular Level with Plant Plasma Membrane
M.N. Nasir, Gembloux/BE , M. DELEU, Gembloux/BE, L. LINS, Gembloux/BE, M.L. FAUCONNIER, Gembloux/BE
download abstract

OSPB-006 (Mon-Wed)
Development of a New Highly Efficient HPLC Method for Identification of Triacylglycerol Species in Selected Seed Oils Rich in Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLnA)
M. Topkafa, Konya/TR , H. Kara, Konya/TR
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OSPB-007 (Mon-Wed)
Identification and Evaluation of Bioactive Fatty Acids and its Lipid Mediators in Nuts and Seeds
J.C.Y. Lee, Hong Kong/HK , K.S. Leung, Hong Kong/HK, H.H. Leung, Hong Kong/HK, C. Oger, Montpellier/FR, J.M. Galano, Montpellier/FR, T. Durand, Montpellier/FR
download abstract

OSPB-008 (Mon-Wed)
Fatty Acids and Volatile Compounds in Pulp and Peel from Prunus persica Fruits grown in Tunisia at Two Maturation Stages
S. Dabbou, Monastir/TN , C. Lussiane, Torino/IT, S. Maatallah, Sidi Bouzid/TN, L. Gasco, Torino/IT, H. Hajlaoui, Sidi Bouzid/TN, G. Flamini, Pisa/IT
download abstract

OSPB-009 (Mon-Wed)
Characterization of Fatty Acid Composition of some Selected Cold Pressed Seed Oils Grown in Turkey by Gas Chromatography
H. Kara, Konya/TR , M. Topkafa, Konya/TR, H.F. Ayyildiz, Konya/TR
download abstract

OSPB-010 (Mon-Wed)
Triterpenoid Profiles of Calluna vulgaris Samples from Different Geographical Regions
A. Szakiel, Warsaw/PL , C. Pączkowski, Warsaw/PL, L.J. Sheppard, Edinburgh/GB, M. Henry, Nancy/FR
download abstract

OSPB-011 (Mon-Wed)
Identification of Lipases with a Possible Role in Lipid Remodeling in Arabidopsis Thaliana Seeds
G.N. Menard, Harpenden/GB , A.A. Kelly, Harpenden/GB, C. Craddock, Harpenden/GB, S. De Chirico, Harpenden/GB, J. Devonshire, Harpenden/GB, S. Kurup, Harpenden/GB, P. Eastmond, Harpenden/GB
download abstract

OSPB-012 (Mon-Wed)
Evaluation of Sterol and Triacylglicerol Composition during Ripening Process of the Hazelnuts (Corylus avellana L.) Grown in Poland
H. Ciemniewska-Żytkiewicz, Warsaw/PL , F. Pasini, Cesena/IT, J. Bryś, Warsaw/PL, P. Koczoń, Warsaw/PL
download abstract

OSPB-013 (Mon-Wed)
Analysis of Lipids in Seeds of Double Low Rapeseed based on Supercritical Fluid Extraction
H.B. Frandsen, Copenhagen/DK , S. Sørensen, Copenhagen/DK, H. Sørensen, Copenhagen/DK, J.C. Sørensen, Copenhagen/DK
download abstract

OSPB-014 (Mon-Wed)
Hazelnut Corylus avellana L Fatty Acid Composition and their Beneffits in Health
K. Sanchez-Herrera, Mexico City/MX , V. Melo-Ruiz, Mexico City/MX, C. Moreno-Bonnet, Mexico City/MX, F. Lopez-Naranjo, Mexico City/MX, H. Sandoval-Trujillo, Mexico City/MX
download abstract

OSPB-015 (Mon-Wed)
Canolol Content in Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil obtained from Roasted Yellow Seeded Brassica napus
M. Rudzińska, Poznań/PL , A. Siger, Poznań/PL, M. Gawrysiak-Witulska, Poznań/PL, I. Bartkowiak-Broda, Poznań/PL, M. Rudzińska, Poznań/PL
download abstract

OSPB-017 (Sunday)
A Correlation between Tocopherol Content and Antioxidant Activity in Seeds and Germinating Seeds of Soybean Cultivars
Y.-Y Lee, Suwon/KR , H.M.P. Park, Suwon/KR, S.L. Kim, Suwon/KR, Y.H. Kim, Suwon/KR, J.-Y. Park, Suwon/KR, E.-Y. Sim, Suwon/KR, B.J. Kim, Suwon/KR, C. Lee, Suwon/KR, W.-H. Kim, Suwon/KR
download abstract

OSPB-018 (Sunday)
Characterization of Triacylglycerides, Proteins and Saponin Content in Seeds of Xanthoceras sorbifolium B.
J.J. Salas, Sevilla/ES , M. Venegas, Sevilla/ES, M.V. Ruíz-Méndez, Sevilla/ES, E. Martínez-Force, Sevilla/ES, R. Garcés, Sevilla/ES
download abstract

OSPB-020 (Sunday)
Associative Transcriptomic Approach to improving the Value of Co-products in Oilseed Rape (B. napus)
F. Beaudoin, Harpenden/GB , R. Broughton, Harpenden/GB, A.L. Harper, York/GB, I. Bancroft, York/GB
download abstract

OSPB-021 (Sunday)
Synthesis and Accumulation of different Profiles of Wax Esters in Camelina sativa Seeds
F. Beaudoin, Harpenden/GB , N. Ruiz-Lopez, Seville/ES, R. Haslam, Harpenden/GB, E. Cahoon, Lincoln/US, J. Napier, Harpenden/GB
download abstract

Oleochemistry, Biodiesel

LAMI-011 (Sunday)
Biodiesel: The Ca-Al mixed Oxides as a possible Catalyst for Biodiesel
M. Hajek, Pardubice/CZ , J. Kocik, Pardubice/CZ, I. Troppová, Pardubice/CZ
download abstract

OLEO-001 (Mon-Wed)
Synthesis of Steryl Glycosides and Analysis in Biodiesel by APCI-HPLC-TOF-MS
P.N. Neu, Graz/AT , C. Ludwig, Graz/AT, S. Schober, Graz/AT, M. Mittelbach, Graz/AT
download abstract

OLEO-002 (Mon-Wed)
Preparation of Methyl 9, 10 Dihydroxystearic Acid using a Solid Catalyst
P. Bondioli, Milano/IT , L. Della Bella, Milano/IT, G. Rivolta, Milano/IT
download abstract

OLEO-004 (Mon-Wed)
The Application of Brønsted-Lewis Acid Combination as a Catalyst for Biodiesel Production
M.F. Mohd Yusoff, Aarhus/DK , Z. Guo, Aarhus/DK
download abstract

OLEO-005 (Mon-Wed)
Hybrid Biodiesel Fuel from Waste
S. Velea, Bucharest/RO , E. Stepan, Bucharest/RO, O. Blajan, Medias/RO, A. Crucean, Medias/RO
download abstract

OLEO-006 (Mon-Wed)
Microbial Growth Issues in Biodiesel Fuel
Ch. Tsesmeli, Athens/GR , G.S. Dodos, Athens/GR, F. Zannikos, Athens/GR
download abstract

OLEO-007 (Mon-Wed)
Pseudohomogenous Kinetic Model for Linseed Oil Epoxidation with Peracetic Acid Formed in situ in the Presence of an Ion Exchange Resin
O. Govedarica, Novi Sad/XS , M. Jankovic, Novi Sad/XS, S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS, B. Nikolovski, Novi Sad/XS, Z. Knez, Maribor/SI
download abstract

OLEO-008 (Mon-Wed)
Yucca aloifolia Seed Oil as a Potential Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
I. Nehdi, Riyadh/SA , H. Sbihi, Riyadh/SA, S. Mokbli, Tunis/TN, U. Rashid, Kuala Lumpur/MY
download abstract

OLEO-009 (Mon-Wed)
Emulsion Copolymerizations of Vinyl Pivalate and Methacrylated Methyl Oleate
F. Machado, Brasilia/BR , A. Jensen, Brasilia/BR, A. C. Oliveira, Brasilia/BR
download abstract

Olive Oil

LAMI-007 (Sunday)
Ethyl Esters of Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced in Central Portugal
P. Antunes, Castelo Branco/PT , L. Paulo, Castelo Branco/PT, T. Andrade, Castelo Branco/PT, F. Peres, Castelo Branco/PT
download abstract

LAMI-008 (Sunday)
Robust Model for On-line Measurement of Moisture and Fat Content of Olive Pomace
P. Antunes, Castelo Branco/PT , J. Sánchez Casas, Badajoz/ES, L. Paulo, Castelo Branco/PT, A.M. Resende, Castelo Branco/PT, C. Miguel-Pintado, Castelo Branco/PT
download abstract

LAMI-018 (Sunday)
Characterization of Virgin Olive Oils elaborated with Ancient Varieties from Galicia (NW Spain)
P. Reboredo-Rodríguez, Ourense/ES , C. González-Barreiro, Ourense/ES, B. Cancho-Grande, Ourense/ES, E. Valli, Cesena/IT, A. Bendini, Cesena/IT, T. Gallina Toschi, Cesena/IT, J. Simal-Gándara, Ourense/ES
download abstract

LAMI-019 (Sunday)
Profile of phenolic compounds of autochthonous Galician extra virgin olive oils
P. Reboredo-Rodríguez, Ourense/ES , C. González-Barreiro, Ourense/ES, B. Cancho-Grande, Ourense/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES, M.D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/ES, J. Simal-Gándara, Ourense/ES
download abstract

LAMI-020 (Sunday)
Authentication of Olive Oil - A Complete Analysis using NIR
C. Gertz, Hagen/DE
download abstract

LAMI-027 (Sunday)
Geographical Traceability of Andalusian Virgin Olive Oil PDOs
N. Tena, Seville/ES , I. Romero del Río, Seville/ES, C. Oliver, Sville/ES, R. Aparicio-Ruiz, Seville/ES, R. Aparicio, Seville/ES, A Alcalá-Galán, Seville/ES, M.T. Morales, Seville/ES, D.L. García-González, Seville/ES
download abstract

LAMI-035 (Sunday)Phenolics and fatty acid composition of Oblica and Leccino virgin olive oils affected by seasonal weather variability
M. Jukić Špika, Split/HR , D Škevin, Zagreb/HR, M Žanetić, Split/HR
download abstract

LAMI-038 (Sunday)
In Olive Oil Factory Air Quality is important or not
M. Kivrak, Edremit / Balikesir/TR , Ö. Kula, Edremit / Balikesir/TR, I. Mutlu, Edremit / Balikesir/TR
download abstract

LAMI-041 (Sunday)
Olive Oil sSsquiterpene Hydrocarbons as Geographical Markers
S. Vichi, Barcelona/ES , A. Lazzez, Sfax/TN, I. Méndez, Barcelona/ES, J. Caixach, Barcelona/ES
download abstract

LAMI-045 (Sunday)
Evaluation of Some Physicochemical Properties of Olive Oil Extracted from Olives Stored in the Different Conditions
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , B. Fathi Achachlouei, Ardabil/IR
download abstract

LAMI-046 (Sunday)
Influence of Olive Preprocessing Storage conditions (Time and Container Type) on Olive Oil Quality : Fungal Organic Volatile Coumpounds (FVOC) Contribution in Olive Oil Aroma and Volatile Biogenesis
I. Gharbi, Monastir/TN , M. Issaoui, Monastir/TN, K. ben Hssine, Monastir/TN, D. Haddadi, Monastir/TN, F. Labidi, Monastir/TN, I. Cheraief, Monastir/TN, G. Flamini, Monastir/TN, M. Nour, Monastir/TN, M. Hammami, Monastir/TN

LAMI-047 (Sunday)
The Changes of Fatty Acid Profiles in Oils of New Turkish Olive Hybrids (Memecik X Uslu and Uslu X Memecik) Developed by Controlled Crossbreeding Method
H. Diraman, Afyon/TR , H. T. Karaman, Izmir/TR, F. Sefer, Izmir/TR, Senay Yaman, Izmir/TR
download abstract

LAMI-048 (Sunday)
Effect of Growing Area and Processing on Physical Characteristics of Table Olives (Olea europaea L., cv. Gemlik)
F.Ö. Güngör, Izmir/TR , S. Yaman, Izmir/TR, E. Kartal, Izmir/TR, M. K. Ünal, Izmir/TR
download abstract

LAMI-049 (Sunday)
Olive Oil Processing Fail in Factory: UV Absorbance
M Kivrak, Edremit / Balikesir/TR , M. Nebioglu, Bursa/TR, Abidin Tatli, Izmir/TR
download abstract

LAMI-051 (Sunday)
Olive Waste in Weed Control
M. Kivrak, Izmir/TR , H. Demirkan, Izmir/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-001 (Mon-Wed)
Influence of Extraction System and Production Area on the Physicochemical and Sensory Attributes of Virgin Olive Oils-case of North Lebanese Districts
M. Serhan, Koura/LB , H. Younes, K./LB, J. Chami, K./LB
download abstract

OLIVE-002 (Mon-Wed)
Authentication and Quality Assessment of Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oils from “Baladi” Local Variety
M. Serhan, Koura/LB
download abstract

OLIVE-003 (Mon-Wed)
Raman Spectroscopic Discrimination of Virgin Olive Oils According to Geographic Origin
D. ÜcüncÜoglÜ, Cankiri/TR , E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR, H.T. Temiz, Ankara/TR, I.H. Boyaci, Ankara/TR, D. Sivri Özay, Ankara/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-004 (Mon-Wed)
A Review of 1H and 13C NMR of Virgin Olive Oil
D. Sevim, İzmir/TR , O. Köseoglu, Izmir/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-005 (Mon-Wed)
Application of Raman Spectroscopy as a Rapid Tool to Classify Extra Virgin Olive Oils Extracted from Different Turkish Cultivars
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , D. Ucuncuoglu, Cankiri/TR, H.T. Temiz, Ankara/TR, I.H. Boyaci, Ankara/TR, D. Sivri Ozay, Ankara/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-006 (Mon-Wed)
Lipophilic Compounds of Coratina Olive Oil grown in Tunisia: The Influence of Irrigation and Ripening
S. Dabbou, Monastir/TN , H. Chehab, Sousse/TN, S. Dabbou, Monastir/TN, H. Chehab, Sousse/TN, A. Taticchi, Perugia/IT, M. Hammani, Monastir/TN
download abstract

OLIVE-007 (Mon-Wed)
Head Space-SPME-GC/MS of Virgin Olive Oils as a possible Tool to Improve Sensory Evaluation: Critical Evaluation of Analytical Data applying Peak Deconvolution Software
E. Moret, Udine/IT , L. Conte, Udine/IT
download abstract

OLIVE-008 (Mon-Wed)
The Changes of Fatty Acid Profile of Gemlik Olive Cultivar Produced by Naturally Processing Methods and Exposed to Gamma Radiation
Ş. Irmak, Izmir/TR , M.K. Ünal, İzmir/TR, H. Dıraman, Afyonkarahisar/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-009 (Mon-Wed)
Industrial-scale Filtration of Virgin Olive Oil cv. Buža:Focus on Quality, Sensory Characteristics and Fatty Acid Profile
K. Brkić Bubola, Poreč/HR , M. Lukić, Poreč/HR, I. Mofardin, Poreč/HR, A. Butumović, Poreč/HR, O. Koprivnjak, Rijeka/HR
download abstract

OLIVE-010 (Mon-Wed)
Kinetics Study of Coalescence on Olive Paste during Malaxation
S. Trapani, Florence/IT , L. Guerrini, Florence/IT, V. Canuti, Florence/IT, P. Masella, Florence/IT, G. Caruso, Pisa/IT, R. Gucci, Pisa/IT, A. Parenti, Florence/IT, B. Zanoni, Florence/IT
download abstract

OLIVE-011 (Mon-Wed)
Experimental Trials to Optimize the use of Physical Coadjuvants in Olive Oil Exctraction
F. Caponio, Bari/IT , G. Squeo, Bari/IT, R. Silletti, Bari/IT, V.M. Paradiso, Bari/IT, C. Summo, Bari/IT, A. Pasqualone, Bari/IT, T. Gomes, Bari/IT
download abstract

OLIVE-012 (Mon-Wed)
Rapid Method to Evaluate Metals Concentration in Olive Oil
E. Sangiorgi, Brescia/IT , M. Simoni, Brescia/IT, R. Berneri, Brescia/IT, M. Bragolusi, Brescia/IT, R. Piro, Padova/IT
download abstract

OLIVE-013 (Mon-Wed)
Rapid Screening Analysis of Olive Oil Based on Fingerprinting Olistic Approach
R. Piro, Padova/IT , E. Sangiorgi, Brescia/IT, M. Gazziero, Padova/IT
download abstract

OLIVE-015 (Mon-Wed)
Olive Oil Quality as affected by Processing Variables
E.P. Kalogianni, Thessaloniki/GR
download abstract

OLIVE-016 (Mon-Wed)
Would Olive Oil be Suitable for Frying in the Catering/Industry?
E. Kalogianni, Thessaloniki/GR , C. Karastogiannidou, Thessaloniki/GR, S. Exarchopoulos, Thessalon iki/GR, A. Papastathopoulos, Thessaloniki/GR
download abstract

OLIVE-017 (Mon-Wed)
Discrimination between Italian and Non Italian Olive Oil by Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Volatile Fraction and Multivariate Analysis
L. Conte, Udine/IT , F. Gottardi, Bologna/IT, A. Zappi, Bologna/IT, S. Scaramagli, Bologna/IT, M. Barbanera, Bologna/IT, D. Melucci, Bologna/IT, S. Vichi, Barcelona/ES
download abstract

OLIVE-018 (Mon-Wed)
A Preliminary Characterization of some Argentina’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Volatile Fraction of Changlot and Arauco Varieties
L. Conte, Udine/IT , E. Moret, Udine/IT, M. Bauza, de Cuyo/AR, M. Zuccardi, Mendoza/AR
download abstract

OLIVE-020 (Mon-Wed)
Microwave Assisted Extraction of Oil from Wet Olive Pomace
D. Koçak Yanık, Gaziantep/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-021 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Geographic Origin on the Aroma-Active Compounds of Turkish Olive Oils
S. Kesen, Gaziantep/TR , H. Kelebek, Adana/TR, S. Selli, Adana/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-022 (Mon-Wed)
Classification of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Based on the Quality Criteria after Filtering with Organic and Inorganic Aids
O. Köseoglu, Izmir/TR , J. Lozano-Sánchez, Granada/ES, A. Segura-Carretero, Granada/ES, D. Sevim, Izmir/TR, D. Özdemir, Izmir/TR
download abstract

OLIVE-023 (Mon-Wed)
Lignans from Whole Lyophilized Olives of Tuscan Cultivars
L. Cecchi, Signa (FI)/IT , M. Migliorini, Firenze/IT, C. Cherubini, Firenze/IT, M. Innocenti, Firenze/IT, N. Mulinacci, Firenze/IT
download abstract

Palm Oil

LAMI-017 (Sunday)
Mitigating 3-MCPD and GE during chemical and enzymatic Interesterification of Palm Oil: a Case Study
V. Gibon, Zaventem/BE , J. Maes, Zaventem/BE, W. De Greyt, Zaventem/BE
download abstract

LAMI-021 (Sunday)
Reaction Mechanism of MCPD Diesters Formation in Vegetable Oils
J. Smidrkal, Prague/CZ , M. Tesarova, Prague/CZ, I. Hradkova, Prague/CZ, M. Bercikova, Prague/CZ, A. Adamcikova, Prague/CZ, V. Filip, Prague/CZ
download abstract

PALM-002 (Mon-Wed)
Measurement of Energy Release of RBD Palm Oil at different Temperatures by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Correlation with the Degradation of Glycidyl Esters during Storage
B. Matthäus, Detmold/DE , P. Weitkamp, Detmold/DE, K. Vosmann, Detmold/DE, H.J. Kersting, Detmold/DE
download abstract

PALM-003 (Mon-Wed)
Fully Hydrogenated Soybean Oil Microencapsulated Applied to Modulate Palm Oil Crystallization
L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR , M.C.C.N. Mascarenhas, Campinas/BR, M.C. Chiu, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PALM-004 (Sunday)
Palm Oil via Microwave Pretreatment cum Solvent Extraction
J Tan, Kuala Lumpur/MY , S.F. Cheng, Kuala Lumpur/MY, C.H. Chuah, Kuala Lumpur/MY
download abstract

Physical Chemistry

SCI Young Lipid Scientist Award Lecture Dynamics of Microdomain Formation in Model Membrane Systems using High Hydrostatic Pressure
N. McCarthy, London/GB , O. Ces, London/GB, R.V. Law, London/GB, J.M. Seddon, London/GB, N.J. Brooks, London/GB
download abstract

LAMI-024 (Sunday)
Transfer of Catechin at the Interfaces of Corn Oil Emulsions: Distribution and Thermodynamic Parameters
F. Paiva-Martins, Porto/PT , S. Losada-Barreiro, Porto/PT, N. Martínez-Aranda, Vigo/ES, C. Bravo-Diaz, Vigo/ES
download abstract

LAMI-029 (Sunday)
Determination of Melting Point and Polymorphic Form of Edible Fats via Temperature Modulated Optical Refractometry (TMOR)
M. Häupler, Berlin/DE , S. Schwarz, Seelze-Letter/DE, E. Flöter, Berlin/DE
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LAMI-031 (Sunday)
Impact of Fatty Acid Derivatives on Isothermal Crystallization of Anhydrous Milk Fat
M. Bayard, Pessac/FR , M. Cansell, Pessac/FR, F. Leal Calderon, Pessac/FR
download abstract

LAMI-032 (Sunday)
Polymorphic Quantitative Approach of Triacylglycerol by X-Ray Diffraction and Rietveld Method
L. P. Cardoso, Campinas - SP/BR , G. A. Calligaris, Campinas - SP/BR, A. P. B. Ribeiro, Campinas - SP/BR, A. O. dos Santos, Imperatriz - MA/BR
download abstract

LAMI-043 (Sunday)
The Effect of Different Oils on Ethylcellulose-based Edible Oil Gels
A. Wendt, Berlin/DE , A. Wilhelm, Berlin/DE, E. Flöter, Berlin/DE
download abstract

PHYS-001 (Mon-Wed)
Evaluating the Feasibility of Wax-based Oleogel to Replace Palm Oil in Microstructural Network Formation for Nutritional Hazelnut Filling
C.D. Doan, Ghent/BE , A.R. Patel, Ghent/BE, N. De Clercq, Ghent/BE, D. Van de Walle, Ghent/BE, C. Delbaere, Ghent/BE, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/BE
download abstract

PHYS-002 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Dielectric Properties of Lipid Matrices on the Structure of Organogels made with Saturated Monoglycerides
S. Calligaris, Udine/IT , F. Valoppi, Udine/IT, N. Segatin, Ljubljana/SI, U.N. Poklar, Ljubljana/SI, M.C. Nicoli, Udine/IT
download abstract

PHYS-003 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester on Fat Crystallization in O/W Emulsion
S. Arima, Yokohama/JP , T. Deguchi, Hiroshima/JP, A. Ogawa, Yokohama/JP, H. Hondoh, Hiroshima/JP, S. Ueno, Hiroshima/JP
download abstract

PHYS-004 (Sunday)
Lipid Systems structured with Fully Hydrogenated Soybean Oil and Sorbitan Monostearate: Crystallization Effects
M. Stahl, Limeira/BR , R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR, L. Cardoso, Campinas/BR, A.P.B. Ribeiro, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-005 (Mon-Wed)
The effect of Extraction Methods on Cocoa Butter Quality
V.L.Z. Stroppa, Campinas/BR , J.C.B Rocha, Campinas/BR, C.C. Ming, Campinas/BR, T.G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-006 (Mon-Wed)
Retardation of Oil Migration Fat Bloom in filled Chocolates through the Incorporation of Soft and Hard StOSt-rich Fats
P.D. Tran, Ghent/BE , P.D. Tran, Ghent/BE, D. Van de Walle, Ghent/BE, M. Hinneh, Ghent/BE, C. Delbaere, Ghent/BE, N. De Clercq, Ghent/BE, D.N. Tran, Ghent/BE, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/BE
download abstract

PHYS-007 (Mon-Wed)
DSC Studies of Interesterified and Fractionated Lipid Fractions
G. Oliveira, Campinas/BR , PA.P.B. Ribeiro, Sao Paulo/BR, T.G. Kieckbusch, Sao Paulo/BR
download abstract

PHYS-008 (Mon-Wed)
Fat Bloom Resistance of Dark Chocolate Produced with Alternative Fats
T.L.T. Silva, Campinas/BR , R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR, E.C. Bonomi, Campinas/BR, L.P. Cardoso, Campinas/BR, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-009 (Mon-Wed)
Creating a Dynamic Phase Diagram of Binary Mixtures of Licocoa Butter Substitute and Cocoa Butter by using the Time-resolved Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Diffraction Measurement
M. Takagi, Higashi-Hiroshima/JP , S. Mishikawa, Tsukuba/JP, T. Sakamoto, Tsukuba/JP, S. Hirai, Tsukuba/JP, S. Ueno, Higashi-Hiroshima/JP
download abstract

PHYS-010 (Mon-Wed)
Sorbitan Monostearate and Fully-hydrogenated Crambe Oil as Structuring Agents of Lipid Systems
G. Oliveira, Campinas/BR , G. Comote, Campinas/BR, T.G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-011 (Mon-Wed)
Evaluation of Consistency and Microstructure of Zero Trans/Low Saturated Fats Structured with Fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil and Sorbitan Monostearate
K.M. Barbosa, Campinas/BR , T.G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR, M.H. Masuchi, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-012 (Mon-Wed)
Free Phytosterols as Consistency and Microstructure Modifiers of Lipid Blends
K. Godoi, Campinas/BR , K.C. Correa, Campinas/BR, M.H. Masuchi, Campinas/BR, A.P.B. Ribeiro, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-013 (Mon-Wed)
Study of Synergistic Effect of Fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil and Monoacylglycerol used as Structuring Agent in Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter
R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR , I. Oliveira, Campinas/BR, L. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-015 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Milk Fat Olein Addition on Butter Characteristics
M. Queirós, Campinas/BR , R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR, M.L. Gigante, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-016 (Mon-Wed)
A Fundamental Study on Microstructural Network Formation of Palm Oil and Wax-based Oleogel Blends
C.D. Doan, Ghent/BE , K. Dewettinck, Ghent/BE, A. Patel, Ghent/BE
download abstract

PHYS-017 (Mon-Wed)
Evaluation of Consistency in Lipid Systems with Reduced Saturated Fatty Acid Content
K.F. Chaves, Campinas/BR , C.P. Bossonaro, Campinas/BR, A. P. B. Ribeiro, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-018 (Mon-Wed)
Fully Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil as a Structuring Agent in Lipid Systems
K.F. Chaves, Campinas/BR , C.P. Bossonaro, Campinas/BR, A.P.B. Ribeiro, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-019 (Mon-Wed)
Effect of Soybean Oil Hardfat on Microstructure and Consistency of Palm Oil/Canola Oil Blends
D.B. Arellano, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PHYS-020 (Sunday)
X-Ray Scattering study of the Influence of Thermal Treatment on the Isothermal Crystallization of Cocoa Butter
M. Ladd Parada, Leeds/GB , M. Povey, Leeds/GB, M. Rappolt, Leeds/GB, J. Vieira, York/GB
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Processing and Sustainability

LAMI-003 (Sunday)
Innovative Technology for the Production of Pate Paste from Olive Pomace
M. Balzano, Ancona/IT , D. Pacetti, Ancona/IT, N.G. Frega, Ancona/IT
download abstract

LAMI-016 (Sunday)
Influence of Conditioning Temperature on the Volatile Profile of Virgin Rapeseed Oil
K. Kraljić, Zagreb/HR , D. Škevin, Zagreb/HR, M. Obranović, Zagreb/HR, M. Pospišil, Zagreb/HR, S. Balbino, Zagreb/HR, T. Balać, Zagreb/HR, T. Stjepanović, Zagreb/HR
download abstract

LAMI-022 (Sunday)
The effect of Rapeseed Microstructure on the Mechanism of Solution and diffusion Extraction
V. Filip, Prague/CZ , J. Kyselka, Prague/CZ, V. Matlova, Prague/CZ, F. Kreps, Bratislava/SK
download abstract

LAMI-050 (Sunday)
The effect of commercial refining on some properties of canola, corn and sunflower oils
A. Yorulmaz, Aydin/TR
download abstract

PROC-001 (Mon-Wed)
Ultrasounds Assisted Extraction for the Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Low-scale Industrial Mill
E. Valli, Cesena/IT , A. Bendini, Cesena/IT, M.B. Almeida, Porto/PT, T. Gallina Toschi, Cesena/IT
download abstract

PROC-002 (Mon-Wed)
3-MCPD and Glycidyl Esters in Edible Fats and Oils
T. Keceli, Adana/TR , N. Buyukyilmaz, Adana/TR, S.Z. Kutuk, Adana/TR
download abstract

PROC-003 (Mon-Wed)
Microwave Assisted Extraction of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Seed Oil using Response Surface Methodolgy
U. Gök, Gaziantep/TR , H. Keskin, Gaziantep/TR, D. Koçak Yanık, Gaziantep/TR, F. Göğüş, Gaziantep/TR
download abstract

PROC-004 (Mon-Wed)
Increasing Sustainability of the Chocolate Cooling Process by Enhanced Thermoconductivity of the Mould Material
L. Rejman, Zurich/CH , P. Braun, Zurich/CH, T. Hocker, Winterthur/CH, E J Windhab, Zurich/CH
download abstract

PROC-005 (Mon-Wed)
A Model to Predict Oil Yield Increase in Enzymatically Assisted Degumming of Vegetable Oil
S. Konradt, Darmstadt/DE
download abstract

PROC-006 (Mon-Wed)
Processing of New Oil and Protein Sources: Zooplankton, Black Soldier Flies and Grasshoppers
F. Pudel, Magdeburg/DE , G. Fleck, Magdeburg/DE, T. Piofczyk, Magdeburg/DE, C. Spangenberg, Magdeburg/DE
download abstract

PROC-007 (Mon-Wed)
Structural Properties of Fatty Alcohols Organogels for Cosmetic Application
D.C. Zulim Botega, Sorocaba/BR , C. Nogueira, Sorocaba/BR, N. Martins de Moura, Sorocaba/BR, R. Martinez, Sorocaba/BR, C. Rodrigues, Sorocaba/BR, D. Barrera-Arellano, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PROC-008 (Mon-Wed)
Improvements in the Measurement of Chlorophylloids in Soybean Oil
D.D. Brooks, Vernon Hills/US
download abstract

PROC-010 (Mon-Wed)
Influence of Roasting Temperature of Pumpkin Seed to PAH and Aroma Formation
T. Potocnik, Zalec/SI , I.J. Kosir, Zalec/SI
download abstract

PROC-011 (Mon-Wed)
Development of trans Free Basestock by Chemical Interesterification and Thermal Fractionation
G. Oliveira, Campinas/BR , A.P.B. Ribeiro, Campinas/BR, T.G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PROC-012 (Mon-Wed)
High Molecular Weight Protein-Polyphenol Complexes isolated from Olive Oil Mill Wastewater of the Chetoui variety Encapsulated in Reverse Micelles
V. Papadimitriou, Athens/GR , M. Khemakhem, Tunis/TN, G.T. Sotiroudis, Athens/GR, T.G. Sotiroudis, Athens/GR, N. Bouzouita, Tunis/TN
download abstract

PROC-013 (Mon-Wed)
Crystallization Properties and Texture of Zero Trans Fat using of Industrial Sorbitan Monostearate
L. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR , C. Ming, Campinas/BR
download abstract

PROC-014 (Mon-Wed)
Antimicrobial Activity of Microparticles Loaded with Short-chain Fatty acids obtained by Spray Drying
J.M. Block, Florianópolis/BR , R. Luchtenberg, Florianópolis/BR, S.M. Silveira, Florianópolis/BR, L.A. Lerin, Florianópolis/BR
download abstract

PROC-017 (Mon-Wed)
Phase Equilibria of Fats and Natural Oils in Carbon dioxide, Propane and Sulphur Hexafluoride as Fundamental Data for Isolation and Fractionation of Valuable Compounds
S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS , T. Perko, Maribor/SI, M. Knez Hrncic, Maribor/SI, M. Skerget, Maribor/SI, Z. Knez, Maribor/SI
download abstract

PROC-018 (Mon-Wed)
Adsorption of Heavy Metals in Sunflower Oil with Metal Doped Nanoporous Silica
B. Karakuzu, Istanbul/TR , T. M. Temel, Istanbul/TR, M. Metin, Istanbul/TR, P. Terzioğlu, Istanbul/TR, S. Yücel, Istanbul/TR
download abstract

PROC-019 (Mon-Wed)
Changes in Waxes and Ethyl Esters Contents during Green Spanish-style Table Olive Processing
A. López-López, Sevilla/ES , A. Cortés-Delgado, Sevilla/ES, A. Montano, Sevilla/ES, A. Garrido-Fernández, Sevilla/ES
download abstract

PROC-021 (Mon-Wed)
Extraction of Oil from Red Hot Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) Seed
S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS , J. Simonovska, Skopje/MK, V. Rafajlovska, Skopje/MK, Z. Knez, Maribor/SI, M. Primozic, Maribor/SI, Z. Kavrakovski, Skopje/MK
download abstract

PROC-022 (Mon-Wed)
Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Rapeseed Oil from Press-cake
A.-G. Sicaire, Avignon/FR , M. Vian, Avignon/FR, F. Fine, Pessac/FR, P. Carré, Pessac/FR, S. Tostain, Grand-Couronne/FR, F. Chemat, Avignon/FR
download abstract

PROC-023 (Mon-Wed)
Supercritical Carbon dioxide Extraction of Pumpkin Seed Oil: Fatty Acid Composition and Oxidation Stability
O. Govedarica, Novi Sad/XS , B. Nikolovski, Novi Sad/XS, S. Sinadinovic-Fiser, Novi Sad/XS, J. Ilic, Novi Sad/XS, Z. Knez, Maribor/SI
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PROC-024 (Mon-Wed)
Performance of Emulsifiers added to Chocolate Masses with different Particle Size Distribution
V.L.Z Stroppa, Campinas/BR , V. Luccas, Campinas/BR, T.G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR
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PROC-025 (Mon-Wed)Solid/Liquid Expression Behavior of Rapeseed during Discontinuous Pressing F. Fine, Pessac/FR , L. Bogaerts, Compiègne/FR, H. Mhemdi, Compiègne/FR, P. Carré, Pessac/FR, A. Quinsac, Pessac/FR, E. Vorobiev, Compiègne/FR
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PROC-026 (Sunday)
Effect of Suppercritical CO2 and Type of co-solvent for Extraction of Lipids and Terpenics from Guayule Biomass (parthenium argentatum)
E. Tardan, Montpellier/FR , S. Palu, Montpellier/FR, D. Pioch, Montpellier/FR
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PROC-027 (Sunday)
Effect of Chemical and Physical Refining on Some Physicochemical Properties and Oxidation Stability of Soybean Oil
G. Özkan, Isparta/TR , A. Dagdelen, Balikesir/TR, D. Haagenson, Fargo/US, D. Wiesenborn, Fargo/US
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PROC-028 (Sunday)
Influence of Soybean Oil Refining on Sterol Glucosides, Tocopherols and Phenolics
G. Özkan, Isparta/TR , A. Dagdelen, Balikesir/TR, A. Özaydın, Isparta/TR, D. Haagenson, Fargo/US, D. Wiesenborn, Fargo/US
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PROC-029 (Sunday)
Dry Fractionation of Iberian Pork Lard as a valuable Source of 1,3-dioleoyl-2-palmitoylglycerol (OPO)
M.A. Bootello, Sevilla/ES , J. Salas, Sevilla/ES, E. Marínez-Force, Sevilla/ES, R. Garcés, Sevilla/ES
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Other Topics

LAMI-009 (Sunday)
Production of Meat-like Aroma with Antioxidant Activity from Bovine Fat by-product via Millard Reaction
A.G. Abdel-Razek, Giza/EG , E.H.A. Nashy, Giza/EG, M.S. Shaheen, Giza/EG, K.F. El-Massry, Giza/EG
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OTTO-001 (Mon-Wed)
Chemical Vs Organic Cultivation of Artemisia absinthium with Emphasis on Essential Oil Composition
Lj. Kostadinović, Novi Sad/XS , S. Popović, Novi Sad/XS, S. Pavkov, Novi Sad/XS, M. Aćimović, Novi Sad/XS, J. Lević, Novi Sad/XS
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OTTO-002 (Mon-Wed)
Evaluation of Oxidative Stability of Soybean Oil Organogels Structured using Vegetable Waxes
J. Rocha, Campinas/BR , D. Barrera Arellano, Campinas/BR, D. Kassardjan, Campinas/BR
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OTTO-003 (Mon-Wed)
Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils from Five Mediterranean Aromatic Plants against Foodborne Pathogens
R. Cava, Caceres/ES , V. Cantero, Caceres/ES, L. Ladero, Caceres/ES, F.M. Vazquez, Badajoz/ES, J. Blanco, Badajoz/ES
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OTTO-004 (Mon-Wed)
Nanoparticles for Encapsulation of Essential Oils
P. Terzioglu, İstanbul/TR , S. Yücel, İstanbul/TR, B. Karakuzu, İstanbul/TR, T.M. Temel, İstanbul/TR, M. Metin, İstanbul/TR
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OTTO-005 (Mon-Wed)
Fatty Acids Composition of Mealworm Larvae of Tenebrio molitor L Edible Insect in Mexico
V. Melo-Ruiz, Mexico City/MX , S. Sánchez-Herrera, Mexico City/MX, H. Sandoval-Trujillo, Mexico City/MX, R. Gutiérrez-Tolentino, Mexico City/MX, C. Calvo-Carrillo, Tlalpan, C.P./MX
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OTTO-006 (Mon-Wed)
Fatty Acid Composition of the Oil Extracted from White Grub Aegiale hesperiaris K. from Maguey Cactus
V. Melo-Ruiz, Mexico City/MX , S. Sánchez-Herrera, Mexico City/MX, C. Calvo-Carrillo, Tlalpan, C.P./MX, T. Quirino-Barreda, Mexico City/MX, N. Noguez-Méndez, MExico City/MX

OTTO-008 (Sunday)
Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Stability of Lutein-enriched Corn Oil Emulsions under different pH and Temperature Conditions
C.E. Gumus, Amherst, MA/US , G. Davidov-Pardo, Amherst, MA/US, D.J. McClements, Amherst, MA/US
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