14th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
18-21 September 2016, Ghent, Belgium

Table Top Exhibition

[updated 15.12.2015]
Euro Fed Lipid, an international federation of 13 Oils and Fats associations, is involved in the European trade fair "Oils+Fats", which takes place in uneven years. In order to allow the industry to present its latest technologies and services during the even years as well, Euro Fed Lipid is offering to rent a table top at the Euro Fed Lipid congress.

The next opportunity is the 14th Euro Fed Lipid congress in Ghent, Belgium (18-21 September 2016)

This conference also offers a good forum for exchanging ideas and remaining up-to-date on new and future developments and furthermore gives the industry the opportunity to become scientifically more visible. React fast as table tops are limited! Early deciders will be visible longer on the congress webpage.

If you want to present your company in Ghent, Belgium and use this unique opportunity, please download the
Registration Form (.pdf)

Floor Plan (.pdf)

Confirmed Exhibitors

[updated 18.08.2016]

AB Enzymes
TABLE 01: AB Enzymes

Let’s boost your oil yield and reduce your cost with ROHALASE® PL XTRA phospholipase! AB Enzymes is an industrial biotech company specialized in enzymes and their applications. Since 1907 we have partnered together with our diverse and unique customers to develop, manufacture and supply enzyme preparations for industrial and household applications worldwide.

Our products range from food grade enzymes for grains and vegetable oil seeds processing, baking and beverages, to enzymes for animal feed, pulp & paper and laundry detergents. The company is part of Associated British Foods and represented worldwide with headquarters in Darmstadt Germany, and offices located in Miami, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Shanghai. Our manufacturing is in Rajamäki, Finland. We are pleased to join the Euro Fed Lipid Congress, and look forward to discuss with you about your oil degumming process. Please visit us at table #1.

AB Enzymes

TABLE 02: French

French Oil Mill Machinery Company custom designs, manufactures and supports preparation equipment for the extraction of vegetable oil from oil-bearing seeds and nuts for food and industrial uses, including biodiesel and other fuels. Our heavy duty and durable equipment, including roller mills and screw presses, has an average life span of over 50 years and operates with maximum productivity and lower processing cost per ton. For over 115 years our customers have been satisfied with French's process solutions that meet and exceed industry standards of high quality crude oil and meal and oil extraction efficiencies. Our 225,000 square foot corporate office and manufacturing facility are located in Piqua, Ohio, USA.

French's Innovation Center development laboratory offers a wide variety of testing services utilizing pilot scale and semi-works mechanical screw presses on all types of oil bearing seeds or nuts, and other liquid-bearing solid materials. During the performance trials, French's team of experienced engineers can experiment with a variety of conditioning and shaft temperatures and moistures, press shaft arrangement configurations and more to produce higher quality oil and meal. French can apply the information obtained in the trials to design and supply custom screw presses and other processing equipment that suits each customer's specific processing needs.


KD Pharma
TABLE 03: K.D. Pharma

With KD Pharma you have found The Omega-3 Solution Experts™. As one of the largest producers in the world, we provide KD-Pür® Omega-3 APIs and concentrates to both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries worldwide. Since its beginning, nearly 25 years ago in Germany, KD Pharma has excelled in separation technology.

Today, KD Pharma employs the largest repertoire of state-of-the-art purification technologies to include its patented Super Critical Fluid (SCF) method of producing high concentrate Omega-3 EPA and DHA. This and its large cGMP manufacturing capacity provide KD Pharma the unique flexibility to produce tailor-made Omega-3 concentrations that are unsurpassed in quality and purity.

To learn more about KD Pharma and our products, visit www.kd-pharma.com.

TABLE 04: Oil-Dri

Oil-Dri Corporation of America offers a full spectrum of specialty adsorbents, including Pure-Flo® , Pure-Flo® Supreme, and Perform® bleaching clays for the purification of fats, oils, and oleochemicals. Oil-Dri's Select® and Select® for biodiesel products filter out impurities in conjunction with or in place of water wash treatment. With a full line of innovative and highly effective bleaching products, Oil-Dri delivers product quality, cost effectiveness, and technical support to edible oil and biodiesel producers around the world.

Read more at www.pure-flo.com

contact person:
April Pawelko


OCL is a peer-reviewed full Open-Access scientific journal devoted to fats and lipids co-edited by a group of leading French institutions:
· Terres Inovia - French Technical Center for Oilseed Crops and Industrial Hemp
· Cirad - French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development
· FNCG - French Federation of Oils and Fats
· Iterg - French Technical Institute for Fats and Oils
· Terres Univia - French Inter-professional Organization of Vegetable Oils and Plant Proteins
· SFEL - French Society for the Study of Lipids.

Published bimonthly, OCL covers the entire sector.
The research papers and reviews published in each issue address a range of topical matters in agronomy, plant biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, lipid chemistry, as well as transversal research themes such as nutrition, the health-quality-food safety nexus, innovation and industrial processes, the environment and sustainable development, economics and social development.

A particular feature of OCL is the inclusion in each issue of a special thematic section focusing on a topical subject among the Journal's core domains. Invited contributors to these thematic sections are chosen with care in order to ensure the expression of a genuine cross-section of interests and expertise.

TABLE 06: Laix Technologies

Laix Technologies offers automation, software and instruments for oil and fat laboratories. We are specialized on autosamplers, temperature dry baths and magnetic stirrers.

Our products distinguish themselves by quality, efficiency and a high grade of customization. Highlights of our portfolio are the established SFC Automation and our automated FatLab.
Visit www.laix-tech.de for more information.

Contact person: Mirco Hengst
Laix Technologies GmbH
Am Fasanenhang 5
52379 Langerwehe, Germany
Phone: +49-2409-4879807, Fax: +49-2409-4879808

TABLE 07:oils+fats

oils+fats is Europe’s only international trade fair for business, technology and innovations in vegetable and animal oils and fats. It will be taking place in 2017 for the seventh time. The range on show here at the exhibitors' booths comprises machinery, components and auxiliary materials for the production and processing of oils and fats. As Europe´s foremost business and technology platform, oils+fats showcases current trends in the sector and the latest technological developments.

In the supporting program, which brings together research and industry, the emphasis is on technologies and markets of the future. oils+fats is therefore the most important sector gathering for producers, processors and distributors of oils and fats. The next oils+fats, which takes place from September 12 to 14, 2017, at the Messe München exhibition center, is expected to attract around 50 exhibitors and approximately 1,000 participants from around the world.


Martina Ehrnsperger, martina.ehrnsperger@messe-muenchen.de
Messe München GmbH, Messegelände, 81823 München, Germany
Phone: +49-89-949-20221, Fax: +49-89-949-20229

TABLE 08: HF Press+LipidTech

HF Press+LipidTech (HF PLT) is a division of the Hamburg/Germany based HF Group. The product portfolio of HF PLT ranges from individual machines to complete systems for oilseed preparation, oilseed pressing and crude oil refining. HF PLT presses are also used in rendering plants and for special applications in the dewatering sector.

With more than 160 years experience HF PLT is the world leader for its press technology. By steady research & development HF PLT continuously provides the most modern state of the art technology for machines and presses. With own manufacturing facilities the optimal quality control is ensured. After Sales Service for high quality spare and wear parts completes the program.

HF Press+LipidTech
Contact Person: Jan Ikels, jan.ikels@hf-group.com
Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH, Seevestrasse 1, 21079 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49/40/77179488, Fax: +49/40/77179451

TABLE 09: Solex Thermal Science Inc.

Solex Thermal Science Inc., specializes in the heating science of heating, cooling, and drying bulk solids. Indirect heat transfer with Solex plate technology offers highly efficient heat transfer solutions.

The small footprint, innovative channel configuration and compact design results in high heat transfer efficiency and very low energy losses. For more information go to
http://www.solexthermal.com/applications/oilseeds-grains .

Contact person: Amanda Parkman
Solex Thermal Science Inc.
250,4720 - 106 Ave Se
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2C 3G5
Phone: +1-403-254-7388


Established in 1983, VELP Scientifica is today a growing provider of analytical instruments and solutions that has made an impact on the world-wide market with Italian products renowned for innovation, style and premium materials.

A Leader in the sector of laboratory instruments, VELP offers diversified business categories (Food&Feed Line, Environment Line, Stirring Line) and is a reliable partner for laboratories, universities, research centers and companies involved in scientific research.


TABLE 11: PQ Corporation

Founded in 1831, PQ Corporation is a leading worldwide producer of specialty inorganic performance chemicals and catalysts. We offer several synthetic amorphous silica products that serve the Oil Processing market.  SORBSIL® silicas can be used as a replacement for bleaching earths in the processing of oils.  SORBSIL® silicas show superior adsorption capacity for contaminant soaps, phospholipids, and trace metals and can allow modifications to the oil refining process, such as elimination of washing stages in caustic refining, thereby reducing cost and waste. 

In Biodiesel production, SORBSIL® silicas offer several advantages in feedstock processing.  Pretreatment with SORBSIL® silicas allows the use of a wide variety of cheaper feedstock oils and fats with simplified processing.  SORBSIL® silicas effectively remove soaps, phospholipids, and trace metals in the feedstock oil.  Likewise, the produced FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) biodiesel must be purified to remove soap contaminants and other trace contaminants.  SORBSIL® silica products can be used effectively to refine the FAME Biodiesel oil. 

TABLE 18: Anaspec Solutions B.V.

Anaspec Solutions provides a comprehensive range of instrumentation dedicated for the edible oil market and related industries like for instance the biofuel and confectionary industries. We will present the Lipid Quant FT-NIR for the analysis of Iodine value, Free fatty acids, Peroxide, Moisture, Sulphur and many other constituents in edible oils.

Automated NMR instrumentation for the analysis of the complete melting profile of SFC, however not restricted to only 10mm probe, but exchangeable wit 18mm, 26mm. 40mm,51mm and even with a 60 mm probe. As we understand flexibility is a key element here we have made ready –to use calibrations for both the Lipid Quant FT-NIR and Oxford MQC series.

TD- NMR measurements includes an open and easy accessible software platform for users that will enable users to develop new applications . Developments in NMR has led to a new approach for the research on fatty acid composition of Triglycerides. The Pulsar delivers affordable high performance NMR spectroscopy into laboratory environment. Pulsar is cryogen free and offers 19F, 1H and 13C measurements on a single probe.

Customized solutions requires skill full application scientists and that is largely present in our organization and stimulated by a complete equipped laboratory in which we test and work out all experimental studies.

We can truly indicate that we have FT_NIR, TD NMR, NMR spectroscopy, DSC, DLS particle size equipment and wet chemical apparatus to offer the broadest range of instrumentation for this specific niche industry. Not only restricted to the lab, but we also offer the possibility for on-line measurement as can be seen as coming trend in the near future in edible oils. Our solutions fulfill all the necessary standards in ISO and or AOCS.

Contact person Marcel Ardon
Anaspec Solutions B.V.
Phone 0031-182304005
website www.anaspec.eu

TABLE 28: Functional Products Trading S.A.

Functional Products Trading S.A. and its brand BENEXIA® are one of the limited number of world leaders in Chia seed (and its derivatives) production, processing, extraction and global distribution for food, functional food and nutraceutical applications.

Our capacity of innovation has positioned us as leaders in our industry, being first to market in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries through our leading position in regulatory issues.

BENEXIA® XIA OIL is a natural and sustainable source of omega-3 and an innovative solution for cardiovascular health. It is made from our Premium Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica L.) through cold pressing of the seed with no chemical solvents nor diluents. Our chia oil have the highest quality, 100% pure and natural; free from contaminants; with low levels of acidity and peroxide index, and high levels of antioxidants that naturally preserve the product’s shelf life, guaranteed by our unique genetics; GMO free; guaranteed traceability and FSC 22000 certified, Halal and Kosher.

For more info visit our webpage www.benexia.com


AOCS (American Oil Chemists' Society), along with its European Section, is a global scientific society open to all individuals and corporations who are interested in fats, oils, surfactants, detergents and related materials. Founded in 1909, AOCS is a trusted source of information for its 4,500 members and thousands of non-members from more than 90 countries worldwide.


Contact Person: Jeffry Newman, jnewman@aocs.org
AOCS, 2710 S. Boulder Dr., Urbana, IL 61802-6996, USA, Phone +1 217 693 4816

TABLE 30: Bruker Optics

Bruker Optics provides FT-NIR solutions for edible oil producers as well as for processors. To optimize the oil pressing process, the oil seeds as well as the intermediate products, like expellers or extracts can be analyzed for oil and moisture content. Oilseed breeders can obtain valuable additional information like Fatty Acid Profiles, Erucic acid as well as the Glucosinolate content.

In the edible oils and fats a wide number of quality parameters can be analyzed with only one measurement, e.g. Iodine Value, Free Fatty Acids, Trans Fatty Acids and Fatty Acid profiles as well as physical parameters like color parameters.

Bruker Optics offers ready-to-use calibrations for edible fats and oils as well as for oil seeds to enable a quick and efficient start.

Bruker Optik
Rudolf-Plank-Str. 27, 76275 Ettlingen
Tel. 07243-5042000

TABLE 31: Bruker BioSpin

Bruker Biospin GmbH
The Applications of Bruker BioSpin for TD-NMR span all kinds of industries from Food & Feed, Textile, Polymers via Chemical & Pharma, Health Care and R&D.

The minispec benchtop Time Domain NMR (TD-NMR) analyzer is a proven performer for measurement of oil and moisture in oilseeds, residues and nuts. In the food and feed Industry due to the different relaxation decays of the various sample components, solid versus liquid and oil & moisture can be easily detected and clearly distinguished.

The Bruker BioSpin minispec product line offers the instruments of choice to fulfill standard methods in SFC (Solid Fat Content) Analysis:
ISO 8292
IUPAC 2.150

As well as International Standard for Oil & Moisture determination in various food products:
AOCS Ak4-95
ISO 10565
ISO 10632

Contact: cmr@bruker.com
Bruker BioSpin GmbH, Silberstreifen 4, 76287 Rheinstetten, Germany

TABLE 32: Prasan Solutions

Prasan Solutions specializes in the natural preservative domain especially natural antioxidants and natural antimicrobials and caters to various challenges of the global food industry. It has developed a wide portfolio of natural preservatives, as well as stabilized food colours, based on pure Chemistry and fulfilling global standards.

The 'Nalanda Research and Development Centre, an integral part of Prasan, with the aid of its patented technology, provides various clientele across the globe with tailor-made natural antioxidant and antimicrobial solutions. These natural antioxidant formulations are blends of various spices and herbs which are considered healthy.

Pramod Francis, Managing Director
Prasan Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd
Cochin, India
Mobile : +91 97461-46894 , Offi: +91 - 484 -3324400/401
Skype: pramodfrancis
Website : www.prasansolutions.com


BUCHI Labortechnik AG offers different extraction solutions for fat determination or sample preparation for further analysis. When it comes to quality control of products in the food industry BUCHI offers not only the necessary instrumentation but complete state-of-the-art solutions including documents for qualifying the instruments, installation and application support, as well as after sales service. The main focus of modern analytical laboratories is minimizing the time that elapses between sample analysis and result generation. With the help of automated and modern extraction techniques, the time required for solvent extraction was reduced from several hours to approximately 30 minutes.

Depending on the applications, requirements and regulations BUCHI customers can choose between a Soxhlet, Twisselmann and Hot Extraction instruments or the SpeedExtractor, which performs extraction under elevated pressure and temperature (pressurized liquid extraction). NIR analysis offers rapid, affordable and precise results. It enables real-time decision making for enhanced quality and higher productivity. BUCHI's NIRSolutions support you in mastering your daily challenges from incoming goods inspection to finished product release.

Contact person: Claudio Zigerlig, zigerlig.c@buchi.com,
BUCHI Labortechnik AG
Meierseggstr. 40, CH-9230 Flawil, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)71 394 65 31

TABLE 34: Axel Semrau

Axel Semrau GmbH & Co. KG develops efficient and robust LC-GC-Systems for dedicated applications. These complete solutions contain hardware, software and methods. Specialized LC-GC-Systems are available for the analysis of MOSH/MOAH, sterols or PAH in food, cosmetics or packing material. Axel Semrau® is one of the largest commercial and service companies in the field of instrumental analysis in Germany. For more than 30 years Axel Semrau® with its employees has been active in distribution and support of special solutions for chromatography, mass spectrometry and chemical synthesis, as well as application optimized workstations throughout Germany.

One focus is on the efficient automation of chromatography. The enterprise is developing its own hardware and software solutions here in order to provide unique and above average automation solutions. Product developments, such as special chromatography software, LC-GC-systems, specialized automation solutions and products for odorant control, are marketed world-wide. In keeping with the motto "We sense good chemistry …" the enterprise and employees have pledged themselves to an extraordinary quality in customer service. The company received ISO 9001 certification in May of 2008 and is a certified Partner of Microsoft for software development.



From renewable plants to the end-user market, BASF enables our customers in the oleochemical value chain with a wide range of catalysts and adsorbents to operate their plants in the most reliable way. Our catalyst technologies offer high performance and excellent filterability, covering applications from hydrogenation of oils, fats and fatty acids to the production of fatty amines, fatty alcohols and other oleochemical products. Our new, high activity bleaching earths are exceptionally effective in removing impurities from vegetable oils and in enhancing the quality and the shelf life of our customers' products.

Our product range includes:
- Hydrogenation of oils, fats and fatty acids
- Production of fatty alcohols and fatty amines
- Adsorbent purification of fats and oils
- Biorenewable technologies

For information go to: www.catalysts.basf.com
Or contact: tiny.koelewijn@basf.com


GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and for a wide range of other industries. As an international technology group, the company focuses on world-leading solutions and components for sophisticated production processes.

For edible oil processing GEA offers centrifugal separators for degumming, neutralization and dewaxing of vegetable and animal oils and fats as well as decanters for press oil clarification. Special applications for our centrifuges in this industry are the use in soapstock splitting, treatment of used cooking oils as well as crude oil and miscella clarification for the production of high quality lecithin. Further applications are transesterification processes (e.g. for making biodiesel), processing od epoxidized oils, wet fractionation of fatty acids as well as further oleochemical applications.

GEA also offers dry condensing plants, primarily for oil deodorization but they are also used for fatty acid distillation and fractionation as well as glycerine distillation.


TABLE 37: Desmet Ballestra

Oils & Fats

Based on Belgium’s De Smet know-how as the world specialist in oilseed and edible oil processing plants, Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats Division delivers tailor-made engineering and procurement services covering each step of the industry, from oilseed, preparation and extraction to oil processing plants including refining and fat modification processes, as well as oleochemicals and biodiesel technologies.

Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats masters the processing of 40 raw materials, of which soybeans, sunflower seed, rapeseed, groundnuts, cottonseed and palm oil are probably the most popular. The Division has supplied small and large plants to some 1,700 oil millers in 150 countries, covering over 6.000 process sections.

Leading edge Research & Development and privileged customer relationship are the key assets of Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats, which is able to provide to the customers the best technologies through an international network of companies.

With its headquarters in Brussels, Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats is present in all major oils and fats market areas of the world through its integrated business units in Northern and Central America (USA, Mexico), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia), Asia & Far East (PR China, Singapore, Malaysia), India and Europe (Belgium, Turkey, Russia, Spain).

Desmet Ballestra Oils & Fats is held in high repute all over the world, and its name stands for experience, innovation, first class project management, customer service and environmental protection policy.


JRS is the global leader in Cellulose filter aids and Cellulose based adsorbents for modern oils, fats and biodiesel processing.

FILTRACEL ESG & FILTRACEL ASG, silicified Cellulose fibers – The next generation of Cellulose filter aids and adsorbents!
FILTRACEL ESG & FILTRACEL ASG are designed to work as filter aids and adsorbents. Being silicified, FILTRACEL ESG & FILTRACEL ASG combine the unsurpassed filter performance of Cellulose filter aids with the excellent adsorption properties of Silica adsorbents in just one product.

Modified Bleaching with Cellulose adsorbents:
FILTRACEL ESG & FILTRACEL ASG remove soaps, metals, phospholipids and other polar contaminants far more effectively and efficiently than Bleaching Earth.

Used in conjunction with Bleaching Earth, Cellulose adsorbents prolongs filter cycle runs from hours to days, while the specific Bleaching Earth consumption drops down to an absolute minimum.

Conventional Silica Gel or other Silica based adsorbents could be replaced with Cellulose adsorbents at one third of their consumption and filter cycle runs are tripled.

For more information please contact filter@jrs.de