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Second European Symposium on Microbial Lipids

(FEBS Workshop)
Microbial Lipids: Diversity in Structure and Function
16-19 May 2012, Bern, Switzerland

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The view on the general roles and biological functions of lipids is changing rapidly. Although lipids have long been recognized as building blocks of biological membranes, they are no longer considered static structural components of lipid bilayers but are recognized as important dynamic modulators of the folding, organization, structure and function of membrane proteins as well as proteins reversibly interacting with membranes. Recent advances in lipid analysis have revealed an impressive structural complexity among membrane and storage lipids as well as novel metabolites and pathways. This diversity, collectively called the lipidome, may equal or exceed that of the proteome, underlining the importance to investigate cellular processes involved in lipid homeostasis.
Microorganisms have been used for a long time as model systems to study biochemical, cell biological and molecular biological processes to define general principles and concepts relevant to pro- and eukaryotic organisms. The advantages of microbial systems are obvious: microorganisms are, in general, easy to handle and can be used from small scale to industrial level. In addition, the genomes of many microorganisms have been sequenced, allowing the use of modern functional genomics. Furthermore, for many microorganisms, mutant cells lacking certain genes, or pathways, involved in lipid metabolism are often available, making theses systems ideal to study lipid biosynthesis, turnover, and degradation.
The points illustrated above demonstrate the importance of lipid research to understand biological processes and point out advantages of using microorganism for such studies. However, although the area of lipid research has recently gained access to many research conferences focusing on selected organisms, or processes, conferences specifically addressing lipid research of microorganisms have rarely been organized in the past. The workshop "Microbial Lipids: Diversity in Structure and Function" will focus on bacterial lipids, lipid topology, membrane trafficking, mitochondrial lipids, lipid-mediated signaling and analytical techniques. The meeting will be organized to provide optimal interactions between leading scientists from different fields and participants, in particular young scientists.
This conference represents the second event of a (hopefully) continuing series focusing on central aspects of lipids in cell biology. The first workshop entitled "Microbial Lipids: From Genomics to Lipidomics" was organized by Prof. GŁnther Daum (University of Graz, Austria) and took place in May 2010 in Vienna.
On behalf of the organizing committee, I'd like to kindly invite you to support this initiative by attending the conference and presenting your latest results in Bern.

Peter BŁtikofer
Peter BŁtikofer



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