Euro Fed Lipid

Second European Symposium on Microbial Lipids
Microbial Lipids: Diversity in Structure and Function

16-19 May 2012, Bern, SwitzerlandI


The Venue

The symposium takes place at the University of Bern, Departement of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Freiestrasse 3, 2012 Bern

A map can be found here:

University of Bern. Source: Abteilung Kommunikation der Universität Bern


The city of Bern is the Bundesstadt (federal city, de facto capital) of Switzerland, and, with (as of December 2009) a population of 131,000, the fourth most populous city in Switzerland. Bern is also the capital of the Canton of Bern, the second most populous of Switzerland's cantons.

The structure of Bern's city centre is largely medieval and has been recognised by UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. Perhaps its most famous sight is the Zytglogge (Bernese German for "Time Bell"), an elaborate medieval clock tower with moving puppets. It also has an impressive 15th century Gothic cathedral, the Münster, and a 15th century town hall. Thanks to 6 kilometres of arcades, the old town boasts one of the longest covered shopping promenades in Europe. 

Since the 16th century, the city has had a bear pit (the Bärengraben). The extended and renewed pit off the far end of the Nydeggbrücke actually contains four bears, including two young.

Zytglogge. Source: Wikipedia, Author Daniel Schwen
BUndeshaus Bern
Bundeshaus Bern, Source Wikipedia, Author Raphael Frey

The Federal Palace (Bundeshaus), built from 1857 to 1902, which houses the national parliament, government and part of the federal administration, can also be visited.

Albert Einstein lived in an apartment at the Kramgasse 49, the site of the Einsteinhaus, from 1903 to 1905, the year in which the Annus Mirabilis Papers were published.


Accomodation (3 nights) is included in the registration fee, please indicate your needs with the congress registrations. Rooms are guaranteed until 15 March 2012. Please note that your individual room is booked *after* having recieved the payment.

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