10th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
Cracow, 23-26 September 2012

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Fats, Oils and Lipids: from Science and Technology to Health
Sunday, 23.08.2012
Plenary LectureAuditorium Maximum
Plenary Hall: Aula Duza A+B
Chairperson: Marc Kellens, Krzysztof Krygier, Ryszard Amarowicz and Klaus Schurz
15.30-15.45Opening and Welcome (Kein Abstract)
15.45-16.30Opening Lecture: The Biotechnology Processing Revolution in Fats and Oils (Kein Abstract)
 Dayton, C., White Plains/NY/USA
16.30-17.15DGF Normann Medal Lecture: Modern Fats and the Modern Mind: Mealtimes and Mental Illness (Kein Abstract)
 Hibbeln, J.R., Bethesda, MD/USA
BreakAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
17.30-19.00Welcome Reception, Expo and Sunday Poster Session (A) (Kein Abstract)
Monday, 24.08.2012
Plenary LectureAuditorium Maximum
Plenary Hall: Aula Duza A+B
Chairperson: Mark Kellens
09.00-10.00European Lipid Science Award Lecture: Lipid-mediated Signaling as a Source of New Medicines (Kein Abstract)
 Piomelli, D., Irvine, CA/USA
Health and DiseasesAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza B
Chairperson: 10.30-12.10: Gerd Schmitz and Ben van Ommen: "Diabesity and Lipidomics"
13.30-15.10: Aldona Dembinska-Kiec and Andrea Palou: "Diabesity and Lipidomics"
15.40-17.20: Iwona Wybranska: "Lipidomics and Metabolism"
10.30-11.10Keynote Lecture: Combining Lipidomics and Cytomics to identify Novel Biomarkers for Diabesity Patient Stratification and Therapy Monitoring (Kein Abstract)
 Schmitz, G., Regensburg/D
11.10-11.40Regulation of Lipid Droplet Generation in Huh-7 Cells through a Receptor-regulated Signaling Pathway. (Abstract)
 Wakelam, M.J.O., Cambridge/GB, A. Rohwedder, S.A. Rudge, Q. Zhang, Cambridge/GB
11.40-12.10Bile Acid Signaling Regulates Adipogenesis through Inhibition of RORγ (Abstract)
 Wolfrum, C., Zürich/CH, B.M. Meissburger, E. Carreira, Zürich/CH
13.30-14.00A Lipid Challenge Test in Personalized Medicine Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes (Abstract)
 van Ommen, B., Zeist/NL
14.00-14.30Metabolic Programming of Obesity (Abstract)
 Palou, A., Palma de Mallorca/E, C. Picó, Palma de Mallorca/S
14.30-14.50Opposite Effects of Vaccenic and Elaidic Acids on Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase 1 Expression - A Marker of Atherosclerosis Development- In Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells. (Abstract)
 Narce, M., Dijon/F, M. Minville-Walz, J. Gresti, S. Bellenger, J. Bellenger, M. Rialland, Dijon/F
14.50-15.10High-throughput Simultaneous Analysis of Oxysterols, Plant Sterols and Cholesterol Precursors using Gas-chromatography Coupled to Tandem Mass Spectrometry (Abstract)
 Peer, M., Regensburg/D, S. Matysik, G. Schmitz, Regensburg/D
15.40-16.00Dysfunctional HDL - A Novel Important Diagnostic and Therapeutic Target in Cardiovascular Disease? (Abstract)
 Banach, M., Lodz/PL
16.00-16.20Cooperation of Lipids and Genes during Differentiation of Human Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Stromal Vascular Cells (Abstract)
 Polus, A., Krakow/PL, A. Polus, B. Kiec-Wilk, U. Czech, Krakow/PL, T. Konovalova, A. Sigruner, G. Schmitz, Regensburg/D, A. Dembinska-Kiec Krakow/PL.
16.20-16.40The Effect of Fatty Acids on Mitochondrial Metabolism of the Neuronal and Glial Cell Lines. (Abstract)
 Wybranska, I., Krakow/PL, I. Wybranska, U. Czech, B. Zapala, A. Sliwa, J. Goralska, Krakow/PL, Ei.T. Kase, A. Rustan, Oslo/N, A. Dembinska-Kiec, Krakow/Pl
17.00-17.20The Influence of Free Fatty Acids on Metabolism of Endothelial Progenitor Cells (HUVECs) (Abstract)
 Czech, U., Krakow/PL, A. Polus, B. Kieć-Wilk, A. Knapp, A. Gruca, J. Góralska, A. Œliwa, A. Chudy, U. Ciałowicz, A. Dembińska-Kiec, Krakow/PL
Physical ChemistryAuditorium Maximum
Sala Srednia
Chairperson: Eckhard Flöter and Grzegorz Litwinienko
Session: Crystal Functionality
15.40-16.20Keynote Lecture: Novel Pickering-stabilized Water-in-oil Emulsions (Abstract)
 Rousseau, D., Toronto/CDN, S. Ghosh, Saskatoon/CDN
16.20-16.40Interactions of Emulsifiers and Solids in a Lipophilic Environment (Abstract)
 Franke, K., Quakenbrück/D, K. Heinzelmann, Quakenbrück/D
16.40-17.00Dynamics of Oil Uptake in Fried Foodstuffs using Synchrotron Radiation (Abstract)
 Smith, P.R., Vilvoorde/B, J.-M. Vauvre, A. Patsioura, Massy/F, R. Kesteloot, Lambersart/F, F. Jamme, Gif sur Yvette/F, O. Vitrac, Massy/F
17.00-17.20Acceleration of Fat Crystal Network Formation by Use of High Intensity Ultrasound (Abstract)
 Knudsen, R.P., Aarhus/DK
ProcessingAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza A
Chairperson: György Karlovits and Roland Verhe
10.30-11.10Keynote Lecture: Current and Future Technologies for the Sustainable and Cost-efficient Production of High Quality Food Oils (Kein Abstract)
 De Greyt, W., Zaventem/B
11.10-11.30Processing Options to Improve Oil Quality for Interesterification (Abstract)
 Cowan, D., Chesham/GB, H.C. Holm, Bagsvaerd/DK, H.S. Yee, Kuala Lumpa/MY
11.30-11.50Recent Developments in Phospholipase C Enzymatic Degumming (Abstract)
 Hitchman, T., San Diego/USA
11.50-12.10A New Strategy for Edible Vegetable Oil Production (Abstract)
 Türkay, S., Istanbul/TR
13.30-13.50Oil Processing Design Principles (Abstract)
 van Duijn, G., Vlaardingen/NL
13.50-14.10Plate Heat Exchangers for Optimized Heat Recovery in Seed Conditioners (Abstract)
 Sköld, F., Calgary/CDN
14.10-14.30The Effect of using Different Filter Aid Materials on the Oil Yield during Winterization Process (Abstract)
 Gunc Ergonul, P., Manisa/TR, C.Nergiz, Istanbul/TR
14.30-14.50Centrifugal Processes for Polishing and Processing of Oils (Abstract)
 Hruschka, S., Oelde/D, R. Zeldenrust, Oelde/D
14.50-15.10Modelling the Lipase-catalyzed Interesterification Kinetics of High Oleic Sunflower Oil with Stearic-Palmitic Acid Mixtures (Abstract)
 Ray, J., Loughborough/GB, K.W. Smith, Bedford/GB, K. Bhaggan, Wormerveer/NL, Z.K. Nagy, A.G.F. Stapley, Loughborough/GB
15.40-16.00Salmonella Contamination of a Category 3 Fat Rendering Plant - a Case Study (Abstract)
 Kennedy, T.G., Limerick/IRL
16.00-16.20Changes in Free Fatty Acids during Ripening of Probiotic Lighvan Cheese (Abstract)
 Shahab Lavasani, A.R., Tehran/IR
16.20-16.40Processing of Rapeseed into Protein Concentrates and their Usage in Aquaculture Nutrition (Abstract)
 Adem, H.N., Magdeburg/D, R.-P. Tressel, F. Pudel, Magdeburg/D, H. Slawski, C. Schulz, Büsum/D
16.40-17.00Processing of Industrial Wine Lees for Squalene Recovery (Abstract)
 Naziri, E., Thessaloniki/GR, F. Mantzouridou, M.Z. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR
17.00-17.20Effect of Partial Glycerides on Equilibrium Data for the System Black Cumin Seed Oil + Fatty Acids + Ethanol +Water at 298.2 K (Abstract)
 Gürbüz, H., Istanbul/TR, B. Sozer, S. Turkay, Istanbul/TR
BiotechnologyAuditorium Maximum
Sala Srednia
Chairperson: Marek Adamczak and Uwe Bornscheuer
10.30-11.10Keynote Lecture: Functional Lipid Production by Unique Microbial Metabolisms:
Beyond Common Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Abstract)
 Ogawa, J., Kyoto/J, E. Sakuradani, S. Kishino, A. Ando, K. Yokozeki, S. Shimizu, Kyoto/J
11.10-11.30A New Source for Eicosapentaenoic Acid-Rich Oil and Biomass (Abstract)
 Zhu, Q., Wilmington/USA, B.Tyreus, B. Boonyaratanakornkit, C. Dellomonaco, X. Fan, R. Hong, R. Sharpe, D. Short, D. Xie, Z. Xue, N. Yadav, E. Jackson, Wilmington/USA
11.30-11.50Protein Engineering of Lipase CAL-A to Alter its Selectivities (Abstract)
 Bornscheuer, U.T., Greifswald/D, H. Brundiek, A. Evitt, R. Kourist, Greifswald/D
11.50-12.10Effect of Salinity Level on the Production of PUFA by Thraustochytrium sp. and Aurantiochytrium sp. (Abstract)
 Bandarra, N.M., Lisbon/P, G. Martins, M.C. Paulo, M.J.Miranda, M. Padilha, J. Ferreira, T.G. Pereira, I. Batista, N.M. Bandarra, Lisbon/P
Oxidation and AntioxidationAuditorium Maximum
Sala Wystawowa
Chairperson: Grzegorz Bartosz and Charlotte Jacobsen
10.30-12.10 "Oxidation Processes and Mechanisms"
13.30-15.10 "Oxidation in Complex Matrices"
15.40-17.20 "New Developments within Antioxidants"
10.30-11.10Keynote Lecture: The Role of Water-Lipid Interfaces in the Oxidation of Lipids (Abstract)
 Decker, E.A., Amherst/USA, D.J. McClements, Amherst, MA/USA
11.10-11.30Sterols Oxidation in Vegetable Oils upon Heating and Frying (Abstract)
 Hassnien, M.F.R., Zagazig/ET
11.30-11.50Polymodal Dose-Effect of Synthetic Antioxidant (Phenozan K) on Lipid Oxidation and Microviscosity of Microsomal Membranes (Abstract)
 Maltseva, E.L., Moscow/RUS, V.V.Belov, N.P. Palmina, Moscow/RUS
11.50-12.10Volatile Compounds Formed during Thermo-oxidation of Sterols (Abstract)
 Rudzińska, M., Poznań/PL, R. Przybylski, Lethbridge/CA, E. Wasowicz, Poznań/PL
13.30-13.50Lipid Oxidation in Fish Oil Enriched Oil-in-water Emulsions and Cream Cheese with Pre-emulsified Fish Oil is Affected Differently by the Emulsifier Used (Abstract)
 Horn, A.F., Kgs Lyngby/DK, N.S. Nielsen, Kgs Lyngby/DK, U. Andersen, Brabrand/DK, C. Jacobsen, Kgs Lyngby/DK
13.50-14.10Interaction of Secondary Lipid Oxidation Products and Amino Acids (Abstract)
 Schwarz, K., Kiel/D, H. Stöckmann, Kiel/D
14.10-14.30Antioxidative Effect of Seaweed Extracts in Minced Mackerel- Effect on Lipid and Protein oxidation (Abstract)
 Jacobsen, C., Kgs. Lyngby/DK, S.K.H.Farvin, Kgs. Lyngby/DK, A.B. Lashkan, Noor/IR
14.30-14.50Oxidation of Marine Lipids in Gastric Juice - in Vitro Study (Abstract)
 Kristinova, V., Trondheim/N, I. Střrro, T. Rustad, Trondheim/N
14.50-15.10Evaluation of Lipid Oxidation in Infant Formulas (Abstract)
 Márquez-Ruiz, G., Madrid/F, J. Velasco, Sevilla/E, F. Holgado, Madrid/E
15.40-16.00Functional and Antioxidant Characteristics of Phenolipids (quercetin-enriched lecithin) in Lipid Matrices (Abstract)
 Hassnien, M.F.R., Zagazig/ET
16.00-16.20Phenolipids as Antioxidants in Emulsified Systems (Abstract)
 Sřrensen, A.-D.M., Kgs. Lyngby/DK, C. Bayrasy, M. Laguerre, J. Lecomte, P. Villeneuve, Montpellier/F, C. Jacobsen, Kgs. Lyngby/DK
16.20-16.40Synergism, Antagonism and Additivism of Binary and Triple Mixtures of Phenolic Antioxidants (Abstract)
 Kancheva, V.D., Sofia/BG
16.40-17.00Reactions of Radicals and Antioxidants at Designed Interfaces (Abstract)
 Steffen-Heins, A., Kiel/D, H. Krudopp, Kiel/D
17.00-17.20Tailoring Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Acids by Lipophilization: Cut-off Effect and Mitochondria Targeting (Abstract)
 Villeneuve, P., Montpellier/F
Lipids in Animal ScienceAuditorium Maximum
Sala Srednia
Chairperson: Marian Czauderna and Milan Marounek
13.30-14.10Seleno-compounds affected the fatty acid profile in in vitro incubated ovine ruminal fluid containing linoleic acid (Abstract)
 Czauderna, M., Jablonna near Warsaw/PL
14.10-14.30Enrichment of Eggs with Omega-3 Fatty Acids by Dietary Supplementation with Algal Biomass (Abstract)
 Lemahieu, C., Kortrijk/B, C. Bruneel, I. Fraeye, K. Muylaert, Kortrijk/B, J. Buyse, Heverlee/B, I. Foubert, Kortrijk/B
14.30-14.50Effects of Dry Fat and Some Vegetable Fats on Broiler Performance and Carcass Traits (Abstract)
 Toprak, N.N., Ankara/TR, N. Kahya, R. Albayrak, A. Yilmaz, Ankara/TR
14.50-15.10Fatty Acid Profile, Oxidative Stability and Sensory Properties of Breast Meat from Turkeys fed Diets with a different n-6/n-3 PUFA Ratio (Abstract)
 Naczmanski, J., Olsztyn/PL, J. Jankowski, Z. Zdunczyk, D. Mikulski, J. Juskiewicz, J.F. Pomianowski, P. Zdunczyk, Olsztyn/PL
Oil Seeds, Plant BreedingAuditorium Maximum
Sala Mala
Chairperson: Antoni Banas and Ronald B. Pegg
13.30-14.10Keynote Lecture: The Role of Biotechnology in Replacing Fossil Oil (Abstract)
 Stymne, S., Alnarp/S
14.10-14.30Engineering “Seed Tobacco” Oil for different Applications (Abstract)
 Gattolin, S., Vicomoscano (CR)/I, S. Reggi, Vicomoscano (CR)/I
14.30-14.50Potential Utilisation of Wax Synthases from Simmondsia chinensis and Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus for Production of Wax Esters in Plants (Abstract)
 Miklaszewska, M., Gdansk/PL, A. Kawinski, A. Banas, Gdansk/PL
14.50-15.10Fruit Seeds Oils as a Cosmetic Emulsions Component (Abstract)
 Malinowska, O., Gdansk/PL, H. Szelag, Gdansk/PL
Olive OilAuditorium Maximum
Sala Mala
Chairperson: Lanfranco Conte and Aziz Tekin
15.40-16.20Keynote Lecture: Towards New Instrumental Approaches to Understand the Sensory Perception of Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Aparicio, R., Sevilla/E
16.20-16.40Quality Assessment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by FT-NIR (Abstract)
 Gertz, Ch., Hagen/D, D. Behmer, Ettlingen/D
17.00-17.20Volatile Markers for the Main Sensory Defects Found in Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Garcia-Gonzalez, D.L., Sevilla/E, T. Morales, I. Romero del Río, R. Aparicio-Ruiz, Sevilla/E
Rapeseed and Rapeseed OilAuditorium Maximum
Sala Mala
Chairperson: Bertrand Matthäus and Aleksandra Szydlowska-Czerniak
10.30-11.10Keynote Lecture: Rapeseed Oil and its Role in Human Health and Nutrition: Recent Findings and Recoomendations (Kein Abstract)
 Wahrburg, U., Münster/D
11.10-11.30Rapseed Protein Extraction and Application (Abstract)
 Pudel, F., Magdeburg/D, R.-P. Tressel, Magdeburg/D, K. Düring, Frechen/D
11.30-11.50Canolol Formation during Fluidized Bed Treatment of Rapeseed Meal (Abstract)
 Pudel, F., Magdeburg/D, K.-H. Leidt, Magdeburg/D, B. Matthäus, Detmold/D
11.50-12.10Special Prepared Rapeseed Protein for Paper Board Coating (Abstract)
 Palomino, J., Magdeburg/D, R.-P. Tressel, F. Pudel, Magdeburg/D, R. Metz, München/D
BreakAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
10.00-10.30Coffee Break and Expo Monday Morning (Kein Abstract)
12.10-13.30Monday Lunchbreak and Expo (Kein Abstract)
15.10-15.40Coffee Break and Expo Monday Afternoon (Kein Abstract)
17.30-19.00Monday Poster Session (B) and Expo (Kein Abstract)
Tuesday, 25.08.2012
Plenary LectureAuditorium Maximum
Plenary Hall: Aula Duza A+B
Chairperson: Mark Kellens and Pierre Villeneuve
09.00-10.00SFEL Chevreul Medal Lecture: Undesirable Substances in Vegetable Oils: Anything to Declare? (Kein Abstract)
 Lacoste, F., Pessac/F
Health and DiseasesAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza B
Chairperson: 10.30-12.10: Jan Kopecky and M. Avada, "N-3 PUFA"
13.30-15.10: Vladimir Titorenko and Bogna Grygiel-Gorniak "Cellular Mechanisms"
15.40-17.20: Kelley Fitzpatrick and Sho Nishikava "Nutrition and Health"
10.30-11.05Metabolic Effects of Omega 3 PUFA in Dietary Obese Mice (Abstract)
 Kopecky, J., Prague/CZ
11.05-11.35Dietary Oxidized n-3 PUFA Enhance Oxidative Stress and Inflammation: Role of Intestinal Absorption of 4-Hydroxyalkenals (Abstract)
 Awada, M., Villeurbanne/F, A. Meynier, Nantes/F, C. Soulage, C. Debard, M. Guichardant M., Villeurbanne/F, C. Genot, Nantes/F, M.-C. Michalski, Villeurbanne/F
11.35-12.10The Mechanisms of n-3 EPA/DHA Supplementation on Postprandial Inflammatory Response. The in vitro and Clinical Study (Abstract)
 Dembinska-Kiec, A., Krakow/PL
13.30-13.50Increased Fluidity in Adipose Membranes from Genetically Obese Pigs is Independent of Carbon Chain Length and Unsaturation Degree of Fatty Acids (Abstract)
 Lopes, P.A., Lisbon/P, A.P. Martins, M. Madeira, S.V. Martins, N.C. Santos, J.A.M. Prates, T.F. Moura, G. Soveral, Lisbon/P
13.50-14.10A Myristic Acid Enriched Cream Improves the Metabolic Syndrome and Increases the Membrane Fluidity: The Semyramis Study (Abstract)
 Dabadie, H.M, Bordeaux/F, E. Peuchant, Bordeaux/F, C. Motta, Rennes/F, D. Ribaud, C. Lopez, F. Mendy, Paris/F
14.10-14.30The Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptors and their Ligands - their Role in Lipid and Glucose Metabolism (Abstract)
 Grygiel-Gorniak, B., Poznan/PL
14.30-14.50Lithocholic Acid Delays Aging and Exhibits a Potent Anti-cancer Effect by Altering Mitochondrial Composition, Structure, Metabolism, Dynamics and Function (Abstract)
 Titorenko, V.I., Montreal/CDN, V.R. Richard, A. Beach, M. Burstein, O. Koupaki, A. Leonov, Montreal/CDN
14.50-15.10Role of Endogenous Endotoxin Absorption and LPS Receptors in Metabolic Inflammation Related to Excessive Lipid Intake (Abstract)
 Michalski, M.C., Villeurbanne/F, F. Laugerette, C. Vors, Villeurbanne/F, M. Alligier, Oullins/F, C.O. Soulage, A. Geloen, G. Pineau, Villeurbanne/F, C. Debard, S. Lambert-Porcheron, M. Laville, H. Vidal, Oullins/F
15.40-16.20Health Benefits and Applications of Flaxseed (Abstract)
 Fitzpatrick, K., Winnipeg/CDN
16.20-16.40Fucoxanthin Promotes Translocation and Induction of Glucose Transporter 4 in Skeletal Muscles of Diabetic/obese KK-Ay Mice (Abstract)
 Nishikawa, S., Hakodateshi Minatomachi/J
16.40-17.00Green tea Catechins Exhibit Protective Effects against UVR-Induced Skin Inflammation in vivo and in Relation to Reduced Levels of 12-HETE (Abstract)
 Nicolaou, A., Bradford/GB, K.A. Massy, Bradford/GB, G. Darby, Manchester/GB, T.P. Dew, Leeds/GB, S. Bennett, R.E.B. Watson, Manchester/GB, G. Williamson, Leeds/UK, L.E. Rhodes, Manchester/GB
17.00-17.20Improvement of Kidney Dysfunction by Mixtures of Polar and Non Polar Fractions of Plant Foods (Abstract)
 Al-Okbi, S.Y., Cairo/ET, D.A. Mohamed, T.E. Hamed, R.S.H. Esmail, l.S.M. Donya, Cairo/ET
Analytical, Imaging, Authenticity, LipidomicsAuditorium Maximum
Sala Mala
Chairperson: Anna Nicolaou and Wojciech Piekoszewski
10.30-11.10Keynote Lecture: Identification and Characterization of Oxidized Phospholipids Generated by Lipoxygenases in Immune Cells (Abstract)
 O Donnell, V., Cardiff/GB
11.10-11.30Use of the Metabolomic Profile of Pine Nut Species to Recognize Pine Nuts Responsible for the Pine Nut Syndrome (PNS) (Abstract)
 Matthäus, B., Detmold/D, P. Li, F. Ma, H. Zhou, J. Juang, Wuhan/PRC, M.M.Özcan, Konya/TR
11.30-11.50Use of the Renewed Database Seed Oil Fatty Acids (SOFA) as Tool for Lipidomic Profiling of Wild Plant Seeds (Abstract)
 Matthäus, B., Detmold/D
11.50-12.10Spectroscopic Techniques as a Tool for Quality Evaluation of Edible Oils (Abstract)
 Sikorska, E., Poznan/PL, K. Wójcicki, Poznan/PL, F. Caponio, V.M. Paradiso, A. Pasqualone, C. Summo, Bari/I, M. Sikorski, Poznan/PL, I. Khmelinskii, Faro/P
13.30-13.50Lipidomics of Oxygenated Metabolites of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Abstract)
 Nicolaou, A., Bradford/GB, K.A. Massey, Bradford/GB
13.50-14.10High Resolution NMR as an Analytical Tool to Study Enzymatic Modification of Lipids (Abstract)
 Standal, I.B., Trondheim/N, A.K. Carvaja, R. Mozuraityte, E. Abbasi, I. Storrř, M. Aursand, Trondheim/N
14.10-14.30Development of a Bi-dimensional HPLC Method for the Stereospecific Analysis of Triacylglycerols (Abstract)
 Kadivar, S., Gent/B
14.30-14.50Determination of MCPD Esters and Glycidyl Esters in Oils and Fats (Abstract)
 Ermacora, A., Vlaardingen/NL, K. Hrncirik, Vlaardingen/NL
14.50-15.10Sterol Analysis in Fats and Oils with Coupled Chromatographic Techniques (LCxGC-FID) (Abstract)
 Küchler, T., Hamburg/D, H. Dümmong, Hamburg/D, P. Tablack, M. Stephan, Sprockhövel/D
Physical ChemistryAuditorium Maximum
Sala Mala
Chairperson: Eckhard Flöter and Grzegorz Litwinienko "Cocoa Butter"
15.40-16.00Raman Spectroscopy of the Polymorphic Forms and Liquid State of Cocoa Butter (Abstract)
 Bresson, S., Orsay/F, D.R. Roosseau, S.G. Ghosh, Toronto/CDN, M.M. El Marssi, Amiens/F, V.F. Faivre, Chatenay Malabry/F
16.00-16.20Inhibition of Cocoa Butter βV to βVI Transformation (Abstract)
 Smith, K.W., Bedford/GB, K. Bhaggan, Wormerveer/NL
16.20-16.40Effect of Shear and Additive on Crystallization of Cocoa Butter under the Tempering Process (Abstract)
 Moriyuki, K., Higashi-Hirosima/J, K. Ohba, Higashi-Hiroshima/J, T. Koyano, Y. Kuwano, A. Suzuki, K. Nagashima, S. Kosugi, T. Kondoh, Sakado/J, H, Hondoh, K. Sato, S. Ueno, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
16.40-17.00Effect of Solvent Fractionation on Bloom Stability (Tentative Title) (Abstract)
 Kalnin, D., Geay/E
17.00-17.20Effect of Minor Components on the Crystallisation of Shea Stearin and Stearin Fractions Produced by Lipase-catalyzed Interesterification of High Oleic Sunflower Oil (Abstract)
 Ray, J., Loughborough/GB, K. Smith, Bedford/GB, K. Bhaggan, Wormerveer/NL, Z. Nagy, A. Stapley, Loughborough/GB
ProcessingAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza A
Chairperson: György Karlovits and Roland Verhe
13.30-13.50Adding New Value: Processing of Lipids, Oils and Fats with CO2 (Abstract)
 Wubbolts, F., Weesp/NL, M. van der Krann, Weesp/NL
13.50-14.10Selective Conversions of Oleochemicals via Heterogeneous Catalysis (Abstract)
 Philippaerts, A., Heverlee/B, P. Jacobs, B. Sels, Heverlee/B
14.10-14.30Production of Branched Fatty Compounds in Miniplant Scale (Abstract)
 Behr, A., Dortmund/D, H. Witte, A. Kämper, Dortmund/D
14.30-14.50Development of a Lipase-catalysed Neutralisation Process Utilizing Jatropha Raw Oil Envisaged to Undergo Conversion to Biodiesel (Abstract)
 Gofferjé, G., Freising/D, A. Stäbler, U. Weisz, M. Gebhardt, Freising/D
14.50-15.10Adsorbent Purification of Biodiesel Feedstock using
Synthetic Magnesium Silicate (Abstract)
 Cooke, B.S., Jeffersonville/USA, G.E. Hicks, Jeffersonville/USA
BiotechnologyAuditorium Maximum
Sala Srednia
Chairperson: Marek Adamczak and Uwe Bornscheuer
10.30-11.10Lipid Accumulating Microorganisms as Alternative Sources of Fuels (Abstract)
 Steinbüchel, A., Münster/D
11.10-11.30Deep Eutectic Solvents: Potential New Media for Lipase-Catalyzed Reactions? (Abstract)
 Lecomte, J., Montpellier/F
11.30-11.50Enzymatic Incorporation of Polyenoic Fatty Acids into Structured Lipids (Kein Abstract)
 Adamczak, M., Olsztyn/PL
11.50-12.10Improving Fatty Acid Composition of Lipids Synthesized by Brachionus Plicatilis in Large Scale Experiments (Abstract)
 Aggelis, G., Patras/GR, M. Birkou, S. Bellou, A. Makri, Patras/GR, D. Bokas, Agrinio/GR
Oxidation and AntioxidationAuditorium Maximum
Sala Wystawowa
Chairperson: Grzegorz Bartosz and Charlotte Jacobsen
13.30-15.10 "General Oxidation and Antioxidants"
15.40-17.20 "Methods for Determination of Lipid Oxidation"
13.30-13.50Oxidative Characteristics of Omega-3 PUFA in Glyceroglycolipids (Abstract)
 Miyashita, K., Hakodate/J, T.Yamaguchi, M. Suda, J. Shimajiri, M. Abe, M. Hosokawa, Hakodate/J
13.50-14.10Effect of Microwave Heating on Fatty Acid Methyl Esters, as Related to their Unsaturation Degree (Abstract)
 Cardenia, V., Bologna-Cesena/I, M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, L.E. Converso, G. Lercker, Bologna/I
14.10-14.30Correlation between the Cinnamic Acid Derivatives Antioxidant Efficiency and their Distribution in Model Food Emulsions. (Abstract)
 Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, M. Costa, Porto/P, S. Losada-Barreiro, C. Bravo-Díaz, Vigo/E
14.30-14.50Development of New Antioxidants from Agroindustrial By-Products (Abstract)
 Bauer, J., Kiel/D, B. Harbaum-Piayda, H. Stöckmann, K. Schwarz, Kiel/D
14.50-15.10Oxidative and Hydrolytic Stability of Microalgal Oils Rich in Omega-3 LC-PUFA (Abstract)
 Ryckebosch, E., Kortrijk/B, C. Bruneel, I. Fraeye, K. Muylaert, I. Foubert, Kortrijk/B
15.40-16.00Methods to Evaluate Lipid Oxidation: Strengths and Weaknesses (Abstract)
 Mozuraityte, R., Trondheim/N, V. Kristinova, T. Norveel Semb, T. Rustad, I. Storrř, Trondheim/N
16.00-16.20Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) for Extraction of Volatile Oxidation Products from Complex Food Systems - Pros and Cons (Abstract)
 Jacobsen, C., Kgs. Lyngby/DK, A.F. Horn, H.F.S. Lu, L. Berner, Kgs. Lyngby/DK
16.20-16.40Spectroscopic Characterization of Dimers Formed during Thermo-oxidation of Sitosterol (Abstract)
 Przybylski, R., Lethbridge/CDN, E. Sosinska, P. Hazendonk. Lethbridge/CDN
16.40-17.00Rapid Determination of Degradation in Frying Oils
with FT-NIR (Abstract)
 Gertz, Ch., Hagen/D, D. Behmer, Ettlingen/D
17.00-17.20Antioxidative Activity of Dopamine – Studies in Model Lipid Systems (Abstract)
 Jodko-Piorecka, K., Warsaw/PL, M. Kluzek, G.Litwinienko, Warsaw/PL
Lipids in Animal ScienceAuditorium Maximum
Sala Wystawowa
Chairperson: Marian Czauderna and Milan Marounek
10.30-10.50N-3 vs n-6 PUFA Dietary Intervention - Effects on Fatty Acid- and Micronutrient Profiles of Beef and Beef Products (Abstract)
 Dannenberger, D., Dummerstorf/D, K. Nuernberg, A.Herdmann, G. Nuernberg, Dummerstorf/D
10.50-11.10Effect of Octadecylpectinamide at 20, 40 and 60 g/kg on the Blood and Liver Cholesterol in Female Rats (Abstract)
 Marounek, M., Prague/CZ, Z. Volek, J. Tůma, Prague/CZ
11.10-11.30Trans Fatty Acids Effect on Some Serum Enzymes and Immunological Parameters in Wistar Albino Rats (Abstract)
 Egbung, G.E, Calabar/WAN, I.J. Atangwho, Calabar/WAN
11.30-11.50Dietary Selenium and Linseed Oil Influence the Concentration of Fatty Acids in Tissues of Sheep (Abstract)
 Czauderna, M., Jablonna/PL, K.A. Krajewska, A. Rozbicka-Wieczorek, J. Kowalczyk, Jablonna/PL
Oil Seeds, Plant BreedingAuditorium Maximum
Sala Srednia
Chairperson: Antoni Banas and Ronald B. Pegg
13.30-13.50Relative Contribution of Phospholipid:Diacylglycerol Acyltransferases (PDAT) and Acyl-CoA:Diacylglycerol Acyltransferases (DGAT) in Seed Oil Accumulation of Selected Plants (Abstract)
 Banas, A., Gdansk/PL
13.50-14.10Substrate Specificity of Lipases from Germinating Seeds of Simmondsia Chinensis, Camelina Sativa and Crambe Abyssinica. (Abstract)
 Kawinski, A., Gdansk/PL, M. Miklaszewska, B. Glab, T. Furmanek, A. Banas, Gdansk/PL
14.10-14.30Comparative Studies for Selection of Jatropha curcas L. Capable of High Yield and Oil Quality in Assam Environment (Abstract)
 Mapelli, S., Milan/I, S.P. Saikia, Jorhat/IND, P. Pecchia, Milan/I, K.D. Mudoi, A. Gogoi, Jorhat/IND
14.30-14.50Oilseed Radish Cultivars in Western Canada: Antioxidant Activity, Tocopherols, and Phenolics (Kein Abstract)
 Kerrihard, Adrian L., Athens, GA/USA, R. Amarowicz, Olsztyn/PL, R.B. Pegg, Ronald, Athens, Georgia/USA
14.50-15.10Peanut Oil: How Plant Breeding Efforts and High-Oleic Oil
Chemistry are Changing the Landscape (Kein Abstract)
 Pegg, R.B., Athens, GA/USA, R.R. Eitenmiller, Athens, Georgia/USA
15.40-16.00An Attempt to Enhance Sensory Attributes of Flaxseed Oil by adding Evening Primrose Oil (Abstract)
 Sielicka, M., Poznan/PL, M. Malecka, Poznan/PL
16.00-16.20Berry Seeds: a Source of Speciality Oils with High Nutritional Value (Abstract)
 Verhe, R., Gent/B, V. Van Hoed, Gent/B
16.20-17.20Unique Properties and Possibilities of Polar Phytosterol Conjugates (Abstract)
 Nyström, L., Zurich/CH
SustainabilityAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza A
Chairperson: Gerrit van Duijn
10.30-11.10Trace Ability of the Palm Oil Supply Chain (Abstract)
 van Duijn, G., Vlaardingen/NL
11.10-11.30Lipid Modification of Carbohydrates - Novel Surfactants, Emulsifiers, Antioxidants and Hydrogelators (Abstract)
 Schneider, M.P., Wuppertal/D, S. Nandi, Wuppertal/D
11.30-11.50French Environmental Labeling of Sunflower and Rapeseed Oils using Life Cycle Assessment (Abstract)
 Badey, L., Pessac/F, N. Lahitte, Pessac/F, F. Flenet, Paris/F, F. Bosque, Pessac/F
11.50-12.10Sustainable Oil Crops: The challenge ahead (Kein Abstract)
 Esselink, E., Vlaardingen/NL, C. Sikking, Schiedam/NL
Other TopicsAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza A
Chairperson: Ryszard Amarowicz
15.40-16.00Total Synthesis of Enantiopure all-cis-(2’R)-1-O-(2’-methoxy-4,7,10,13,16,19-docosahexaenyl)-sn-glycerol (Abstract)
 Haraldsson, G.G., Reykjavik/IS, C.D. Magnusson, E. Luthersson, H.G. Gudmundsson, Reykjavik/IS
16.00-16.20The Possibility of use By-products for Synthesis of Emulsifiers (Abstract)
 Sadecka, E., Gdansk/PL, H. Szelag, O. Malinowska, Gdansk/PL
16.20-16.40Acrylate Derivatives Based on Glycerol in Polymer Field (Abstract)
 Lapinte, V., Montpellier/F, D.P. Pham, S. Monge, Montpellier/F, Y. Raoul, Paris/F, J.J. Robin, Montpellier/F
16.40-17.00Comparison of direct and indirect quantification methods of 3-MCPD esters and glycidyl esters in food via stable isotope dilution analysis (Abstract)
 Granvogl, M., Freising/D, P. Schieberle, Freising/D
17.00-17.20Tailored Triglyceride Oils for Food Industry Applications (Abstract)
 Rakitsky, W.R., South San Francisco/USA
BreakAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
10.00-10.30Coffee Break and Expo Tuesday Morning (Kein Abstract)
12.10-13.30Tuesday Lunchbreak and Expo (Kein Abstract)
15.10-15.40Coffee Break and Expo Tuesday Afternoon (Kein Abstract)
Wednesday, 26.08.2012
Plenary LectureAuditorium Maximum
Plenary Hall: Aula Duza A+B
Chairperson: Mark Kellens, Krzysztof Krygier and Aziz Tekin
11.10-12.00European Lipid Technology Award Lecture: Filtration than and now, what is new? (Abstract)
 Veldkamp, F., Lochem/NL
12.00-12.10Closing Remarks and Invitation to Antalya 2013 (Kein Abstract)
Health and DiseasesAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza B
Chairperson: Ludger Brühl and Tomasz Guzik "Nutrition and Health 2"
09.00-09.20Perivascular Adipose Tissue Inflammation in Cardiovascular Disease. (Abstract)
 Guzik, T., Krakow/PL
09.20-09.40Assessing Fat Deposition Between Subcutaneous Fat Tissue and Muscle in Lean and Obese Pigs Fed on Reduced Protein Diets (Abstract)
 Lopes, P., Lisbon/P, P. Costa, V. Pires, M. Madeira, F. Achega, A.S.H. Costa, J.A.M. Prates, Lisbon/P
09.40-10.00Reduction of trans-Fatty Acids in Croissants (Abstract)
 Brühl, L., Detmold/D, G. Unbehend, V. Schnell, Detmold/D
10.00-10.30Fatty Acids Composition of Spread Fats, Mixed Spread Fats and Butters on the Present Czech Market (Abstract)
 Dolezal, M., Prague/CZ, J. Dostálová, Prague/CZ
10.30-10.50High Oleic Oils: A Niche Solution Towards trans and Saturated Fat Reduction (Abstract)
 Turon, F., Toulouse/F, J. Astoul, A. Banik, E. Severac, Toulouse/F
Physical ChemistryAuditorium Maximum
Sala Wystawowa
Chairperson: Eckhard Flöter and Grzegorz Litwinienko: "General Physical Chemistry"
09.00-09.20Microstructure and Rheology of Phase-separated O/W/W Emulsions (Abstract)
 Rousseau, D., Toronto/CDN, H. Firoozmand, Toronto/CDN
09.20-09.40Effect of Oil Source on Oleo Gel Structure (Abstract)
 Mirolo, G., Udine/I, S. Calligaris, M. Anese, Udine/I
09.40-10.00Title to be announced (Kein Abstract)
 Flöter, E., Berlin/D
10.00-10.20Adsorption behavior of Fatty Acids on AlOOH Surface: From Self-assembly to Surface Nanostructuration (Abstract)
 Liascukiene, I., Vilnius/LT, J. Landoulsi, N. Aissaoui, J.-F. Lambert, Paris/F, S.J. Asadauskas, Vilnius/LT
10.20-10.40Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Cocoa Butter during Crystallization (Abstract)
 Rigolle, A., Kortrijk/B, J. Descheemaeker, K. Van Den Abeele, I, Foubert, Kortrijk/B
ProcessingAuditorium Maximum
Aula Duza A
Chairperson: György Karlovits and Roland Verhe
09.00-09.20Generation of 3-monochloro-1,2-propanediol-related Materials from tri-, di-, and monoolein at Deodorization Temperature (Abstract)
 Shimizu, M., Tokyo/J, K. Vosmann, B. Matthäus, Detmold/D
09.20-09.40A Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Approach for the Mitigation of 3-MCPD Esters and Related Compounds in Refined Oils (Abstract)
 Matthäus, B., Detmold/D, T. Rudolph, F. Pudel, Madgedurg/D, A. Freudenstein, Detmold/D
10.00-10.20Production of High Quality Oil from Herring Rest Raw Materials (Abstract)
 Carvajal, A.K, Trondheim/N, R. Mozuraityte, I.B. Standal, Trondheim/N, I. Stoknes, I, Storrř, Aalesund/N
10.20-10.40Bleaching Earth (Final title to be announced) (Abstract)
 Schurz, K., Moosburg/D
Olive OilAuditorium Maximum
Sala Mala
Chairperson: Lanfranco Conte and Aziz Tekin
09.00-09.20Sensory Functionality of Extra-virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Dinnella, C., Florence/I, M. Migliorini, M. Piochi, A.Recchia, G. Gianni and E. Monteleone, Florence/I
09.20-09.40Protective Activity of Olive Oil Polyphenols Metabolites (Abstract)
 Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, A. Silva, C.Serra, V. Almeida, J.E. Borges, J. Fernandes, H. Nascimento, L. Belo, A. Santos-Silva, Porto/P
09.40-10.00Changes in Olive Olive Oil Characteristics of two Common Turkish Varieties during Maturation (Abstract)
 Yorulmaz, A., Aydin/TR, H. Erinc, Tokat/TR, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
10.00-10.20Effect of Aromatization with Rosemary on the Yield and Quality Parameters of Boutique Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Karacabey, E., Isparta/TR, G. Ozkan, S.O. Sermet, L. Dalgic, Isparta/TR
10.20-10.40Down Scaling Oil Extraction for Process Optimization (Abstract)
 Bongi, G., Perugia/I, V. Stanzione, Perugia/I
Rapeseed and Rapeseed OilAuditorium Maximum
Sala Srednia
Chairperson: Bertrand Matthäus and Aleksandra Szydlowska-Czerniak
09.00-09.20Rapeseed and Human Health – New Insights concerning Inflammation, Coagulation and Rapeseed Protein (Abstract)
 Barth, C.A., Nuthetal/D
09.20-09.40Oxidative Stability of Roasted Mustard Seed (High Erucic Variety) Oil (Abstract)
 Shrestha, K., Ghent/B, F.G. Gemechu, C.V. Stevens, B. De Meulenaer, Ghent/B
09.40-10.00Effect of cultivation on the antioxidant properties of the rapeseed phenolic extracts (Abstract)
 Amarowicz, R., Olsztyn/PL, K. Penkacik, B. Cwalina-Ambroziak, M. Janiak, A. Kulczyk, Olsztyn/PL
10.00-10.20Characteristics and Analysis of Bioactive Compounds in Rapeseed and its Products (Abstract)
 Szydlowska-Czerniak, A., Torun/PL
10.20-10.40Effect of Dietary Alpha-linolenic Acid Preconditioning on its Cellular Incorporation and Conversion into Long-chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Abstract)
 Pignitter, M., Vienna/A, M. Lindenmeier, G. Andersen, Freising/D, C. Herrfurth, I. Feussner, M. Fulda, Goettingen/D
BreakAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
10.40-11.10Coffee Break and Expo Wednesday Morning (Kein Abstract)
Physical ChemistryAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
PHYS-005Acceleration of Fat Crystal Network Formation by Use of High Intensity Ultrasound (Abstract)
 Knudsen, R.P., Aarhus/DK
Oxidation and AntioxidationAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-032Correlation between the Cinnamic Acid Derivatives Antioxidant Efficiency and their Distribution in Model Food Emulsions. (Abstract)
 Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, M. Costa, Porto/P, S. Losada-Barreiro, C. Bravo-Díaz, Vigo/E
Health and DiseasesAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
HEDI-001Comparative Study Of Search And Possible Correlation Lp (A) And Hdl Cholesterol In The General Population. (Abstract)
 Rousakis, N., Kastoria/GR, S. Patiakas, S. Chatzizisi, O. Tsiatsiou, Kastoria/GR
HEDI-002Incidence Study Of The Widely Used Combination Of
Enalapril – Nitrendipine In The Various Biochemical Parameters. (Abstract)
 Rousakis, N., Kastoria/GR, S.Patiakas, K. Panagiotellis, Kastoria/GR, C. Charalampous Charalampos, Thessaloniki/GR
HEDI-003Study Effects of Administration L-Carnitine in Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Lipoprotein a in Dislipidemic Patients Serum. (Abstract)
 Patiakas, S., Kastoria/GR, S. Patiakas, N. Rousakis, O. Tsiatsiou, S. Chatzizisi, Kastoria/GR
HEDI-004Factors Influencing Repeated use of Palm Oil for Frying during the Shortage Crisis in Thailand (Abstract)
 Patimanukaseam, P., Bangkok/T, Y. Punya-Ngarm, Bangkok/T
HEDI-005Nano-suspensions of an Olive Triterpenoid with Antidiabetic Activity (Abstract)
 Rada, M., Sevilla/E, J.M. Castellano, T. Delgado, J.A. Cayuela, A. Guinda, Sevilla/E
HEDI-006Acrylamide and Human Health (Abstract)
 Yangilar, F., Ardahan/TR
HEDI-007Postmenopausal Dyslipidemia - Nutritional Risk Factors and Oxidative Stress Implication (Abstract)
 Grygiel-Gorniak, B., Poznan/PL, J. Przyslawski, A. Szczepanik, M. Churacki, Poznan/PL
HEDI-008Tomato Carotenoids Exert Cytotoxicity on HT29 Cell Line (Abstract)
 Ramos Bueno, R., Almería/E, E. Venegas Venegas, M.A. Rincón Cervera, J.L. Guil Guerrero Jose Luis, Almeria/E
HEDI-009A Mild Energy Reduction in the Lunch Diet May Be Preventive for Metabolic Syndrome (Abstract)
 Iwamoto, M., Fukuoka City/J, K. Yagi, K. Yazumi, Fukuoka City/J, S. Nishizono, Miyazaki City/J
HEDI-010Is the t8,c10 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Isomer a New Anti-Adipogenic Compound? (Abstract)
 Lopes, P., Lisbon/P, S. Martins, M. Nascimento, M. Castro, J. Prates, Lisbon/P
HEDI-011Comparative Study of Fatty Materials used in the Preparation of Bakery Products (Abstract)
 Jachmanián, I., Montevideo/ROU, I. Vieitez, B. Irigaray, C. Perez, M. Grompone, Montevideo/ROU
HEDI-012Nutraceutical Benefit of Vitamins E and A of Escamoles and Egs for the Eye Health (Abstract)
 Melo Ruiz, V.E., México, Distrito Federal/MEX, Q. Tomas, M. Susana, M.G. Ileana, C. Concepción, México/MEX
HEDI-013Chromosome 2 Marker as a Risk Factor for Atherosclerosis (Abstract)
 Adamkova, V., Prague/CZ, A. Hubácek, V. Stanek, J. Mesanyova, M. Vrablik,R. Ceska, J. Pitha, Prague/CZ
HEDI-014Cashew Nut Anacardium Occidentale from Mexico
Source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 (Abstract)
 Melo Ruiz, V.E., México, Distrito Federal/MEX, K. Sánchez, H.D. Jiménez Aguirre, T. Quirino T. Gutiérrez/MEX
HEDI-015Neuroprotection by Lowering of Membrane Cholesterol Content (Abstract)
 Borisova, T.A., Kiev/UA, R.Sivko, L. Kasatkina, N. Krisanova, Kiev/UA
HEDI-016Disruption of Neuropeptide Y Gene Limits Stress Resistance and Lifespan Extension effects of Calorie Restriction in Mice (Abstract)
 Chiba, T., Tokorozawa/J, T. Komatsu, R. Mori, T. Kusudo, H. Yamashita, I. Shimokawa. Nagasaki/J
HEDI-017Protective effect of Tea Seed (Camellia oleifera Abel.) Oil on Ketoprofen-induced Acute Gastrointestinal Ulcer in Rats (Abstract)
 Yen, G.C., Taichung/T, S.L. Wu, Y.T. Cheng, Taichung/T
HEDI-018 Benefifial Effect of Omega-7 Palmitoleic Acid on Metabolic Disorders in Type 2 Diabetic Mice (Abstract)
 Yang, Z-H, Tokyo/JA, H. Miyahara, J. Takeo, M. Katayama, Tokyo/J
HEDI-019Does Milk Rich in CLA has Cytotoxicity against Cancer Cell Lines ? (Abstract)
 Abd El-Gawad, Abd El-Rahman, Giza/ET
HEDI-020Effect of Feeding Buffaloes Milk Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) on tumor Bearing Mice (in vivo study) (Abstract)
 Abd El-Gawad, Abd El-Rahman, Giza/ET
HEDI-021Decreased Δ6-Desaturase (FADS2) Gene Expression in Peripheral Blood of Atopic Eczema Children (Abstract)
 Chisaguano, A., Barcelona/ES
HEDI-022Multivariate Data Analysis of Erythrocyte Membrane Phospholipid Fatty Acid Profiles in the Discrimination between Normal Blood Tissue and Various Disease States (Abstract)
 Cencic Kodba, Z., Maribor/SLO, D. Brodnjak Voncina, Maribor/SLO, M. Novic, Ljubljana/SLO
HEDI-023High Levels of Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Cord Serum Are Associated With Increased Risk of Allergy Development (Abstract)
 Barman, M, Gothenburg/S
HEDI-024Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil on Platelet Aggregability and Dyslipidemia in High Fat Diet Fed Rats (Abstract)
 Haimeur, A, Le Mans/F, N. Meskini, Mohammedia/MAR, V. Mimouni, L. Ulmann, Laval/F, G. Tremblin, Le Mans/F
HEDI-025Hypolipidemic and Platelet Antiaggregation Effects of Argan Oil in Moroccan Dyslipidemic Patients (Abstract)
 Haimeur, A., Le Mans Cedex 9/F, N. Meskini, N. Abouakil, H. Messaouri, Mohammedia/MAR, V. Mimouni, L. Ulmann, G. Tremblin, Laval/F, A. Mesrar, A. Chraibi, Rabat/MAR
HEDI-026Presence of Elevated Circulating HDL Phenol Levels in Men who consumed Olive Oil with Different Antioxidant Content (Abstract)
 Fernández-Ávila, C, Barcelona/E, R. Montes, A. Chisaguano, AI Castellote Bargalló, M.I. Covas, M. Fitó, D. Muńoz, M.C. López Sabater, Barcelona/E
HEDI-027Effect of â-Cyclodextrin on Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids of the Milk Fat (Abstract)
 Alonso, L., Villaviciosa, Asturias/SP, P. Cuesta, Stillwater, Oklahoma/USA
HEDI-028Fish and Shellfish from Sustainable Fisheries are Good Sources of n3 Fatty Acids (Abstract)
 Wretling, S, Uppsala/S
HEDI-029Trans Fatty Acids in Swedish Food Baskets (Abstract)
 Wretling, S, Uppsala/S
HEDI-030Content of trans Fatty Acids in Margarines on the Swedish Market (Abstract)
 Haglund, M., Uppsala/S
HEDI-031Fatty Acid Profile of Erythrocyte Membranes for Characterization of Patients with Intestinal Polyps and Uterine Leiomyoma: Towards Biomarker Discovery (Abstract)
 Cencic Kodba, Z., Maribor/SLO, D. Brodnjak Voncina, Maribor/SLO, M. Novic, Ljubljana/SLO
HEDI-032Are Fatty Acids of Cheek Cells Adequate Biomarker for the Fatty Acid Status after a Supplementation with Linseed Oil and Olive Oil? (Abstract)
 Grindel, A., Jena/D, F. Staps, K. Kuhnt, Jena/D
HEDI-033Enrichment of Long Chain n-3 PUFA in Different Blood Fractions under Supplementation with an Alpha-linolenic Acid-rich Vegetable Oil (Abstract)
 Weiß and Koehler, S. and M., Jena/D, B. Denk, F. Staps, G. Jahreis, K. Kuhnt, Jena/D
HEDI-034Metabolism of Conjugated Fatty Acids (CLA and CLnA) in Human Colon Cell Lines with Different Stage of Transformation: Challenges and Chances (Abstract)
 Degen, C, Jena/D, G. Jahreis, Jena/D
LAMI-001Bioactive Sphingolipids in Experimental Model of Oxidative Stress Evoked by 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+). (Abstract)
 Pyszko, J., Warsaw/PL, J.B. Strosznajder, Warsaw/PL
LAMI-002Neuroprotective Mechanism of Docosahexaenoic Acid in Genotoxic Stress Evoked by DNA Akylation (Abstract)
 Pyszko, J, Warsaw/PL, M. Cieslik, J.B. Strosznajder, Warsaw/PL
LAMI-006Ceramides in Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Cell Death. Effect of Selected Cytoprotective Compounds (Abstract)
 Czubowicz, K., Warsaw/PL, R.P. Strosznajder, Warsaw/PL
LAMI-007Lipoxygenases and poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase-1 in Free Radicals Signalling and Neuronal Death Evoked by Glucose Deprivation. Neuroprotective effect of Sphingosine-1-phosphate (Abstract)
 Czubowicz, K., Warsaw/PL, R.P. Strosznajder, Warsaw/PL
LAMI-012Concentration of Malondialdehyde, Retinol and Tocopherols (α, β, γ, δ) in Human Plasma after Supplementation of Different Oils - Fish, Echium, Linseed and Olive. (Abstract)
 Kuhnt, K., Jena/D, W. Hartmann, W. Weber, M. Dittrich, W. Stuetz, Jena/D
LAMI-019 Rabbiteye Blueberry (Vaccinium ashei Reade) Lafe Prevents Metabolic Syndrome (Abstract)
 Nishizono, S., Kumamoto/J, T. Kai, Miyazaki/J, N. Inoue, K. Nagao, Saga/J, T. Tanaka, Nagasaki/J, T. Yanagita, Saga/J, N. Fukuda, Miyazaki/J
LAMI-025Adipose-derived Wnt Activators Contribute Towards Adaptation of Pancreatic Beta Cells to Systemic Insulin Resistance (Abstract)
 Kozinski, K., Warsaw/PL, J. Janikiewicz, K. Kolczynska, A. Dobrzyn, Warsaw/PL
LAMI-027Endogenously Synthesized AEA and 2-AG have an Opposite effect on Insulin Sensitivity in C2C12 Myotubes (Abstract)
 Ruminska, A., Warsaw/PL, K. Mnich, K. Malenczyk, A. Dobrzyn, Warsaw/PL
LAMI-028Effect of Dietary Stearate and Oleate on Expression of Fatty Acid Desaturases and Elongases in the Heart (Abstract)
 Bednarski, T., Warsaw/PL, M. Jazurek, A. Dobrzyn, M. Malodobra-Mazur, P. Dobrzyn, Warsaw/PL
LAMI-029 Elovl2 and PUFA Synthesis is Controlled by ER? (Abstract)
 González-Bengtsson, E.A., Stockholm/S, A. Asadi, C. Ledin, A. Jacobsson, Stockholm/S
LAMI-033The Impact of Nutritional Status of Lactating Mothers on Cholesterol Concentration in Human Milk. (Abstract)
 Kamelska, A.M., Olsztyn/PL, K. Bryl, Olsztyn/PL
LAMI-041Plasma Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Profile in Normal Weight, Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women and Offspring at Birth (Abstract)
 Guerendiain, M.E., Barcelona/E, A.I. Castellote, B. Damm, Barcelona/E, M.T. Segura, I. Rusanova, F.J. Torres-Espínola, C. Campoy, Granada/E, M.C. López-Sabater, Barcelona/E
LAMI-073Effect of Pomegranate Seed Oil on Development of Atherosclerosis in ApoE/LDLR-/- Mice (Abstract)
 Kostogrys, R.B., Krakow/PL, M. Franczyk-Zarów, E. Maslak, A. Drahun, I. Czyzynska, M. Gajda, S. Chlopicki, R.B. Kostogrys, Krakow/PL
LAMI-079Palm Based Liquid Coconut Milk Substitute (Abstract)
 Zainal, Z., Selangor/MAL, Z. Shahrim, S.Rahma Abd Hafid, Selangor/MAl
LAMI-099The Fatty Acids of CLA-enriched Egg Yolks may Activate the Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptors (PPARs) in Breast Cancer Cells (Abstract)
 Pawlik, S., Cracow/PL, A. Koronowicz, A. Master, J. Chwastek, E. Jankos, T. Leszczynska, Cracow/PL
Analytical, Imaging, Authenticity, LipidomicsAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
ANLI-001Commercial Soy Lecithins Analysis: EASI-MS vs MALDI-TOF (Abstract)
 Barrera-Arellano, D., Campinas/BR, G.D. Fernandes, R.M. Alberici, G.G. Pereira, E.C. Cabral, M.N. Eberlin, Campinas/BR
ANLI-002Comparison between Synchronous Fluorescence and Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Classification of Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
 Radzio, A., Poznan/PL, K. Wójcicki, Poznan/PL
ANLI-003Direct Determination of Phospholipase D Activity by Infrared Spectroscopy (Abstract)
 Do, L.D., Warsaw/PL, R. Buchet, Villeurbanne/F, S. Pikula, Warsaw/PL, A. Abousalam, S. Mebarek, Villeurbanne/F
ANLI-004Application of Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Thin Layer Chromatography to Examination of Erythrocyte Lipid Profile of Patients supplemented with fatty acids (Abstract)
 Piekoszewski, W., Krakow/PL
ANLI-005Gas Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectrometry Determination of Fatty Acids in Patients Supplemented with Fatty Acids – Preliminary Studies (Abstract)
 Piekoszewski, W., Krakow/PL
ANLI-006A Rapid Method for the Determination of 4 PAHs in Oil by UHPLC-SPE on Line (Abstract)
 Watiez, M., Dunkerque/F, M. Marteau, Dunkerque/F, A. Huteau, M. Levi, Marne la Vallée/F, S. Breton, A. Huertas, Asničres sur Seine/F
ANLI-007Simple Lipids of New Zealand Thermophiles (Abstract)
 Lagutin, K., Wellington/NZ, Vyssotski, M, Wellington/NZ, Ryan, J, Wellington/NZ, Stott, M, Taupo/NZ
ANLI-008Raman Study of the Human Erythrocyte Membrane Lipids (Abstract)
 Kozicki, M., Kraków/PL, A. Weseucha-Birczyńska, B. Oleksyn, J. Czepiel, P. Nowak, Kraków/PL
ANLI-009Determination of Plasma Free Fatty Acids from Juvenile Obese by GC-MS after Converting Acids into Weinreb Amides (Abstract)
 Ubhayasekera, Kumari, Uppsala/S, J. Staaf, A. Forslund, P. Bergsten, J. Bergquist, Uppsala/S
ANLI-010Inhibition of Inflammatory Responses by Biotransformation Products of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) and Structural Characterization of Active Compounds by LC-MS/MS (Abstract)
 Petta, T., Ribeirăo Preto/BR, A. Secatto, Ribeirăo Preto/BR, G.H.M.F Souza, Barueri/BR, A.C. Labate, Piracicaba/BR, L.H. Faccioli, L.A.B. Moraes, Ribeirăo Preto/BR
ANLI-011Effect from in vitro Digested Cod Liver Oil of Different Quality on Oxidation, Energy Metabolism, Proteome in Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) (Abstract)
 Larsson, K., Gothenburg/S, K. Istenic, Ljubljana/SLO, A. Almgren, I. Undeland, Gothenburg/S, P. Jamnik, Ljubljana/SLO
LAMI-021Raman Spectroscopy as a Tool for Fat Composition Study: Application to Animal and Milk Fat (Abstract)
 Abbas, O., Gembloux/B, I. Stefanov, V. Fievez, Melle/B, P. Dardenne, V. Baeten, Gembloux/B
LAMI-022Assessment of the Discrimination of Animal Fat by Raman Spectroscopy (Abstract)
 Abbas, O., Gembloux/B, J.A. Fernández Pierna, Gembloux/B, R. Codony, Barcelona/E, C. Von Holst, Geel/B, V. Baten, Gembloux/B
LAMI-023Vernix Caseosa Lipid Extraction: Comparison of Methods (Abstract)
 Míková, R., Prague/CZ, V. Vrkoslav, P. Horká, M. Zábranská, A. Dolezal, R. Plavka, J. Cvacka, Prague/CZ
LAMI-034Towards a Reference Method for the Analysis of Triglycerides in Biodiesel using an On-line Hydrogenation Approach (Abstract)
 Ruano Miguel, L., Geel/B, M. Ulberth-Buchgraber, A. Held, Geel/B
LAMI-038Analysis of Lipid Classes using Normal Phase HPLC on
Cyanopropyl Coated Silica in Combination with ESI-MS/MS. (Abstract)
 Olsson, P., Stockholm/S, J. Holmbäck, U. Nilsson, B. Herslöf, Stockholm/S
LAMI-039Determination of CPD Esters and Glycidyl Esters in Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
 Karabulut, M., Izmir/TR, F. Yemiscioglu, Izmir/TR
LAMI-043Phytosterols as a Bioactive Compounds in Argan Oil (Abstract)
 Rudzinska, M., Poznan/PL, H. Jelen, Poznan/PL
LAMI-044Determination of Butter Adulteration with Palm Oil by Synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Abstract)
 Dankowska, A., Poznan/PL, M. Malecka, Poznan/PL
LAMI-049Authentication of Organic Meat by Lipid Profiling (Abstract)
 Boerrigter-Eenling, G.R., Wageningen/NL, A. Alewijn, Wageningen/NL
LAMI-054Rapid Quantification of Polar Compounds in Thermo-oxidized Oils (Abstract)
 Correia, A.C., Viseu/P, E. Dubreucq, Montpellier/F, S. Ferreira-Dias, Lisbon/P, J. Lecomte, Montpellier/F
LAMI-059Pesticide Residues Determination in Olive and Oilseed Rape Samples by Gas Chromatography-SIM-Mass Spectrometry after Modified QuEChERS Method Coupled to Dual-d-SPE Clean-up (Abstract)
 Molina-Ruiz, J.M., Krakow/PL
LAMI-060Comparison of Content of Selected Minerals and Cadmium in Olive, Oilseed Rape and Avocado Samples (Abstract)
 Molina-Ruiz, J.M., Krakow/PL
LAMI-061Content of Fat and Fatty Acids Composition in Oilseed Rape Samples (Abstract)
 Molina-Ruiz, J.M., Krakow/PL
LAMI-062Content of Fat and Fatty Acids Composition in Olive Samples (Abstract)
 Molina-Ruiz, J.M., Krakow/PL
LAMI-067Concentration of n-3 PUFA from Cod Liver Oil (Abstract)
 Gladkowski, W., Wroclaw/PL, A. Chojnacka, G. Kielbowicz, E. Jaskiewicz, C. Wawrzenczyk, Wroclaw/PL
LAMI-068Application a New Liquid Chromatography Method with Charge Aerosol Detector (CAD) for the Determination of Milk Phospholipids (Abstract)
 Chojnacka, A., Wroclaw/PL, G. Kielbowicz, W. Gladkowski, N. Niezgoda, Wroclaw/PL, P. Micek, Kraków/PL, C. Wawrzenczyk, Wroclaw/PL
LAMI-070Rapid Structural Analysis of Triacylglycerols in Food using MALDI- TOF(/TOF) MS with Monoisotopic Precurcer Selectivity (Abstract)
 Osuga, J., Croissy-Sur-Seine/F
LAMI-101A Fully Automated Method to Determine Sterols by Coupled LC-GC-FID Technique (Abstract)
 Küchler, T., Hamburg/D, M. Nestola, Sprockhövel/D, H. Dümmong, Hamburg/D, P. Tablack, Sprockhövel/D
Physical ChemistryAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-003Effect of Sorbitan Esters Composition on Crystallization of Refined Palm Oil (Abstract)
 Chih Ming, C., Campinas/BR, C.A. Santos, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
LAMI-045Influence of the Kind Frying Oil on the Odour of Fried Potato Snacks during Storage (Abstract)
 Górnicka, E.P., Wroclaw/PL, M. Szoltysik, A. Kita, Wroclaw/PL
LAMI-050Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Cocoa Butter as Observed by Hot Stage Microscopy in Conjunction with Image Analysis (Abstract)
 Ray, J., Loughborough/GB, D. Stewart, Loughborough/GB, K. Smith, Bedford/GB, P.S. Chong, York/GB, K. Bhaggan, Wormerveer/NL, Z. Nagy, A.G.F. Stapley, Loughborough/GB
LAMI-051Polymorphism and Crystallization Kinetics of sn-1,3-Distearoyl-2-oleoyl Glycerol (StOSt) by Hot Stage Microscopy in Combination with Image Analysis (Abstract)
 Ray, J., Loughborough/GB, K. Smith, Bedford/GB, K. Bhaggan, Wormerveer/NL, Z. Nagy, A.G.F. Stapley, Loughborough/GB
LAMI-053Microscopic Approach of the Polymorphism of Tripalmitin and Tristearin (Abstract)
 Soares, F.A.S.D.M, Lisbon/P, R.C. Silva, J.M. Maruyama, L.A. Gioielli, Săo Paulo/BR
LAMI-064Crystallization Propriety of Structured Lipids of Palm Stearin, Coconut Oil and Canola Oil (Abstract)
 Soares, F.A.S.D.M, Lisbon/P, R.C. Silva, J.M. Maruyama, Săo Paulo/BR, A.P.B. Ribeiro, A.O. dos Santos, L.P. Cardoso, Campinas/BR, J.R. Matos, L.A. Gioielli, Săo Paulo/BR
LAMI-066Investigation of a Tripalmitin/Triolein System via Hot Stage Microscopy (Abstract)
 Stewart, D.I., Loughborough/GB, A.G.F. Stapley, Z.K. Nagy, Loughborough/GB, P.S. Chong, York/GB
LAMI-088Interactions of Bile Acids with Model Lipid Membranes (Abstract)
 Engudar, G., Istanbul/TR, T. Andresen, Copenhagen/DK, B. Ozcelik, Istanbul/TR
LAMI-090Temperature- and pH-dependent Study of Membrane Lipids Interactions with Chitosan (Abstract)
 Regiel, A., Cracow/PL, A. Grzywacz, B. Krajewska, A. Kyziol, P. Wydro, G. Stochel Cracow/PL
PHYS-001Acetales of Glycerine with Surprisingly Small Critical Micellization Concentration (cmc) (Abstract)
 Paetzold, E., Rostock/D, J. Kraegel, R. Miller, Potsdam/D, U. Kragl, Rostock/D
PHYS-002Formulation of Zero-trans and Low-trans Iranian Vanaspati by High-Oleic Sunflower Oil (Abstract)
 Jozi, M., Zanjan/IR
PHYS-003Crystallization Inhibitory effect for Crystallization of Phytosterol in O/W Emulsion Droplets (Abstract)
 Yamasaki, K., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, Y. Tatsumi, H. Hondoh, S. Ueno, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
PHYS-004Effect of Tripalmitin on Granular Crystals Formation in Bulk Model Systems of Fat Spread (Abstract)
 Aimi Nakaoka, A., Higash-Hiroshima/J, K. Tanaka, M. Komatsu, A. Waki, Hiroshima/J, M. Shiota, Tokyo/J, H. Hondoh, S. Ueno, Hiroshima/Japan
PHYS-006Analysis and Comparison of Cocoa Butter Plolymorphic Forms by DSC, X-Ray Diffractometer, Raman Spectroscopy and PLM (Abstract)
 Sekeroglu, G., Gaziantep/TR, A. Kaya, Gaziantep/TR
PHYS-007Seasonal Variations in Fatty Acid Composition and Isothermal Crystallization of Milk Fat (Abstract)
 Elbir, T., Bayburt/TR, O. Ozkanly, A. Kaya, Gaziantep/TR
PHYS-008Influence of Modified Lecithins on Crystallization Behavior of Cocoa Butter (Abstract)
 Miyasaki, E.K., Campinas/BR, C.C. Ming, V. Luccas, T.G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR
PHYS-009Effect of Sorbitan Monoesters Addition on the Crystallization and Polymorphic Behavior of Cocoa Butter (Abstract)
 Masuchi, M.H., Campinas/BR, R. Grimaldi, T.G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR
PHYS-010Physico-Chemical and Oxidative Stability of Functional Dark Chocolate Added of Phytosterols (Abstract)
 Castro, I.A., Sao Paulo/BR, L.P. Lobato, M. Galasso, V. Dias, Sao Paulo/BR
PHYS-011To Characterize Fat Bloom in Uncontaminated Cocoa Butter Substitute Compound by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Abstract)
 Chong, P.S., York/GB, J. Khandige, York/GB
PHYS-012Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fractionation of Anhydrous Milk Fat (Abstract)
 Büyükbese, D., Gaziantep/TR, E.E. Emre, A. Kaya, Gaziantep/TR
PHYS-013Synthesis, Characterization and Physico-chemical Investigation of Renewable Piperazinium Cationic Surfactants (Abstract)
 Chauhan, V., Amritsar/IND, S. Singh, Amritsar/IND
PHYS-014Influence of the Addition of Sucrose Behenate on the Crystallization Behavior and Microstructure of Palm Oil (Abstract)
 Gonçalves, L., Campinas/BR, A.P. Badan Ribeiro, Campinas/BR, L.A. Gioielli, Limeira/BR, M.A.F. Domingues, Campinas/BR
PHYS-015The Effect of Limonene on the Crystallization of Cocoa Butter (Abstract)
 Ray, J., Loughborough/GB, W. Macnaughtan, Sutton Bonington/GB, P.S. Chong, J. Vieira, York/GB, B. Wolf, Sutton Bonington/GB
ProcessingAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-024Development of Innovative Lipid-Based Ingredients for Microencapsulation of Fish Oil (Abstract)
 Falkeborg, M., Aarhus/DK, L.-Z. Cheong, K. Kristensen, M. Glasius, X. Xu, Z. Guo, ZG, Aarhus/DK.
LAMI-075Physical Refining: Evaluation of Different Temperatures on the Hydrolysis of Triacylglycerols and Formation of FFA (Abstract)
 Verhé, R., Ghent/BG, K.A. Sampaio, J. Villa-Ayala, Ghent/B, R. Ceriani, A.J.A. Meirelles, Campinas/BR
LAMI-080Membrane Technology as an Alternative Technique for Evalusation od Oil Refining Waste (Abstract)
 Gumuskesen, A.S., Izmir/TR, F. Yemiscioglu, Izmir/TR
LAMI-081Olive Oil Deodorisation Distillate: As a Source of Industrial Chemicals (Abstract)
 Yemiscioglu, F., Izmir/TR, A. Ozemre, Izmir/TR
PROC-001The Effect of Collagen Hydrolysate (Instant Gel Schoko) as a Partial Replacement of Cocoa Butter on the Rheological and Sensory Properties of Dark Chocolate (Abstract)
 Tayefe Ashrafie, N., Tehran/IR, A. Taslimi, M. A. Mohammadifar, Tehran/IR
PROC-002Formation of Glycidol Fatty Acid Esters from Cooking Condition (Abstract)
 Aoyama, H., Tokyo/J, D. Shiiba, R. Sasaki, J. Moriwaki, K. Toho, K. Yasunaga, Tokyo/J, N. Kudo, Toyo/J, Y. Katsuragi, Tokyo/J
PROC-003Squalene Content of “Light” and“Heavy” Wine Lees (Abstract)
 Mantzouridou, F., Thessaloniki/GR, E. Naziri, I. Goudenoudi-Eskitzi, M.Z. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR
PROC-004Effect of Microwave Pre-treatment of Oilseeds on Oil Quality (Abstract)
 Nosenko, T., Kiyv/UA, G.O. Demchina, S.V. Ivanov, Kiyv/UA
PROC-005Removal of Phospholipids from Crude Corn Oil by Enzymatic Degumming Process (Abstract)
 Tüter, M., Istanbul/TR, G. Turetkan, S. Karahasan, G. Üstün, Istanbul/TR
PROC-006Aqueous Extraction of Sunflower Oil: Effect of Protease Treatment (Abstract)
 Vardar, E., Istanbul/TR, G. Özgun, G. Üstün, M.Tüter, H.A. Aksoy, Istanbul/TR
PROC-007Formation of 3-MCPD Esters from Acylglycerols in Model Systems (Abstract)
 Ilko, V., Prague/CZ, Z. Zelinková, M. Dolezal, J. Velíšek, Prague/CZ
PROC-008New Formulation and Processing Strategies for the Manufacturing of Cheese Fortified with Omega-3 (Abstract)
 Ignat, A., Udine/I, A. Gulotta, S. Calligaris, M.C. Nicoli, Udine/I, D. Bermudez Aguirre, G.V. Varvosa-Canoves, Pullman, WA/USA
PROC-009Walnut Kernel Processing using Supercritical CO2 Extraction (Abstract)
 Jenac, A., Chisinau/MD, V. Caragia, O. Botnari, O. Migalatiev, Chisinau/MD
PROC-010Changes in Triglycerides Composition of Seasoned Cracked Olives (Abstract)
 Lopez-Lopez, A., Sevilla/E, A. Cortes-Delgado, A. Montano-Asquerino, A. Garrido-Fernandez, Sevilla/E
PROC-011A three Component Stabilizer System for Production of Astaxanthin Nanodispersion (Abstract)
 Tan, C.P., Serdang/MAL, N. Anarjan, Serdang/MAL
PROC-012Use of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for the development of a low trans soy-based fat for application in semi-sweet biscuits (Abstract)
 Barrera-Arellano, D., Campinas/BR, A. Penteado, C.J. Steel, Campinas/BR
PROC-013Preparation and Scale-up of Phosphatidyl-tyrosol via Phospholipase D Transphospatidylation. (Abstract)
 Casado, V.Casado, Madrid/E, C. Torres, G. Reglero, Madrid/E
PROC-014Effects of Different Distillation Conditions on Minor Compounds of Olive Pomace Oil (Abstract)
 Yorulmaz, A, Aydin/TR, K. Sahin, O. Ketenoglu, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
PROC-015Some Biophysical and Chemical Properties of Selected Persian Sunflower Seeds (Abstract)
 Tavakolipour, Hamid, sabzevar/IR, A. Hossein Elhamirad, N. Vafaee, Sabzevar/IR
PROC-016Enzymatic Oil Extraction from the Copepod Calanus finmarchicus (Abstract)
 Vang, B, Tromsř/N, A.M. Pedersen, R.L. Olsen, Tromsř/N
PROC-017Process Optimization of the Production of Liposomal Carriers for Enhancing the Solubility of the Quercetin-Aglycon (Abstract)
 Frenzel, M., Kiel/D, C. Bollow, A. Steffen-Heins, Kiel/D
BiotechnologyAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
BIOT-001Random Mutagenesis of atfA and Screening for Acinetobacter baylyi Mutants with an Altered Accumulation of Wax Esters and Triacylglycerols (Abstract)
 Röttig, A., Münster/D, A. Steinbüchel, Münster/D
BIOT-002Improving the Efficiency of the Enzymatic Synthesis of Alkyl Esters by the Continuous Addition of the Alcohol (Abstract)
 Jachmanián, I., Montevideo/ROU, M. Saibene, Montevideo/ROU
BIOT-003AA-Structured Triacylglycerols from Arasco® Oil (Abstract)
 Venegas Venegas, E., Almería/E, R. Ramos Bueno, M.A. Rincón Cervera, J.L. Guil Guerrero, Almería/E
BIOT-004Lipid Biosynthesis and Metabolism in Microalgae Nannochloropsis salina and Chlorella sp. Cultivated in Lab-scale Reactors (Abstract)
 Bellou, S., Patras/GR, G. Aggelis, Patras/GR
BIOT-005Influence of pH and Incubation Temperature on Lypolytic Activity of Macrophomina phaseolina (Abstract)
 Schinke, C., Porto Alegre/BR, J.C. Germani, Porto Alegre/BR
BIOT-006Replacement of Milk Fat by a Vegetable Oil Emulsion in Symbiotic Yogurts Improves Fatty Acids Profile whilst do not Affected Fermentation Performance neither Sensorial Properties (Abstract)
 Perina, N.P., Săo Paulo/BR, C.Y. Hirota, F.A.S.M. Soares, R.C. Silva, C.S.B. Bogsan, M.N. Oliveira, Săo Paulo/BR
BIOT-007Estimation of Products of the Enzymatic Glycerolysis Rapeseed Oil and Pork Lard Mixture (Abstract)
 Minkowski, K., Warsaw/PL, S. Ptasznik, Warsaw/Pl
BIOT-008Novel Microbial Lipases: Versatile Tools for Biotechnology (Abstract)
 Wehofsky, N, Halle/Saale/D, C. Meyer, Halle/D, M. Berlinger, S. Sroka, J. Modregger, Vienna/A
LAMI-009Cooling Conditions affect Survival of Bifidobacterium Animalis subsp. lactis, as a Result of Membrane Fatty Acid Composition (Abstract)
 Florence, A.C.R., Săo Paulo/BR, M.N. Oliveira, Săo Paulo/BR, C. Béal, Thiverval Grignon/F
LAMI-040Lipophilic Phytosterol Derivatives: Synthesis, Thermal Property and Nano-emulsion Behavior (Abstract)
 Panpipat, W., Aarhus/DK, X. Xu, Z. Guo, Aarhus/DK
LAMI-046Production of Single Cell Oil from Rhodosporidium toruloides (Abstract)
 Mutlu, Z., Istanbul/TR, N. Sahin Yesilcubuk, N. Aran, Istanbul/TR
LAMI-047Neutralized Alkaline Amino Acid Salts-catalyzed Knoevenagel Condensation of Substituted Aromatic Aldehydes and Active Methylene Compounds (Abstract)
 Li, W., Aarhus/DK, Z. Guo, Aarhus/DK
LAMI-052Operational Stability of Thermomyces Lanuginosa and Rhizomucor miehei Lipase during Interesterification of a Blend of Palm Stearin, Palm Kernel and Olive Oil in Continuous Packed-bed Reactors (Abstract)
 Soares, F.A.S.D.M, Lisbon/P, R.C. Silva, J.M. Maruyama, Săo Paulo/BR, N.M. Osório, Lisbon/P, L.A. Gioielli, Săo Paulo/BR, S. Ferreira-Dias, Lisbon/P
LAMI-055Optimized Production of Human Milk Fat Substitutes by Acidolysis of Lard and Fatty Acids from a Fish Oil Concentrate Catalysed by a Heterologous Rhizopus oryzae Lipase (Abstract)
 Tecelăo, C., Lisbon/P, T. Simőes, Peniche/Po, M. Guillén, F. Valero, Barcelona/E, S. Ferreira-Dias, Lisbon/P
LAMI-056Production of Human Milk Fat Substitutes using Immobilized Pseudomonas cepacia Lipase in Organic Polymer with Ionic Liquid (Abstract)
 Tecelăo, C., Lisbon/P, C. Soares, S. Santos, Aracaju/BR, H. Ferreira de Castro, Săo Paulo/BR, A. Lima, Aracaju/BR, S. Ferreira-Dias, Lisbon/P
LAMI-063Production of Docosahexaenoic Acid and Eicosapentaenoic Acid Ethyl Esters Concentrates by Enzymatic Hydrolysis (Abstract)
 Marty, A., Toulouse/F, L. Casas Godoy, Toulouse/F, R. Chulalaksananukul, Bangkok/T, R. Piamtongkam, Toulouse/F
LAMI-065Synthesis of a Nicotinol DHA Ester for Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases: Enzyme and Process Optimization (Abstract)
 Casas-Godoy, L., Toulouse/F, E. Séverac, S. Duquesne, L. Tarquis, Toulouse/F, N. Chomarat, Castres/F, A. Marty, Toulouse/F
LAMI-074Second Generation Biodiesel from Rhodotorula graminis. Lipids Biosynthesis and Lipidome Characterization (Abstract)
 Cucchetti, D., Novara/I, D. Bianchi, R. Bortolo, G. Franzosi, T. Fiorani, S. Chiaberge, A. Esposito, Novara/IT
LAMI-085Erythorbyl Laurate: A Promising Candidate for Novel Antimicrobial Agent with Antioxidative Activity (Abstract)
 Park, K.M., Seoul/ROK, P.S. Chang, C.W. Kwon, Seoul/ROK
LAMI-087Lipase-mediated Epoxidation of Fatty Acids under Continuous Flow Conditions (Abstract)
 Leal, I.C.R., Rio de Janeiro/BR, F.A. Correa, F.K. Sutili, S.G.F. Leite, L.S.M. Miranda, R.O.M.A. De Souza, Rio de Janeiro/BR
LAMI-088 Evaluation of Metagenome Library Quality for Lipolytic Enzyme Discovery (Abstract)
 Adamczak, M., Olsztyn/PL, M. Urban, Olsztyn/PL
LAMI-089Analysis of Lipolytic Activity of Soil Samples and Soil Metagenome Library Screening (Abstract)
 Adamczak, M., Olsztyn/PL, M. Urban, Olsztyn/PL
LAMI-091Application of Crude Glycerol for Microbial Synthesis of Biosurfactants by Starmerella bombicola (Abstract)
 Adamczak, M., Olsztyn/PL, E. Dziegielewska, Olsztyn/PL
LAMI-092Modification of Fatty Acid Selectivity of Pseudozyma antarctica Lipase A by Error-prone PCR (Abstract)
 Adamczak, M., Olsztyn/PL, A. Wroclawska, D. Glód, Olsztyn/PL
LAMI-093Immobilization of Thermomyces lanuginosus Lipase on Nanocarriers for Application in Biodiesel Synthesis (Abstract)
 Adamczak, M., Olsztyn/PL, P. Karas, W. Dabrowski, M. Luczynski, Olsztyn/PL
LAMI-094Analysis of Enzymatic Transesterification of Rapeseed Oil Using an Enzymatic Packed-bed Reactor in a Fed-batch System (Abstract)
 Adamczak, M., Olsztyn/PL, K. Dobrzyn, W. Dabrowski, Olsztyn/PL, W. Bednarski, Olsztyn/PL
Oxidation and AntioxidationAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-004 Antioxidant Activity of a Broad Bean Extract and its Fractions (Abstract)
 Janiak, M., Olsztyn/PL, I. Estrella, T. Hernández, M. Dueńas, R. Amarowicz, Madrid/E
LAMI-008Rapeseed Oil Shelf-life Evaluation by Oxygen Content determination using Fluorescence Quenching (Abstract)
 Samotyja, U., Poznan/PL, W. Kozak, Poznan/PL
LAMI-017Plant Sterols Stability in Enriched Fruit-milk Beverages (Abstract)
 Alemany, L., Valencia/E, J.M. Laparra, R. Barbera, A. Alegría, Valencia/E
LAMI-058Extraneous Proteins for Oxidative and Physical Stability of Oil Body Emulsions (Abstract)
 Nikiforidis, C.V., Wageningen/NL, O. Karkani, N. Nenadis, V. Kiosseoglou, Thessaloniki/GR
LAMI-071Comparison of Peroxide Value, Oil Stability Index and Chemiluminescence Oxidation Induction Time of Sunflower Oil (Abstract)
 Stoffers, H., Bern/CH, M. Vaihinger, Zollikofen/CH, F. Käser, Kerzers/CH
LAMI-072Chemiluminescence Method to Detect Lipid Oxidation in Milk and Cream Powder (Abstract)
 Stoffers, H., Bern/CH, P. Piccinali, K. Breme, D. Guggisberg, Bern/CH
LAMI-082The effect of Oregano Essential Oil on Shelf-life of Pistachio Nut Puree (Abstract)
 Adal, E., Gaziantep/TR
LAMI-084Antioxidant Properties of Melanin Nanoparticles in Model Lipid System (Abstract)
 Kluzek, M., Warsaw/PL, K. Jodko-Piórecka, G. Litwinienko, Warsaw/PL
OXI-001Evaporative Light Scattering Detector in NP-HPLC Analysis of FAME Oxidation Products (Abstract)
 Dobarganes, C., Sevilla/E, A. Morales, J. Velasco, S. Marmesat, Sevilla/E, G. Márquez-Ruíz, Madrid/E
OXI-002Antioxidative effects of Bene Kernel Oil and its Unsaponifiable Matter Fraction on Canola Oil Blended with Palm Olein and Virgin Olive Oils during Deep Frying (Abstract)
 Sharayei, P., Mashhad/IR, R. Farhoosh, Mashhad/IR
OXI-003Healthy Blends of High Linoleic Sunflower Oil with Selected Cold Pressed Oils: Functionality, Stability and Antioxidative Characteristics (Abstract)
 Hassnien, M.F.R., Zagazig/ET
OXI-004Application of Gas Chromatography-olfactometry/mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Aroma-active Volatile Compounds Derived from Edible Oils (Abstract)
 Fritsche, J., Hamburg/D, K.D. Petersen, Hamburg/D
OXI-005Isolation and Identification of Antioxidants Components from Cumin Seed (Cuminum cyminum)) (Abstract)
 Einafshar, S., Mashad/IR
OXI-006Improving the Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil by adding Anthocyanin Extract (Abstract)
 Oancea, S., Sibiu/RO, M. Stoia, C. Grosu, Sibiu/RO
OXI-007Lipid Oxidation in Homogeneous and Micro- heterogeneous Media in Presence of Prooxidants, Antioxidants and Surfactants (Abstract)
 Kancheva, V.D., Sofia/BG, O.T. Kasaikina, Moscow/RUS
OXI-008Natural vs. Synthetic Antioxidants in Designing Healthy Edible Oils (Abstract)
 Stoia, M., Sibiu/RO, S. Oancea,Sibiu/RO
OXI-009Studies on Photoluminescence Method for Determination of Quercetin using CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots (Abstract)
 Dwiecki, K., Poznan/PL, K. Kowanska, A. Siger, M. Nogala-Kalucka, Poznan/PL
OXI-010Effect of N-acetylcysteine Amide on Oil Oxidation (Abstract)
 Durmaz, G., Malatya/TR, B. Ates, Malatya/TR, N. Ercal, Rolla/USA
OXI-011Antioxidant Activity of Rice Hull Extracts Obtained after Alkaline or Acid Digestion with Regard to Phenolic Content and Composition (Abstract)
 Kyriakoudi, A., Thessaloniki/GR, N. Nenadis, M.Z. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR
OXI-012Prediction of the Performance of Natural Hydroxybenzaldehydes and Corresponding Phenolic Acids upon Bulk Oil Oxidation using DFT Calculations in the Liquid Phase (Abstract)
 Nenadis, N., Thessaloniki/GR, S.A. Ordoudi, E. Tsirigoti, O, Bountagkidou, M. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR
OXI-013Effect of Selected Oils and Antioxidants on Quantitative and Qualitative Changes in Thiamine (Abstract)
 Waszkowiak, K, Poznan/PL, K. Szymandera-Buszka, Hes, M. Poznan/PL
OXI-014Study of the Stability of Beef Tallow during Heating at High Temperatures (Abstract)
 Pinchak, A.Y., Montevideo/ROU, N. Merlinski, M.A. Grompone, Montevideo/ROU
OXI-015Assessment of the Deterioration of Beef Tallow used in the Frying of "Tortas Fritas" (Abstract)
 Pinchak, A.Y., Montevideo/ROU, N. Merlinski, M.A. Grompone, Montevideo/ROU
OXI-016Antioxidant Compounds in Red Wines from South America (Abstract)
 Castro, I.A., Sao Paulo/BR, L.G. Llobodanin, Săo Paulo/BR
OXI-017Efficiency of Synthetic Antioxidants on the Stabilization of Purified Sunflower Oil Methyl Esters (Abstract)
 Jachmanián, I., Montevideo/ROU, N. Martinez, Montevideo/ROU
OXI-018Functional Properties of Olive Mill Waste Water from different Olive Cultivars Grown in South Marmara, Turkey (Abstract)
 Dagdelen, A., Balikesir/TR, G. Ozkan, S. Onur, Sermet, L. Dalgic, S. Cevik, S. Aydin, Isparta/TR
OXI-019Study of Oxidative Stability of Cold-Pressed and Refined Rapeseed Oils Using Infrared Spectroscopy (Abstract)
 Wójcicki, K., Poznan/PL, E. Sikorska, Poznan/PL
OXI-020Evaluation of the Efficiency of Oryzanols as Antioxidants for Edible Oils by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Abstract)
 Jachmanian, I., Montevideo/ROU, B. Irigaray, I. Vieitez, M. Grompone, Montevideo/ROU
OXI-021Correlation between Experimentally Obtained and Theoretically Predicted Activites of New Bio-antioxidants (Abstract)
 Slavova-Kazakova, A.K., Sofia/BG, S. Angelova, J. Nechev, V.D. Kancheva, Sofia/BG, A. Prasad, V.S. Parmar, Delhi/IN
OXI-022Improving of Some Less Stable Edible Vegetable Oils by Blending With Roasted Sesame Seed Oil (Abstract)
 Hassanien, M.M.M.H., Cairo/ET, A. Abdel-Razek, S. El-Shami, M. El-Mallah, Cairo/ET
OXI-023Modification of Rigidity of Surface Areas, Size and Shape of Liposomes by Potassium Phenosan. (Abstract)
 Palmina, N.P., Moscow/RUS
OXI-024Effect of Extraction Solvents on the Extraction Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Capacities of Grape Seed (Abstract)
 Bozan, Berrin, Eskiţehir/TR
OXI-025Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) of Phenolic Antioxidants from Pomegranate Wastes (Abstract)
 Hosgun, Emir Zafer, Eskisehir/TR, B.Bozan, Eskisehir/TR
OXI-026Adsorption of Phenolic Antioxidants from Grapeseed using Amberlite® XAD-7 Resin (Abstract)
 Yildiz, D., Eskisehir/TR, B. Bozan, Eskisehir/TR
OXI-027The Effect of Natural Antioxidants from
Mulberry Leaves and Cacao on Oxidative Stability of Rapeseed Oil (Abstract)
 Przeor, M., Poznan/PL, E. Flaczyk, J. Kobus-Cisowska, Poznan/PL
OXI-028Application of the HS-SPME_GC/FID Method to detect early Oxidation Changes of Flax Oil (Abstract)
 Minkowski, K., Warsaw/PL, S. Grzeskiewicz, A. Krupska, Warsaw, PL
OXI-029Influence of UV Radiation on Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants and Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Evening Primrose Oil (Abstract)
 Smyk, B., Olsztyn/PL, R. Amarowicz, M. Tańska, S. Czaplicki, Olsztyn/PL
OXI-030FT-ICR MS: the Solution to the Coincidence Mass of the Ions in Soybean Oil (Abstract)
 Das Graças Pereira, G,, Campinas/BR, R.M. Alberici, E.M. Schmidt, I.B.S. Cunha, M.N. Eberlin, D. Barrera Arellano, Campinas/BR
OXI-031Basil and Oregano Flavoured Olive Oil – the Influence of Herb Processing on Oil Oxidative Stability (Abstract)
 Zawada, K., Warsaw/PL, I. Mikolajczyk, Warsaw/PL
OXI-032The Impact of Cinnamoyl and Hydrocinnamoyl Anilines on the Oxidative Stability of Rapeseed Oil Methyl Esters (Abstract)
 Mierina, I., Riga/LV, M. Jure, Riga/LV
OXI-033Antioxidant Activity of Oxygenated Normal and Retro-Carotenoids in Vegetal Oils (Abstract)
 Andrei, S., Cluj Napoca/RO, D. Crainic, A. Bunea, A. Pintea, Cluj Napoca/ROM
OXI-034Correlation between the Antioxidant Efficiency and the Antioxidant Distribution in MOdel Food Emulsions (Abstract)
 Losada-Barreiro, S., Vigo/E
OXI-035Antioxidant Activity of Extracts from Polish Flax Varieties (Abstract)
 Waszkowiak, K, Poznan/PL, A. Gliszczynska-Swiglo, J. Skrety, Poznan/PL
Lipids in Animal ScienceAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-010The effect of Hemp Seed Oil Supplementation on Fatty Acid Profile in Milk Fat from Dairy Goats (Abstract)
 Cozma, A.P., Cluj-Napoca/RO, S. Andrei, A. Pintea, D. Miere, L. Filip, R. Banc, F. Loghin, Cluj-Napoca/RO, A. Ferlay, Clermont-Ferrand/F
LAMI-011Upregulation of Hepatic Lipogenic Gene Expression does not Result in Lipid Accumulation in PUFA Deficient Elovl2 KO Mice (Abstract)
 Pauter, A.M., Stockholm/S, A. Asadi, P. Olsson, B. Herslöf, D. Zadravec, A. Jacobsson, Stockholm/S
LAMI-031Effect of Reduced Protein Diets on Fatty Acid Composition in the Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue of Two Pig Genotypes (Abstract)
 Lopes, P.A., Lisbon/P, M.S. Madeira, C.M. Alfaia, R.J.B. Bessa, J.A.M. Prates, Lisbon/P
LIAS-001Biochemical Changes in Lipid and Carbohydrate Metabolism in Obese Diabetic Male Albino Rats (Abstract)
 Osfor, M.M.H., Makka/KSA, O.Kensarah, F. Azzeh, M. El-Madbouly, M. El-Qutry, Makka/KSA
LIAS-002Improvement of Cow’s Milk Fat Nutritional Value: Potential of Palm Oil as Source of Natural Antioxidants (Abstract)
 Antone, U., Riga/LV, V. Sterna, Sigulda/LV, J. Zagorska, Jelgava/LV
LIAS-003Comparison of Broiler Chicken Meat Fat Fed Different Diets (Abstract)
 Sterna, V., Riga/LV, A. Jemeljanovs, I. Vitina, V. Krastina, S. Cerina, Sigulda/LV
LIAS-004Effects of Dietary Replacement of Fishmeal by Soybean Meal on Muscle Lipids in Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) (Teleostei:Cichlidae) (Abstract)
 Sáez, M.I., Almería/E, M.D. Alcázar, L. Hidalgo, M.D. Suárez, E. Venegas-Venegas, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, T.F. Martínez, Almería/E
LIAS-005Copper Sublethal Concentrations Induces Lipid Peroxidation and Modify Fatty Acids Profile in Gambussia holbrooki Girard (Abstract)
 Sáez, M.I., Almería/E, S. García-Mesa, E. Venegas-Venegas, T.F. Martínez, J. Casas, M.D. Gil, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, M.D. Suárez, Almería/E
LIAS-006Database Composition of Fatty Acids from Mexican Giant Water Bug Edible Insect (Abstract)
 Melo Ruiz, V.E., México, Distrito Federal/MEX, T. Quirino, M. García, K Sánchez, H. Sandoval, México/MEX.
LIAS-007Effect of Feeding Vegetable Oils and Monensin on Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Percent PUFA Contents in Buffaloes Milk. (Abstract)
 Abd El-Gawad, Abd El-Rahman, Giza/ET
Oil Seeds, Plant BreedingAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-037Transesterification of Tomato Seed Oil: Influence of Temperature and Type of Alcohol on Fatty Acid Esters Yield (Abstract)
 Botinestean, C., Timisoara/RO, M. Schreiner, Vienna/A, I. Jianu, Timisoara/RO
LAMI-095Fatty Acid Composition of Walnuts and Hazelnuts Stored at Various Conditions (Abstract)
 Momchilova, S., Sofia/BG, B. Grung, Bergen/NOR, E. Blagoeva, M. Nikolova, Kardzhali/BG, R: Dimitrova, S.Taneva, Sofia/BG
LAMI-096Fatty Acid Composition of Cold-pressed Hemp and Grape Seed-oils (Abstract)
 Cencic Kodba, Z., Maribor/SLO, V. Weingerl, Maribor/SLO, D. Vrabelj, Beltinci/SLO
OSPB-001Sunflower Seeds with High Content of Phytosterols: Influence of the Oil Extraction System (Abstract)
 Ruiz-Mendez, M.V., Sevilla/E, M.R. Aguirre, Sevilla/E, L. Velasco, Córdoba/E, C. Dobarganes, Sevilla /E
OSPB-002Genotype and Environment effects on Tocopherol and Plastochromanol-8 content of Winter Oilseed Rape Doubled Haploids (Abstract)
 Siger, A., Poznan/PL, M. Michalak, M. Nogala-Kalucka, T. Cegielska-Taras, L. Szala, K. Dwiecki, Poznan/PL
OSPB-003Regiospecifity of Several Fats and Oils Potentially PUFA Sources (Abstract)
 Guil-Guerrero, J.L., Almería/E, R. Ramos-Bueno, M.A. Rincón-Cervera, E. Venegas-Venegas, Almería/E
OSPB-004Determination and Comparison of Trace Elements in Hazelnut Oils which are Obtained with Different Methods (Abstract)
 Dagdelen, A., Balikesir/TR, S. Bagdat Yasar, G. Ozkan, Isparta/TR, F. Tokay, Balikesir/TR
OSPB-005Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Tomato Wastes (Abstract)
 Botnari, O., Chisinau/MD, V. Caragia, A. Jenac, O. Migalatiev, I. Soboleva, Chisinau/MD
OSPB-006Pumpkin Seeds Oil Extracted by Supercritical CO2 Extraction (Abstract)
 Migalatiev, O., Chisinau/MD, V. Caragia, O. Botnari, A. Jenac, Chisinau/MD
OSPB-007Characterization of Apple Seed Oil from Asturias, Spain (Abstract)
 Alonso, L., Villaviciosa, Asturias/E, J.C. Bada, Villaviciosa, Asturias/S
Olive OilAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-013Technological Ripening Indices for Olive Oil Fruits (Abstract)
 Trapani, S, Florence/I, C. Cherubini, M. Migliorini, L. Cecchi, B. Zanoni, Florence/I
LAMI-014Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Microbial Ecology of the Extractive Processes and its Effect on the Aromatic Composition of the Final Products (Abstract)
 Trapani, S., Florence/I, S. Guerrini, E. Mari, M. Migliorini, C. Cherubini, G. Gianni, B. Zanoni, M. Vincenzini, Florence/I
LAMI-015New Operating Conditions to Increase Quality and Sustainability of Olive Oil Production Chain (Abstract)
 Migliorini, M., Florence/I, C. Cherubini, L. Cecchi, G. Gianni, S. Trapani, B. Zanoni, Florence/I
LAMI-016Presence of Free and Esterified Steryl Glucosides in Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Gomez-Coca, R.B., Sevilla/E, W. Moreda, Sevilla/S
LAMI-026Variability of Virgin Olive Oil Volatile Profile in Relation to Fruit Cultivar Combinations (Abstract)
 Sanz, C., Seville/E, A. Sánchez-Ortiz, A.G. Pérez, Seville/E
LAMI-030Transcritptional Analysis of Two Oil Accumulating Tissues from Olive Fruit (Abstract)
 Martinez-Rivas, J.M., Sevilla/E, M.L. Hernandez, Sevilla/E, A. Muńoz-Merida, Malaga/E, M.D. Sicardo, Sevilla/E, O. Trelles, V. Valpuesta, Malaga/E
LAMI-035Determination of Aroma Compounds and some Quality Parameters of Virgin Olive Oils from Aegean Region in Turkey (Abstract)
 Calikoglu, E., Ankara/TR, M. Kialan, Bolu/TR, H.H. Kara, Bayburt/TR, A. Bayrak, Ankara/TR
LAMI-077Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Microencapsulation by Chitosan Coated Alginate Beads and Influence of Oil Content on Encapsulation Efficiency (Abstract)
 Coruhli, T., Istanbul/TR, B. Özcelik, Istanbul/TR
LAMI-083Determination of Copper in Olive Oil by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with N,N´-bis(5-methoxy-salicylidene)-2-hydroxy-1,3-Propanediamine (Abstract)
 Bagdat Yasar, S., Balikeser/TR, E. Köse Baran/Balikesir/TR
LAMI-097Environmental Pollution Effects on Olives Plants (Abstract)
 Kivrak, M., /TR, G. Sakin, T. Abacigil, Erdemit/TR
LAMI-098Determination of the Accumulated Oil and (CIS)- trans Fatty Acid Composition of Southeastern Anatolia Region, Sirnak Province Olive Genotype through Capillary Column Gas Chromatography Method (Abstract)
 Sakar, E., Urfa/TR, B.Erol Ak Sanli Urfa/TR, M. Ulas, Izmir/TR, K. Alp Aslan, Gaziantep/TR, A. Tatli, Adana/TR
LAMI-100Determination of some Chemical Characteristics and Antioxidant Activity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil belong to Gaziantep District (Abstract)
 Özcelik, B., Istanbul/TR, S. Uluata, Istanbul/TR, Ü. Altuntaţ, Malatya/TR, A. Tatlý, Adana/TR, S.Öçten Ünsal, Erdemit/TR
LAMI-102Experience with Fatty Acid Methyl and Ethyl Esters to Assess the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Küchler, T., Hamburg/D, C. Barthel, J. Kotlarz, N. Liebmann, N., Hamburg/D
OO-001Determination of Sensory Characteristics in Relation to Phenolic Compounds and other Chemical Parameters of Virgin Olive Oil from South-east of Marmara Region (Turkey ) (Abstract)
 Nebioglu, M., Bursa/TR
OO-002Application of a New Analytical Method for Free Fatty Acids Alkyl Esters in Virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
 Hysenaj, V., Genova/I, R. Boggia, C. Borgogni, R. Leardi, P. Zunin, Genova/I
OO-003Mid-IR in the Monitoring of Changes Occurring in VOO in the Course of Early Stages of Autoxidation (Abstract)
 Tsikouras, I., Thessaloniki/GR, P. Xenikakis, M.Z. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR
OO-004Chemical and Sensory Characterization of Monocultivar Extra-virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
 Dinnella, C., Florence/I, M. Migliorni, A. Recchia, C. Cherubini, B. Zanoni, S.Trapani, G.Gianni, E. Monteleone, Florence/I
OO-005Variations in Chemical and Sensorial Quality Characteristics of Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Cetin, K., Bursa/TR, A. Akpinar-Bayizit, Bursa/TR
OO-006Unique Aroma of Olive Oil (Abstract)
 Yangilar, F., Ardahan/TR
OO-007Pigment Content and Colour of Monovarietal Virgin Olive Oils from Four Olive Varieties grown in Madrid (Spain) (Abstract)
 Perez, M.A., Alcala de Henares/E, M. Palancar, C. Lorenzo, C. Mena, B. Sastre, Z. Gonzalez, I. Sanjuan, E. Horcas, G. Vergara, Alcala de Henares/E
OO-008Functional Properties of Aromatized Virgin Olive Oil by Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) (Abstract)
 Ozkan, G., Isparta/TR, E. Karacabey, L. Dalgic, S.O. Sermet, Isparta/TR
OO-009The Influence of the Cultural Processings in Olive Gardens to Olive Oil Acids (Abstract)
 Kivrak, M., Edremit/TR, M. Kivrak, S. Özer, Edremit/TR, A. Tatli, Adana/TR
OO-010Effects of Kaz Mountains (Mount Ida) on Olive Orchards (Abstract)
 Kivrak, M., Edremit/TR, A. Tatli, Adana/TR, F.A. Vuran, Aydin/TR
OO-011Using Geothermal Energy to Produce Olive Oil in the Gulf Edremit (Abstract)
 Kula, O., Edremit/Balikesir/TR, I. Mutlu, M. Kivrak, M. Algil, Edremit/TR
OO-012Determination of Sensory Charactarestics with Phenolic Compounds and some Chemical Parameters of Virgin Olive Oil from South-east of Marmara Region (Abstract)
 Tatli, A., Adana/TR, M. Nebioglu, Bursa/TR
OO-013Determination of the Accumulated Oil and (CIS)- Trans Fatty Acid Composition of the Southeastern Anatolia Region Sirnak Province Olive Genotype Through Capillary Coumn Gas Chromatography Method (Abstract)
 Tatli, A., Adana/TR, E. Sakar, B.E. Ak, Sanliurfa/TR, M. Ulas, Izmir/TR, K.A. Aslan, Adana/TR
OO-014Influence of Extraction Systems on Oxidation Stability of Turkish Sari Ulak Olive Oils (Abstract)
 Tatli, A., Adana/TR, D. Bozdogan Konuskan, Hatay/TR
OO-015Effect of Different Growing Area on Triacylglycerol Composition of c.v. Gemlik Olive Oil in Turkey (Abstract)
 Koseoglu, Oya, Izmir/TR, S. Sevim, F. Öztürk Güngor, Izmir/TR
Palm OilAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-018Lipase-catalyzed Synthesis of Glucose and Fructose Esters in Continuous Flow Conditions (Abstract)
 Ruela, H.S., Rio de Janeiro/BR, F. K. Sutili, Ivana, C.R. Leal, L.S.M. Miranda, S.G.F. Leite, R.O.M A. Souza, Rio de Janeiro/BR.
LAMI-069Investigation of Palm-cottonseed Blend Oil Properties (Abstract)
 Kara, H., Konya/TR, H.F. Ayyildiz, F.N. Arslan, M. Topkafa, H. Cakir, Konya/TR, T. Sherazi, Jamshoro/PK
LAMI-086Field Trials in Oil Palm Estates to Determine Organophophorus Pesticide Residues in Crude Palm and Palm Kernel Oil (Abstract)
 Chee Beng, Y., Bandar Baru Bangi/MAL, A. Kuntom, Selangor/MAL
PALM-001Effect of Washing Red Palm Oil and Low Grade Tallow Fat with Hot Water on Oil Bleachability and Bleached Oil Colour and Odour Stability. (Abstract)
 Igile, G.O, Calabar/WAN, C.A. Ikpeme, G.E. Egbung, Calabar/WAN
PALM-002Why Do Prefer Palm Oil in Turkey (Abstract)
 Bugdayci, O., Ankara/TR, Ö. Özsehitoglu, N.N. Toprak, Ankara/TR
PALM-003Enzymatic interesterification of High Oleic Oil with Lauric Fat blends for shortening (Abstract)
 Xanthina, M, Gent/B, Nusantoro, B.P.,Gent/B, Kadivar, S.,Gent/B, Dewettinck, K.,Gent/B
Rapeseed and Rapeseed OilAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-042Changes in Free Fatty Acids during Near-ambient Rapeseed Drying (Abstract)
 Rudzinska, M., Poznań/PL, M. Gawrysiak-Witulska, Poznań/PL
RSEO-001The Interactions between Rapeseed Lipoxygenase and Native Polyphenolic Compounds in a Model System (Abstract)
 Dwiecki, K., Poznan/PL, A. Siger, J. Czubinski, M. Nogala-Kalucka, E. Lampart-Szczapa, Poznan/PL
RSEO-002The Influence of Refining Process on the Polyphenolic Compounds of Rapeseed Oil (Abstract)
 Kraljic, K., Zagreb/HR, D. Skevin, M. Obranovic, L. Barisic, S. Nederal, I. Jurcevic, Zagreb/HR
RSEO-003The Effect of Rapeseed Meal Extract on the Frying Stability of Rapeseed Oil during Potato Chips Frying (Abstract)
 Górnicka, E.P., Wroclaw/PL, A. Kita, M. Aniolowska, A. Wojdylo, Wroclaw/PL, M. Wroniak, Warszawa/PL
RSEO-004Effect of Rapeseed Meal Extract on Storage Stability of Fried Potato Snacks (Abstract)
 Kulakowska, K.A., Wroclaw/PL, E. Górnicka, A. Kita, A. Wojdyl,o, M. Aniolowska, Wroclaw/PL
RSEO-005The Influence of Rapeseed Meal Addition on Storage Stability of Fried Potato Snacks (Abstract)
 Aniolowska, M., Wroclaw/PL, E. Górnicka, K. Kulakowska, A.Kita A., Wroclaw/PL
Other TopicsAuditorium Maximum
Level -1 Garage
LAMI-005Fatty Acid Profiles and Melting Properties of Cake and Biscuit Shortenings Marketed in Turkey (Abstract)
 Turhan, S., Ankara/TR, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
LAMI-020Textural Characteristics of Puff Pastry Margarines (Abstract)
 Loncarevic, I., Novi Sad/SRB, J. Gyura, D. Soronja Simovic, B. Pajin, I. Loncarevic, Z. Seres, Novi Sad/SRB
LAMI-048Production of Biodegradable Plastics Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Waste Frying Oil (Abstract)
 Yaman Keskin, O., Istanbul/TR
LAMI-057Formulation of Zero trans Special Fats by blending and Prediction of their Crystallization Behavior using Neural Networks (Abstract)
 Garcia, R.K.A., Campinas/BR, D. Barrera-Arellano, Campinas/BR
LAMI-076Phosphatidylcholine Traffic in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Abstract)
 Flis, V.V., Graz/A, G. Daum, Graz/A
OTTO-001Polar Compounds and Acidity as Determinants on the Efficiency of the Transesterification of Waste Frying Oils (Abstract)
 Jachmanián, I., Montevideo/ROU, I. Vieitez, B. Irigaray, N. Callejas, M.A. Grompone, Montevideo/ROU
OTTO-002The Biodiesel Production from Various Vegetable Oils with Ultrasonic Method (Abstract)
 Yucel, S., Istanbul/TR, D. Özçimen, C. Kesgin, Istanbul/TR, A. Tatli, Adana/TR
OTTO-003Utilization of Hazelnut Oil to Produce Biodiesel (Abstract)
 Özçimen, D., Istanbul/TR
OTTO-004Fire Resistance Hydraulic Oil Based on Modified High Oleic Vegetable Oil with Selected Additives (Abstract)
 Fazli, Y., Arak/IR, M. Tajdari, Arak/IR, P. Kermani, Arak/IR
OTTO-005Improved Functionality of Microparticulated Zein Protein in Emulsion (Abstract)
 Mert, Behic, Ankara/TR, B. Batur, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
OTTO-006SAISIR, A New Generalist Chemometric Toolbox (Abstract)
 Cordella, C.B.Y., Paris/F, D. Bertrand, Nantes/FR

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