3rd Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo: Oils, Fats and Lipids in a Changing World

Edinburgh, 5-8 September 2004

Oils, Fats and Lipids in a Changing World
Saturday, 04.09.2004
  Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 1
Chairperson: M. Scheeder and M. Griinari
14:00-17:30 Workshop: Lipids in Animal Science (Abstract)
Sunday, 05.09.2004
  Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
09:00-09:30 and 14:00-18:00 Registration (Abstract)
15:00-17:30 Dedicated Poster and Expo Session (Abstract)
Monday, 06.09.2004
Plenary Lecture George Square
George Square Lecture Theatre
Chairperson: M. Parmentier, A. Pouzet and P. Kochhar
08:45-09:00 Opening Ceremony (Abstract)
09:00-09:45 Opening Lecture: Oils, Fats and Lipids in a Changing World (Abstract)
  Bockisch, M., Hamburg/D
09:45-10:30 AFECG Chevreul Medal Lecture: Recent Developments, New Trends in Seed Crushing and Oil Refining (Abstract)
  Kövari, K., Budapest/H
Supply and Demand Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 1
Chairperson: J. Hancock and F. Gunstone
11:00-11:30 Raw Material Supply Issues within the Fish Oil Industry (Abstract)
  Barlow, S., St. Albans/GB
11:30-12:00 Tallow - The Effect of Biosecurity Issues on the Future Supply and Demand. (Abstract)
  Chandler, N. J., Gerrards Cross/GB
12:00-12:30 Supplying the EU Biodiesel Growth: How Much is Available? (Abstract)
  Garofalo, R., Bruxelles/B
13:30-14:00 Naturally Stable Liquid Oils - Progress and Prospects (Abstract)
  Hancock, T., Hitchin Herts/GB
14:00-14:30 The Importance of Harvest Timing to Quality and Stability of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Mailer, R.J., Wagga Wagga/AUS, J. Ayton, D. Conlan, Wagga Wagga/AUS
14:30-15:00 Protocols for Guaranteeing 00 Rapeseed Quality from Field to Feed (Abstract)
  Schöne, F., Jena/D, W. Schumann, Gülzow/D, H. Hartung, Jena/D, H. Soerensen, Kopenhagen/DK, J. Weiß, Kassel/D
15:30-16:00 Oil and Fat Supplies Including Forecasts for 2004/05 with Special Reference to the EU (Abstract)
  Gunstone, F., Fife/GB
16:00-16:30 Comparative Characteristics of Crude Palm Oil from South-East Asia and South America (Abstract)
  Kuntom, A., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, Y.A. Tan, N. Sudin, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
16:30-17:00 Sustainable Palm Oil Practices in Golden Hope Plantations Berhad (Abstract)
  Hashim, K., Banting/MAL, H.C. Tuck, Banting/MAL
Analytical Developments Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 4
Chairperson: R. Hamilton and G. Bianchi
11:00-11:30 Flavor Evaluation of Edible Oils by Solid Phase Micro Extraction Analysis (Abstract)
  Min, D., Columbus/USA
11:30-12:00 Analytical Methods for a Tentative Authentication of PDO and PGI Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Bianchi, G., Citta Sant Angelo/I, L. Giansante, Citta Sant Angelo/I
12:00-12:30 Analysis of Sterols from Various Food Matrices (Abstract)
  Laakso, P.H., Raisio/FIN
13:30-14:00 Effective Separation of (lyso)phospholipids by HPLC with the Use of Computer-assisted Optimization (Abstract)
  Bergé, J. P., Nantes/F, C. Barthomeuf, Clermont-Ferrand/ F, J. Dumay, Nantes/ F
14:00-14:30 Synthesis and Analysis of Symmetrical and Non-Symmetrical Disaturated/ Monounsaturated Triacylglycerols Containing Palmitic, Oleic, Linoleic and Linolenic Acid. (Abstract)
  Adlof, R.O., Peoria, IL/USA, G.R. List, Peoria, IL/USA
14:30-15:00 A New FTIR Method for the Analysis of Low Levels of FFA in Edible Oils. (Abstract)
  Al-Alawi, A.A, Sainte Anne de Bellevue/CDN, F.R. Van de Voort, J. Sedman, Sainte Anne de Bellevue/ CDN
15:30-16:00 Determination of Changes Produced during Edible Oil Oxidation by High Resolution 13 C NMR Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  Hidalgo, F.J., Sevilla/E, G. Gomez, R. Zamora, Sevilla/E
16:00-16:30 Isotopic Analysis of Lipids as a Mean to Authenticate Animal Products (Abstract)
  Thomas, F., Nantes/F, E. Jamin, M. Lees, Nantes/F
Nutrition and Health Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 5
Chairperson: F. Thies and P. Calder
11:30-12:00 Is Atherosclerosis Really a Multifactorial Disease? (Abstract)
  Spiteller, G., Bayreuth/D
12:00-12:30 Lipids as an Early Marker for Carbohydrate Disorders in Metabolic Syndrome (Abstract)
  Saatov, T.S., Tashkent/USB, Z. Shamansurova, Tashkent/USB
13:30-14:00 Mechanisms of Arrhythmias in patients with CHD (Abstract)
  Cobbe, S., Glasgow/GB
14:00-14:30 Epidemiology of Sudden Cardiac Death and Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Guallar, E., Baltimore/USA
14:30-15:00 Evidence from Clinical Trials (Abstract)
  Burr, M., Cardiff/GB
15:30-16:00 Antiarrhythmic Properties of Omega-3 PUFA - Evidence from Experimental Studies (Abstract)
  McLennan, P., Wollongong/AUS
16:00-16:30 Where From Here? (Abstract)
  Katan, M.B., Wageningen/NL
Lipid Bioscience Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 5
Chairperson: F. Thies and P. Calder
11:00-11:30 Identification of a Novel Gene in Tocotrienol Supplemented Human Breast Cancer Cells (Abstract)
  Nesaretnam, K., Kuala Lumpur/MAL
Olive Oil Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 3
Chairperson: M. Jee and M. Tsimidou
11:00-11:30 Effect of Filtration on Virgin Olive Oil Stability during Storage (Abstract)
  Fregapane, G., Ciudad Real/E, V. Lavelli, Milan/I , S. León, Ciudad Real/E, J. Kapuralin, Milan/I, M. D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/E, C. Peri, Milan/I
11:30-12:00 Activation Energy Concept for Packaged Olive Stored at Various Conditions (Abstract)
  Kanavouras, A., Rotterdam/NL, F. A. Coutelieris, Vlaardingen/NL
12:00-12:30 Oxidative Stability of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Lechat, H., Pessac/F, F. Lacoste, E. Brenne, Pessac/F
13:30-14:00 Virgin Olive Oil Autoxidation During Storage at RT and under Accelerated Conditions (up to 60 ºC) (Abstract)
  Mancebo-Campos, V., Ciudad Real/E, S. Gómez-Alonso, G. Fregapane, M. D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/E
14:00-14:30 Global method for Detecting Extraneous Oils in Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Moreda, W., Sevilla/E, M.C. Perez-Camino, R. Rodriguez-Acuna, A.Cert, Sevilla/E
14:30-15:00 Changes Observed by 1H NMR Spectroscopy in Virgin Olive, Corn and Linseed Oils Submitted to Different Heating Times by Microwaves (Abstract)
  Guillén, M. D., Vitoria/E, A. Ruiz
15:30-16:00 Influence of Irrigation on Cornicabra Virgin Olive Oil Composition (Abstract)
  Gómez-Rico, A., Ciudad Real/E, D. Pérez, N. Olmedilla, F. Ribas, A. Moriana, M. D. Salvador, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/E
16:00-16:30 Olive Milling Conditions and the Quality of Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Dol, G.C., Vlaardingen/NL
Antioxidants and Oxidative Stability Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 2
Chairperson: P. Kochhar and R. Hamilton
11:00-11:30 Synergistic Effect of Bovine Serum Albumin on Antioxidant Activities in Model Food Emulsions (Abstract)
  Gordon, M.H., Reading/GB, M. P. Almajano, Barcelona/E, E. Brun, Dijon/F
11:30-12:00 Ability of Proteins and Peptides to Impact the Oxidation Kinetics of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Oil-in-Water Emulsions (Abstract)
  Decker, E.A., Amherst, MA/USA, H. Faraji, M. Hu, D.J. McClements, Amherst/USA
12:00-12:30 Marine Lipid Oxidation and Emerging Antioxidants Delivering Healthy Properties (Abstract)
  Medina, I., Vigo/E, A. Alonso, M. Pazos, M.J. González, J.M. Gallardo, Vigo/E, J.LL. Torres, M. Cascante, Barcelona/E
13:30-14:00 Isolation and Identification of Beany Flavor Compounds in Soybean Oil (Abstract)
  Min, D., Columbus/USA
14:00-14:30 Free Radical Generation Assays for the Accelerated Evaluation of Antioxidants in Food Matrices at Low Temperatures (Abstract)
  Van Dyck, S. M. O., Herentals/B, T. Verleyen, C.A. Adams, Herentals/B
14:30-15:00 Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Antioxidants in Comparison with Synthetic Antioxidants (Abstract)
  Pokorný, J., Prague/CZ, J. Parkányiová, Prague/CZ
15:30-16:00 Antiradical Action and Oxidative Stability of Black cumin, Coriander and Niger Crude Seed Oils and Their Fractions (Abstract)
  Ramadan Hassanien, M.F., Berlin/D, J.-Th. Mörsel, Berlin/D
16:00-16:30 Studies on the Oxidative Stability of Unusual Oils (Abstract)
  Mariod, A., Münster/D, B. Matthäus, K. Eichner, Münster/ D
16:30-17:00 Structure-antioxidant Activity Relationships of Various Biologically Active Polyphenols, Isolated from Natural Sources (Abstract)
  Kortenska, V.D., Sofia/BG
  Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
10:30-11:00 and 15:00-15:30: Coffee and Tea Break (Abstract)
12:30-13:30 Lunchtime (Abstract)
Tuesday, 07.09.2004
Plenary Lecture George Square
George Square Lecture Theatre
Chairperson: P. Kochhar, M. Jee, M. Bockisch and F. Spener
09:00-09:45 DGF Normann Medal Lecture: Oil processing to meet Nutritional and Environmental Concerns of the Consumer (Abstract)
  Parmentier, M., Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy/F
09:45-10:30 European Lipid Science Award Lecture: Dietary Fats and Health: You are what you eat (Abstract)
  Katan, M.B., Wageningen/NL
17:10-17:55 SCI Oils & Fats Group International Lecture: Physical Properties of Fats and their Applications for Foods and Pharmaceuticals (Abstract)
  Sato, K., Hiroshima/J
Processing Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 4
Chairperson: W. Hamm and R. Potman
11:00-11:30 The Production of Virtual Trans-Free Oils and Modified Fats (Abstract)
  Van Duijn, G., Vlaardingen/NL
11:30-12:00 Lowering the Trans Content in Edible Oils (Abstract)
  Beers, A.E.W., De Meern/NL
13:30-14:00 Selective Hydrogenation of Triglycerides at Supercritical Single-phase Conditions (Abstract)
  Härröd, M., Gothenburg/S, A. Holmqvist, S. van den Hark, Gothenburg/S, P. Moller, Aarhus/DK
14:00-14:30 The Interesterification Mechanism Revisited (Abstract)
  Dijkstra, A.J., St. Eutrope-de-Born/F
14:30-15:00 Influence of Processing on the Composition and Heat Stability of Rice Bran Oil (Abstract)
  Mezouari, S., Münster/D, K. Eichner, Münster/D, K. Schwarz, Kiel/D, S. P. Kochhar, Reading/GB, L. Brühl, Münster/D
15:30-16:00 Enzymatic Interesterification: a Trouble-free Process for Trans-free Fats (Abstract)
  Husum, T.L., Bagsvaerd/DK, W. D. Cowan, Chesham/GB, L. S. Pedersen, H. C. Holm, Bagsvaerd/DK, S. W. Pearce, Franklinton/USA
16:00-16:30 Enzymatic Degumming Processes for Oils from Soya, Rape and Sunflower (Abstract)
  Münch, E.-W., Verden/D
16:30-17:00 Newly-Developed Ultrafiltration System for Degumming of Soy Bean Miscella (Abstract)
  Müller, H., Langenhagen/D, G. Baumgarten, Hannover/D,B. Scholten, Alkmaar/NL, A. Grundmann, H.-P. Ohlinger, Hannover/D
Physical Aspects Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 2
Chairperson: R. Timms and K. Sato
11:00-11:30 Polymorphic Transformation of POP, POS and SOS by DSC (Abstract)
  Smith, K.W., Bedford/GB
11:30-12:00 Crystallisation and Polymorphic Evolutions of Milk fat at 4°C as Followed by Coupled X-ray Diffraction and DSC (Abstract)
  Lopez, C., Rennes/F, C. Bourgaux, P. Lesieur, Orsay/F, M. Ollivon, Châtenay-Malabry/F
12:00-12:30 Modelling Multi-step Processes in Fat Crystallization (Abstract)
  Foubert, I., Ghent/B, K. Dewettinck, G. Janssen, P.A. Vanrolleghem, Ghent/B
13:30-14:00 Link between lecithin composition and its fluidising performance in chocolate-type suspensions (Abstract)
  Rousset, Ph., Lausanne/CH, Mooser, V, Lausanne, CH
14:00-14:30 How Crystallisation in Emulsion may be Used to Report on Interface Composition and Curvature? (Abstract)
  Ollivon, M., Chatenay-Malabry / Paris/F, C. Lopez, D. Kalnin, Chatenay-M./F
14:30-15:00 A Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Effect of Molecular Ensemble, Isothermal Crystallization Temperature, and Rate of Temperature Decrease on the Growth Mode and Induction Times of Lipid Crystallization (Abstract)
  Narine, S.S., Edmonton/CDN, K.L. Humphrey, Edmonton/CDN
15:30-16:00 Solubilization and Activity of Antioxidants in Dispersed Systems Characterized by NMR and ESR Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  Heins, A., Kiel/D, D.B. McPhail, Aberdeen/UK, T. Sokolowski, Hamburg/D, H. Stöckmann, K. Schwarz, Kiel/D
16:00-16:30 Rheological Properties and Sensory Texture of Emulsified Lipids (Abstract)
  Stern, P., Prague/CZ, J. Pokorný, Prague/CZ
16:30-17:00 Novel Methods for the Investigation of Transformations at Food Surfaces. (Abstract)
  Smith, P.R., Stockholm/S, A. Dahlman, Stockholm/S
Food Applications Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 5
Chairperson: J. Podmore and B. van den Briel
13:30-14:00 Healthy High-Quality Fat Products (Abstract)
  Smith, P.R., Stockholm/S
14:00-14:30 Fat Characterisation - Its Relevance to Products (Abstract)
  Flöter, E., Vlaardingen/NL, C. Garbolino, Vlaardingen/NL
14:30-15:00 Processing Trends of Low and Non trans FA Products (Abstract)
  Baltsersen Jensen, A., Copenhagen/DK
15:30-16:00 Low Trans Shortenings (Abstract)
  Wassell, P., Brabrand/DK
16:00-16:30 Potential Enzyme-modified Fat Products as Food Ingredients (Abstract)
  Yang, T.K., Lyngby/DK
16:30-17:00 Structured Lipids: Potential Coating Lipid (Abstract)
  Akoh, C.C., Athens/USA
Nutrition and Health Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 5
Chairperson: R.A. Riemersma and M. Lagarde
11:00-11:30 Evaluation of Trans Fatty Acids in Dairy Fats (Abstract)
  Kramer, J.K.G., Guelph/CDN, C. Cruz-Hernandez, M. O-Rashid, Guelph/CDN, M.E.R. Dugan, Lacombe/CDN
11:30-12:00 Conversion of Vaccenic Acid into CLA - Results of a Human Intervention Study (Abstract)
  Kraft, J., Jena/D, K. Kuhnt, G. Jahreis, Jena/D
12:00-12:30 Enrichment of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in Eggs of Laying Hens Fed Pure Isomers of CLA or Vaccenic Acid (Abstract)
  Griinari, J.M., Helsinki/FIN, E. Muma, Helsinki/FIN, A.-M.Pfeiffer, Ludwigshafen/D
Non Edible Uses Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 1
Chairperson: C. Temple-Heald and J.O. Metzger
11:00-11:30 Synthesis of Antioxidants, ß-Lactams, and Corrosion Inhibitors derived from Fatty acids (Abstract)
  Schäfer, H.J., Münster/D, Ch. Kalk, G. Feldmann, Münster/D
11:30-12:00 Alkylations of Unsaturated Fatty Compounds (Abstract)
  Biermann, U., Oldenburg/D, J. O. Metzger, Oldenburg/D
12:00-12:30 Novel Oleochemicals by Homogeneous Catalysis (Abstract)
  Behr, A., Dortmund/D, Q. Miao, D. Obst, Dortmund/D
13:30-14:00 Selective Reactions from Glycerol over Solid Catalysts (Abstract)
  Barrault, J., Poitiers/F, F. Jerome, Poitiers/F, Y. Pouilloux, Poitiers/F
14:00-14:30 Oleochemical Carbonates - An Overview (Abstract)
  Dierker, M., Düsseldorf/D
14:30-15:00 Chemical Modification of Vegetable Oils: Bio-based Lubricants and Tribological Properties (Abstract)
  Erhan, S., Peoria/USA
15:30-16:00 Chances of Enzymatic Splitting and Transesterification of Trigycerides (Abstract)
  Brunner, K., Alzenau/D, R. Frische, Olbrich-Deussner, Alzenau/ D
16:30-17:00 Microbial and Enzymatic Production of Glycolipids from Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Lang, S., Braunschweig/D, O. Langer, Braunschweig/D
Lipid Bioscience Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 3
Chairperson: U. Bornscheuer and J. Harwood (Genes Encoding Lipid Metabolising Enzymes), U. Bornscheuer and J. Harwood (Plant Lipid Biochemisty and Oilseed Engineering), U. Bornscheuer and J. Harwood (Bioactive Lipids)
11:00-11:30 Physiology and Regulation of Bacterial Lipases (Abstract)
  Jaeger, K.-E., Juelich/D, F. Rosenau, S. Wilhelm, T. Eggert, Jülich/D
11:30-12:00 Retinoic Acid Regulation of Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) Gene Expression (Abstract)
  Schweizer, M., Edinburgh/GB, L. Zhang, Edinburgh/GB, M.C. Barber, M.T. Travers, Ayr/GB
13:30-14:00 Regulation of Plant Lipid Biosynthesis (Abstract)
  Harwood, J. L., Cardiff/GB
14:00-14:30 Dietary Carotenoids - are they beneficial to Health? (Abstract)
  Bramley, P. M., Egham/GB
14:30-15:00 Biosynthesis of Nutritionally Relevant Very Long-chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Transgenic Oilseeds: Results from a Cooperation between University and Industry (Abstract)
  Heinz, E., Hamburg/D
15:30-16:00 N-3 fatty acids: So many Functions, so few Foods (Abstract)
  Calder, P.C., Southampton/GB
16:00-16:30 European Young Lipid Scientists Award Lecture: Foxa2 Regulates Fatty Acid Metabolism in the Liver During Starvation and in Diabetes (Abstract)
  Wolfrum, Ch., New York/USA
16:30-17:00 Pathophysiological Implications of Lipid Peroxidation in Blood Platelet. Role in diabetes (Abstract)
  Lagarde, M., Villeurbanne/F, C. Calzada, E. Véricel, M. Guichardant, P. Moulin, Villeurbanne/F
Wednesday, 08.09.2004
Plenary Lecture George Square
George Square Lecture Theatre
Chairperson: M. Parmentier and P. Kochhar
11:00-11:45 European Lipid Technology Award Lecture: Fractional Crystallisation - The Fat Modification Process for the 21st Century (Abstract)
  Timms, R.E., Lincoln/GB
11:45-12:00 Closing Ceremony (Abstract)
Processing Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 4
Chairperson: W. Hamm and R. Potman
08:30-08:45 Generalized Method of Estimating Vegetable Oil Properties with Special Reference to Palm Oil using VEGEPRO (Abstract)
  Morad, N.A., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, A.A. Mustafa Kamal, Kuala Lumpur/ MAL
09:00-09:30 Removal of Dioxins and PCB’s from Marine Oils: Current Status and Future Developments (Abstract)
  De Greyt, W., Brussels/B, J.V. Ayala, P. Vanheerswynghels, J. De Kock, M. Kellens, Brussels/B
09:30-10:00 Reduction of Dioxins and PCBs in Fishmeal - a Feasibility Study (Abstract)
  Oterhals, Å., Bergen/N, E. Nygård, M. Solvang, Bergen/N
10:00-10:30 Influence of the Refining Process on Pesticides Residues Removal (Abstract)
  Pages, X., Pessac/F, J. Laur, C. Birot, J.-N. Arnaud, F. Lacoste, Pessac/F
Food Applications Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 2
Chairperson: J. Podmore and B. van den Briel
08:30-09:00 Deterioration of Oils In Frying - A Mathematical Approach (Abstract)
  Pantzaris, T.P., Hertford/GB, M. J. Ahmad, Hertford/GB
09:00-09:30 Changes of Oxidative Stability of Rapeseed Oil Enriched with Fish Oil Concentrates (Abstract)
  Marciniak-Lukasiak, K., Warsaw/PL, K. Krygier, Warsaw/PL
09:30-10:00 Utilization of High-oleic Rapeseed Oil for Deep-fat Frying of French Fries Compared to Other Common Used Edible Oils (Abstract)
  Matthäus, B., Münster/D, S. Konradt, Münster/D
10:00-10:30 The Effect of Metal Chelators on Lipid Oxidation in Milk and Mayonnaise (Abstract)
  Skall Nielsen, N., Lyngby/DK, A. Meyer, M. Timm-Heinrich, C. Jacobsen, Kgs. Lyngby/DK
Nutrition and Health Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 5
Chairperson: R.A. Riemersma and P. Craig (Adipocyte Differentiation and Childhood Obesity)
08:30-09:00 Transcriptional Regulation of Adipocyte Differentiation (Kein Abstract)
  Ailhaud, G., Nice/F
09:00-09:30 Dietary Patterns and Role of Energy Dense Food in Childhood Obesity (Abstract)
  Campbell, I.W., Nottingham/GB
09:30-10:00 Role of Changing Physical Activity Levels (Abstract)
  Westerterp, K., Maastricht/B
10:00-10:30 What are the Implications for Food Policy? (Abstract)
  James, W.P.T., London/GB
Non Edible Uses Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 1
Chairperson: C. Temple-Heald and J.O. Metzger
08:30-09:00 Vegetable Oil-Based Diesel Fuels from 1900 to the Present: Research and Use Then and Now (Abstract)
  Knothe, G., Peoria, IL/USA
09:00-09:30 Biodiesel in Europe 2004+: Contribution against Climate Change (Abstract)
  Connemann, J., Leer/D, J. Fischer, Leer/D
09:30-10:00 Biodiesel Pilot Plant Trial at Iowa State University (Abstract)
  Cooke, B.S., Jeffersonville, IN/USA
10:00-10:30 Surfactants derived from Oils & Fats; a Story of Continuous Development (Abstract)
  Johansson, I., Stenungsund/S, D. Karsa, Stockport/GB
Lipid Bioscience Appleton Tower
Lecture Hall 3
Chairperson: U. Bornscheuer and J. Harwood (Enzyme-catalysed Lipid Synthesis)
08:30-09:00 Lipases and Phospholipases in Lipid Modification (Abstract)
  Bornscheuer, U.T., Greifswald/D
09:00-09:30 Production of Fatty Acid Esters by Enzyme Catalysis - Aims and Scope (Abstract)
  Thum, O., Essen/D
09:30-10:00 Fatty Dwarfs: Synthesis of Oils and Fats in Bacteria (Abstract)
  Kalscheuer, R., Münster/D, A. Steinbüchel, Münster, D
10:00-10:30 Lipophilization of Phenolic Compounds by Lipase-catalyzed Reactions (Abstract)
  Villeneuve, P., Montpellier/F, M.C. Figueroa-Espinoza, G. Piombo, N. Barouh, B. Baréa, R. Lago, M. Pina, Montpellier/F
Antioxidants and Oxidative Stability Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
ANOX-02 Antiradical Action and Oxidative Stability of Black cumin, Coriander and Niger Crude Seed Oils and Their Fractions (Abstract)
  Ramadan Hassanien, M.F., Berlin/D, J.-Th. Mörsel, Berlin/D
Supply and Demand Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
SUDE-01 Oil Prickly Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill) (Abstract)
  Ramadan Hassanien, M.F., Berlin/D, J.-Th. Mörsel, Berlin/D
SUDE-02 Evaluation of Press Cake of Iberian Dragon Head (Dracocephalum ibericum) on Pigs and Sheep (Abstract)
  Löhnert, H.-J., Jena/D, W. I. Ochrimenko, H. Lüdke, T. Graf, F. Schöne, Jena/D
SUDE-03 Cultivation Means for Yield Stability and Breeding for Accelerated Seedling Development in HO-Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Abstract)
  Dilci, B., Braunschweig/D, G. Ruehl, Braunschweig/D, V. Hahn, Willstaett/D.
Processing Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
LAMI-03 Retention of ß-Carotene and Colour of Cake Made Using Red Palm Olein (Abstract)
  Karimah, A., Kuala Lumpur/MAL
PROC-01 New Techniques for Vegetable Oil Degumming (Abstract)
  Cowan, W.D., Chesham/GB, T. L. Hussum, H. C. Holm, Bagsvaerd/DK
PROC-02 Studies into Enzymatic Degumming of Rice Bran Oil (Abstract)
  Cowan, W.D., Chesham/GB, J. Sambasiva Rao, Bangalore/IND, T. L. Hussum, H. C. Holm, Bagsvaerd/DK
PROC-03 A Sepecial Olein With Low Diglyceride Content (Abstract)
  Long, K., Kuala Lumpur/MAL
PROC-04 Refining of Sunflower Oils by Membrane Processing (Abstract)
  Kartika, I.A., Toulouse/F, P. Y. Pontalier, L. Rigal, Toulouse/F
PROC-05 On the Use of Enzymes for Extracting Lipids (Abstract)
  Dumay, J. R., Nantes/F, C. Barthomeuf, Clermont-Ferrand/ F, J.P. Bergé, Nantes/ F
PROC-06 Esterification Affects Sterol Oxidation (Abstract)
  Soupas, L., Helsinki/FIN, L, Juntunen, A.-M. Lampi, V. Piironen, Helsinki/FIN
PROC-07 Enhancing Activated Carbon Adsorption of Polar Compounds from used Frying Oil: Nitric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments (Abstract)
  Chwialkowski, W., Cracow/PL
PROC-08 Extraction of Carotenes from Palm-pressed Fibres by Crystallization (Abstract)
  Abdul Aziz, M.K., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, N.A. Morad, J.S. Liew, B.H. Lim, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
PROC-09 Thermal Characterisation of Chicken Fat Crystallization during the Dry-fractionation Process (Abstract)
  Arnaud, E., Saint-Denis/F, A. Collignan, Saint-Denis-La Réunion/F
PROC-10 Influence of Factors Involved in the Chicken Fat Dry-fractionation Process (Abstract)
  Arnaud, E., Saint-Denis La Réunion/F, M. Pina, Montpellier/F, A. Collignan, Saint-Denis/F
PROC-11 A Comparative Study by SPME-GC-MS and FTIR Spectroscopy of the Oxidation of Sunflower Oil (Abstract)
  Guillén, M. D., Vitoria/E, N. Cabo, M. L. Ibargoitia
PROC-12 Adsorbent Treatment of Frying Oils and the Impact on Health and Nutrition (Abstract)
  Cooke, B.S., Jeffersonville, IN/USA
PROC-13 Low Temperature Drying in Flumov Systems: How to Avoid Undesirable Carcinogen Compounds in Orujo Oil (Abstract)
  Aragon, J.M., Madrid/E, M.C. Palancar, M.D. Liebanes, D. Jimenez, G. Arevalo, Madrid/E
PROC-14 Recovering High Value Minor Components by Filtration-sorption (Abstract)
  Aragon, J.M., Madrid/E, M.C. Palancar, D. Jimenez, G. Arevalo, M.D. Liebanes, Madrid/E
PROC-15 Effect of the Storage Conditions and Pre-treatment of the Raw Material on the Quality of Cold Pressed Edible Rapeseed Oil (Abstract)
  Matthäus, B., Münster/D, L. Brühl, Münster/D, A. Attenberger, R. Fleischmann, E. Remmele, Freising/D
PROC-16 A new enzyme based technology for Sea buckthorn seed processing (Abstract)
  Heilscher, K., Zernsdorf/D, Steen, S, Altlandsberg, Mörsel, J.-Th., Berli, Hampl, H. , Zernsdorf
PROC-17 Novel isomerization processes and isomer separation for CLA production (Abstract)
  Poppe, L., Budapest/H, Dianóczki, Cs., Budapest/H, Kõvári, K., Budapest/H, Recseg, K., Budapest/H, Novák, L., Budapest/H
PROC-18 Thiazoles in Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oils as Key Compounds for Bad Seed Quality (Abstract)
  Brühl, L., Münster/D, B. Matthäus, K. Vosmann, Münster/D
PROC-19 Purification of Used Frying Oil by Treatment with Magnesium Silicate (Abstract)
  Buczek, B., Cracow/PL, W. Chwialkowski, Cracow/PL
PROC-20 Isolation of Sterols and Tocopherols from Deodorisation Distillate of Vegetable Oil (Abstract)
  De Vos, D.L.J., Ghent/B, A. Cardoso, Porto/P, R. Verhé, Ghent/B, W. De Greyt, Zaventem/B
PROC-21 Changes of Oil Composition in Superheated Steam and Hot Air (Abstract)
  Abe, T., Ebetsu/J
PROC-22 Extraction and Degumming of Oil from ST-HT Conditioned Rapeseeds (Abstract)
  Zacchi, P., Hamburg/D, A. Ambrogi, R. Eggers, Hamburg/D
PROC-23 Comparison of Native and Encapsulated Olive and Safou Pulp Oils Stored in Maltodextrins 6DE. (Abstract)
  Dzondo-Gadet, M., Nancy/F, J. M. Nzikou, M. Linder, S. Desobry, Nancy/F
PROC-24 Modification of Bleaching Earths - New Aspects for Good Bleaching (Abstract)
  Rohrbeck, M., Magdeburg/D
PROC-25 Used Frying Oil Methyl Esters: Properties and Applications (Abstract)
  Loh, S.K., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, S.F. Cheng, Y.M. Choo, A.N. Ma, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
PROC-26 Proteolysis and Cell-wall Degradation for Rapeseed Oil Production. (Abstract)
  Guillemin, S., Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/F, M. Parmentier, M. Linder, J. Fanni, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/F
PROC-27 Effect of an Enzymatic Treatment on the Borago officinalis Oil Extraction Process by Cold Pressing for Gamma-linolenic Acid and Antioxidant Recuperation (Abstract)
  Zuniga-Hansen, M.E., Valparaiso/RCH, C. Soto, Valparaiso/RCH
PROC-28 Removal of Organic Environmental Pollutants from Marine Oils (Abstract)
  Breivik, H., Porsgrunn/N, O. Thorstad, Sandefjord/N
PROC-29 The Preparation of Blending Oil (Abstract)
  Li, G., Zhengzhou/PRC, X. Qian, H. Dai, Zhengzhou/PRC
PROC-30 Effect of Olive Leaves Addition and Wastewater Recycling on the Productivity and Quality of Olive Oil Produced by Centerifugation (Abstract)
  Gibriel, A.Y., Cairo/ET, H. Abd El-Rahman, F. A.Abd El-Razik Ali, F.O. Abou-Zaid, Cairo/E
PROC-31 Silica Refining of Olive Kernel Oil (Abstract)
  Markoulakis, S., Athens/GR, C. Tzia, Athens/GR
PROC-32 Regeneration of Used Frying Fats with Bleaching Earths (Abstract)
  Tzia, C., Athens/GR, N. Vamvakaris, N. Sifakis, Athens/GR
PROC-33 Approaches for the Solvent Free Production of Rhamnolipids with Resting Pseudomonas sp. Cells. (Abstract)
  Leitermann, F., Karlsruhe/D, C. Syldatk, A. Neumann, I. Magario, O. Vielhauer, Karlsruhe/D.
Analytical Developments Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
ANDE-01 The Effect of Light and Temperature on Stability of Vitamin A in the Fortified Vegetable Oils (Hydrogenated and Nonhydrogenated) (Abstract)
  Farhang, B., Tehran/IR, H. Nikoopour, Tehran/IR
ANDE-02 Detection and Quantification of Cocoa Butter Alternatives in Turkish Chocolate Products by Analysis of their Fatty Acid Methyl Esters and Triglyceride Compositions (Abstract)
  Sahin, N., Istanbul/TR, A. Ozocak, A. Karaali, Istanbul/ TR
ANDE-03 Analysis of cis-trans Configuration of Fatty Acids Using Methyl and Picolinyl Esters in Gas Chromatography (Abstract)
  Dubois, N.A., Nantes/F, J. Dumay, J.P. Bergé., Nantes/F
ANDE-04 Analysis of Triglyceride Isomers by Silver-ion HPLC: Effect of Column Temperature on Retention Times. (Abstract)
  Adlof, R.O., Peoria, IL/USA, G. R. List, Peoria, IL/USA
ANDE-05 Estimating the Quality-parameters of Ground and Whole Sunflower Seeds by Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) (Abstract)
  Moschner, C.R., Hannover/D, G. Rühl, Braunschweig/D, B. Biskupek-Korell, Hannover/D
ANDE-07 High Speed Pesticide Screening in Sunflowerseed Oils with GC/MS/PPINICI/FPD/NPD (Abstract)
  Lipinski, J., Berlin/D, H. Haberland, A. Klimusch, Berlin/D
ANDE-08 Characterisation and Chemistry of Calophyllum calaba and Calophyllum inophyllum seeds oils (Abstract)
  Crane, S., Pointe-à-Pitre/F, H. Joseph, Basse Terre/F, Z. Mouloungui Toulouse/F, P. Bourgeois Pointe-à-Pitre/F, G. Aurore
ANDE-09 Identification of the Seed Allergenic Proteins that were Transferred into Soya Oil and Lecithin during Industrial Processes (Abstract)
  Errahali, Y., Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy/F, G. Kanny, M. Morisset, L. Cunat, Nancy/F, C. Cren-Olive, C. Rolando, Villeneuve d’Ascq/F, D. Burnel, M. Metche, D.A. Moneret-Vautrin, J.P. Nicolas, S. Frémont, Nancy/F
ANDE-10 Rapid Test for the Detection of the Rancidity of Oils and Fats (Abstract)
  Kerwin, H., Stuttgart/D, K. Brunner, H.-D. Isengard, Stuttgart/D
ANDE-11 An Improved Method to Determine Plant Sterols in Human Plasma (Abstract)
  Brufau, G., Barcelona/E, M.A. Canela, H. Agell, R. Codony, M. Rafecas, Barcelona/E
ANDE-12 Hexanal as a Measure of Oxidative Changes in Potato Chips (Abstract)
  Malecka, M., Poznan/PL, U. Samotyja, A. Francuskiewicz, Poznan/PL
ANDE-13 HPLC-ESI-MS-MS Analysis and Quantification of Phosphatidylcholine Molecular Species in the Serum of Cystic Fibrosis Subject Supplemented with Docosohexaenoic Acid (Abstract)
  Pacetti, D., Ancona/I, E. Boselli, M. Malavolta, F. Bocci, N. Frega, Ancona/I
ANDE-14 HPLC-ESI-MS-MS Analysis of Phospholipid Molecular Species in Eggs from Hens Fed with Diets Enriched in Seal Blubber Oil (Abstract)
  Boselli, E., Ancona/I, D. Pacetti, M. Mozzon, R. Strabbioli, N.G. Frega, Ancona/I
ANDE-15 Characterization of Galip (Canarium indicum) Nut Oil (Abstract)
  Turon, F., Lagny le Sec/F, N. Barouh, Montpellier/F, S. Mazette, F. Lacoste, Pessac/F
ANDE-16 Validation of Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) for the Analyses of Volatile Oxidation Products in Oil-in-water Emulsions (Abstract)
  Beltran, G., Reading/GB, M.P. Aguilera, Mengibar/E, M.H. Gordon, Reading/GB
ANDE-17 Detection of the Butter Adulteration By Gas Chromatography of Triglycerides (Abstract)
  Benaissa, M., Casablanca/MA, A. Elamrani, Casablanca/MA
LAMI-14 Effects of the Biodiesel Production Process on Protein Stability (Abstract)
  Pokits, B., Graz/A, Madl T., Graz/A, Windischhofer W., Graz/A, Rechberger G., Graz/A, Mittelbach M., Graz/A
Physical Aspects Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
LAMI-10 Application of StepScan™ DSC in the analysis of chocolate (Abstract)
  BAICHOO, N., NOTTINGHAM/GB, MacNaughtan, W.A., GB, Farhat, I.A., GB, Mitchell, J.R., GB
PHAS-01 Eugenol Prevents Gel Forming of Glycyrrhizin Solution (Abstract)
  Koga, K., Kanazawa/J, K. Susumu, Kanazawa/J, M. Masahiro, Kyoto/J
PHAS-02 Isotherms of Sheanut (Butyrospermum Parkii(G. Don) kotschy) and Canarium Schweinfurthii Engl. Fruits (Abstract)
  Kapseu, C., Ngaoundere/RFC, G.B. Nkouam, Ngaoundere/RFC, D. Barth, Nancy/F, M. Parmentier, Vandoeuvre/F, M. Dirand, Nancy/F
PHAS-03 Microwave heating effects on some physical and chemical parameters of Canarium schweinfurthii Engl. oil (Abstract)
  Kapseu, C., Ngaoundere/RFC, A.K. Aboubakar Dandjouma, Garoua/RFC, C. Tchiégang, C. Kapseu, Ngaoundere/RFC, J. Fanni, M. Parmentier, Vandoeuvre/F
PHAS-04 Formation of Whipped Cream and its Microscopic Structures Containing High-melting and Low-melting Fat Mixtures (Abstract)
  Sato, K., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, H. Kimura, K. Higaki, T. Koyano, I. Hachiya, S. Ueno, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
PHAS-05 Solubilization of Fatty Acids in Submicron-size Oil-in-water Emulsion Droplets (Abstract)
  Sato, K., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, N. Hasuo, T. Sonoda, Y. Takata, S. Ueno, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
PHAS-06 Lipid Structure Analysis by Coupling of Synchrotron Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction and DSC. (Abstract)
  Ollivon, M., Chatenay/F, C. Lopez, D. Kalnin, Chatenay-M./F, C. Bourgaux, P. Lesieur, Orsay/F
PHAS-07 Binary Phase Behaviour of Trisaturated Triglyceride Positional Isomers (Abstract)
  Kutek, T., Prague/CZ, V. Filip, J. Smidrkal, Prague/CZ, M.V. Boodhoo, S.S. Narine, Edmonton/CDN
Food Applications Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
FOAP-01 Zero Trans Margarine Formulation. (Abstract)
  Mirzaee Ghazani, S., Tehran/IR
FOAP-02 The Effect of Milk Fat Globule Size on Physico-chemical, Functional and Sensory Properties of Emmental and Camembert cheeses (Abstract)
  Michalski, M.C., Rennes/F, V. Briard, Rennes/F, C. Fauquant, Lyon/F
FOAP-03 Antioxidant Effect of Hydroxytyrosolyl Acetate, alpha-Tocopherol and their Mixtures in Oils Stored at Room Temperature (Abstract)
  Pérez-Camino, M.C., Sevilla/E, R. Cert-Trujillo, R. Rodriguez-Acuña, W. Moreda, A. Cert, Sevilla/E
FOAP-06 Human Milk Fat Substitute Containing ã-Linolenic Acid by Enzymatic Acidolysis of Tripalmitin (Abstract)
  Ustun, G., Maslak/TR, S. Yucel, E. Kalabalik, Z. Alptekin, Maslak/TR
FOAP-07 Using Phospholipases to Modify Egg Yolk Lipids (Abstract)
  Natsch, A., Quakenbrück/D, M. Sell, M. Wagner, H. Richter, H., M. Kießling, M., E.H. Reimerdes, Quakenbrück/D
FOAP-08 Incorporation of DHA into Human Milk Substitute Produced from Nigella sativa (Black Cumin) Seed Oil (Abstract)
  Yucel, S., Maslak, Istanbul/TR, H. Can Aran, E. Yigit, G. Ustun Maslak, Istanbul/TR
FOAP-09 Changes of the Physico-chemical Characteristics of Rapeseed Oil During the Frying of Frozen Food (Abstract)
  Buczek, B., Cracow/PL, L. Ostasz, Cracow/PL
FOAP-10 Butterfat Diacylglycerols: Production and Physical Characteristics (Abstract)
  Xu, X., Kgs. Lyngby/DK, X. Xu, T. Yang, H. Mu, H. Zhang, Lyngby/DK, A.J. Sinclair, Melbourne/AUS
FOAP-11 Antioxidant Activities of Sweetgrass and Lovage Extracts in Frying Experiments (Abstract)
  Parkanyiova, J., Prague/CZ, R. Kazernaviciute, D. Gruzdiene, Kaunas/LT, L. Parkanyiova, J. Pokorny, Prague/CZ
FOAP-12 The Oxidative Stability of Vegetable Oils during Microwave Heating (Abstract)
  Dostalova, J., Prague/CZ, P. Hanzlík, J. Pokorný, Prague/CZ, H. Sakurai, Kanagawa/J
FOAP-13 Confectionary Fats Produced by Chemical Interesterification of Sunflower Oil and Palm Oil Stearin (Abstract)
  Turan, S., Ankara/TR, I. Karabulut, G. Ergin, Ankara/TR
FOAP-14 High Temperature Gas Chromatography for the Detection of Transesterification Reaction (Abstract)
  Zarubova, M., Prague/CZ, V. Filip, J. Smidrkal, Prague/CZ
FOAP-15 Influence of Surface Active Substances Mixture on Lipid Oxidation in Emulsions (Abstract)
  Pokorna, I., Prague/CZ, V. Filip, J. Smidrkal, Prague/CZ
FOAP-16 The Influence of Trans Fatty Acids Content on Sponge-Cake Quality (Abstract)
  Zbikowska, A., Warsaw/PL, K. Krygier, Warsaw/PL
FOAP-17 Comparison of Selected Rapid Methods of Oils Oxidative Stability Determination (Abstract)
  Maszewska, M., Warsaw/PL, K. Krygier, Warsaw/PL
FOAP-18 Comparison of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide Effectiveness in Prevention of Rapeseed Oil Oxidation (Abstract)
  Sionek, B., Warsaw/PL, K. Krygier, Warsaw/PL
FOAP-19 Effects of Different Lipases on Enrichment of Hazelnut Oil With n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Ozcelik, B., Istanbul/TR, A. Can, Istanbul/TR
FOAP-20 Dielectric Spectroscopy for Online Deep Frying Oil Monitoring (Abstract)
  Meriakri, V.V., Fryazino/RUS, S.V. von Gratowski, Fryazino/RUS
FOAP-21 Effect of Plant Extracts on the Thermal Stability of Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Blekas, G., Thessaloniki/GR, G. Kalantzakis, Thessaloniki/GR
FOAP-22 Langmuir Film Balance of the Surafce Properties of Dromedary Milk Fat Globule Membrane (Abstract)
  Laadhar, N., Sfax/TN, H. Attia, Sfax/TN
FOAP-23 Structuring of Low-trans Fat by Full-hardened Palm Oil, Sunflower’s Wax, Monoglyceride, Lecithin, and Their Mixture (Abstract)
  Bahmaei, M., Tehran/IR
LAMI-01 Interesterified palm products as alternates to hydrogenated fats for application in table margarines (Abstract)
  Habi Mat Dian, Noor Lida H.M.D, Kajang, Selangor/MAL, Nor Aini Idris, Nor Aini, Kajang, Selangor/MAL
Nutrition and Health Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
LAMI-02 Anti-angiogenic and Anti-tumor Activities of Mastic Oil (Abstract)
  Kolisis, F.N., Athens/GR, H. Loutrari, C. Roussos, Athens/GR
LAMI-05 Cholesterol Esterase Activity and Lipid Metabolism (Abstract)
  Duchateau, G., Vlaardingen/NL, Ramcharan, J., Vlaardingen/NL, van Duynhoven, J., Vlaardingen/NL
NUHE-01 Kinetics and Mechanism of Lipid Oxidation in Presence of Fatty Alcohols, Mono- and Diacylglycerols (Abstract)
  Kortenska, V.D., Sofia/BG, N. V. Yahishlieva, Sofia/BG
NUHE-02 Study on the Structure-antiradical Activity Relationship of Some Flavonoid Aglycones, Glucosides, Rutinosides and p-Coumaroylglucosides, Isolated from Medicinal Plants (Abstract)
  Kortenska, V.D., Sofia/BG, M. Tsimidou, N. Nenadis, V. Exarchou, Thessaloniki/GR, D. Dinev, I. Kostova, Sofia/BG
NUHE-03 Determination of Redox Potentials of Alkyl Hydroquinones by Kinetic Modelling (Abstract)
  Kortenska, V.D., Sofia/BG, W. Bors, Neuherberg/ D
NUHE-04 Antioxidant Properties of Roasted Coffee Residues (Abstract)
  Duh, P.D., Tainan/RC, W.J. Yen, L.W. Chang/ Tainan, Taiwan, ROC
NUHE-05 Fatty Acid Composition of Pleurotus ostreatus Fruit Bodies Cultivated on Different Egyptian Substrates (Abstract)
  Mona, M.R., Cairo/ET, M. A. Hala, E. M. Abeer, Cairo/ ET
NUHE-06 Milk Content and Brain Accretion of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) in Newborn Rats after Supplementation of Mothers with Different DHA Sources (Abstract)
  Valenzuela, A.C., Santiago/RCH, J. Sanhueza, C. Golusda, S.Nieto, Santiago/RCH
NUHE-07 Sea Buckthorn Lipids - a Healthy Resource in Food and Cosmetics - Result of a Unique Composition (Abstract)
  Moersel, J.-Th., Berlin/D, CI. Mörsel, S. Steen, Altlandsberg/D
NUHE-08 Effect of Diet on the Contents of n-3 Fatty Acids, Conjugated Linoleic- and C18:1trans Fatty Acid Isomers in Muscle Lipids of Beef (Abstract)
  Dannenberger, D., Dummerstorf/D, K. Nürnberg, G. Nürnberg, Dummerstorf/D, N. Scollan, Aberyswyth/GB, W. Schabbel, H. Steinhart, Hamburg/D, K. Ender, Dummerstorf/D
NUHE-09 CLA Isomers in Milk Fat from Cows Fed Diets with High Levels of Unsaturated Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Collomb, M., Bern/CH, R. Sieber, U. Bütikofer, Berne/CH
NUHE-10 Effects of Sesame Coat on Hydrogen Peroxide-induced Lipid Peroxidation in NIH-3T3 Cells (Abstract)
  Yen, W.J., Tainan/RC, L.W. Chang , P.D. Duh, Tainan, Taiwan/ ROC
NUHE-11 Effects of Pu-erh Tea on Antioxidant Enzymes Induced by H2O2 and Lipid Peroxidation in NIH-3T3 Cells (Abstract)
  Chang, L.W., Tainan/RC, W.J. Yen , P.D. Duh, Tainan, Taiwan/ ROC
NUHE-12 Improved Lipid Lowering Activity of Fibrates On Combination With Fish Oil Ethyl Ester In Hypertriglyceridemic Hamsters. (Abstract)
  Jwanny, E.W., Cairo/ET, A. H. Salem, G. M. Shanab, G. E. Rasmy, Cairo/ET
NUHE-13 The Effects of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Cartilage Metabolism in Patients with Osteoarthritis: the Results of a Pilot Clinical Trial (Abstract)
  Curtis, C.L., Cardiff/GB, S. Rees, R, Evans, C. Dent, B. Caterson, J. L. Harwood, Cardiff/GB
NUHE-15 Lipid Oxidation Susceptibility in Fresh Rainbow Trout and after 7 Days of Storage in Ice (Abstract)
  Kolakowska, A., Szczecin/PL, Z. Domiszewski, W. Rybiñski, D. Rybiñska, L. Zienkowicz, Szczecin/PL
NUHE-16 Fat Bonding with Gelatinised Starch Before and During Interaction (Abstract)
  Bienkiewicz, G., Szczecin/PL, A. Konopacka, B. Malysz, Szczecin/PL
NUHE-17 Changes In Fatty Acid Composition and Oxidation During Storage of Tissue Heated at Different Temperatures (Abstract)
  Domiszewski, Z., Szczecin/PL, A. Kolakowska, Szczecin/PL
NUHE-18 Effects of Lipid Oxidation on Fish Lipids Protein Interaction (Abstract)
  Bienkiewicz, G., Szczecin/PL, A. Kolakowska, Szczecin/PL
NUHE-19 Fatty Acid Composition in Meat of Grazing Reindeer Versus Reindeer Fed Two Different Pelleted Feeds (Abstract)
  Sampels, S., Uppsala/S, J. Pickova, E. Wiklund, Uppsala/S
NUHE-20 Stability of Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil of Different Fatty Acid Profile (Abstract)
  Dimic, E., Novi Sad/YU, R. Romanic, D. Tešanovic, V. Vuksa, V. Dimic, Novi Sad/YU
NUHE-21 Antioxidative Effect of Different Allium Species Extracts in Lard and Sunflower Oil (Abstract)
  Dimic, E., Novi Sad/YU, D. Tesanovic, V. Dimic, V. Vuksa, Novi Sad/YU
NUHE-22 Detection of Biologically Active Isomers of Conjugated Linoleic Acid during Manufacture of Concentrated Cream "Kaymak" (Abstract)
  Akalýn, A.S., Izmir/TR, Ö. Tokusoglu, S. Gönç, S. Ökten, Izmir/TR
NUHE-23 Determination of Some Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Concentrated Cream " Kaymak" (Abstract)
  Gönç, S., Izmir/TR, S. Akalýn, S. Ökten, G. Ünal, Izmir/TR
NUHE-24 The Effect of Fat Content on Calcium Bioavailability in Milk (Abstract)
  Ünal, G., Izmir/TR, Kiliç, S., TR, EL, S.N., TR
NUHE-25 The Effect of pH and Temperature on the Enrichment of Docosahexaenoic Acid by Enzymatic Hydrolysis from Cod Liver Oil (Abstract)
  Omay, D., Istanbul/TR, Ö. Sirin, Y. Güvenilir, Istanbul/TR
NUHE-26 Electronic Phenomena of Carbon Side Chain Characteristic Groups and Their Importance on the Radical Scavenging Activity of Ferulic Acid and Related Compounds (Abstract)
  Tsimidou, M., Thessaloniki/GR, N. Nenadis, Thessaloniki/GR
NUHE-28 Evaluation of the Effect of Phytosterols and Pectin on Cholesterol Level in Guinea Pigs (Abstract)
  Canela, M.A., Barcelona/E, G. Brufau, M. Rafecas, Barcelona/E, J. Quílez, Sarral/E
NUHE-29 Effect of Temperature on Cholesterol Oxidation in Vegetable Oils Model System (Abstract)
  Pánek, J., Prague/CZ, O. Elich, L. Fantová, I. Víden, Prague/CZ
NUHE-30 Lipid Composition and Functional Activity of Platelet Membranes in Diabetes Mellitus (Abstract)
  Saatov, T.S., Tashkent/USB, B.P. Zainutdinov, Z.M. Shamansurova, Tashkent/USB
NUHE-31 The Ratio AA/EPA in the Whole Blood is Strictly Related to the Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplementation (Abstract)
  Bellia, G., Milan/I, G. Montorfano, A.M. Rizzo, B. Berra, Milan/I
NUHE-32 Use of Plant Extracts in Stabilization of Triacylglycerols (Abstract)
  Samotyja, U., Poznan/PL, A. Gramza, M. Malecka, J. Korczak, Poznan/PL
NUHE-33 Selection of the Best Immobilized Lipase in Biocatalyzed Selective- Esterification for EPA Purification (Abstract)
  Ramírez-Fajardo, A., Almería/E, A. Robles Medina, L. Esteban Cerdán, P. González Moreno, E. Molina Grima, Almeria/E
NUHE-34 Pseudomonas fluorescens Lipase in Biocatalyzed Selective- Esterification of Phaeodactylum tricornutum FFA-extract for EPA purification (Abstract)
  Ramírez-Fajardo, A., Almería/E, A. Robles Medina, L. Esteban Cerdán, F.J. Acién Fernández, E. Molina Grima, Almeria/E
NUHE-35 Best Conditions and Kinetics for Pseudomonas fluorescens Lipase in Biocatalyzed Selective- Esterification for EPA Purification (Abstract)
  Ramírez-Fajardo, A., Almería/E, A. Robles Medina, L. Esteban Cerdán, M.M. Muñío Martínez, E. Molina Grima, Almeria/E
NUHE-36 Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the Cardiovascular System: Determination of Relevant Nutritional Criteria for Claims (Abstract)
  Dumas, C., Maisons-Alfort/F, L. du Chaffaut, E. Kalonji, L. Lafay, J.L. Berta, J. Ireland, A. Martin
NUHE-37 Effect of Capric Acid Positional Distribution on Chylomicron TAG Structures and Postprandial Lipemia (Abstract)
  Yli-Jokipii, K., Turku/FIN, U. Schwab, FIN, R. Tahvonen, FIN, X. Xu, DK, H. Mu, DK, H. Kallio, FIN
NUHE-38 Lipoprotein Oxidation in Pigs After Ingestion of Oxidised Sunflower Oil: Determination of Oxidation Level by the Baseline Diene Conjugation Method and HPLC (Abstract)
  Suomela, J.-P., Turku/FIN, M. Ahotupa, H. Kallio, Turku/FIN
NUHE-39 Fatty Acid Composition of Yolks from Laying Hens Fed with Dietary Supplementation of Shiitake Mushroom (Abstract)
  Delas, I., Zagreb/HR, J. Beganoviæ, F. Delaš, Zagreb/HR
NUHE-40 Hypocholesterolemic Effects of the Red Microalga Porphyridium SP. in Rats (Abstract)
  Dvir, I., D. N. Hof Ashkelon/IL, S. Arad, Beer-Sheva/IL, Z. Madar, Rehovot/IL, R. Chayoth, Beer-Sherva/IL
NUHE-41 Determination of the Fatty Acid Content by Fast Gas Chromatography in a Sample of the Catalonian Population (Abstract)
  Bondia, I., Barcelona/E, A.I. Castellote, M.C. López-Sabater, Barcelona/E
Regulatory Issues Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
REIS-01 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Edible Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Guillén, M.D., Vitoria/E, P. Sopelana, G. Palencia, Vitoria/E
Non Edible Uses Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
LAMI-09 Soy Polyols As Novel Seed Treatments To Enhance Seed Germination (Abstract)
  Brooker, N.L., Pittsburg/USA, Zlatanic, A., USA, Javni, I.,USA, and Petrovic, Z., USA
NEUS-01 Valorisation of Used Frying Oils as Non-food Applications by Catalytic Esterification (Abstract)
  Avellan, A.-V., Pessac/F, C. Alfos, Pessac/F
NEUS-02 Production of Tensioactives from Oleaginous Plant Chains and Polysaccharides from Ulva (Abstract)
  Alfos, C., Pessac/F, A. C. Hochet, Pessac/F
NEUS-03 Lipase-catalyzed Preparation of Mono- and Dithioesters from Alpha, Omega-alkanedithiols with Palmitic Acid or Methylpalmitate (Abstract)
  Weber, N., Münster/D, E. Klein, K. Vosmann, K.D. Mukherjee, Münster/D
NEUS-04 Enzymatic Modification of Microbial Rhamnolipids (Abstract)
  Magario, I., Karlsruhe/D, F. Leitermann, A. Neumann, O. Vielhauer, C. Syldatk, Karlsruhe/D
NEUS-05 Manufacture of Biodiesel from Sunflower Oil by Lipase Enzyme in a Solvent-free System (Abstract)
  Belafi-Bako, K., Veszprem/H, N. Nemestothy, L. Gubicza, Veszprem/H
NEUS-07 Lipase-Catalyzed Alcoholysis of Hazelnut Oil for Biodiesel Production (Abstract)
  Tüter, M., Maslak, Istanbul/TR, A. Esen, H.A. Aksoy, Maslak/TR
NEUS-08 Utilization of Oleic Acid for the Enzymatic Resolution of (+-)-Menthol by Commercial Lipase from Candida rugosa (Abstract)
  Aksoy, A., Maslak, Istanbul/TR, S. Alpaslan, M. Tüter, Maslak/TR
NEUS-09 Bio-Diesel Synthesis Using Sodium Methylate Catalyst (Abstract)
  Cook, R., York/GB, D. Sewell, York/GB
NEUS-10 Fatty Acid Alkylesters From Acidic Oils (Abstract)
  Filip, V., Prague/CZ, M. Vokácová, J. Smidrkal, Prague/CZ
NEUS-11 Vegetable Oil Based Pour Point Depressant for Neat Biodiesel (Abstract)
  Soriano, N., Jr., Tsukuba/J, V. P. Migo, Los Banos/ RP, M. Matsumura, Tsukuba/J
NEUS-13 Lycopene Enriched PIT Emulsion (Abstract)
  Ribeiro, H.S., Karlsruhe/D, H. Schubert, Karlsruhe/D
Lipid Bioscience Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
LAMI-04 Elongation of C16:0 to C18:0 fatty acids in methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha CBS 1976 and fatty acid auxotrophic mutants (Abstract)
LIBI-01 Screening and Preliminary Characterization of Novel Phospholipase C produced by Bacillus cereus (Abstract)
  Bornscheuer, U.T., Greifswald/D, M. Durban, Greifswald/D
LIBI-02 Synthesis of Structured Triglycerides from 1,3-Diglycerides (Abstract)
  Bornscheuer, U.T., Greifswald/D, S. Wongsakul, Hat Yai/Thailand
LIBI-03 Modification of Phospholipids by Lipase and Phospholipase D (Abstract)
  Bornscheuer, U.T., Greifswald/D, S. Wongsakul, A. H. Kittikun, Hat Yai/Thailand
LIBI-04 The Impact of Abiotic Factors on Thermotropic Behavior of Lipids from Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis (Abstract)
  Sanina, N., Vladivostok/RUS, S.I. Bakholdina, I.N. Krasikova, O.B. Popova, T.F. Soloveva, Vladivostok/RUS
LIBI-05 Lipid Composition of Small and Large Native Milk Fat Globules and their Milk Fat Globule Membrane (Abstract)
  Michalski, M.C., Rennes/F, V. Briard, Rennes/F, C. Fauquant, Lyon/F
LIBI-06 Utilization of in vitro Techniques to Synergize Breeding for Desired Edible/ Industrial Fatty Acid Profile in Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea) Genotypes (Abstract)
  Agnihotri, A.A., New Delhi/IND, D. Prem, K. Gupta, New Delhi/IND
LIBI-07 Epoxy Fatty Acids: Cytotoxic or Cytoprotective? (Abstract)
  Cui, P.H., Sydney/AUS, C. D. Duke, V.H. Tran, R.K. Duke, B.D. Roufogalis, Sydney/AUS
LIBI-08 Lipase-catalysed Synthesis of CLA Enriched Triacylglycerols from Dehydrated Castor Oil (Abstract)
  Lago, R., Montpellier/F, L. Goujard, P. Villeneuve, B. Barea, N. Barouh, M.C. Figueroa-Espinoza, M. Pina, Montpellier/F
LIBI-09 Changes in Lipid Metabolism are Fundamental for the Response of Wheat to the Greenhouse Effect (Abstract)
  Beacham, T., Cardiff/GB, D. Edlin, P. Kille, J. Harwood, Cardiff/GB
LIBI-10 Differential Effects of n-3 Polyunsaturated or other Fatty Acids on Inflammatory Responses on Bovine Articular Chondrocytes (Abstract)
  Zainal, Z.Z, Cardiff/GB, C. L. Curtis, B. Caterson, J. L. Harwood, Cardiff/GB
LIBI-11 Enzymatic Esterification of Unsaturated Fatty Acids by Flavonoids in Non-Toxic Media (Abstract)
  Kolisis, F., Athens/GR, F. Melloua, Athens/GR, H. Stamatis, Ioannina/GR
LIBI-12 New Methods to Improve the Lipase Stability in the Presence of Commercial Triglycerides (Abstract)
  Pirozzi, D., Napoli/I, M. De Lorenzo, G. Greco jr., Napoli/I
LIBI-13 The Effect of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Inflammatory Responses in Arthritis (Abstract)
  Longman, A. J., Cardiff/GB, K. Duggan, C.L. Curtis, B. Caterson, S.A. Jones, J.L. Harwood, Cardiff/GB
LIBI-14 Metabolically Engineered Oilseed Crops With Enhanced Seed Tocopherol Contents (Abstract)
  Valentin, H.E., Chesterfield/USA, B. Karunanandaa, Q. Qi, M. Hao, S. Baszis, P. Jensen, Y.-H. Wong, J. Jiang, M. Venkatramesh, K. J. Gruys, Chesterfield/USA
LIBI-15 Marine Lecithins: A New Potential of Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as Functional Ingredients (Abstract)
  Linder, M., Vandoeuvre les Nancy/F, A.G. Gbogouri, J. Fanni, M. Parmentier, Vandoeuvre les Nancy/F
LIBI-16 Connection Between Sphingomyelinase Activity and Lipid Peroxide Oxidation in Mice (Abstract)
  Alessenko, A.V., Moscow/RUS, M.A. Shupik, U.A. Gutner, A.E. Bugrova, L.B. Dudnik, Moscow/RUS
LIBI-17 Characterization of the Lipids from Human Renal and Urothelial Neoplasms, by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Chromatography (Abstract)
  Poerio, A., Bologna/I, M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, M.R. Tosi, G. Lercker, V. Tugnoli, Bologna/I
LIBI-18 Enzymatic Introducing Diunsaturated Fatty Acid into Glycerophospholipids (Abstract)
  Rozycki, K., Warsaw/PL, W. Walisiewicz-Niedbalska, A.W. Lipkowski A., Warsaw/PL
Olive Oil Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
LAMI-06 Effect of the olive ripening stage on fatty acid composition of virgin olive oils from Arbequina, Farga and Morrut cultivars (Abstract)
  Criado, M. N., Lleida/E, Motilva, M. J., Lleida/E, Romero, M. P., Lleida/E
OLIVE-01 Squalene Extraction from Pomace Olive Oil Deodorizer Distillate by Short Path Distillation. (Abstract)
  Ruiz-Méndez, M.V., Seville/E, S. Valdenebro, S. Marmesat, A. Garrido, M.C. Dobarganes, Seville/E
OLIVE-02 A Novel Approach for Detection and Quantification of Phenolic Compounds in Olive Oil Based on 31P NMR Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  Dais, P., Heraklion, Crete/GR, S. Christoforidou, A. Spyros, Heraklion/GR
OLIVE-03 Oxidative Stability of Fragile Virgin Oils (Abstract)
  Lechat, H., Pessac/F, F. Lacoste, E. Brenne, Pessac/F
OLIVE-04 On the Levels of Squalene in Greek Virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Tsimidou, M.Z., Thessaloniki/GR, D. Grigoriadou, Thessaloniki/GR
OLIVE-05 Effects of the Enrichment of Refined Olive Oil with Olive Leaf Phenolic Compounds (Abstract)
  Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, R. Correia, Porto/P, M.H. Gordon, Reading/GB
OLIVE-06 Results from a Survey in Greek Households Concerning the Levels of Nutrient and Non-nutrient Phenolic Antioxidants in Virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Tsimidou, M.Z., Thessaloniki/GR, D.G. Grigoriadou, S.L. Koutsiani, A.G. Androulaki, Thessaloniki/GR
OLIVE-07 Olive Oil: A Special Oil (Abstract)
  Kiritsakis, A., Sindos Thessaloniki/GR, C. Sergianni, K. Kriritsakis, Sindos Thessaloniki/GR
OLIVE-08 Transfer of the Main Antioxidants Compounds During Olive Oil Extraction in Relation to Ripening Stage of the Fruit (Abstract)
  Artajo, L.S., Lleida/E, M.J. Motilva, M.P. Romero, Lleida/E
OLIVE-09 Levels of Total Phenolic Compounds in LDL After Olive Oil Consumption. (Abstract)
  De La Torre, K., Barcelona/E, S. Morera, J.L. Chávez, A.L. Castellote, R. Lamuela-Raventós , M. Covas, M. Fitó, M. Farré-Albaladejo, C. López- Sabater, Barcelona/E
Antioxidants and Oxidative Stability Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
ANOX-01 Antioxidant Activity of of Sclerocarya birrea Phenolic Extract (Abstract)
  Mariod, A., Münster/D, B. Matthäus, K. Eichner, Münster/D
ANOX-03 Impact of Extraction Method on the Antioxidant Activity of Rapeseed Phenolics (Abstract)
  Vuorela, S., Helsinki/FIN, A.S. Meyer, M. Heinonen, Helsinki/FIN
ANOX-04 Use of Antioxidants to Increase the Oxidative Stability of Protein-stabilized Algal and Menhaden Oil-in-water Emulsions at pH 3 (Abstract)
  Djordjevic, D., Amherst, MA/USA, J. David, D.J.M. McClements, E.A. Decker, Amherst, MA/USA
ANOX-06 Improving the Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil by Optimal Use of Oleoresins Extracted from Egyptian Aromatic Plants (Abstract)
  Abdalla, A., Alexandria/ET
ANOX-07 Production of Eriodictyol and Comparison of its Antioxidant Action Against Lipid Peroxidation with Propyl Gallate (Abstract)
  Tsimogiannis, D.I., Athens/GR, V. Oreopoulou, I. Mitou, Athens/GR
ANOX-08 The Activity of Natural Antioxidants from Origanum heraclioticum and Salvia officinalis against DPPH Radical and Oil Oxidation (Abstract)
  Tsimogiannis, D.I., Athens/GR, V. Oreopoulou, M. Stavrakaki, Athens/GR
ANOX-09 The Use of Antioxidants in Vegetable Oils Rich in Alpha and Gamma Linolenic Acids (Abstract)
  Minkowski, K., Warsaw/PL
ANOX-10 Effect of Alfa-Tocopherol, Grindox 117 and TBHQ on the Shelf Life of Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Hosseinkhah, R., Tehran/IR, H. Nikoopour, Tehran/IR
ANOX-11 Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Propolis from Venezuela (Abstract)
  Kortenska, V., Sofia/BG, B. Trusheva, M. Popova, I. Totzeva, Sofia/BG, J.G. Rodriguez, San Diego de los Altos/YV, V. Bankova, Sofia/BG
ANOX-12 Free Radical Formation Caused by Lipid Hydroperoxide Interaction with Cationic Surfactants (Abstract)
  Kasaikina, O.T., Moscow/RU, Kondratovich, V.G., Moscow/RU, Vedutenko, V.V., Moscow/RU,Pisarenko, L.M., Moscow/RU, Kortenska, V.D., Sofia/BG
ANOX-13 Oxidative stabilization of cholesterol in pork meat balls by natural antioxidants (Abstract)
  Flaczyk, E., Poznan/PL, Rudzinska, M, Poznan/PL, Korczak, J, Poznan/PL
ANOX-14 Effect of Natural (á-Tocopherol) and Synthetic (Phenosan) Antioxidants in a Wide Range of Concentrations (10-18-10-3 M) on Lipid Peroxide Oxidation in Endoplasmatic Reticulum Membranes from Mouse Liver (Abstract)
  Palmina, N.P., Moscow/RUS
LAMI-07 Influence of Oxygen Availability on Membrane Composition of Streptococcus pneumoniae (Sp) Phase-Variants (Abstract)
  Sikron Persi, N., Beer Sheva/IL
LAMI-11 Stabilization of some Food Products with some Natural Antioxidants Isolated from Scutellaria Baicalensis Georgi and Crataegus Oxyacantha (Abstract)
  Jaroslawska, A., Wroclaw/PL, Oszmiañski, J., Wroclaw/PL, Sokol-Letowska, A., Wroclaw/PL
LAMI-12 Quantification of Emulsifiers and Phenolic Compounds in Different Phases and Pseudophases of O/W Emulsions (Abstract)
  Oehlke, K., Kiel/D, Heins, A., Kiel/D, Stöckmann, H., Kiel/D, Schwarz, K., Kiel/D
LAMI-13 Analysis of Tocopherols and Antioxidant Activity in One-Pot Solvent-Free Extraction-Esterification Process of Oilseeds Catalyzed by Fungal Resting-Cells (Abstract)
  Torregrosa, R., Lleida/SP, Méndez, J.J. Tolima/CO, Balcells, M. Lleida/SP, Canela, R. Lleida/SP
Posters on Lipids in Animal Science Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
ANSC-01 Increase of Geometrical and Positional Fatty Acid Isomers in Dark Meat from Broilers and Fed Heated Oils (Abstract)
  Bou, R., Barcelona/E, F. Guardiola, Barcelona/E, A. C. Barroeta, Bellaterra/E, R. Codony, Barcelona/E
ANSC-02 Supplementation with Eicosapentaenoic Acid Decreases the Degradative Phenotype Observed in Canine Cartilage (Abstract)
  Curtis, C.L., Cardiff/GB, A. Vaughan-Thomas, Liverpool/GB, C. B. Little, Sydney/AUS, J. Innes, Liverpool/GB, B. Caterson, J. L. Harwood, Cardiff/GB
ANSC-03 Lipid and Fatty Acid Compositions of Clam Mactra chinensis (Abstract)
  Saito, H., Yokohama/J
ANSC-04 Fatty Acid Profiles and (Micro)Nutrients in Milk and Cheese - Effect of Species (Cow, Goat) and Kind of Cheese (Abstract)
  Schöne, F., Jena/D, G. Jahreis, M. Leiterer, L. Dornaus, A. Greiling, C. Kinast, V. Böhm, Jena/D
ANSC-05 Analysis of Total Sheep Meat FA by a Combination of Chromatographic Techniques (Abstract)
  Santercole, V., Sassari/I, R. Mazzette, D. Meloni, E.P.L. De Santis, Sassari/I, S. Banni, I. Cagliari, J.K.G. Kramer, Guelph/CDN
ANSC-06 Stereospecific Analysis of Pork Phospholipids (Abstract)
  Ruiz, J., Caceres/E, E. Muriel, T. Antequera, Caceres/E
ANSC-07 Fatty Acid Composition of Phospholipid Classes in Beef (Abstract)
  Ruiz, J., Caceres/E, J. Hidalgo, M. Morillo, Caceres/E
ANSC-08 Relationship between Lipid Peroxidation and Spingomyelinae Activity in Liver after Injection of Glutathione and Bilirubin (Abstract)
  Dudnik, L.B., Moscow/RUS, A. N. Tsupko, A.V. Alessenko, Moscow/RUS
ANSC-09 Effect on Enriched Polyunsaturated n-6 and n-3 Diets on the Ratio n-6/n-3 in Poultry Tissues (Abstract)
  Rafecas, M., Barcelona/E, C. Ferrer, M.A. Canela, C. Amat, M. Moretó, Barcelona/E
ANSC-10 Dietary Conjugated Linoleic Acid Affect Adipocyte Size and Mitotic Vs Apoptotic Rates in the Adipose Tissue of the Heavy Pig (Abstract)
  Di Giancamillo, A., Milan/I, C. Domeneghini, R. Rossi, G. Pastorelli, C. Corino, Milan/I
ANSC-11 Fatty Acid Composition of Wild and Cultivated Rainbow Trout (Onchorhynchus Mykiss) (Abstract)
  Saglik, S., Istanbul/TR, K. Çetintürk, T. Gezgin, Istanbul/TR, M. Alpaslan, A. Tekinay, Cannakale/TR, S. Ulu, K.C. Güven, Istanbul/TR
ANSC-12 High Oil-bearing Substances in Pig Feeding (Abstract)
  Borosné Gyõri, A., Herceghalom/H, J. Gundel, A. Hermán, A. Régiusné Mõcsényi, Herceghalom/H
ANSC-13 Milk Odd and Branched Chain Fatty Acids from Dairy Cows Fed Forages from Semi-natural Grasslands (Abstract)
  Vlaeminck, B., Ghent/B, M. Bruinenberg, Wageningen/NL, K. Raes, V. Fievez, Ghent/B
ANSC-14 Supplementation of Ewe Gestation Diets with Algal DHA and Effects on Neonatal Lamb Viability (Abstract)
  Pickard, R.M., Newcastle upon Tyne/GB, A.P. Beard, P.J. Cain, S. Madgwick, P.A.R. Hawken, S.A. Edwards, Newcastle upon Tyne/GB
ANSC-15 Effect of Time on Feed on the Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Pork (Abstract)
  Raes, K., Melle/B, E. Claeys, S. de Smet, Melle/B
ANSC-16 Novel Approaches in Measuring the Oxidative Stability of Animal Feeds: the FRAP and DPPH Method (Abstract)
  Smet, K., Melle/B, K. Raes, S. De Smet, Melle/B
ANSC-17 The Changes in the Brain Mitochondrial Membrane Phospholipids Content and ATPase Activity under the Ligation of Right Carotid Artery and Unilateral upper Cervical Gangliosympathectomy (Abstract)
  Melkonyan, M.M., Yerevan/ARM, G.A. Hoveyan, Yerevan/ARM
ANSC-18 Effects of rapeseeds on milk fatty acid composition, especially CLA, during the winter indoor production period (Abstract)
  Taugbøl, O., Ås/N, Karlengen, I.J., Ås/N, Harstad, O.M., Ås/N
ANSC-19 The Cholesterol Content in Different Genotype Lines and Age of Rabbit Meat (Abstract)
  Polak, T., Ljubljana/SLO, B. Zlender, L. Gasperlin, A. Rajar, Ljubljana, Slovenija
ANSC-20 Study of the Effect of Cholesterol Addition to the Shrimps Diet on the Growth and Finishing of White Indicus Prawn (Penaeus indicus) (Abstract)
  Safi, S., Tehran/IR, M. Mahmoodzadeh, B. Forootan, Tehran/IR
LAMI-08 Changes of phospholipids in chicken meat supplemented with plant oils and a-tocopherol (Abstract)
  Kopec, W., Wroclaw/PL, Korzeniowska, M., Wroclaw/PL, Dworecka E., Wroclaw/PL, Dluzniewska M., Wroclaw/PL, Mackowska B., Wroclaw/PL
LAMI-15 Phytanic acid content in lipid fractions of plasma and different tissues of pigs depending on exposure time to dietary phytol intake (Abstract)
  Scheeder, M.R.L., Zürich/CH, R. Rapold, C. Wenk, Zürich/CH
Other Topics Appleton Tower
Concourse Level
OTTO-01 Supplementation of Vegetable Oils with Hydroxytyrosol from Olea europaea L. Leaves (Abstract)
  Guinda, A., Sevilla/E, J. Tabera, Madrid/E, M. Rada, T. Albi, Sevilla/E
OTTO-02 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Effect of Fatty Acids and their Esters with Polyols (Abstract)
  Bartosova, E., Prague/CZ, R. Cervenkova, Z. Spickova, J. Smidrkal, V. Filip, M. Plockova, Prague/CZ
OTTO-03 How Stable is Palm Oil Against Oxidation? (Abstract)
  Van Dyck, S.M.O., Herentals/B, T. Verleyen, C.A. Adams, Herentals/B