6th Euro Fed Lipid Congress: Oils, Fats and Lipids in the 3rd Millennium: Challenges, Achievements and Perspectives

Athens, 7-10 September 2008

Oils, Fats and Lipids in the 3rd Millennium
Sunday, 07.09.2008
Plenary Lecture Interconti
Plenary Hall (Ballroom II+III)
Chairperson: Ron Potman, Fragiskos Kolisis and Dimitrios Boskou
15.30-15.45 Welcome and Opening (Kein Abstract)
15.45-16.30 Lipoprotein-associated Phospholipase A2 is an Important Determinant of Lipoprotein Functionality. Implication for Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease (Abstract)
  Tselepis, A.D., Ioannina/GR
16.30-17.30 European Lipid Technology Award Lecture: The Enzymatic Evolution of the Oils and Fats Industry (Abstract)
  Holm, H.C., Bagsvaerd/DK
Break Interconti
Poster Session
17.30-19.00 Postersession A and Opening Mixer (Kein Abstract)
Monday, 08.09.2008
Plenary Lecture Interconti
Plenary Hall (Ballroom II+III)
Chairperson: Ron Potman, Fragiskos Kolisis and Dimitrios Boskou
09.00-10.00 European Lipid Science Award Lecture: Membrane Lipids and Degenerative Diseases (Abstract)
  Sandhoff, K., Bonn/D
Olive Oil Interconti
Ballroom II
Chairperson: Dimitros Boskou and Giuseppe Fregapane, Subsession: "Composition, Quality, Stability"
10.45-11.05 Factors Affecting Virgin Olive Oil Aroma (Abstract)
  Blekas, G., Thessaloniki/GR
11.05-11.25 Limiting Factors for the Biosynthesis of Virgin Olive Oil Aroma (Abstract)
  Sanz, C., Sevilla/E, A. Sanchez-Ortiz, C. Romero, A.G. Perez, Sevilla/E
11.25-11.45 Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Olive Fruit Lipoxygenases and Hydroperoxide Lyase and their Contribution to the Biogenesis of Virgin Olive Oil Aroma (Abstract)
  Martinez-Rivas, J.M., Sevilla/E, M. Padilla, C. Sanz, Sevilla/E
11.45-12.05 The Effects of Irrigation with Recycled Water on Olive Oil Chemical and Sensorial Properties (Abstract)
  Kerem, Z., Rehovot/IL, U. Yermiyahu, A. Ben-Gal, I. Tzipori, R. Arel, Aro/IL, L. Bashir, Rehovot/IL, A. Dag, ARO/IL
12.05-12.25 Virgin Olive Oil: Activity and Structure of Endogenous Amphiphiles and Enzymes (Abstract)
  Xenakis, A., Athens/GR, V. Papadimitriou, E. Tzika, T.G. Sotiroudis, Athens/GR
Workshop Olive Oil Interconti
Ballroom II
Chairperson: N.N.
13.30-13.50 Innovative Aspects in Olive Growing (Abstract)
  Gucci, R., Pisa/I
13.50-14.10 Contaminants and Regulations: What to do (Abstract)
  Cane, A., Inveruno (MI)/I, D. Baglio, Inveruno (MI)/I
14.10-14.30 Olive Mills for This Millennium (Kein Abstract)
  Lafkas, K., Koropi/GR
14.30-14.50 Quality and Purity Control: Pros and Cons of Current Standards and In-house Methods (Abstract)
  Conte, L.S., Udine/I, S. Moret, G. Purcaro, M. Marega, Pizzale L./I
14.50-15.10 Prediction and Assurance of Virgin Olive Oil Quality from the Olive Fruit (Abstract)
  Fregapane, G., Ciudad Real/E, M. D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/E
15.40-16.00 Olive Oil, Nutrition, and Consumers (Abstract)
  Covas, M.I., Barcelona/E
16.00-16.20 Culinary Uses and Biological Importance of Virgin Olive Oil and Other Olive Oil Types. What Should an Informed Consumer Know (Abstract)
  Boskou, D., Thessaloniki/GR
16.20-16.40 Sensory Quality of Virgin Olive Oils: Methodologies and Applications. (Abstract)
  Salvador, M.D., Ciudad Real/E, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/E
16.40-17.00 Packaging, Storage and Shelf-life (Kein Abstract)
  Costianis, G., Athens/GR
17.00-17.20 Emerging and Future Markets (Kein Abstract)
  Sotiropoulou, Ch., Athens/GR
17.20-17.30 IOC Promotion Strategy for Olive Products (Kein Abstract)
  Rappou, M., Madrid/E
Processing, Developments in Oil and Fat Technology Interconti
Lecture Hall "Omega-Lamda"
Chairperson: Gerrit van Duijn and Marc Kellens
10.45-11.05 FEDIOL Activities on Contaminants in Vegetable Oils in the EU Regulatory Framework (Abstract)
  Bechert, C.L., Bruxelles/B
11.05-11.25 Determination of the Individual Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Crude and Bleached Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Dianoczki, Cs., Budapest/H, Zs. Kemeny, K. Recseg, K. Kovari, Budapest/H
11.25-11.45 The Risk and Removal of Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Aflatoxin in the Coconut Oil Supply Chain (Kein Abstract)
  Mencos, M., Barcelona/E
11.45-12.05 Occurence and Removal of Contaminants in Fish Oil and Fish Meal (Abstract)
  Sorensen, H., Esbjerg/DK
12.05-12.25 Effect of Argan Oil Production on Sensory and Oxidative Properties (Abstract)
  Matthäus, B., Münster/D, Z. Charrouf, S. Gharbi, Rabbat/MA
13.30-13.50 Manufacture of Fat Flakes with Controlled Thickness (Abstract)
  Zieverink, M.M.P., Delft/NL, S. Kreger, Zwijndrecht/NL
13.50-14.10 The Influence of De-oxygenation on the Quality of Linseed Oil (Abstract)
  Pudel, F., Magdeburg/D, L. Brühl, Münster/D, T. Krause, Magdeburg/D, B. Matthäus, Münster/D, M. Nordkvist, Ishøj/ DK
14.10-14.30 Process for Producing Soy White Flakes and Soy Protein Concentrates (Abstract)
  Van Doosselaere, P., Brussels/B
14.30-14.50 New Network for the Valorisation of Native Fatty Acids from Rapeseed via an Integrated Process with Three Phase Partitioning (Abstract)
  Vaca Medina, G., Toulouse/F, Z. Mouloungui, J.F. Fabre, L. Lacroux, Toulouse/F
14.50-15.10 Reserve Accumulation Kinetics and Oil Expressability during Linseed Maturation (Abstract)
  Savoire, R., Compiègne/F, J.-L. Lanoisellé, E. Vorobiev, B. Thomasset, Compiègne/ F
15.40-16.00 The Influence of Lipase Type and Fat Origin on Enzymatic Interesterification (Abstract)
  Cowan, W.D., Chesham/GB, J. Hemann, Bagsvaerd/DK, H. S. Yee, Kuala Lumpur/MAL, H. C. Holm, Bagsvaerd/DK
16.00-16.20 The Demise of Industrial Trans Fatty Acids and the Rise of Alternative Technologies (Kein Abstract)
  Hogen, P., Hamburg/D
16.20-16.40 Reduction of Trans Fatty Acid in Hydrogenation of Vegetable Oil using Novel Catalysts of Mesoporous Silicates with Varying Pt Metal Loadings (Abstract)
  Golden, T., Limerick/IRL, J.J. Leahy, T. Curtin, Limerick/IRL
16.40-17.00 Edible Oil Processing from US Perspective (Abstract)
  Dayton, C.L.G., Bradley, IL/USA
17.00-17.20 Chemical versus Physical Refining of Rice Bran Oil (Kein Abstract)
  Van Hoed, V., Gent/D, Vila Ayala, J., Zaventem/B , De Greyt, W., Zaventem/B , Verhé, R., Gent/B
Oils, Fats and Lipids in Human Nutrition Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 1,2,3"
Chairperson: Antonis Zampelas and Androniki Naska
10.45-11.05 New Human Milk Fat Substitutes (HMFS) from Butterfat to Improve Absorption of Calcium and Energy (Abstract)
  Mu, H., Lyngby/DK
11.05-11.25 The Burden of Ready-to-eat Meals - Content of Total Energy, Fat, Saturated Fatty Acids and Salt (Abstract)
  Kanzler, S., Vienna/A, M. Manschein, A. Gruber, K.-H. Wagner, Vienna/A
11.25-11.45 Contents of Trans and Other Groups of Fatty Acids in Various Food Products and Its Nutritional Evaluation (Abstract)
  Dostalova, J., Prague/CZ, J. Brat, Nelahozeves/CZ, M. Dolezal, D. Lukesova, Prague/CZ
11.45-12.05 Trans-9,trans-11- CLA is a Potent Liver X Receptor Agonist and Enhances Cholesterol Efflux in Human Macrophages (Abstract)
  Ecker, J., Regensburg/D, G. Liebisch, G. Schmitz, Regensburg/D
12.05-12.25 Validation of the Whole Blood AA/EPA Ratio for the Ascertainment of Long Chain PUFA State of the Body: Observational Studies in Different Populations (Abstract)
  Rizzo, A.M., Milan/I
13.30-13.50 Plants Oils in the Dietary Management of Type-II Diabetes: Is there Scientific Evidence? (Abstract)
  Wagner, K.H., Vienna/A
13.50-14.10 Can PAF Inhibitors in Olive Oil and its Respective Pomace Reduce Atherosclerotic Lesions Formation? (Abstract)
  Tsantila, N., Athens/GR, H.C. Karantonis, D.N. Perrea, D.G. Iliopoulos, S.A. Theocharis, C. Iatrou, S. Antonopoulou, C.A. Demopoulos, Athens/GR
14.10-14.30 Ruminant and Industrial Fatty Acids: Consumption Data and Health aspects (Abstract)
  Grooten, H.N.A., Rijswijk/NL, C.M. Oomen, Rijswijk/NL
14.30-14.50 Impact of Plant Oils on Adiponectin levels in Type 2 Diabetics (Abstract)
  Plasser, E., Vienna/A, H. Brath, E. Forster, K.-H. Wagner, Vienna/A
14.50-15.10 Distribution of Individual trans Fatty Acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acids in the Myocardium of Patients with Infarction (Abstract)
  Kuhnt, K., Jena/D, C. Jaenecke, K. Gruen, A. Renner, J. Gummert, G. Jahreis, Jena/D
Plant Lipids Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 4,5"
Chairperson: Ivo Feussner and Brigitte Thomasset
10.45-12.25: Lipid Metabolism and Modelling
13.30-15.10 Exploitation of Plant Lipid Metabolism: Transgenesis
10.45-11.25 Isotopologue Profiling. A Powerful Tool to Identify Pathways and Metabolite Flux in Plants (Abstract)
  Eisenreich, W., Garching/D, N. Schramek, Garching/D
11.25-11.45 Quantitative Imaging of Oil Storage in Crop Seeds (Abstract)
  Borisjuk, L., Gatersleben/D, T. Neuberger, Pennsylvania/USA, I. Feussner, Goettingen/D, H. Rolletschek, Gatersleben/D
11.45-12.05 Effect of Environment Stresses on Edible Oil Content and Protein in Advanced Rapeseed Cultivars (Abstract)
  Delkhosh, B., Tehran/IR, G.H. Nour Mohamadi, A.H.S. Rad, F. Darvish, M.J. Mirhadi, Tehran/IR
12.05-12.25 Designing Sunflower Oils for Healthy Foods (Abstract)
  Martinez-Force, E., Sevilla/E, J. J. Salas, M. Venegas-Calerón, M. A. Troncoso-Ponce, J. D. Fernández-García, D. Gonzalez-Mellado, A. J. Moreno-Perez, R. Garcés, Sevilla/E
13.30-14.10 ICON- A world-wide Biotechnology Project in Industrial Plant Oils (Abstract)
  Stymne, S., Alnarp/S
14.10-14.30 Lipid Research at BASF Plant Science - Increasing Oil Quantity and Optimizing Oil Quality (Abstract)
  Senger, T., Limburgerhof/D, T. Zank, Limburgerhof/D, E. Heinz, Hamburg/D, G. Wu, , X. Qiu, Saskatoon/CDN , A.-M. Kuijpers, I. Kunze, J. Bauer, P. Cirpus, Limburgerhof/D
14.30-14.50 Rational Metabolic Engineering of Transgenic Plants for the Biosynthesis of Omega-3 Polyunsaturates (Abstract)
  Napier, J.A., Harpenden/GB, O. Sayanova, R. Haslam, T.Li, N. Ruiz Lopez, Harpenden/GB
14.50-15.10 Production of Very Long-chain Omega-3 and Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Plants (Abstract)
  Hoppe, K., Goettingen/D, M. Hofmann, M. Wagner, Goettingen/D, A. Abbadi, Hohenlieth/D, M. Fulda, I. Feussner, Goettingen/D
Non Edible Uses, Biodiesel Interconti
Ballroom III
Chairperson: Jose Aracil and Dmitry Yu. Murzin
10.45-11.05 Lipid Modification of Amino Acids, Carbohydrates and Polyols - Combination Products From Renewable Resources (Abstract)
  Schneider, M.P., Wuppertal/D, H.-J. Altenbach, B. Jakob, R. Ihizane, K. Lange, G. Machmüller, S. Müller, Wuppertal/D
11.05-11.25 Decarboxylation of Oils, Fats, Lipids and Fatty Acids in Biomass to Liquid Fuel (BTL) Schemes (Abstract)
  Stadlbauer, E.A., Giessen/D, B. Weber, S. Bojanowski, S. Hossain, S. Stengl, Giessen/D
11.25-11.45 Isomerisation and Isomerising Hydroformylation of Fatty Compounds (Abstract)
  Behr, A., Dortmund/D, S. Rothstock, Dortmund/D
11.45-12.05 Reactions with Plant Oils Containing Conjugated Triene Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Biermann, U., Oldenburg/D, W. Butte, J.O. Metzger, Oldenburg/D
Workshop "Enzymatic Biodiesel Production" Interconti
Ballroom III
Chairperson: Hans Christian Holm
13.50-14.10 Process Integration for the Enzymatic Production of Biodiesels (Abstract)
  Xu, X., Aarhus/DK
14.10-14.30 Integrated Production for Biodiesel and PDO with Lipase-catalyzed Transesterification and Fermentation (Abstract)
  Liu, D., Beijing/PRC, W. Du, H. Liu, Y. Sun, Beijing/PRC
14.30-14.50 Solvent-free Production of BDF using C. antarctica Lipase - Stepwise Alcoholysis (Abstract)
  Watanabe, Y., Osaka/J
15.40-16.00 Prospects for Lipases in Biodiesel Production (Abstract)
  Akoh, C.C., Athens, GA/USA
16.00-16.20 New Lipase Preparations for Industrial Production of Biodiesel (Abstract)
  Basheer, S., Shfar-Am/IL
16.20-16.40 Enzymes in Biodiesel Production - Technical and Economical aspects (Abstract)
  Nielsen, P.M., Bagsvaerd/DK
16.40-17.20 Round Table Discussion: Key Research Issues for Commercialization of Enzymatic Biodiesel Production (Kein Abstract)
Functional Constituents (Omega-3, Sterols, Nutraceuticals) Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 4,5"
Chairperson: Vassiliki Oreopoulou and Johnathan Napier
15.40-16.00 The Issues Surrounding Fish as a Source of Long-chain n-3 Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Tocher, D.R., Stirling/GB
16.00-16.20 Sterols: Natural Levels in Foods, Fortification of Foods, Health Aspects and Potential Toxicity (Abstract)
  O Brien, N.M., Cork/IRL, T.P. O Connor, Cork/IRL
16.20-16.40 Production of Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Conjugated Linolenic Acid by Bifidobacterium Species (Abstract)
  Gorissen, L., Melle/B, K. Raes, Kortrijk/B, F. Leroy, L. De Vuyst, Brussels/B, S. De Smet, Melle/B
16.40-17.00 Fats and Oils as Functional Foods - Do we Really Need More? (Abstract)
  Frantzolas, V.A., Kifissia/GR
17.00-17.20 Mechanisms of Lycopene Degradation in Oil-in-Water Emulsions. (Abstract)
  Boon, C.S., Amherst/USA, D. J. McClements, J. Weiss, E. A. Decker, Amherst/USA
Frying Oils and Frying Technologies Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 1,2,3"
Chairperson: Bertrand Matthäus
15.40-16.00 Investigation of Oil Physical Properties Affecting Oil Absorption during Frying Process (Abstract)
  Ziaiifar, A.M., Massy/F, F. Courtois, G. Trystram, Massy/FR
16.00-16.20 Purification of Used Frying Oil (Abstract)
  Erefawe, P.I., Benin City/WAN, R.D. Abigor, Benin City/WAN
16.20-16.40 Regeneration of Used Frying Oil with Magnesium Silicate Produced from Rice Hull Ash (Abstract)
  Turkay, S., Istanbul/TR, Z. Olgun, A. Sirkecioglu, Istanbul/TR
16.40-17.00 3-MCPD-Esters in Edible Fats and in Fried Foodstuffs (Abstract)
  Weisshaar, R., Fellbach/D
Break Interconti
Poster Session
10.00-10.45 Coffee Break Monday Morning (Kein Abstract)
12.30-13.30 Lunchbreak Monday (Kein Abstract)
15.10-15.40 Coffee Break Monday Afternoon (Kein Abstract)
17.30-19.00 Postersession B (Kein Abstract)
Tuesday, 09.09.2008
Olive Oil Interconti
Ballroom II
Subsessions: "Composition, Quality, Stability"
08.30-10.10 A. Xenakis and G. Blekas
10.45-12.25 M. Tsimidou and M.D. Salvador
13.30-15.10 M. Servili and M. Zarrouk
15.40-17.20 L. Conte and J.M. Martinez-Rivas
08.30-08.50 Virgin Olive Oil Stability and Minor Components Degradation During Storage (Abstract)
  Fregapane, G., Ciudad Real/E, V. Mancebo-Campos, M. D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/E
08.50-09.10 Synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Classical Assays: Tools for Monitoring Olive Oil Stability (Abstract)
  Poulli, K.I., Athens/GR, G. A. Mousdis, C. A. Georgiou, Athens/GR
09.10-09.30 Preliminary Study of the Effects of Heating on Virgin Olive Oil Blended with Mild Deodorized Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Bendini, A., Cesena (FC)/I, L. Cerretani, Cesena (FC)/I, M. A. Cremonini, Bologna/I, E. Chiavaro, Parma/I, L . Laghi, Cesena (FC)/I, G. Lercker, Bologna/I
09.30-09.50 Phenolic Antioxidant Contents of Some Virgin Olive Oils Produced in the Harsh Environmental Conditions of Tataouine (Southern Tunisia) (Abstract)
  Oueslati, I., Hammam-Lif/TN, M. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR, Z. Zarrouk, Hammam-Lif/TN
09.50-10.10 Evaluation of Food Safety Management and Implementation of EN ISO 22000 in Greek Olive Oil Mills (Abstract)
  Boskou, G., Athens/GR, C. Karatzas, P. Monou, H. Xezonakis, Athens/GR, I. Arvanitoyiannis, Volos/GR, V. Karathanos, Athens/GR
10.45-11.05 The Fatty Acid and Triglycerides Profile of Greek Olive Oil. A Longitudinal study of Laboratory Data (Abstract)
  Christopoulou, E., Athens/GR, G. Boskou, S. Sarantou, M. Lazaraki, Athens/GR
11.05-11.25 Effect of Partial Crystallization of Olive Oil on the Composition and Stability of the Olive Oil Fractions (Abstract)
  Birch, J., Dunedin/NZ, M. Jansen, Dunedin/NZ
11.25-11.45 Innovative Determinations of Al, Si, Cu, Procymidone and Spinosad Residues in Olive Oils by Mass Spectrometric Techniques (Abstract)
  Benincasa, C., Rende/I, M. A. Caravita, B. Macchione, I. Muzzalupo, E. Perri, G. Sindona, Rende/I
11.45-12.05 Sensorial, Chemical and Spectroscopic Characterizations of Six French Virgin Olive Oils RDOs (Abstract)
  Dupuy, N., Marseille/F, O. Galtier, D. Ollivier, J. Kister, C. Pinatel, J. Artaud, Marseille,/F
12.05-12.25 Effects of Pitless Production and Malaxation under Nitrogen on the Oxidative Stability, Fatty Acid and Sterol Compositions of Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Tekin, A., Ankara/TR, A. Yorulmaz, Balýkesir/TR, S. Turan, Bolu/TR
13.30-13.50 From Olives to Oil: An Evergreen Challenge (Abstract)
  Bianco, A., Roma/I, A. M. Serrilli, Roma/I
13.50-14.10 Relationship between Genetic Background and Iridoid Oleuropein Contents in Seven Italian Varieties of Olive Drupes (Abstract)
  Ranalli, A., Città S. Angelo, Pescara/I, D. Marchegiani, S. Contento. D. Pardi, F. Girardi, Pescara/I
14.10-14.30 Technological and Biological Factors affecting Sterols in Australian Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Ravetti, L., Geelong/AUS, L. Guillaume, P. Canamasas, Geelong/AUS, J. Johnson, Werribee/AUS
14.30-14.50 HPLC-APCI-MS Method for the Simultaneous Analysis of Triterpenic Dialcohols, Tocopherols and Different Families of Phytosterols in Oils after Saponification and Liquid-liquid Extraction (Abstract)
  Zarrouk, W., Hammam-Lif/TN, A. Carrasco-Pancorbo, Granada/E, M. Zarrouk, Hammam-Lif/TN, A. Segura-Carretero, A. Fernández-Gutiérrez, Granada/E
14.50-15.10 Discriminating Ability of DNA Markers for Varietal Authentication of Virgin Olive Oils from Crete, Greece (Abstract)
  Doulis, A.G., Heraklion/GR, I.T. Metzidakis, G.C. Koubouris, Chania/GR
15.40-16.00 Innovations in the Extraction Technology for the Improvement of the Virgin Olive Oil Quality. (Abstract)
  Servili, M., Perugia/I, A. Taticchi, S. Esposto, S. Urbani, R. Selvaggini, G.F. Montedoro, Perugia /I
16.00-16.20 Olive Oil Sector in Tunisia: Present Status and Perspectives (Abstract)
  Zarrouk, M., Tunis/TN, I. Oueslati, F. Mahjoub-Haddada, Hammam-Lif/TN
16.20-16.40 Extravirgin Olive Oil and Mediterranean Molecular Gastronomy (Abstract)
  Sacchi, R., Portici (Naples)/I
16.40-17.00 Formulation of Functional Restructured Beef Steaks. Effect of Olive Oil Pan-Frying and other Culinary Techniques on their Composition and Fat Thermal Oxidation (Abstract)
  Sánchez-Muniz, F.J., Madrid/E, S. Bastida, J. Librelotto, S. Cofrades, F. Jiménez Colmenero, Madrid/E
17.00-17.20 Detection and Quantification of Phenolic Compounds in Olive Oil by Employing 1H High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. A proposal for on-line screening (Abstract)
  Dais, P., Heraklion/GR, S. Christophoridou, Heraklion/GR
Lipids in Animal Science Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 4,5"
13.30-15.10 Jana Pickova, Subsession: "Fish"
15.40-17.20 Stefaan De Smet and Giuseppe Bee, Subsession: "Monogastric Animals and Ruminants"
13.30-14.10 Functional Genomic Analysis of the Effects of Diet and Strain on Gene Expression and Lipid Metabolism in Atlantic Salmon (Abstract)
  Tocher, D.R., Stirling/GB, L.A.N. Villeneuve, M.G. Leaver, J.G. Bell, J.E. Bron, J.B. Taggart, Stirling/GB
14.10-14.30 Effects of Sesamin on Lipid Metabolism in Salmon Hepatocytes (Abstract)
  Trattner, S., Uppsala/S, T.K. Østbye, B. Ruyter, Ås/N, A. Kamal-Eldin, J. Pickova, Uppsala/S
14.30-14.50 Effect of Diet and Metabolic Stress in Seabream: Evaluation at the Transcriptional Level and Signaling Pathways (Abstract)
  Antonopoulou, E., Thessaloniki/GR, E. Kaitetzidou, E.G. Bastakis, P.K. Baharidis, Thessaloniki/GR, E. Fountoulaki, Athens/GR, J.V. Planas, Barcelona/E
14.50-15.10 Altered Glycerolipid Metabolism in Pcyt2 Deficient Mice Results in Obesity and Insulin Resistance (Abstract)
  Bakovic, M., Guelph/CDN, M.F. Fullerton, Guelph/CDN
15.40-16.20 Metabolic Control and Cell Regulation of Intramuscular Fat Deposition (Abstract)
  Gondret, F., Saint Gilles/F
16.20-16.40 Influence of Sow Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Source on the Tissue and Blood Fatty Acid Profile of Piglets (Abstract)
  De Smet, S., Melle/B, J.A.M. Missotten, E. Claeys, K. Raes, Melle/B
16.40-17.00 Feeding Unprotected CLA Methyl Esters Compared to Sunflower Seeds Increased Milk CLA Level but Decreased Milk Fat Content in Cows (Abstract)
  Dohme, F., Posieux/CH, G. Bee, Posieux/CH
17.00-17.20 Effect of Pasture Composition on Nutraceutical Components of Pecorino Toscano Cheese. (Abstract)
  Antongiovanni, M., Florence/I, S. Rapaccini, A. Buccioni, F. Sofi, R. Abbate, S. Minieri, Florence/I, M. Mele, P. Secchiari, Pisa/I
Lipid Bioscience, Lipidomics in Health and Disease Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 1,2,3"
Chairperson: Michel Lagarde and Günther Daum
15.40-16.05 Lipid Mediators of the Sunburn Response: A Lipidomic Approach (Abstract)
  Nicolaou , A., Bradford/GB, M. Masoodi, D. J. Tobin, A. J. Thody, Bradford/GB, L. E. Rhodes, Manchester/GB
16.05-16.30 Structural and Biochemical Properties of Lipid Particles/Droplets from the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Abstract)
  Daum, G., Graz/A, T. Czabany, A. Wagner, D. Zweytick, K. Lohner, E. Leitner, E. Ingolic, Graz/A
16.30-16.55 Oxidized Phospholipids: Chemical Heterogeneity and Pleiotropic Biological Effects (Abstract)
  Bochkov, V., Vienna/A
16.55-17.20 Platelet - Low density Lipoprotein Interaction: from in vitro Experiments to Clinical Studies (Abstract)
  Calzada, C., Villeurbanne/F, R. Colas, G. Ponsin, E. Vericel, P. Moulin, M. Lagarde, Villeurbanne/F
Analytical Techniques and Authenticity Interconti
Lecture Hall "Omega-Lamda"
Chairperson: Aziz Tekin and Photis Dais
08.30-08.50 Characterization of Triacylglycerols Using UPLC for Quality Control and Authentication of Edible Oils (Abstract)
  Lee, P.J., Milford/USA, A. J. Di Gioia, Massachusetts/USA
08.50-09.10 On the Classification of Greek Oils (Geographical and Botanical Origin): Fatty Acids and Biophenols as Markers and Protection Units (Abstract)
  Petrakis, P.V., Athens/GR, A. Agiomyrgianaki, P. Dais, Heraklion/GR
09.10-09.30 Characterization of Turkish Olive Oils by Using Mutlivariate Statistical Methods (Abstract)
  Gümüskesen, A.S., Izmir/TR, F. Yemiscioglu, I. Eren, Izmir/TR
09.30-09.50 Antioxidant Capacity of Phenolics in Table Olives and Olive Leaves (Abstract)
  Boskou, G., Athens/GR, A. Chiou, F. Salta, A. Mylona, N. K. Andrikopoulos, Athens/GR
09.50-10.10 Authentication of Fats and Oils: A multivariate Approach (Abstract)
  van Ruth, S.M., Wageningen/NL, W. Akkermans, M. Rozijn, Wageningen/NL, B. Villegaz, Valencia/E, M. Ryan, Limerick/IRL, H. van der Kamp, Wageningen/NL
10.45-11.05 NMR based Metabonomic Analysis of the effect of the Olive oil constituent Oleuropein on different Toxicological Processes. (Abstract)
  Mikros, E., Athens/GR, M. Constantinou, A. Zira, M. Papaefthimiou, I. Andreadou, S. Theocharis, A. Tsantili-Kakoulidou, Athens/GR
11.05-11.25 Comprehensive GCxGC for the Analysis of Fats and Oils (Abstract)
  Sidisky, L.M., Bellefonte/USA, L. Mondello, P. Q. Tranchida, P. Dugo, Messina/I
11.25-11.45 A new Perspective on Trans Analysis by IR Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  van de Voort, F.R., Montreal/CDN
11.45-12.05 FT-NIR Spectroscopy as a Rapid Test Method for SFC Determination (Abstract)
  Behmer, D., Ettlingen/D, A. Montasell, Barcelona/E
12.05-12.25 Development of a Mass Spectrometric Platform for Identification and Differential Quantitation of Lipids (Abstract)
  Koefeler, H.C., Graz/A, I.E. Streith, G.N. Rechberger, Graz/A
12.25-12.45 Characterization of the Desert Cultivated Olive Oils with Emphasis on TAG Profiling using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry (Abstract)
  Chapagain, B., Beer-Sheva/IL, Z. Wiesman, Beer-Sheva/IL
Lipid Oxidation, Antioxidants Interconti
Ballroom III
Chairperson: Maria Tsimidou and Francesco Visioli
13.30-14.50 "Structure-Activity Relationship"
14.50-16.20 "Evaluation of Extracts"
16.20-17.40 "Oxidation-Mechanisms"
13.30-13.50 Hydroxytyrosol: More than Antioxidant (Abstract)
  Visioli, F., Paris/F
13.50-14.10 Molecular Descriptors Calculated by Computational Methods as Tools in the Study of Radical Scavenging Activity of Phenolic Compounds (Abstract)
  Nenadis, N., Thessaloniki/GR
14.10-14.30 Use of Principle Component Analysis to Classify 22 Compounds According to their Antioxidant Activity as Measured by five in vitro Methodologies (Abstract)
  Castro, I.A., São Paulo/BR, C.D. Capitani, A.C.L. Carvalho, D.P. Rivelli, S.B.M. Barros, São Paulo/BR
14.30-14.50 Chain-Breaking Antioxidant Activity of two new Chalcones from Propolis of El Salvador in Homogeneous and Micellar Media (Abstract)
  Kancheva, V.D., Sofia/BG, V.S. Bankova, Sofia/BG
14.50-15.10 Antioxidant Effect of Natural Carotenoid Extracts on the Oxidative Stability of Oil-in-Water Emulsions (Abstract)
  Dimakou, C., Athens/GR, S. Kiokias, V. Oreopoulou, Athens/GR
15.40-16.00 Effect of Essential Oils Thymus haussknechtii and Origanum acutidens on Butter Stability (Abstract)
  Dagdemir, E., Erzurum/TR, S. Cakmakci, E. Gundogdu, Erzurum/TR
16.00-16.10 Quantitative SPE-HPLC Determination of Selected Hydrophilic Antioxidants in Different Extracts from Gingko biloba L. leaves (Abstract)
  Kobus, J., Poznan/PL, E. Flaczyk, A. Siger, M. Nogala-Kalucka, Poznan/PL
16.10-16.20 The Effect of Olive Leaf Supplementation on the Growth Performances, Oxidative Stability and Quality of Pork Meat (Abstract)
  Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, S. Barbosa, Porto/P, D. Outor-Monteiro, V. Pinheiro, J.L. Mourão, Vila Real/P
16.40-17.00 Role of Association Colloids on Lipid Oxidation in Bulk Oils (Abstract)
  Decker, E.A., Amherst/USA
17.00-17.20 Phosphatidylcholine Oxidation in Organic and Water Solutions (Abstract)
  Kasaikina, O.T., Moscow/RUS, E.A. Mengele, I.G. Plashchina, Moscow/RUS
17.20-17.40 Oxidation of Triacylglycerols in Dispersed Systems (Abstract)
  Filip, V., Praha/CZ, I. Pokorna, V. Spevackova, J. Smidrkal, Praha/CZ
Biotechnological Applications, By-products Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 1,2,3"
Chairperson: Uwe Bornscheuer and Fragiskos Kolisis
10.45-11.25 Microbial and Plant Phospholipases D - a Comparison in View of their Biocatalytic Potential (Abstract)
  Ulbrich-Hofmann, R., Halle/D, M. Dippe, Halle/D
11.25-11.45 Discovery and Protein Engineering of Lipases for Lipid Modification (Abstract)
  Bornscheuer, U.T., Greifswald/D
11.45-12.05 Development of Genome and Gene Specific Molecular Markers for Erucic Acid Content Genes in Brassica napus (L.) (Abstract)
  Rahman, M., Fargo/USA, Z. Sun, Nanning/PRC, P.B.E. McVetty, G. Li, Winnipeg/CDN
12.05-12.25 Bioconversion of Crude Glycerol, Waste Discharged after Bio-diesel Production Process, into Biomass, Oxalic Acid and Microbial Lipid (Abstract)
  Papanikolaou, S., Athens/GR, A. André, P. Diamantopoulou, D. Sarris, M. Galiotou-Panayotou, A. Philippoussis, Athens/GR
13.30-13.50 Enzymes for Degumming of Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Soe, J.B., Brabrand/DK, K. Christensen, E.Rahrs, Brabrand/DK
14.10-14.30 Polar Lipids of Marine Hydrobionts. Fundamental and Applied Aspects (Abstract)
  Sanina, N.M., Vladivostok/RUS
14.30-14.50 Water-in-Ionic Liquid Microemulsions as Nano-bioreactors Involving Lipolytic Enzymes (Abstract)
  Pavlidis, I.V., Ioannina/GR, P. Karras, E. Kalogeris, Ioannina/GR, G.K. Papadopoulos, Arta/GR, E. Voutsas, Athens/GR, D. Gournis, H. Stamatis, Ioannina/GR
14.50-15.10 Expanding the Short-chain Selectivity of Pseudomonas fluorescens esterase I by Focused Directed Evolution and Rational Design (Abstract)
  Hidalgo, A., Madrid/E, A. Schließmann, Greifswald/D, R. Molina, J. Berenguer, J.A. Hermoso, Madrid/E, U.T. Bornscheuer, Greifswald/D
Non Edible Uses, Biodiesel Interconti
Ballroom III
Chairperson: Manfred Schneider, Elio Santacesaria and Nikos Papayannakos
08.30-08.50 Heterogeneous Catalysis in Biodiesel Production (Abstract)
  Santacesaria, E., Napoli/I, M. Di Serio, R. Tesser, Napoli/I
08.50-09.10 Catalytic Deoxygenation of Fatty Acids and their Derivatives for Synthesis of Biodiesel (Abstract)
  Murzin, D., Turku/FIN, P. Mäki-Arveka, M. Snåre, I. Kubickova, K. Eränen, Turku/FIN
09.10-09.30 Methodology for Bio-diesel Production (Abstract)
  Aracil, J., Madrid/E, A. Bouaid, M. Martinez, Madrid/E
09.30-09.50 Minor Components in Biodiesel and their Impact on Fuel Quality (Abstract)
  Stein, H., Neusäß/D, T. Wilharm, M. Wiedemann, Neusäß/D
09.50-10.10 Millimeter Waves as a Tool for Monitoring Biodiesel and Blend Diesel Content (Abstract)
  Meriakri, V.V., Fryazino, Moscow region/RUS, E.E. Chigrai, I.P. Nikitin, M.P. Parkhomenko, S.V. von Gratowski, Fryazino, Moscow/RUS
10.45-11.05 Continous Production of Biodiesel from Olive Oil Deodorizer Distillates using Supercritical Ethanol (Abstract)
  Özdemir, F., Istanbul/TR, N. Akgun, Istanbul/TR
11.05-11.25 Investigations to the Use of Lipases for Biodiesel Production (Abstract)
  Pudel, F., Magdeburg/D, G. Fleck, Magdeburg/D
11.25-11.45 Application of Vegetable Oil-Based Fluids as Transformer Oil (Abstract)
  Metzger, J.O., Oldenburg/D, U. Biermann, Oldenburg/D
11.45-12.05 Pyrolysis of Triacylglycerols (Abstract)
  Smidrkal, J., Praha/CZ, Z. Belohlav, V. Filip, P. Zamostny, Praha/CZ
Physical Properties Interconti
Lecture Hall "Omega-Lamda"
13.30-15.10 Aris Xenakis and Otto Glatter, Subsession: "Emulsions and their Applications"
15.40-17.20 Martin Leser and Eckhard Flöter, Subsession "Design of Food Functionality"
13.30-13.50 Transfer of Lipids between Nanostructured Emulsion Droplets (Abstract)
  Glatter, O., Graz/A, C. Moitzi, S. Guillot, A. Salonen, M. Tomsic, S. Salentinig, Graz/A
13.50-14.10 Physical Properties of Biocompatible Microemulsions Formulated with Olive Oil and Limonene (Abstract)
  Papadimitriou, V., Athens/GR, S. Pispas, T.G. Sotiroudis, A. Xenakis, Athens/GR
14.10-14.30 Crystallisation of Triglycerides in Emulsion:
Influence of Droplet Size and Interface Composition (Abstract)
  Lopez, C., Rennes/F
14.30-14.50 Structured Lipids obtained by Chemical Interesterification of Olive Oil and Palm Stearin (Abstract)
  Silva, R.C., São Paulo/BR, D. F. Soares, M. B. Lourenco, L. A. Gioielli, Saó Paulo/BR
14.50-15.10 Structurally and Nutritionally Optimized Ice-cream Fats - How Low in Saturates Can We Go? (Abstract)
  Persson, C.M., Karlshamn/S
15.40-16.00 Self-Assembly of Polar Lipids for the Delivery of Functionality in Food (Abstract)
  Leser, M., Lausanne/CH
16.00-16.20 Functional Texture Powders (Abstract)
  Bourke, N.J., Almere/NL
16.20-16.40 Polymorphic Behavior of S-DHA-S and S-ALA-S Triacylglycerols and Mixing Properties with SOS (Abstract)
  Sato, K., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, T. Kigawa, S. Ueno, Higashi-Hiroshima/J, H. Mizobe, K. Ichioka, N. Gotoh, S. Wada, Tokyo/J
16.40-17.00 The Influence of a Different Fatty Acid Profile on the Crystallization of Milk Fat as Measured by NMR, DSC and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction (Abstract)
  Smet, K., Melle/B, J. De Block, L. Herman, Melle/B, K. Raes, Kortrijk/B, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/B, K. Coudijzer, Melle/B
17.00-17.20 Study of Triacylglycerol Polymorphs by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Effects of Temperature and Chain Length on Relaxation Parameters (Abstract)
  Adam-Berret, M., Rennes/F, C. Rondeau-Mouro, R. Riaublanc, Nantes/F, F. Mariette, Rennes/F
Palm Oil Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 4,5"
Chairperson: Mohd Basri Wahid and Eckhard Flöter
08.30-08.50 Nutritional Significance of the sn-2 Position (Abstract)
  Nesaretnam, K., Kuala Lumpur/MAL
08.50-09.10 Use of Natural Bleaching Clays in Palm Oil Production (Abstract)
  Brooks, D.B., Vernon Hill, Ill./USA, D. Shaket, Coppet/CH
09.10-09.30 Fractional Crystallization of Palm Olein in an Alternative Crystallizer (Abstract)
  Calliauw, G.H., Brussels/B
09.30-09.50 Microbeam X-ray Diffraction Study for Structure of Granular Crystal of Margarine (Abstract)
  Ueno, S., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, S. Yamato, M. Tanaka, K. Sato, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
09.50-10.10 Trend towards Low-Trans and Non-Hydro Margarines: Effects on Quality and Processing. (Abstract)
  Meeussen, W.L.J., Izegem/B, A. Lesaffer, Izegem/B
10.45-11.05 Oil Palm Industries Initiatives in Mitigating Global Warming (Abstract)
  Wahid, M.B., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, K.W. Chan, R. Radzian, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
11.05-11.25 Why Doubt the Sustainability of Palm Oil? (Abstract)
  Basiron, Y., Kelana Jaya/MAL, M.B. Wahid, K.W. Chan, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
11.25-11.45 The Economic Potential of Palm Biodiesel and Its Role in Reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) (Abstract)
  Choo, Y.M., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, M.B. Wahid, W.S. Lim, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
11.45-12.05 Potential of Biotechnology in Generating Value-added Products (Abstract)
  Sambanthamurthi, R., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, M.B. Wahid, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
12.05-12.25 Improved Environmental Impact by Enzymatic Interesterification of Margarine Harstocks (Abstract)
  van Duijn, G., Vlaardingen/NL, D. Cowan, Cheesham/UK, G. den Dekker, Vlaardingen/NL
Frying Oils and Frying Technologies Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 1,2,3"
Chairperson: Bertrand Matthäus
08.30-08.50 Stability of Frying Fats and Oils in Dependence of the Fried Goods (Abstract)
  Zainal, Z., Stuttgart/D, H.-D, Isengard, Stuttgart/D
08.50-09.10 Application of Rapeseed Oils for Par-frying of French Fries (Abstract)
  Franke, K., Quakenbrück/D
09.10-09.30 Short-chain and Oxidized Fatty Acids in Fats and Oils used for Commercial Frying (Abstract)
  Kalogeropoulos, N., Athens/GR, F.N. Salta, A. Chiou, N.K. Andrikopoulos, Athens/GR
09.30-09.50 Low SFA Oil Developed for Deep Frying Applications in Fast Food Restaurants: Frying Quality and Oxidative Stability (Abstract)
  Linder, M., Vandoeuvre lès Nancy/F, G.A. Gbogouri, M.K. Al-Sayed Mahmoud, J. Fanni, M. Parmentier, Vandoeuvre lès Nancy/F
09.50-10.10 Pan-frying of French Fries in Oils Enriched with Olive Leaf Extract: Oxidative Stability, Total Polyphenol Content, and Antioxidant Capacity (Abstract)
  Salta, F.N., Athens/GR, A. Chiou, G. Boskou, N.K. Andrikopoulos, Athens/GR
Break Interconti
Poster Session
10.15-10.45 Coffee Break Tuesday Morning (Kein Abstract)
12.30-13.30 Lunchbreak Tuesday (Kein Abstract)
15.10-15.40 Coffee Break Tuesday Afternoon (Kein Abstract)
Wednesday, 10.09.2008
Plenary Lecture Interconti
Plenary Hall (Ballroom II+III)
Chairperson: Ron Potman, Fragiskos Kolisis, Uwe Bornscheuer and Bernadette Delplanque
11.30-12.30 DGF - Normann Medal Award Lecture: Docosahexaenoic acid: Nutrient and Precursor of Bioactive Lipids (Abstract)
  Lagarde, M., Villeurbanne/F
12.30-13.30 AFECG - Chevreul Medal Lecture: From Organic Chemistry to Fat & Oil Chemistry (Abstract)
  Deffense, E., Charleroi/B
13.30-13.45 Invitation to Graz 2009 and Closing Remarks (Kein Abstract)
Olive Oil Interconti
Ballroom II
Chairperson: Dimitros Boskou and Smaragd Antonopoulou, Subsession: "Nutrition and Health"
09.20-09.40 Olive Oil and Oxidative Stress in Humans (Abstract)
  Covas, M.I., Barcelona/E
09.40-10.00 Deciphering the Molecular Mechanisms of Olive Oil Effects in Cancer (Abstract)
  Kampa, M., Heraklion/GR, V. Pelekanou, Heraklion/GR
10.00-10.20 Gene Expression Profile Changes in Human Mononuclear Cells after Olive Oil Consumption (Abstract)
  Konstantinidou, V., Barcelona/E, O. Khymenets, M. Fitó, R. de la Torre, R. Anglada, Barcelona/E, P. de Alarcón, Madrid/E, A. Dopazo, M. Farré-Albaladejo, M. Covas, Barcelona/E
10.20-10.40 Nutraceutical Foodstuffs Enhanced with Olive Oil Hydroxytyrosol by Nanotechnology (Abstract)
  Tokusoglu, Ö., Manisa/TR
Lipid Bioscience, Lipidomics in Health and Disease Interconti
Lecture Hall "Omega-Lamda"
Chairperson: Michel Lagarde and Günther Daum
09.00-09.20 Structure-Function Relation of the Pancreatic Lipase Related Protein 2 (Abstract)
  Berton, A., Marseille/F, C. Sebban-Kreuzer, I. Crenon, Marseille/F
09.20-09.40 The Sulfhydryl Radical (HS•/S•-) as Isomerising Species of Unsaturated Fatty Acid Residues (Abstract)
  Lykakis, I.N., Heraklion Crete/GR, C. Ferreri, C. Chatgilialoglu, Bologna/I
09.40-10.00 Selective Inhibition of Human Intracellular and Extracellular Phospholipases A2 by Synthetic 2-Oxoamides and Perfluoroketones (Abstract)
  Magrioti, V., Athens/GR, G. Antonopoulou, C. Baskakis, C. Kokotos, E. Barbayianni, Athens/GR, N. Cotton, D. Stephens, San Diego, USA, V. Constantinou-Kokotou, Athens/GR, E.A. Dennis, San Diego/USA, G. Kokotos, Athens/GR
Lipid Oxidation, Antioxidants Interconti
Ballroom III
Chairperson: Maria Tsimidou and Francesco Visioli, "Oxidation-Mechanisms" and "Oxidation and PUFA's"
08.40-09.00 Investigation of Diary Components Responsible for Resistance of Omega-3 Enriched Yoghurt to Lipid Oxidation (Abstract)
  Skall Nielsen, N., Kgs. Lyngby/DK, S.K.H. Farvin, C.P. Baron, C. Jacobsen, Kgs.Lyngby/DK
09.00-09.20 Characterization of Important Aroma-Active Compounds Formed By Lipoxygenase Catalysis or a Copper initiated Degradation of Omega-3-Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Hammer, M., Garching/D, P. Schieberle, Garching/D
09.40-10.00 The Influence of pH on Iron Induced Oxidation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Mozuraityte, R., Trondheim/N, T. Rustad, I. Storrø, Trondheim/N
10.00-10.20 Type of nOSA-starch and Process Engineering Parameters Affect Oxidative Stability of Microencapsulated LCPUFAs (Abstract)
  Serfert, Y., Kiel/D, S. Drusch, Kiel/D, B. Schmidt-Hansberg, M. Kind, Karlsruhe/D, K. Schwarz, Kiel/D
10.20-10.40 Impact of Irradiation on the Oxidatively Labile Lipid Component of Cannabis sativa and Helianthus annus (Abstract)
  Fisk, I.D., Loughborough/GB, D.A. Gray, K. Gkatzionis, Loughborough/GB
Physical Properties Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 1,2,3"
Chairperson: Aris Xenakis and Eckhard Flöter, Subsession: "Applications"
09.00-09.20 Studies on the Crystallization of Chocolate in the Cooling Tunnel (Abstract)
  Smith, K.W., Bedford/GB, G.Talbot, Bedford/GB, L. Favre, Wormerveer/NL
09.20-09.40 Evaluation of Crystallization States of Cocoa Butter on Anti-bloom Properties of Chocolate (Abstract)
  Koyano, T., Sakado/J, H. Utsunomiya, D. Watanabe, F. Kunikata, Sakado/J, C. Yamamoto, S. Ueno, K. Sato, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
09.40-10.00 Effects of Fatty Acid Compositions of Polyglycerine Fatty acid Esters on Fat Crystallization (Abstract)
  Shimamura, K., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, S. Ueno, K. Sato, Higashi-Hiroshima/J, Y. Miyamoto, J. Kuriyama, Osaka/J
10.00-10.20 Effects of Fatty Acids Composition of Vegetable Fats on the Rheological, Thermal and Physical Properties of Ice Cream Mix Emulsions (Abstract)
  Soukoulis, C., Athens/GR, C. Tzia, Athens/GR
10.20-10.40 Effect of Addition of Tallow Stearin on Fatty Acid Diversity and Polymorphism Stability of Sunflower Oil (Abstract)
  Khodaei, N., Tehran/IR, M. Ghavami, M. Gharachorloo, P. Aberomand, Tehran/IR
Lipids in Pharmaceutics Interconti
Lecture Hall "Y 4,5"
Chairperson: Alexandros Tselepis and Panos Constantinides
09.00-09.25 Diversity and Versatility of Lipids in Enhancing the Delivery of Drugs: Physicochemical and Biopharmaceutical Aspects (Abstract)
  Constantinides, P.P., Gurnee, IL/USA
09.25-09.50 Arsonoliposomes: Novel Lipid-Vesicles with Potential for Targeted Delivery of Anticancer and Antiparasitic Drugs (Abstract)
  Antimisiaris, S.G., Patras/GR, P.V. Ioannou, Patras/GR
09.50-10.15 Parenteral Lipid Formulations for Peptide and Protein Drugs (Abstract)
  van Winden, E.C.A., Athens/GR
10.15-10.40 Galactolipids - A New Tool in Pharmaceutics (Abstract)
  Herslöf, B.G., Stockholm/S
Break Interconti
Poster Session
10.40-11.30 Coffee Break Wednesday Morning (Kein Abstract)
Frying Oils and Frying Technologies Interconti
Poster Session
FRY-009 Pan-frying of French Fries in Oils Enriched with Olive Leaf Extract: Oxidative Stability, Total Polyphenol Content, and Antioxidant Capacity (Abstract)
  Salta, F.N., Athens/GR, A. Chiou, G. Boskou, N.K. Andrikopoulos, Athens/GR
Olive Oil Interconti
Poster Session
OLIV-001 Classification of Greek Olive Cultivars based on Compositional Analysis of Extracted Olive Oils by NMR Spectroscopy and Multivariate Statistical Analysis (Abstract)
  Agiomyrgianaki, A., Heraklion/GR, P. Dais, Heraklion/GR, P. Petrakis, Athens/GR
OLIV-002 Determination of Phospholipids in Olive Oil by employing 31P NMR Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  Hatzakis, E., Heraklion/GR, P. Dais, Heraklion/GR, A. Koidis, D. Boskou, Thessaloniki/GR
OLIV-003 Elenolic Acid in Virgin Olive Oil: a Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method (Abstract)
  Rovellini, P., Milan/I
OLIV-004 Characterisation of Phenolic Compounds in Oils Produced from Frosted Olives (Abstract)
  Guillaume, C., Geelong/AUS, L. Ravetti, S. Gwyn, Geelong/AUS
OLIV-005 DSC Evaluation of Microwave-Heated Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Chiavaro, E., Parma/I, C. Barnaba, Parma/I, M. T. Rodriguez-Estrad, Bologna/I, E. Vittadini, Parma/I, L. Cerretani, A. Bendini, Cesena/I
OLIV-006 Effects of Olive Oil/Cholesterol Diet on Serum Lipoprotein, Lipid Peroxidation and Atherosclerosis Development in Rabbits (Abstract)
  Saberkari, M.R., Rasht/IR, K. Najafi Nia, Kermanshah/IR
OLIV-007 The Comparison between the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Produced by Italian manufacturers and available on Polish and Italian (Abstract)
  Wroniak, M., Warsaw/PL, D. Wosztyl, M. Maszewska, K. Ratusz, Warsaw/PL
OLIV-008 Determination of Fungal Factors which caused the Desiccation (death) of Olive Trees in the East Mediterranean Olive Regions of Turkey (Abstract)
  Tatli, A., Adana/TR, M. Küsek, E. Kafkas, N. Birisik, Adana/TR
OLIV-009 Evaluation of the Olive Oils on the Polish Market (Abstract)
  Ptasznik , S., Warszawa/PL
OLIV-010 Evolution of Minor Compounds During Accelerated Storage of Tunisian Virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Krichène, D., Hammam-Lif/TN, A. Allalout, Hammam-Lif/TN, M.D. Salvador, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/E, M. Zarrouk, Hammam-Lif/TN
OLIV-011 Effect of Extraction Methods on Olive Oil Quality Characteristics of the Koroneiki Cultivar (Abstract)
  Stefanoudaki , E., Chania/GR, A. Koutsaftakis, A. Papamanolioudaki, Chania/GR, J.L. Harwood, Cardiff/UK
OLIV-012 Phenolic Profiles of Some Tunisian Virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Haddada, F.M., Hammam-Lif/TN, D. Krichéne, H. Manai, I. Oueslati, D. Daoud, M. Zarrouk, Hammama-Lif/TN
OLIV-013 Beneficial Effects of Phenolics Derived from Tunisian Olive Products (Abstract)
  Abaza, L.A., Hammam-Lif/TN, T.P.N. Talorete, P. Yamada, H. Isoda, Ibaraki/J, M. Zarrouk, Hammam-Lif/TN
OLIV-014 Observation of an Olive Oil Factory in Intepe (Ophryneion) Under the Light of Industrial Archeaology (Abstract)
  Salcan, E., Cannakale/TR
OLIV-015 Olive Oil Production in Turkey (Abstract)
  Tasan, M., Tekirdag/TR, Ü. Gecgel, O. Daglioglu, Tekirdag/TR
OLIV-016 Influence of Fruit Ripening, Harvesting and Storage on Sterol Composition of Cellina di Nardò and Ogliarola Leccese Virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Ridolfi, M., Perugia/I, M. Scamosci, M. Patumi, Perugia/I
OLIV-017 Potential Quality and Characterization of Virgin Olive Oils Produced in Madrid (Spain) (Abstract)
  Pérez, M.A., Alcalá de Henares/E, G. Vergara, M. Palancar, Alcala de Henares/E
OLIV-018 Antioxydant Coumpounds of Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Tunisian Centre (Abstract)
  Manai, H., Hammam-Lif/TN
OLIV-019 Determination of Zinc in Olive Oil by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry without Digestion (Abstract)
  Bagdat Yasar, S., Balikesir/TR, E. Köse Baran, Balikesir/TR
OLIV-020 Synthesis of [N,N′-Bis(4-Methoxysalicylidene)-1,3-Propanediaminato] and Its Analytical Application for Determination of Copper in Olive Oil by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry without Digestion (Abstract)
  Bagdat Yasar, S., Balikesir/TR, C. Barak, Cihan, E. Köse Baran, Balikesir/TR
OLIV-021 Determination of Some Metals in Olive Oil : Comparison of Procedures (Abstract)
  Bagdat Yasar, S., Balikesir/TR, M. Kivrak, Balikesir/TR
OLIV-022 Oxidative Stability of Roasted Food Processed in Different Types of Olive Oil and other Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, L. Silva, J. Carrola, S. Barbosa, Porto/P
OLIV-023 Oxidative Stability of Different Types of Olive Oil after Boiling Operation with Vegetables (Abstract)
  Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, L. Silva, Porto/P
OLIV-024 Anticancer and Cytotoxic Activities of Olive Oil Phenolic Compounds (Abstract)
  Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, V. Rodrigues, J. Pinto, J. Coelho, Porto/P, M.P.M. Marques, R.C. Cruz, Coimbra/P
OLIV-025 Effect of Pre-processing Storage Conditions on Olive Oil Quality and Composition (Abstract)
  Inarejos-Garcia, A.M., Ciudad Real/E, A. Gómez-Rico, M.D. Salvador, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/E
OLIV-026 Mapping Trace Element Content of Greek Virgin Olive Oils from Different Cultivars and Regions through Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (Abstract)
  Minioti, K.S., Athens/GR
OLIV-027 Determination of Benzo(a)Pyrene in Olive Oils of Aegean Area (Abstract)
  Gecgel, Ü., Tekirdag/TR, Ö.Taga, Izmir/TR, B. Bilgin, Tekirdag/TR
OLIV-028 Changes in Growth, Sexual Maturation and Mammary Gland Differentiation by High Olive Oil and Corn Oil Diets as a Putative Mechanism of their Effects on Breast Cancer susceptibility in Rats (Abstract)
  Moral, R., Barcelona/E, M. Solanas, L. Grau, R. Escrich, E. Vela, G. Garcia, I. Costa, E. Escrich, Barcelona/E
OLIV-029 Monitoring of Virgin Olive Oil Sensory Quality during the Olives Malaxation by an Array of Metal Oxide Sensors (Abstract)
  Esposto, S., Perugia/I, M. Servili, A. Taticchi, S. Urbani, Perugia/I, I. Riccò, Imola/I, G.F. Montedoro, Perugia/I
OLIV-030 Effect of Homogenization on the Virgin Olive Oil Shelf-life (Abstract)
  Servili, M., Perugia/I, S. Esposto, A. Taticchi, S. Urbani, F. Mariucci, R. Selvaggini, Perugia/I, A. Sensidoni, Udine/I
OLIV-031 Effect of the Storage of Virgin Olive Oil at Controlled Temperature (12°C) Respect to Room Temperature (25°C) (Abstract)
  Cerretani, L., Cesena (FC)/I, F. Pasini, A. Bendini, Cesena (FC)/I, A. Rossi, Vicopisano (PI)/I, M.F. Caboni, G. Lercker, Cesena (FC)/I
OLIV-032 The Effect of Storage on Sterols, total Polyphenols and Phenolic Compounds of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olives (Olea Europaea Cv. Koroneiki, Olea Europaea Cv. Major) and their Mixtures from the Region of Kynouria (Abstract)
  Varzakas, T.V., Kalamata/GR, G.Z. Zakynthinos, S. Anastaopoulos, Kalamata/GR
OLIV-033 The Effects of Fruit Ripening Level on Virgin Olive Oil Properties (Abstract)
  Kerem, Z., Rehovot/IL, Y. Nir, Rehovot/IL, A. Daf, I. Tzipori, Aro/IL, P. Weinberg, Rehovot/IL, Y. Tugendhaft, Aro/IL
OLIV-034 Calculation of the Difference between the Actual and Theoretical ECN 42 Triacylglyceride Content to Detect Adulteration in Olive Oil Samples Commercialized in Brazil (Abstract)
  Aued-Pimentel, S.A.P., São Paulo/BR, E. Takemoto, E.E. Kumagai, C.B. Cano, São Paulo/BR
OLIV-035 Use of CE- and HPLC-ESI-TOF MS for the Characterization of Phenolic Fraction from Tunisian Extra-virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Zarrouk, W., Hammam-Lif/TN, A. Carrasco-Pancorbo, Granada/E, M. Zarrouk, Hammam-Lif/TN, A. Segura-Carretero, A. Fernández-Gutiérrez, Granada/E
OLIV-036 Effect of Packaging Material Transmission to Light and Oxygen, Temperature and Headspace Volume on Quality Characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Kontominas, M.G., Ioannina/GR, G. Pristouri, A. Badeka, Ioannina/GR
OLIV-037 Oxidative Stability of Flavoured Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Akcar, H., Izmir/TR, A. Gümüskesen, F. Yemiscioglu, Izmir/TR
OLIV-038 The Comparison between the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Produced by Italian manufacturers and available on Polish and Italian (Abstract)
  Wroniak, M., Warsaw/PL, D. Wosztyl, M. Maszewska, K. Ratusz, Warsaw/PL
OLIV-039 A new food-food Fortification: Olive oil-date powder paste (Abstract)
  Amrane, D., Boumerdès/DZ, A.Djouab, H. Amellal, H.Gougam, C. Badaoui, K. Hamam, N. Tahi, S. Benamara, Boumerdès/DZ
OLIV-040 The observations on characterization of Turkish monovarietial virgin olive oils : A review (Abstract)
  Diraman, H., Bornova – Ýzmir/TR, Y. Hisil, Bornova-Izmir/TR
OLIV-041 An Study on Oil Contents and Fatty Acid profiles of some Turkish Olive Cultivars improvement by Clon Selection (Abstract)
  Diraman, H., Bornova – Ýzmir/TR, Y. Hisil, Bornova-Izmir/TR
OLIV-042 The Fatty Acid profiles of Edible Olive – Pomace Oil produced by Physical and Chemical refining techniques in Turkey (Abstract)
  Diraman, H., Bornova – Ýzmir/TR, Y. Hisil, Bornova-Izmir/TR
OLIV-043 Apoptosis induction by 3,4-DHPEA is mediated by the release of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Cell Culture Medium (Abstract)
  Fabiani, R., Perugia/I, R. Fuccelli, F. Pieravanti, A. De Bartolomeo, M. Servili, A. Taticchi, G. Morozzi, Perugia/I
OLIV-044 Antioxidant effects of Olive Mill Wastewater phenols in an Animal Model (Abstract)
  Morozzi, G., Perugia/I, R. Zuccaccia, E. Mourvaki, C. Castellini, R. Cardinali, M. Servili, S. Esposto, R. Fabiani, Perugia/I
OLIV-045 Characterization of Important Domestic and Foreign Olive Varieties from the National Olive Collection Orchard of Turkey based on their Fatty Acid Profiles By Multivariete Stastistical Methods (Abstract)
  Diraman, H., Bornova Izmir/TR, H. Saygi, Bornaova-Izmir/TR
OLIV-046 Using Triterpenic Dialcohols for the Characterization of Several Virgin Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Allouche, Y., Mengibar-Jaén/E, M. Uceda, M.P. Aguilera, G. Beltran, Mengibar-Jaén/E
OLIV-047 Detection of Oleic Sunflower Oil in Virgin Olive Oil (Abstract)
  Lacoste, F., Pessac/F, F. Dejean, E. Brenne, H. Griffon, L. Michot, F. Joffre, Pessac/F
OLIV-048 Phenolic Structures of Turkish Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Yorulmaz, A., Balikesir/TR, E.S. Poyrazoglu, Ankara/TR, M.M. Ozcan, Konya/TR, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
OLIV-049 Evolution of Quality Criteria for Virgin Olive Oil during Storage (Abstract)
  Dejean, F., Pessac/F, E. Brenne, K. Bertrand, F. Lacoste, Pessac/F
Processing, Developments in Oil and Fat Technology Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-016 Formulation of Enzymatic Cocktails in Order to Improve Aqueous Extraction of Oil from Rapeseed and Sunflower (Abstract)
  Ricochon, G., Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/F, L. Muniglia, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/F, X. Pagès, Pessac/F, B. Rovel, B. Piffaut, M. Girardin, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy/F
LAMI-029 Two-stage Countercurrent Enzyme-Assisted Aqueous
Extraction Process of Oil and Protein from Soybeans (Abstract)
  Leite Nobrega de Moura, J.M., Ames/USA, L.A. Johnson, Ames/USA
LAMI-030 Scale-up of Enzyme-Assisted Aqueous Extraction Process from Flaked and Extruded Soybeans: Effect of extrusion and extraction conditions (Abstract)
  Leite Nobrega de Moura, J.M., Ames/USA, N.M. de Almeida, Bananeiras/BR, L.A. Johnson, Ames/USA
PROC-001 Adsorptive Removal of Sulfur Compounds from Canola Oil (Abstract)
  Kalantari, F., Tehran/IR, M. Bahmaei, E. Sabbaghian, Tehran/IR
PROC-002 Impact of Chemical and Physical Refining on Phthalate Content (Abstract)
  Joffre, F., Pessac/F, X. Pages, F. Dejean, B. Soulet, C. Birot, F. Lacoste, Pessac/F
PROC-003 Yield Increase in Vegetable Oil production - By Use of Enzyme Technology (Abstract)
  Christensen, K., Århus/DK, J.B. Soe, Aarhus/DK
PROC-004 Diacylglycerols Formation by Enzymatic Reaction of Rapeseed Oil, Pork Lard Mixtures and Glycerol using Biocatalysts Lipozyme RM IM (Abstract)
  Ptasznik, S., Warszawa/PL
PROC-005 Concentration of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Rainbow Trout Oil by Urea Complexation (Abstract)
  Ustun, G., Istanbul/TR, L. Kent, Istanbul/TR
PROC-006 Enzymatic Synthesis of Glycerides from Sesame oil Enriched in DHA (Abstract)
  Otero, C., Madrid/E, M. Criado, Madrid/E
PROC-007 Lipase-mediated Re-esterification of Lower Glycerides from Soybean Oil with CLA (Abstract)
  Otero, C., Madrid/E, E. Hernández-Martín, Madrid/E
PROC-008 Degumming of Sunflower Oil Using Polymeric Membranes (Abstract)
  Coutinho, C.M., Campinas/BR, M.C. Chiu, São Paulo/BR, R.C. Basso, A.P.B. Ribeiro, R. Grimaldi, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
PROC-009 Optimization of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) on Extraction Efficiency of Nigella sativa Oil and Comparison of Oil Compositions Extraced by using SFE and Solvent Extraction (Abstract)
  Mirhosseini, H., Serdang/MAL, T. Chin Ping Tan, H. Kourosh Hasanzadeh, Serdang/MAL
PROC-010 Gentle Meal Processing by using a Fluidised Bed Desolventiser (Abstract)
  Pudel, F., Magdeburg/D, K.-H. Leidt, L. Mörl, K. Weigel, R. Zettl, Magdeburg/D
PROC-011 Enzymic Pretreatment to Enhance Oil Extraction from Rosehip (Rosa rugosa) Seeds (Abstract)
  Kobus, M., Lodz/PL
PROC-012 Production of Structured Triglycerides by Acidolysis Catalyzed by Lipases Rd and Palatase 20000L Immobilized in a Packed Bed Reactor Operating in Continuous and Recirculation Modes (Abstract)
  Hita, E., Almeria/E, M.M. Muñio, M.J. Jimenez, A. Robles, L. Esteban, P.A. Gonzalez, E. Molina, Almeria/E
PROC-013 Rheological Characteristics of Mayonnaises with Addition of Walnut, Corn, Linseed and Olive Oils (Abstract)
  Moslavac, T., Osijek/HR, A. Perl Piricki, Osijek/HR, D. Bencic, Zagreb/HR, S. Sikra, Cepin/HR, K. Popovic, Osijek/HR
PROC-014 Urea Complexation for Borage Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Concentration (Abstract)
  Soto, C., Valparaíso/RCH, M.E. Zúñiga, M.E. Zuniga, Valparaíso/RCH
PROC-015 Pilot Plant Degumming of Corn Oil Miscella through Polymeric Membrane (Abstract)
  Viotto, L.A., Campinas/BR, M.S. Araki, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
PROC-016 Hydrogenation of Sunflower Oil using Monolithic Catalysts (Abstract)
  Tonetto, G.M., Bahía Blanca/RA, J.F. Sánchez, D.E. Damiani, Bahía Blanca/RA
PROC-017 Trans-Free Margarine Prepared with Canola Oil/Palm Stearin/Palm Kernel Oil-Based Structured Lipids (Abstract)
  Akoh, C.C., Athens, GA/USA, B.H. Kim, S.E. Lumor, Athens, GA/USA
PROC-018 Degumming of Corn Oil Miscella through Polymeric Membrane in Pilot Plant (Abstract)
  Gonçalves, L.A.G., Campinas/BR, M.S. Araki, L.A. Viotto, Campinas/BR
PROC-019 The Selective Hydrogenation of Mixtures of cis- and trans-FAMEs (Abstract)
  Philippaerts, A., Heverlee/B, B.F. Sels, P.A. Jacobs, Heverlee/B
PROC-020 Concentration and Purification of Phospholipids to Produce Lecitin by Diafiltration Using Ceramic Membrane (Abstract)
  Viotto, L.A., Campinas/BR, M.F. Souza, M.S. Araki, R.C. Basso, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
PROC-021 Optimization of Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Phospholipids from Palm-pressed Fiber (Abstract)
  Tan, C.P., Serdang/MAL, S.C. Chua, H. Mirhosseini, O.M. Lai, K. Long, B.S. Baharin, Serdang/MAL
PROC-022 The Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on Water Holding Capacity of Yoghurt (Abstract)
  Ertugay, M. F., Erzurum/TR, M. Sengul, M. Baslar, T. Erkaya, Erzurum/TR
PROC-023 Chemical en Enzymatic Interesterification (continuous and batch-wise) of a blend of Palm Stearin and Soybean Oil as Hard Stock for "Low Trans" Margarine Formulation: a Laboratory-Scale Study. (Abstract)
  Costales-Rodriguez, R., Brussels/B, V. Gibon, W. de Greyt,Brussels/B, R. Verhé, Ghent/B
PROC-024 Determination of Phospholipid Reverse Miscelle Size by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  Eren, I., Izmir/TR, F. Yemiscioglu, P. Boynuegri, Izmir/TR
PROC-025 Hydrogenation of Vegetable Oils over Bimetallic Supported Catalysts on Structured Silica Supports (Abstract)
  Kemmache, N., Quebec-City/CDN, H. Safia, A. Joseph, K. Belkacemi, Quebec-City/CDN
Oils, Fats and Lipids in Human Nutrition Interconti
Poster Session
HUNU-001 Differences in the Dietary Fatty Acids and Physicochemical values of Kernal Oil from Sweet and Bitter Apricots of Pakistan (Abstract)
  Hamid, S., Lahore/PK, H. Akhtar, H. Ahmad, Lahore/PK
HUNU-002 Effects of Gluten on Thermal Deterioration of Oil (Abstract)
  Totani, N., Kobe/J
HUNU-004 Chicatana Ant Atta mexicana B Source of Vitamin E Natural Antioxidant. (Abstract)
  Melo, M.V, Mexico City/MEX, C.C. Calvo, G.M. Garcia, B.M.J. Barrera, J. Rivero, Mexico City/MEX
HUNU-005 Edible Insects Source of Fatty Acids and Energy (Abstract)
  Melo, V., Mexico/MEX, M. Garcia, J. Salas, M.J. Barrera, M.C. Herrera, J. Rivero, Mexico City/MEX
HUNU-006 trans Fatty Acid Nutritional Label Legislation in Argentina. Impact on the Fatty Acid Profile Intake from Bakery Products (Abstract)
  Bernal, C.A., Santa Fe/RA, N.S. Palmioli, M.R. Williner, Santa Fe/RA
HUNU-007 Rice Bran Oil: Nutritonal Components and Health Benefits (Abstract)
  Gecgel, Ü., Tekirdag/TR, M. Tasan, O. Daglioglu, Tekirdag/TR
HUNU-008 Use of an In Vitro Digestion Model to Study the Bioaccesibility of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal and Related Aldehydes Present in Oxidized Oils Rich in Omega-6 acyl Groups (Abstract)
  Guillen, M.D., Vitoria/E, E. Goicoechea, Vitoria/E
HUNU-009 Enzymatic Production of Rich Palmitic Acid Triacylglycerides at the sn-2 Position as Intermediates to the Synthesis of Structured Lipids (Abstract)
  Jiménez, M.J., Almería/E, M.M. Muñío, E. Hita, L. Esteban, A. Robles, P. A. Gónzalez, M. Molina, Almería/E
HUNU-010 Effect of the Content of Partially Hydrogenated Oils on the Physical and Structural Properties of Bakery Margarines (Abstract)
  Cavillot, V., Gembloux/B
HUNU-011 Partial replacement of fat by inuline in cookies (Abstract)
  Zbikowska, A., Warsaw/PL, M. Maszewska, M. Niescierowicz, Warsaw/PL
HUNU-012 Evidence of the Very Early Formation in Sunflower Oil, under Frying Conditions, of 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal and other Toxic Aldehydes (Abstract)
  Guillen, M.D., Vitoria/E, P. Sancho, Vitoria/E
HUNU-013 The Properties of the Mixture of Chicken Fat and Rapeseed Oil after Enzymatic Interesterification (Abstract)
  Kostecka, M., Warsaw/PL, K. Tarnowska, B. Kowalski, Warsaw/PL
HUNU-014 Hydrolysis of Milk Fat Globules by Pancreatic Lipases Depends on their Size and Composition of the Interface (Abstract)
  Berton, A., Marseille/F, C. Sebban-Kreuzer, S. Rouvellac, I. Crenon, Marseille/F, V. Briard-Bion, C. Lopez, Rennes/F
HUNU-015 Synthesis of 2-MAG by Enzymatic Alcoholysis of Fish Oils using Different Reactor Types (Abstract)
  Muñío, M.M., Almería/E, E. Hita, M.J. Jiménez, L. Esteban, A. Robles, P. González, E. Molina, Almería/E
HUNU-016 Synthesis of Structured Lipids by Enzymatic Esterification from 2-MAG Enriched in PUFAs (Abstract)
  Muñío, M.M., Almería/E, M.J. Jiménez, E. Hita, L. Esteban, A. Robles, P. González, E. Molina, Almería/E
HUNU-017 Production of Structured Lipids Rich in DHA by Acidolysis of Tuna Oil and Caprylic Acid Catalyzed by Palatase 20000L Immobilized on Accurel MP1000 (Abstract)
  Hita, E., Almeria/E, M.J. Jiménez, M.M. Muñío, A. Robles, L. Esteban, P.A. González, E. Molina, Almeria/E
HUNU-018 Determination of trans Fatty Acids of Cakes in Turkish Markets (Abstract)
  Tekeli, Y., Konya/TR, Y.S. Cakmak, G.O. Guler, G. Caglav, A. Aktumsek, Konya/TR
HUNU-019 Trans Fatty Acids of Chocolates in Markets in Turkey (Abstract)
  Aktumsek, A., Konya/TR, Y.S. Cakmak, G.O. Guler, Konya/TR
HUNU-020 Determination of trans Fatty Acids of Chips in Markets in Turkey (Abstract)
  Guler, G.O., Konya/TR, Y.S. Cakmak, S. Yigit, Konya/TR
HUNU-021 Determination of the Seasonal Changes on Total Fatty Acid Composition of Vimba, Vimba vimba tenella (Nordmann, 1840) in Egirdir Lake, Turkey (Abstract)
  Kalyoncu, L., Konya/TR, S. Kissal, A. Aktümsek, Konya/TR
HUNU-022 Effect of Season on Total Fatty Acid Composition of Rudd, Scardinius Erythrophthalmus L., Muscle Lipids in Altinapa Dam Lake, Turkey (Abstract)
  Citil, O.B., Konya/TR, G.O. Guler, A. Aktumsek, Konya/TR
HUNU-023 Changes in Fatty Acid Composition of Pork Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid Frying in Different Kind of Fats (Abstract)
  Boros-Györi, A., Debrecen/H, J. Gundel, A. Herman, Herceghalom/H, J. Csapó, Kaposvár/H
HUNU-024 Grasshopper Schistocerca Paranensis B Functional food source of Vitamin A. (Abstract)
  Calvo, C., Mexico city/MEX, V. Melo, J. Rivero, M.J. Barrera, A. Alfaro, Mexico/MEX
HUNU-025 CLA from Two Variety of Iranian Garlic (Abstract)
  Ramezani Kharazi, P., Rasht/IR, G. Peyvast, Rasht/IR
HUNU-026 Influence of Garlic and Hot Pepper Aroma Extract on Sensory and Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil (Abstract)
  Romanic, R., Novi Sad/SRB, E. Dimic, V. Vujasinovic, V. Vuksa, Novi Sad/SRB
HUNU-027 Characteristics of Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil Obtained on Screw Press (Abstract)
  Dimic, E., Novi Sad/SRB, R. Romanic, V. Vujasinovic, V. Vuksa, Novi Sad/SRB
HUNU-028 Herring Marinades as a Source of n-3 PUFA (Abstract)
  Domiszewski, Z., Szczecin/PL, G. Bienkiewicz, A. Kolakowska, M. Szczygielski, Szczecin/PL
HUNU-029 Fatty Acid Composition in Wild and Farmed Salmon: Fresh and Cold- and Hot-smoked (Abstract)
  Domiszewski, Z., Szczecin/PL, G. Bienkiewicz, A. Kolakowska, Szczecin/PL
HUNU-030 Lipids, Fatty Acids and Lipophilic Substances: Overview of Assessments of the French Food safety Agency (Afssa) (Abstract)
  Kalonji , E., Maisons-Alfort/FR, C. Dumas, R. Ancellin, I. Margaritis, Maisons-Alfort/F
HUNU-031 Temporal changes in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) Composition of French Human Milk from 1997 to 2007. (Abstract)
  Vaysse, C., Talence/F, C. Couëdelo, Talence/F, P. Guesnet, J.M., Alessandri, Jouy-en-Josas/F, C. Billeaud, Bordeaux/F, G. Putet, Lyon/F, N. Combe, Talence/F.
HUNU-032 Application of Inulin as a Fat Substitute in Low Fat and Fat Free Spreads (Abstract)
  Watroba, A., Warsaw/PL, A. Florowska, K. Krygier, Warsaw/PL
HUNU-033 Efects of dietary COPs on some Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers (Abstract)
  Garcia, H.S., Veracruz/MEX, I. Soto-Rodriguez, M. Olivo-Bravo, M. Cámara-Contreras, R. Castañeda-Hernández, A. Alexander-Aguilera, Veracruz/MEX
HUNU-034 Effects of CLA on Hypertension, Plasma Lipids and Membrane Composition of Epididymal Fat in spontaneously hypertensive Rats (Abstract)
  Garcia, H.S., Veracruz/MEX, G. Hernandez-Diaz, A. Alexander-Aguilera, A. Arzaba-Villalba, Y. Romero-Sarmiento, I. Soto-Rodriguez, Veracruz/MEX
HUNU-035 Classification of International Olive Oils
by Chemiometry applied to the content of Oleic Acid and ω3/ω6 Ratio (Abstract)
  Caravita, M.A., Rende/I, C. Benincasa, M. Martelossi, I. Muzzalupo, M. Pellegrino, E. Perri, E. Romano, Rende(CS)/I
HUNU-036 The trans 18:1 and CLA profile in North American beef fat (Abstract)
  Kramer, J.K.G., Guelph/CDN, M. Hernandez, Guelph/CDN, N. Aldai, M.E.R. Dugan, Lacombe/CDN
HUNU-037 Survey of trans 18:1 and CLA in backfat of Western Canadian beef (Abstract)
  Aldai, N., Lacombe/CDN, M.E.R. Dugan, D.C. Rolland, Lacombe/CDN, J.K.G. Kramer, Guelph/CDN
HUNU-038 Food Matrices affect the Bioavailability of (n-3) Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Abstract)
  Mu, H., Lyngby/D, L.B. Schram, C.J. Nielsen, T. Porsgaard, N.S. Nielsen, Lyngby/D, R. Holm, Valby/D
HUNU-039 Effects of Intramolecular Structure of Fats in Infant Formulas on Absorption of Fat and Calcium in Rats (Abstract)
  Li, Y., Lyngby/D, J.E.T. Andersen, Lyngby/D, O. Myer, A. Ørngreen, Søborg/D, H. Mu, Lyngby/D
HUNU-040 Occurrence of 3-MCPD Fatty Acid Esters in Baby Food (Abstract)
  Zelinková, Z., Prague/CZ, M. Doležal, J. Velíšek, Prague/CZ
HUNU-041 Analysis of Potato Product Lipids for 3-MCPD Esters (Abstract)
  Doležal, M., Prague/CZ, L. Dvoráková, Z. Zelinková, J. Velíšek, Prague/CZ
HUNU-042 Evaluation of Postprandial Oxydation of Vaccenic Acid in Healthy Volunteers (Abstract)
  Mouriot, J., Clermont-Ferrand/F, C. Malpuech-Brugère, Clermont-Fd/F, O. Loreau, Gif-sur-Yvette/F, E. Pujos, St-Genès-Champanelle/F, J.M. Chardigny, Clermont-Fd/F
HUNU-043 Fat Quality in Selected Food Products on the Swedish Market (Abstract)
  Wretling, S., Uppsala/S
LAMI-008 Antioxidant Capacity of Maslinic Acid, a Triterpenoid Compound of Virgin Olive Oil, on in vitro Human LDL Oxidation (Abstract)
  Allouche, Y., Jaén/E, G. Beltran, M. Uceda, Mengibar (Jaen)/E, M.D. Mesa, Granada/E
LAMI-021 In vivo Antiatherogenic Properties of Fish Polar Lipid Fraction in Hyperlipidemic Rabbits (Abstract)
  Nasopoulou, C., Athens/GR, H.C. Karantonis, N. Tsantila, D.N. Perrea, D.G. Iliopoulos, S.E. Theocharis, C.A. Demopoulos, I. Zabetakis, Athens/GR
LAMI-024 Legal Limit for trans-fat Content in Swiss food (Abstract)
  Richter, E. K., Zürich/CH, P.C. Colombani, Zürich/CH
Plant Lipids Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-017 Application of Different Sterol Diets on Guinea Pigs (Abstract)
  Keller, S., Jena/D, L. Martin, S. Baule, G. Jahreis, Jena/D
PLALI-001 Fatty Acids Composition of Watermelon Seed Oil of Morocco (Abstract)
  Benaissa, M., Casablanca/MA, A. El Amrani, Casablanca/MA
PLALI-002 Carbon Dioxide Extraction and Antimicrobial Activity of Lipophilic Components from Northern Juniper (Juniperus communis) Sprouts (Abstract)
  Yang, B., Turku/FIN, P. Määttä, Tornio/FIN, R. Peltola, Rovaniemi/FIN
PLALI-003 Hazelnut Oil Production in Turkey (Abstract)
  Gecgel, Ü., Tekirdag/TR, M. Tasan, O. Daglioglu, Tekirdag/TR
PLALI-004 Chemical Evaluation of Seje Oils (Jessenia Bataua) from the Venezuelan state of Amazonas with Emphasis on the Minor Constituents (Abstract)
  Navas-Hernandez, P.B., Maracay/YV, G. Fregapane, M.D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/E
PLALI-005 Effect of Extraction Parameters on the Carotenoid Recovery from Tomato Waste (Abstract)
  Strati, I.F., Athens/GR
PLALI-006 Fatty Acid Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Macro Algae from the Southern Sea Coast of Korea (Abstract)
  Park, S. Y., Geoje/ROK, J. Hwang, T. Kwon Ryu, L. Taek-Kyun, Geoje/ROK
PLALI-007 Influence of Genotype and Region on the Fatty Acid Content of Turkish Walnuts (Abstract)
  Yucel, S., Istanbul/TR, C. Yerlikaya, Istanbul/TR, U. Ertürk, Bursa/TR
PLALI-008 Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Cultivars Affect Yield, Oleic/linoleic Ratio, Tocopherol and Sterols Content (Abstract)
  Medina-Juarez, L.A., Hermosillo/MEX, M.G. Campos-Mondragón, R.M. Oliart-Ros, Veracruz/MEX, A.M. Calderón De La Barca-Cota, J. Ortega-García, Hermosillo/MEX, A. Durán-Prado, L.C. Campos-Reyes, O. Angulo-Guerrero, Veracruz/MEX
PLALI-009 Effects of Gamma-oryzanol on the Micellarization of Cholesterol and Choesterol Uptake by CACO-2 Cells (Abstract)
  Ariyapitipun, T., Bangkok/T, K. Chanda, Bangkok/T, M.L. Failla, Ohio/USA
PLALI-010 Comparison of Techniques for the Recovery of Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus L.) Seed Oil (Abstract)
  Stojicevic, S., Leskovac/SRB, I. Stanisavljevic, D. Velickovic, V. Veljkovic, M. Lazic, Leskovac/SRB
PLALI-011 Production of Antimicrobial Hydroxy Fatty Acids from Korean Pine Seed Oil by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (Abstract)
  Kim, D., Daegu/SK, M. Suh, J. Bae, J.Kim, I. Lee, Daegu/SK
PLALI-012 Chemical Composition and Properties of Artesanal and Semiautomatically Extracted Edible and Cosmetic Argan Oils from different Geographical Area. (Abstract)
  Guinda, A., Seville/SP, M.C. Pérez-Camino, M. Rada, Seville/SP, M. Benaissa, A. El Amrani, Casablanca/MO, J.A. Cayuela, Seville/SP.
PLALI-013 Characterization of the Romanian Safflower seed oil [Carthamus tinctorius (L.)] and Seabuckthorn oil (Hippophaë ramnoides L.) (Abstract)
  Echim, C., Ghent/B, C. Socaciu, Cluj-Napoca/RO, V. Van Hoed, R. Verhe, M. Segers, N. De Clercq, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/B
PLALI-014 Effect of Plants Sterols on the Physical properties of the Lipid Membrane (Abstract)
  Teruel Puche, J.A., Murcia/E, C. Silva, F.J. Aranda, A. Ortiz, V. Martínez, M. Carvajal, Murcia/E
PLALI-015 Fatty acid profiles of some microalgae, Porphyridium cruentum and Botryococcus braunii, from Turkey (Abstract)
  Diraman, H., Bornova – Ýzmir/TR, E. Koru, Bornova-Izmir/TR
PLALI-016 Pentacyclic Triterpenoids are Actively Synthesized at the Onset of Olea europaea L. Fruit Development (Abstract)
  Stiti, N., Strasbourg/F, M.A. Hartmann, Strasbourg/F, S. Triki, Tunis/TN
Lipids in Animal Science Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-006 Influence of Diet on Qualitative and Quantitative Composition of Phospholipids of Milk Fat Globule Membrane (Abstract)
  Briard-Bion, V., Rennes/F, O. Ménard, F. Rousseau, Rennes/F, P. Pradel, Marcenat/F, J.M. Besle, Saint-Genes-Champanelle/F, C. Lopez, Rennes/F
LAMI-007 Calanus finmarchicus - a Source of Unique Marine Oils (Abstract)
  Overrein, I., Trondheim/N, M. Bergvik, J.O. Evjemo, T. Rustad, Trondheim/N
LAMI-009 Influence of Dietary Fatty Acids pre- and post-weaning on Lamb Muscle (Abstract)
  Turner, T., Uppsala/S, G. Bernes, Umeå/S, J. Pickova, Uppsala/S
LAMI-012 Fatty Acids in Freshwater Food Webs - Seasonal and among Lake Differences (Abstract)
  Müllner, E., Uppsala/S, J. Pickova, Uppsala/S, T. Vrede, Umeå/S, W. Goedkoop, Uppsala/S
LIAS-001 Perinatal Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Supplementation of Female Rats with Lysophosphatidlycholine obtained from Omega-3 enriched Eggs, Improves the Memory and Learning Capabilities of Pups (Abstract)
  Valenzuela, C.A., Santiago/RCH, S. Nieto, J. Sanhueza, P. Zañartu, Santiago/RCH
LIAS-002 Enrichment of Artimia with Omega-3 Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids and their Stability after Starvation (Abstract)
  Mahmoudzadeh, H., Tehran/IR, Z. Gerailoo, G. Azari Takamie, Tehran/IR
LIAS-003 Effect of Dietary Lipid Source on the Lipid and Fatty Acid Profile of Parthenogenic Versus Bisexual Uromiah Lake Artemia (Artemia uromiana) (Abstract)
  Ahmadi, M.R., Tehran/IR
LIAS-004 Fatty Acid Composition of Tanker Mountain Milk from Switzerland. Seasonal Variations (Abstract)
  Collomb, M., Bern/CH, W. Bisig, U. Bütikofer, R. Sieber, M. Bregy, L. Etter, Bern/CH
LIAS-005 Removal of Lipids and Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning Toxins (DSP) from Contaminated Blue Mussels (Mytilus edulis) by an Acid or Alkaline Protein Solubilization Technique (Abstract)
  Vareltzis, P., Gothenburg/S, I. Undeland, Gothenburg/S
LIAS-006 Comparison of the Diet-Depended Occurrence of CLA - and C18:1trans Isomers in Beef and Lamb Muscle (Abstract)
  Dannenberger, D., Dummerstorf/D
LIAS-007 Time-Dependent Elimination of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Porcine Adipose Tissue (Abstract)
  Bee, G., Posieux/CH
LIAS-008 Trans Fatty Acids in Meat and Meat Products (Abstract)
  Gecgel, Ü., Tekirdag/TR, I. Yilmaz, M. Tasan, O. Daglioglu, Tekirdag/TR, M. Güldas, Bursa/TR
LIAS-009 Effects of Maturation Stage on the Lipid Composition of Common Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) (Abstract)
  Sieiro, M.P., Vigo/E, J.M. Antonio, J. Roca, S.P. Aubourg, A. Guerra, Vigo/E
LIAS-010 Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Content and Fatty Acid Profile of Various Dairy Products: A review (Abstract)
  Georgala, A., Athens/GR
LIAS-011 Seasonal Variation of Iranian Butter Fatty Acid Composition (Abstract)
  Akbaridoost, Gh., Tehran/IR, M.R. Ehsani, Karaj/IR, M. Ghavami, H. Safafar, Tehran/IR
LIAS-012 A Whole Body Balance Analysis to Estimate the Synthesis of Long Chain Fatty Acids in Broilers (Abstract)
  De Smet, S., Melle/B, R. Poureslami, Melle/B, K. Raes, Kortrijk/B, G. Huyghebaert, Melle/B
LIAS-013 Quality of Milk Fat from Cows Fed Different Diets (Abstract)
  Sterna, V., Riga/LV, A. Jemeljanovs, I. Konosonoka, Sigulda/LV
LIAS-014 Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase Expression in Lamb Muscles as Affected by Dietary Lipid Supplementation (Abstract)
  Jerónimo, E., Santarém/P, G. Conte, Pisa/I, J. Santos-Silva, R.J.B. Bessa, Santarém/P, M. Mele, P. Secchiari, Pisa/I
LIAS-015 Cobalt Supplied per Os and Intra Venous Changes the Fatty Acid Composition in Bovine Milk (Abstract)
  Karlengen, I.J., Ås/N, O.M. Harstad, A, Aastveit, L. Sørensen, O, Taugbøl, Ås/N
LIAS-016 Physiological Parameters of Dairy Cows under Grazing Supplemented with Licury Oil in the Concentrate Feed (Abstract)
  Barreto, G.G., Salvador/BR, A.F. Garcez Neto, L.S. Lima, R.L. Oliveira, L.P. Barbosa, A.R. Bagaldo, N.B. Santana Filho, R.D.X. Ribeiro, Salvador/BR
LIAS-017 Carcass and Leg Compactness Index of Boer Male Goats Fed Licury Oil in the Diet (Abstract)
  Jesus, I.B., Salvador/BR, L.P. Barbosa, T.M. Silva, R.L. Oliveira, A.F. Garcez Neto, M.C.A. Silva, A.R. Bagaldo, L.S. Brito, Salvador/BR
LIAS-018 Testicular Development in Crossbreed Boer goats Fed Licury [Syagrus coronata(Martius) Beccari] Oil in the Diet (Abstract)
  Martins, L.E.P., Salvador/BR, L.P. Barbosa, P.A. Dutra, R.L. Oliveira, T.M. Silva, I.B. Jesus, A.F. Garcez Neto, A.R. Bagaldo, Salvador/BR
LIAS-019 PAH-enriched and oxidized Fatty Co- and By-products from the Food Chain used in Animal Feedings: Effects on the trans Fatty Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Contents of Poultry and Rabbit (Abstract)
  Pignoli, G., Bologna/I, D. Natale, J. Patrignani, M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, G. Lercker, Bologna/I
LIAS-020 Feed Intake and Milk Production of Dairy Cows under Grazing Supplemented with Licury Oil in the Concentrate Feed (Abstract)
  Ribeiro, R.D.X., Salvador/BR, A.F. Garcez Neto, L.S. Lima, R.L. Oliveira, L.P. Barbosa, A.R. Bagaldo, N.B. Santana Filho, G.G. Barreto, Salvador/BR
LIAS-021 Carcass Evaluation of Crossbreed Boer Goats Submitted to Diets with Licury [Syagrus coronata (Martius) Beccari] Oil Levels (Abstract)
  Silva, T.M., Salvador/BR, L.P. Barbosa, I.B. Jesus, R.L. Oliveira, A.F. Garcez Neto, F.M. Macome, A.R. Bagaldo, D.M. Sanders, Salvador/BR
LIAS-022 T10,c12-CLA-caused Lipodystrophy is Associated with Profound Changes of Fatty Acid Profiles: Possible Link to Tissue-specific Alterations of Fatty Acid Desaturation (Abstract)
  Jaudszus, A., Jena/D, P. Möckel, Jena/D, E. Hamelmann, Berlin/D, G. Jahreis, Jena/D
LIAS-023 Change of Fatty Acid Composition in the Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus intermedius) Larvae exposed to Nickel (Abstract)
  Lee, T.K., Geoje/ROK, R. Tae-Kwon, S. Yun Park, J. Hwang, Geoje/ROK
LIAS-024 Ruminal Protected Fat Use in Performance and Digestibility by Bovines of different Crossbreeds in Feedlot (Abstract)
  Jaeger, S.M.P L., Cruz das Almas/BR, R.L. Oliveira, Salvador/BR, F.M. Macome, Maputo/Moçambique
LIAS-025 Carcass Characteristics of Bovines from Four Genetic Groups Fed Diets with and without Protected Fat (Abstract)
  Jaeger, S.M.P.L., Cruz das Almas/BR, R.L. Oliveira, Salvador/BR, G.J.C. Oliveira, Cruz das Almas/BR
LIAS-026 Effect of Fish Oil Replacement in Atlantic Salmon Diets on Liver Gene and Protein Expression (Abstract)
  Schlechtriem, C., Stirling/GB, J. Thomas, York/GB, J.B. Taggart, J.E. Bron, D.R. Tocher, Stirling/GB
LIAS-027 Different Tissue Responses to the Dietary Supply of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Broilers (Abstract)
  Poureslami, R., Melle/B, K. Raes, Kortijk/B, G. Huyghebaert, S. De Smet, Melle/B
LIAS-028 Influence of the Maternal Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Source on Delta-5-and Delta-6-desaturase Enzyme Activity in Tissues of Piglets (Abstract)
  De Smet, S., Melle/B, J. Missotten, Melle/B, K. Raes, Kortrijk/B, O. Doran, Bristol/UK
LIAS-029 Effect of Dietary Fat Source and Alpha-tocopheryl Acetate Supplementation on the Oxidation and Alpha-tocopherol levels of Rabbit Meat, Liver and Plasma (Abstract)
  Tres, A., Barcelona/E, R. Codony, F. Guardiola, Barcelona/E
LIAS-030 Oxidized Oils in Animal Feeding: Effects on the Composition and Oxidation of Rabbit Meat, Liver and Plasma (Abstract)
  Tres, A., Barcelona/E, R. Codony, F. Guardiola, Barcelona/ES
LIAS-031 Lipid and Fatty Acid Composition of Japanese Scallop Patinopecten yessoensis (Abstract)
  Saito, H.S., Yokohama/J, Y. Kosaka, Aomori/J
LIAS-032 Effect of Dietary Supplementation on Cholesterol Photoxidation of Beef Meat, during storage under Commercial Retail Conditions (Abstract)
  Cardenia, V., Bologna/I, M. Masimini, M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, G. Lercker, Bologna/I
LIAS-033 Effect of added Coenzyme Q10 in Chicken Feed on its Content in Fat Rich Chicken Tissues (Abstract)
  Polak, T., Ljubljana/SLO, M. Prosek, M. Milivojevic Fir, A. Smidovnik, B. Zlender, M. Lusnic, L. Gasperlin, Ljubljana/SLO.
LIAS-034 Analysis of Stable Isotopes in Muscle, Wool and Adipose Tissue to discriminate feeding Systems in Lambs: Herbage or Concentrate both obtained from C3-plants (Abstract)
  Moreno-Rojas, J.M., Ispra/I, V. Vasta, A. Lanza, G. Luciano, Catania/I, V. Ladroue, C. Guillou, Ispra/I, A. Priolo, Catania/I
Lipid Bioscience, Lipidomics in Health and Disease Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-015 Inflammation Response can be Modulated by Hydroxytyrosol, Tyrosol and Squalene, Three Minor Components of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on U937 Macrophage-like Cells (Abstract)
  Warleta, F., Spain/E, Y. Allouche, J. Ruiz-Mora, M. Campos, G. Beltrán, M. Uceda, J.J. Gaforio, Jaén/E
LAMI-027 Study of phagosomal lipids in Tetrahymena using iron/dextran particles and latex beads (Abstract)
  Efstathiou, A., Athens/GR, D. Deli, D. Galanopoulou, Athens/GR
LIBI-001 Effect of Dietary Partially-Hydrogenated Marine Oil on Atherosclerosis Risk Factors in Guinea Pigs (Abstract)
  Kraft, J.K., Jena/D, M. Michel, Jena/D, D. Plonne, Ravensburg/D, K. Almendingen, Oslo/N
LIBI-002 Importance of Phenol-rich Virgin Olive Oil in the Host Modified Polar Fatty Acids against L.monocytogenes Infection in Mice (Abstract)
  Giacometti, J., Rijeka/HR, M. Abram, I. Bogetic, H. Krizan, D. Muhvic, Rijeka/HR
LIBI-003 Enzymatic Acidolysis of Corn Oil with Fatty Acids of Different Chain Lengths: Fatty Acid Selectivity of Lipozyme TL IM from Thermomyces lanuginosa (Abstract)
  Aksoy, H.A., Istanbul/TR, M.B. Sesen, E. Gulcur, G. Ustun, Istanbul/TR
LIBI-004 Incorporation of Conjugated Linoleic Acid into Canola Oil by Acidolysis Reaction: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology (Abstract)
  Yuksel, G.Y., Istanbul/TR, L. Canyurt, G. Ustun, H.A. Aksoy, Istanbul/TR
LIBI-005 Microbicidal Properties of Nontraditional Monoacylglycerols (Abstract)
  Janis, R., Zlín/CZ, P. Vltavská, M. Dolezalová, V. Kaspárkova, J .Krejci, Sedlaríková, Zlín/CZ
LIBI-006 Modulation of Plasma and Tisular Triacylglycerol Content by Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) at High Dietary Fat Levels on Mice. (Abstract)
  Bernal, C.A., Santa Fe/RA, M.F. Andreoli, M.Gonzalez, M.V. Scalerandi, M. Martinelli, Santa Fe/RA
LIBI-007 Biliar Secretion and Oxidative Stress: Influence of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) intake in Protein Repletion (Abstract)
  Bernal, C.A., Santa Fe/RA, M.F. Andreoli, M. González, P. Illesca, A. Fariña, Santa Fe/RA
LIBI-008 Synergistic Effects of Fish Oil and Garlic Intake on Plasma and Hepatic Lipid Levels in Mice (Abstract)
  Higuchi, T., Sakado/J
LIBI-009 Analysis of Arachidonic Acid Cascade Evolution Implies Earlier Arousal of PPAR-mediated in Comparison with GPCR-mediated Signaling (Abstract)
  Ivliev, A.E., Moscow/RUS, M.G. Sergeeva, Moscow/RUS
LIBI-010 Search of New Protein and Pathway Targets in Arachidonic Acid Cascade (Abstract)
  Sergeeva, M.G., Moscow/RUS
LIBI-011 Quantitative Determination of Glycerophospholipids and Plasmalogens by HPLC-ESI-MS in Erythrocytes of Patients with Glaucoma. (Abstract)
  Berdeaux, O., Dijon/F, P. Juaneda, L. Bretillon, A. Bron, N. Acar, Dijon/F
LIBI-012 Modifications of Membrane Lipids of Listeria monocytogenesin Response to Cold and Acidic Stress; Consequences on Food Safety (Abstract)
  Berberi, A., Athens/GR
LIBI-013 Effect of Stimulation of PPARalpha, PPARgamma and High Fat Diet on Lipid Metabolism in the Rat Liver (Abstract)
  Wierzbicki, M., Bialystok/PL
LIBI-014 Effect of Natural vs. Industrial Sources of trans Fatty Acids on Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease in Guinea Pigs (Abstract)
  Rice, B., Burlington/USA, J. Kraft, C. Preseault, S. Buck, F. Destaillats, D.E. Bauman, A.L. Lock, Burlington/USA
LIBI-015 Grape Seed Extract Reduces Triglyceride and Cholesterol Concentration in Rats by Inhibiting Pancreatic Lipase (Abstract)
  Adisakwattana, S., Bangkok/T
LIBI-016 Cholesterol Biochemistry Disbalance causes Brain Function Failure and Alzheimer’s disease-like Neuron Degeneration (Abstract)
  Koudinov, A.R., Moscow/RUS, N. Koudinova, Moscow/RUS, T.T. Berezov, Rehovot/IL
LIBI-017 Effect of Exelon and Memantin on Plasma Phosphlipid Molecular Species in Alzheimers Disease Patients (Abstract)
  Karatasso, Y.O., Moscow/RUS, S.I. Gavrilova, Y.B. Fedorova, A.V. Alessenko, Moscow/RUS
LIBI-018 The Effect of Fatty Acids and Antioxidants on the Lipid Membrane Microviscosity and Binding Activity of Brain Opioid Receptors. (Abstract)
  Maltseva, E.L., Moscow/RUS, O.S. Belokoneva, Moscow/RUS
LIBI-019 Lipid levels of chronic anemic patients (Abstract)
  Akritopoulou, Kuria., Thessaloniki/GR
LIBI-020 The Lipidemic Profile of Blood Donors in Evritania (Abstract)
  Patiakas, S., Thessaloniki/D, Z. Vardakis, H. Haralambous, P. Akritopoulos, K. Akritopoulou, I. Dovlatidis, E. Tsukis, K. Pandelidou, Thessaloniki/GR
LIBI-021 Sex Differences of the Lipidemic Profile in Hypertensive Patients of Macedonia (Abstract)
  Patiakas, S., Thessaloniki/D, S. Patiakas, Z. Vardakis, D. Kifonidis, P. Akritopoulos, K. Akritopoulou, V. Tioli, E. Sourla, K. Pandelidou, Thessaloniki/GR
LIBI-022 Mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Deficient in acyl-CoA Synthetases Reveal Fatty Acid Transport Independent of Activation (Abstract)
  Scharnewski, M., Göttingen/D, P. Pongdontri, G. Mora, M. Hoppert, M. Fulda, Göttingen/D
LIBI-023 Fatty Acid Metabolism and Lipid Remodeling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Abstract)
  Mora, G., Goettingen/D, M. Scharnewski, M., Fulda, Goettingen/D
LIBI-025 Histological analysis of organs from Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats fed CLA (Abstract)
  Garcia, H.S., Veracruz/MEX, I. Soto-Rodriguez, E. Pulido-Camarillo, G. Hernandez-Diaz, A. Alexander-Aguilera, Veracruz/MEX
LIBI-026 CLA-Regulation of TNF-α and Resistin levels in spontaneously hypertensive Rats (Abstract)
  Garcia, H.S., Veracruz/MEX, G. Hernandez-Diaz, A. Alexander-Aguilera, A. Arzaba-Villalba, Y. Romero-Sarmiento, I. Soto-Rodriguez, Veracruz/MEX
LIBI-027 Effects of Estradiol on Lipid Composition of Liver, Skeletal Muscle and Adipose Tissue from Ovariectomized Rats (Abstract)
  Martín, V., La Laguna, Tenerife/E, N. Fabelo, La Laguna, Tenerife/E, A. Alonso, C. González, Oviedo/E, M. Díaz, La Laguna, Tenerife/E
LIBI-028 Effects of Estradiol on Brain Lipid and Fatty Acid composition. Comparison between Pregnant and Ovariectomized Estradiol-treated Rats (Abstract)
  Fabelo, N., La Laguna, Tenerife/E, V. Martín, La Laguna, Tenerife/E, A. Alonso, C. González,. Oviedo/E, M. Díaz, La Laguna, Tenerife/E
LIBI-029 Concentration Dependent Interaction of the Psychotropic Drug Olanzapine with Acid Glycerophospholipid Monolayers (Abstract)
  Steinkopf, S., Bergen/N, M. Bentzon, K. Borgen, K. Netland Svendsen, H. Voster, H. Holmsen, Bergen/N
Analytical Techniques and Authenticity Interconti
Poster Session
ANTE-001 Physicochemical Properties of Iranian Mutton Tallow (Abstract)
  Gharachorloo, M., Tehran/IR, M. Ghavami, Tehran/IR
ANTE-002 Determination of Some Heavy Metals in the Cocoa Butter and Some Oils used in Chocolate Production (Abstract)
  Güldas, M., Bursa/TR
ANTE-003 A Single Step Solid-phase Extraction Method for Purification of Sterol Oxidation Products in Food Oils (Abstract)
  Azadmard-Damirchi, S., Tabriz/IR, P.C. Dutta, Uppsala/S
ANTE-004 1,2- and 1,3-diacylglycerides for the Evaluation of the Quality of Virgin Rapeseed Oil (Abstract)
  Matthäus, B., Münster/D
ANTE-005 Detection of the Adulteration of Olive Oil with other Plant Oils using a Polymerase Chain Reaction Approach (Abstract)
  Kalaitzis, P., Chania/GR, S. Spaniolas, Ch. Bazakos, M. Awad, C. Zoghby, Chania/GR
ANTE-006 Classification of Vegetable Oils According to their Botanical Origin by Fourier Transform-infrared Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  Lerma-García, M.J., Burjassot/E, G. Ramis-Ramos, J.M. Herrero-Martínez, E.F. Simó-Alfonso, Burjassot/E
ANTE-007 Determination of Sterols in Vegetable Oils by Capillary Electrochromatography using Methacrylate Ester-based Monolithic Columns (Abstract)
  Lerma-García, M.J., Burjassot/E, G. Ramis-Ramos, E. F. Simó-Alfonso, J. M. Herrero-Martínez, Burjassot/E
ANTE-008 Classification of Vegetable Oils According to their Botanical Origin using Sterol Profiles Established by Direct Infusion Mass Spectrometry (Abstract)
  Lerma-García, M.J, Burjassot/E, G. Ramis-Ramos, J.M. Herrero-Martínez, E.F. Simó-Alfonso, Burjassot/E
ANTE-009 Crystallization Behavior of Vegetable Fats through the Technique of Polarized Light Microscopy (Abstract)
  Nuno, F.C.B., Campinas/BR, L.A. Gioielli, São Paulo/BR, L.A.G. Gonçalves, R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR
ANTE-010 Crystallization Behavior of Vegetable Fats through the Technique of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Abstract)
  Nuno, F.C.B., Campinas/BR, L.A.G. Gonçalves, R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR
ANTE-011 Effect of Type and Concentration of RBD Vegetable Oil on Physicochemical Properties of Formulated Oil Blends under Normal and Accelerated condition (Abstract)
  Mirhosseini, H., Serdang/MAL, G. Mehrdad Ghavami, Tehran/IR, T. Chin Ping, Selangor/MAL
ANTE-012 Phospholipids Quantification in Vegetable Oil Degumming Residues by HPLC-ELSD (Abstract)
  Pierart, C., Gembloux/B, S. Danthine, B. Wathelet, C. Deroanne, M. Paquot, Gembloux/B
ANTE-013 Separation and Quantification of Marine Lipids using Iatroscan Thin-layer Chromatographic Flame Ionisation Detection Analysis (Abstract)
  Papadas, G.K., Athens/GR, V.J. Sinanoglou, Athens/GR
ANTE-014 Analysis of cis/trans Octadecenoic Fatty Acid Isomers in Foods by Ag+-SPE/GC-FID (Abstract)
  Fritsche, J., Hamburg/D, F. Strobl, Hamburg/D
ANTE-015 Regioisomeric Structure Determination of Triacylglycerols in Oils by Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (Abstract)
  Leskinen, H., Turku/FIN, J.-P. Suomela, H. Kallio, Turku/FIN
ANTE-016 Evaluation of Analytical Procedures to Determine Total Fat and Fatty Acids in Foodstuffs (Abstract)
  Aued-Pimentel, S.A.P, São Paulo/BR, M.M.M. Kus, E.E. Kumagai, V. Ruvieri, O. Zenebon, São Paulo/BR
ANTE-017 Detection of Olive Oil Adulteration in Extra Virgin Olive Oil using Synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Abstract)
  Malecka, M., Poznan/D, A. Hudzik, Poznan/PL
ANTE-018 Determination of Unusual Fatty Acids in Cold-Seep Clam Calyptogena phaseoliformis (Abstract)
  Saito, H., Yokohama/J
ANTE-019 Comparison of Analytical Methods for Fatty Acid Analysis in Herbage (Abstract)
  Alves, S.P., Vale de Santarém/P, A.R.J. Cabrita, A.J.M. Fonseca, Vairão/PT, R.J.B. Bessa, Vale de Santarém/PT
ANTE-020 Monitoring of Autoxidation in LCPUFA-enriched Lipid Microparticles by Chemical Analysis and Electronic Nose (Abstract)
  Benedetti, S., Milan/I, S. Drusch, S.Mannino, Milan/I
ANTE-021 Fatty Acids and 13C variation of Camelina sativa Oil (Abstract)
  Hrastar, R., Zalec/SLO, N. Ogrinc, M.G. Petricic, I.J. Košir, Zalec/SLO
LAMI-019 Analysis of Unusual Seed Oil Fatty Acids from Exocarpus cupressiformis using Multiple GC Phases (Abstract)
  Wynne, P.W, Ringwood/AUS, M. Vanjek, N. Kalafatis, Bundoora/AUS, N. Lahoutifard, Paris/F, L. Hodges, T. Macrides, Bundoora/AUS
LAMI-020 GCMS Based Structure Assignment for Furan Fatty Acids isolated from European Carp (Cyprinus carpio) (Abstract)
  Wynne, P.W, Ringwood/AUS, M. Vanjek, N. Kalafatis, Bundoora/AUS, N. Lahoutifard, Courtaboeuf/F, L. Hodges, T. Macrides, Bundoora/AUS
LAMI-026 Detection of Virgin Olive Oil Authenticity: Implementation of Analytical and Rapid Methods in Conjunction with Chemometrics (Abstract)
  Soukoulis, C., Athens/GR, C. Tzia, V. Polychniath, S. Karapati, Athens/GR
Lipid Oxidation, Antioxidants Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-001 High Molecular Weight Products formed during Thermo-oxidation of Stigmasterol (Abstract)
  Kemmo, S., Helsinki/FIN, A.-M. Lampi, V.Piironen, Helsinki/FIN
LAMI-002 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Two Essential Oil Extracts for the Control of Oxidation and Decoloration in Lyophilized Beef (Abstract)
  Cava, R., Caceres/E, L. Ladero, V. Cantero, F.M. Vázquez, J. Blanco, Caceres/E, M. Lozano, T. Hernández, Badajoz/E
LAMI-003 Changes of Chemical and Sensory Features of Flaxseed Oil during Storage (Abstract)
  Minkowski, K., Warsaw/PL
LAMI-004 Antiradical Activity of Selected Antioxidants in Echium Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil (Abstract)
  Minkowski, K., Warsaw/PL
LAMI-005 Lipoxygenase and Hydroperoxide Lyase Activities in Olive Pulps from Ghiacciolo and Nostrana Cultivars (Abstract)
  Vianello, A., Udine/I, S. Patui, E. Braidot, C. Peresson, F. Tubaro, M. Mizzau, F. Macri, Udine/I
LAMI-014 Evaluation of the Antioxidant Capacity of Oleanolic Acid and Maslinic Acid, a Pentacyclic Triterpenes from Virgin Olive Oil on U937 Macrophage-like Cells (Abstract)
  Allouche, Y., Jaén/E, F. Warleta, J. Ruiz-Mora, M. Campos, G. Beltrán, M. Uceda, J.J. Gaforio, Jaén/E
LAMI-025 Flavour Chemistry is influenced by Product Structure (Abstract)
  Tijssen, R.L.M., Vlaardingen/NL, F.J.H.M. Jansen, R. Vreeker, J.H.M. van den Broek, E. Linden, M.S. Chaara, Vlaardingen/NL
LAMI-028 Antioxidant activity of extract of Green Lentil and its fractions (Abstract)
  Amarowicz, R., Olsztyn/PL, I. Estrella, T. Hernández, S. Robredo, Madrid/E, A. Troszynka, A. Kosinska,Olsztyn/PL, R.B. Pegg, Athens/USA
LAMI-031 Evaluation of Lipid Oxidation in Spaghetti Pasta enriched with long chain n-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids under different Storage Conditions (Abstract)
  Ferioli, F., Cesena/I, V. Verardo, Y. Riciputi, Cesena/I, G. Iafelice, E. Marconi, Campobasso/I, M.F. Caboni, Cesena/I
OXI-001 Time-dependent Interaction of Saturated Aldehydes in washed Turkey Muscle added with different Antioxidants (Abstract)
  Pignoli, G., Bologna/I, R. Bou, Barcelona/E, M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, Bologna/I, E.A. Decker, Amherst, USA
OXI-002 Quercetin and Rutin Behavior in Reactions with Free Radicals (Abstract)
  Kartasheva, Z.S., Moscow/RUS, V.D. Kancheva, Sofia/BG, O.T. Kasaikina, Moscow/RUS
OXI-003 Studying the Thermal Oxidation of Canola using DSC (Abstract)
  Ameri, M., Tehran/IR, M. Bahmaei, M. Goudarzi, Tehran/IR
OXI-004 Cultivar may not be a Decisive Factor for the Antioxidant Potential of Olive Leaf Extracts. (Abstract)
  Papoti, V., Thessaloniki/GR, M. Z. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/ GR
OXI-005 Lipid Oxidation in Fish Oil Enriched Energy Bars is Affected by Means of Oil Addition and Addition of Antioxidants (Abstract)
  Skall Nielsen, N., Kgs. Lyngby/DK, A.F. Horn, C. Jacobsen, Kgs.Lyngby/DK
OXI-006 Comparison of the Antioxidative Properties of Caffeic and Chlorogenic Acids (Abstract)
  Marinova, E.M., Sofia/BG, A.G. Toneva, N.V. Yanishlieva, Sofia/BG
OXI-007 Antioxidant and Antiradical Activity of Some Chacones Correlation between Experimental and Theoretical Data (Abstract)
  Kancheva, V.D., Sofia/BG, R.F. Vasiel, Moscow/RUS, I.R. Toseva, D.I. Batovska, Sofia/BG, G.F. Fedorova, Moscow/RUS
OXI-008 The Two Models of Lipid Peroxide Oxidation in Cell Membranes. (Abstract)
  Palmina, N.P., Moscow/RUS
OXI-009 Composition of Tea Camellia sinensis Extracts and its Antioxidant Activity (Abstract)
  Gramza Michalowska, A., Poznan/PL, A. Gliszczynska-Swiglo, M. Hes, Poznan/PL
OXI-010 Lipase-catalyzed Synthesis of Long-chain Hydroxycinnamic Esters (Abstract)
  Lorentz, C., Laval/F, S. Soultani-Vigneron, G. Pencreach, F. Ergan, Laval/F
OXI-011 Effect of Gamma irradiation on the Oxidative Stability and Fatty Acid Composition of Magarine (Abstract)
  Gecgel, Ü., Tekirdag/TR, T. Gumus, M. Tasan, O. Daglioglu, Tekirdag/TR, H. Pehlivanoglu, Edirne/TR
OXI-012 The Effect of Majorana Syriaca Extract on Lipid Oxidation in Different Food Systems (Abstract)
  Al-bandak, G., Athens/GR, V. Oreopoulou, V. Giannou, E. Dermesonluoglu, P. Taoukis, Athens/GR
OXI-013 Lipid Damage Development in Farmed Blackspot Seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo) after Slaughtering and Chilling under an Ozone-including Storage System (Abstract)
  Álvarez, V., Vigo/E, M. Trigo, C. Gil, S.P. Aubourg, Vigo/E
OXI-014 Replacement of Synthetic Antioxidants by Natural Ones in the Diet Supplied to Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch): Effect on Rancidity Development of the Frozen Product (Abstract)
  Ortiz, J., Santiago/RCH, A. Rodríguez, J.P. Vivanco, G. Concha, M.A. Larraín, S. Muñoz, Santiago/RCH, S.P. Aubourg, Vigo/E
OXI-015 Antioxidative Activity of Spices and Tea Extracts in Lipid Fraction of Frozen Meat Products (Abstract)
  Hes, M., Poznan/PL, A. Gramza-Michalowska, J. Korczak, Poznan/PL
OXI-016 The Antioxidants’ Influence on Changes of Phytosterols of Rapeseed Oil (Abstract)
  Kmiecik, D., Poznan/PL, J. Korczak, M. Rudzinska, M. Hes, Poznan/PL
OXI-017 Effect of Oxidized Soy Oil and Selected Antioxidants on Quantitative and Qualitative Changes in Thiamine in Meat during Pasteurization (Abstract)
  Szymandera-Buszka, K., Poznan/PL, M. Hes, Poznan/PL
OXI-018 Composition of Flavonols and Phenolic Acids in Ethanol Extracts from Gingko biloba L. Leaves with Focus on Vegetation Period by SPE-HPLC Method (Abstract)
  Flaczyk, E., Poznan/PL, J. Kobus, A. Siger, M. Nogala-Kalucka, Poznan/PL
OXI-019 Oleupropein Production from the Leaves of Olea Europaea (Abstract)
  Ipekoglu, A.N., Istanbul/TR, Y.V. Arinci, A. Aras, S. Ozgur, Istanbul/TR
OXI-020 Pecan Nut [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh) C. Koch] Shell as a Source of Natural Antioxidants (Abstract)
  Prado, A.C., Florianopolis/BR, A.M. Aragão, R. Fett, J.M. Block, Florianópolis/BR
OXI-021 Phenolic Compound Content and Antioxidant Activity of Pecan Nut [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh) C. Koch] Meal (Abstract)
  Prado, A.C., Florianopolis/BR, A.M. Aragão, R. Fett, J.M. Block, Florianópolis/BR
OXI-022 Ionic Liquids as Media for the Enzymatic Preparation of Lipophilic Derivatives of Phenolic Compounds with Increased Antioxidant Potency (Abstract)
  Katsoura, M.H., Ioannina/GR, A.C. Polydera, Ioannina/GR, S. Kostic-Rajacic, Belgrade/SRB, L. Tsironis, A.D. Tselepis, Ioannina/GR, F.N. Kolisis, Athens/GR, H. Stamatis, Ioannina/GR
OXI-023 Comparing Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Antioxidants using Different Methods (Abstract)
  Rustad, T., Trondheim/N, V. Kristinova, Brno/CZ, R. Mozuraityte, I. Storrø, Trondheim/N
OXI-024 Kinetic Studies of Lipid Oxidation by Cod and Bovine Hemoglobin (Abstract)
  Carvajal, A.K, Trondheim/N, T. Rustad, I. Storrø, Trondheim/N
OXI-025 The Effect of Saffron (Crocus Sativus L.) Extracts in Preventing Oils Oxidation (Abstract)
  Kiritsakis, A., Thessaloniki/GR, K.I. Gkanatsiou, Amyntaio/GR, K. Kiritsakis, Thessaloniki/GR
OXI-026 Physical and Chemical Interaction of Surfactants and Hydroperoxides (Abstract)
  Trunova, N.A., Moscow/RUS, O.T. Kasaikina, Moscow/RUS
OXI-027 Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Extracts from Grape (Vitis vinifera) Skin (Abstract)
  Gamez-Meza, N., Hermosillo/MEX, M.D.A. Quijada-Molina, L.A. Medina-Juárez, G.A. González-Aguilar, Hermosillo/MEX
OXI-028 Plants of Rosaceae Family as a Possible Source of Antioxidants (Abstract)
  Buricova, L., Prague/CZ, A. Cermakova, Prague/CZ, M. Andjelkovic, Ghent/B, Z. Reblova, Prague/CZ, R. Verhe, Ghent/B
OXI-029 Antioxidant Potential of Natural Carotenoids against the Oxidative Destabilization of Oil-in Water Emulsions (Abstract)
  Kiokias, S., Athens/GR, S. Kiokias, C. Dimakou, Athens/GR, T. Varzakas, Kalamata/GR, V. Oreopoulou, Athens/GR
OXI-030 Derivatization of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylglycol, a Powerful Antioxidant Isolated from Olive Oil Waste (Abstract)
  Espartero, J. L., Sevilla/E, G. Rodriguez, M. Trujillo, A. Lama, A, R. Palma, J. Fernandez-Bolaños, Sevilla/E
OXI-031 Tyrosyl esters. Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity (Abstract)
  Madrona, A., Sevilla/E, G. Pereira, Jaen/Spain, M. Trujillo, Sevilla/Spain, R. Mateos, Jaen/Spain, J.L. Espartero, F. Alcudia, A. Cert, Sevilla/E
OXI-032 Toxicological Effects of Phytosterol Oxidation Products on HepG2 - Cells (Abstract)
  Koschutnig, K., Vienna/A, S. Kemmo, A.-M. Lampi, V. Piironen, Helsinki/FIN, K.-H. Wagner, Vienna/A
OXI-033 Comparative Study on the Radical Scavenging Properties of Methanol Extracts of Crocus sativus L., Curcuma longa L. and Origanum hirtum spp. (Abstract)
  Tsimidou, M.Z., Athens/GR, S.A. Ordoudi, N. Nenadis, Athens/GR
OXI-034 Chemical Mechanisms of Antilipoperoxyradical Activity of Metallochelates (Abstract)
  Tavadyan, L.A., Yerevan/ARM, J.R.J. Sorenson, Arkansas, MO/USA, A. Kamal-Eldin, Uppsala/Sweden
OXI-035 Measurement of Antioxidant Capacity of Olive Leaf Flavonoids and Secoiridoids by the use of a Conjugated Triene assay (Abstract)
  Laguerre, M., Montpellier/F, L.J. Lopez Giraldo, G. Piombo, A. Combe, A. Rossignol Castera, M. Pina, M.C. Figueroa-Espinoza, J. Lecomte, P. Villeneuve, Montpellier/F
OXI-036 Properties of a Mini Lipoxygenase from Cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. (Abstract)
  Andreou, A., Göttingen/D, I. Feussner, Göttingen/D
OXI-037 Characterisation of a psi Factor Producing Oxygenase from Aspergillus nidulans (Abstract)
  Brodhun, F., Göttingen/D, E. Hornung, C. Göbel, I. Feußner, Göttingen/D
OXI-038 The Influence of Rosemary Extracts for the Oxidative Stability of Rapeseed and Sunflower Cold Pressed and Fully Refined Oils (Abstract)
  Wroniak, M., Warsaw/PL, K. Ratusz, K. Krygier, Warsaw/PL
OXI-039 Study by Non-destructive Techniques of the Evolution of the Sunflower Oil Liquid Phase Submitted to 100ºC with Aeration (Abstract)
  Guillen, M.D., Vitoria/E, E. Goicoechea, Vitoria/E
OXI-040 Lipid Oxidation Products 4-HHE, 4-HNE and MDA in Infant Formulas compared to Human Milk (Abstract)
  Michalski, M.C., Villeurbanne/F, C. Calzada, A. Makino, M. Guichardant, Villeurbanne/F
OXI-041 Migration of Light Induced Surface Lipid Oxidation in Cheese. Spatial Solution Using C11-Bodipy (581/591) Labelling and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (Abstract)
  Westermann, S., Copenhagen/DK, D.A. Brüggemann, K. Olsen, L,H. Skibsted, Copenhagen,/DK
OXI-042 Effect of a Rich Condensed Tannin-Fibre on the Thermaloxidation and Polimerization of Sunflower Oil in a Frying Model (Abstract)
  Sánchez-Muniz, F.J., Madrid/E, L. Pérez-Olleros, D. Zulim-Botega, S. Bastida, B. Ruiz-Roso, Madrid/E
OXI-043 Effects of Emulsifier Concentration on the Distribution of some Gallic acid derivatives in a model Food Emulsion (Abstract)
  Losada-Barreiro, S., Vigo/E, V. Sánchez-Paz, C. Bravo-Díaz, Vigo/E
OXI-044 Distribution of delta-Tocopherol in a model food emulsion (Abstract)
  Sánchez-Paz, V., Vigo/E, S. Losada-Barreiro, C. Bravo-Díaz, C. Vigo/E
OXI-045 Carotenoids effect on Antioxidant Status of Human RPE Culruted Cells (Abstract)
  Pintea, A., Cluj-Napoca/RO, D. Rugina, C. Momeu, Cluj-Napoca/RO
OXI-046 Carob Fruit Extracts rich in Condensed Tannins Exert Antioxidant Properties in cooked Pork Meat Systems (Abstract)
  Bastida, S., Madrid/E, F.J. Sánchez-Muniz, R. Olivero, L. Gonzále, L. Pérez-Olleros, B. Ruiz-Roso, F. Jiménez-Colmenero, Madrid/E
OXI-047 The Effects of the Iranian Rosemary Extracts on the Oxidative and Shelf Life Stability in Canola Oil (Abstract)
  Ghanbari, R.M.H., Tehran/IR
OXI-049 Effects of some Transition Metals on the Monolayer Oxidation of Methyl Linoleat (Abstract)
  Koprucuoglu, Y., Ankara/TR, E. Calýkoglu, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
OXI-050 Oxidation Products of Soy Phosphatidylcholine Molecular Species with Nutritional Interest: Identification and Kinetic Study (Abstract)
  Le Grandois, J., Illkirch/F, E. Marchioni, S. Ennahar, Illkirch/F, F. Giuffrida, Lausanne/CH, F. Bindler, Illkirch/F
Biotechnological Applications, By-products Interconti
Poster Session
BIOT-001 Prospective of 2-methyl Imidazole in Lycopene Production by Blakeslea Trispora with Regards to Yield and Safety Aspects (Abstract)
  Pegklidou, K., Thessaloniki/GR, F. Mantzouridou, M.Z. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR
BIOT-002 Industrial Glycerol from Biodiesel Manufacture in the Production of Beta-carotene by Blakeslea Trispora (Abstract)
  Naziri, E., Thessaloniki/GR, F. Mantzouridou, M.Z. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GR
BIOT-003 Biomass and Citric Acid Production by Yarrowia lipolytica Cultivated on Olive Oil Mill Wastewater-based Media (Abstract)
  Papanikolaou, S., Athens/GR, D. Sarris, M. Galiotou-Panayotou, M. Komaitis, Athens/GR
BIOT-004 Optimization of Extraction of Olive (Olea europaea) Leaf Phenolics using Water/Ethanol-based Solvent Systems and Response Surface Methodology (Abstract)
  Makris, D.P., Chania/GR, P. Kefalas, Chania/GR
BIOT-005 Lipid and Gamma-linolenic Acid Accumulation by Mortierella isabellina Growing on Sugar-based Renewable Substrates (Abstract)
  Papanikolaou, S., Athens/GR, A. Chatzifragkou, G. Chryssavgi Gardeli, M. Komaitis, M. Galiotou-Panayotou, Athens/GR
BIOT-006 Mastering Oil Accumulation in Yeast Y. lipolytica (Abstract)
  Nicaud, J.M., Thiverval - Grignon/F, A. Beopoulos, T. Desfougeres, T. Chardot, Thiverval - Grignon/ F
BIOT-007 Recovery of Lipid Micro-constituent with Antiatherogenic Properties from Olive Mill Waste Water (OOMWW) using Natural Micro-porous Materials (Abstract)
  Stamatakis, G., Athens/GR, N. Tsantila, H.C. Karantonis, M. Samiotaki, G. Panayotou, C. A. Demopoulos, Athens/GR
BIOT-008 Enzymatic Production of Cocoa Butter-like Fat from Olive Pomace Oil in a Packed-bed Reactor (Abstract)
  Ciftci, O.N., Gaziantep/TR, S. Fadiloglu, Gaziantep/TR, B. Kowalski, Warsaw/PL, F. Gogus, Gaziantep/TR
BIOT-009 Breeding of High Oleic Acid Content Line by Microspore Culture in Brassica napus L. (Abstract)
  Kim, K., Muan/ROK, Y. Kim, Y.Jang, J. Bang, Muan/ROK
BIOT-010 Biocatalytic Esterification of Phenolic Acids by Immobilized Lipase in Surfactantless Microemulsions and Relative Organogels (Abstract)
  Zoumpanioti, M., Athens/GR, T. Karandreas, E. Merianou, H. Stamatis, Ioannina/GR, A. Xenakis, Athens/GR
BIOT-011 Synthesis of Amphipathic Derivatives of Perillyl Glucoside by Lipase-catalysed Esterification in Non-conventional Media (Abstract)
  Xanthakis, E., Athens/GR, S. Magkouta, H. Loutrari, H. Stamatis, F.N. Kolisis, Athens/GR
BIOT-012 Rib Eye Area of Lambs Fed Palm Kernel Meal from Biodiesel Production (Abstract)
  Macome, F.M., Salvador/BR, R.L. Oliveira, A.R. Bagaldo, A.F. Garcez Neto, L.P. Barbosa, I.B. Jesus, T.M. Silva, B.M. Cardoso Neto, Salvador/BR
BIOT-013 The Palm Kernel (Elaeis guineensis) Meal from Biodiesel Production in Sheep Nutrition: Nutrient Intake (Abstract)
  Borja, M.S., Salvador/BR, R.L. Oliveira, A.R. Bagaldo, A.F. Garcez Neto, L.P. Barbosa, T.M. Silva, M.D. Ribeiro, A.S. Nunes, Salvador/BR
BIOT-014 Advancement of Technological Process and Quality of Sunflower Meal (Abstract)
  Sredanovic, S., Novi Sad/SRB, J. Levic, O. Djuragic, Novi Sad/SRB
BIOT-015 Biocatalytic Preparation of Mastic Oil Derivatives with Anti-angiogenic Properties using Fungal Laccases and Lipases in Low-water Media (Abstract)
  Tzialla, A. A., Ioannina/GR, S. Magkouta, Athens/GR, A.A. Taha, Ioannina/GR, E. Loutrari, Athens/GR, E. Kalogeris, D. Gournis, Ioannina/GR, C. Roussos, F.N. Kolisis, Athens/GR, H. Stamatis, Ioannina/GR
BIOT-016 Lipid Signalling in Aspergillus Species (Abstract)
  Sorrentino, F., London/GB, I. Roy, T. Keshavarz, London/GB
Non Edible Uses, Biodiesel Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-010 Conversion of Vegetable Oils to Renewable Diesel by Catalytic Hydrotreatment (Abstract)
  Papayannakos, N., Athens/GR, I. Sebos, Athens/GR
LAMI-011 Biodiesel Production from Refined and Acidic Cotton Seed Oil by Thermal Transesterification (Abstract)
  Papayannakos, N., Athens/GR, S. Pasias, N. Barakos, Athens/GR
LAMI-033 Biodiesel Production from Fish Oil (Abstract)
  Simpson, B.K., Ste. Anne de Bellevue/CDN, F. Zare, Ste. Anne de Bellevue/CDN, Z. Zare, Vaudreuil/CDN, A. Amusan, Ste. Anne de Bellevue/CDN
NEUS-001 Enzymatic Alcoholysis for Biodiesel Fuel Production from used Frying Oil using Immobilized and Free Lipases (Abstract)
  Tsukamoto, J., Vitória/BR
NEUS-003 Effect of Alcohol Type on Alcoholysis of Fat Originated Raw Fleshing (Abstract)
  Tüter, M., Istanbul/TR, S. Sundu, C. Akca, B.S. Tosun, Istanbul/TR
NEUS-004 Production of Methyl Esters from Waste Restaurant Frying Oil for Use as Biodiesel Fuel (Abstract)
  Abigor, R.D., Benin City/WAN, J.U. Obibuzor, D.A. Okiy, N. Adeyemi, P.O. Uadia, Benin City/WAN
NEUS-005 Life Cycle Impact Assessment of the Palm Biodiesel Production (Abstract)
  Puah, C.W., Kajang/MAL, Y.M. Choo, A.N. Ma, Kajang/MAL
NEUS-006 Biodiesel - Optimalization of Water Addition after Transesterification of Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Hajek, M., Pardubice/CZ, F. Skopal, J. Pohl, Pardubice/CZ
NEUS-007 A Novel Process for Deacidification of High FFA Vegetable Oils and Waste Cooking Oils (Abstract)
  Gurbuz, H., Istanbul/TR, M. Tunc, S. Turkay, Istanbul/TR
NEUS-008 Effect of the Biocatalyst on the Synthesis of Biodiesel (Abstract)
  Otero, C., Madrid/E, E. Hernández-Martín, M. Criado, Madrid/E
NEUS-009 Influence of the Polar Content of used Cooking Oils on the Biodiesel Quality (Abstract)
  Ersungur, S., Gent/B, V. Van Hoed, Gent,/B, J. Maes, N. Zyaykina, Zaventem/B, B. De Meulenaer, Gent/B, W. De Greyt, Zaventem/B, R. Verhé, Gent/B
NEUS-010 Comparison of The Compositions of Rapeseed Oil and Tea Seed Oil as Biodiesel Feedstock (Abstract)
  Ersungur, S., Istanbul/TR, P. Ilhan, M.G. Ahunbay, S. Turkay, Istanbul/TR
NEUS-011 Proportion of Viscera in Lambs Fed Palm Kernel (Elaeis guineensis Meal) from Biodiesel Production (Abstract)
  Cardoso Neto, B.M., Salvador/BR, R.L. Oliveira, F.M. Macome, A.R. Bagaldo, A.F. Garcez Neto, L.P. Barbosa, I.B. Jesus, T.M. Silva, Salvador/BR
NEUS-012 Transesterification of Oleic Sunflower Oil to Methyl Esters (Biodiesel) using CaO as a Solid Base Catalyst (Abstract)
  Dimic, E., Novi Sad/SRB, Z. Predojevic, R. Romanic, Novi Sad/SRB
NEUS-013 Steryl Glucosides in Biodiesel: A Process or Product-related issue (Abstract)
  Echim, C., Ghent/B, J. Maes, N. Zyanykina, W. De Greyt, Zaventem/B
NEUS-014 Hydroformylation of Olefins forming Aldehydes and Reaction with Polyols to Acetals in a One-Pot Reaction (Abstract)
  Paetzold, E., Rostock/D, P. Kollmorgen, L. Neubert, M. Bellera, U. Kragla, Rostock/D
Functional Constituents (Omega-3, Sterols, Nutraceuticals) Interconti
Poster Session
FUCO-001 Olive Oil Polyphenols Modify Liver Polar Fatty Acid Composition and Inhibit CCl4-induced Hepatotoxicity in Balb/c Mice (Abstract)
  Giacometti, J., Rijeka/HR, H. Krizan, N. Franjic, A. Buretic-Tomljanovic, Rijeka/HR
FUCO-002 Galactolipid Emulsions in Functional Foods (Abstract)
  Herslöf, B.G., Stockholm/S
FUCO-003 The Cholesterol-lowering effect of a Soy Juice enriched with Phytosterols (Abstract)
  Weidner, C., Monheim/D, M. Krempf, J. M. Bard, M. Cazaubiel, Nantes/F, D. Bell, Monheim/D
FUCO-004 The Effect of Storage Temperature on the Properties of Diet Oil Supplements (Abstract)
  Kita, A., Wroclaw/PL, M. Gwozdziowska, Warwas/PL
FUCO-006 Long Chain PUFAs are Differently Metabolized in Breast Cancer Cells and Affect Differently Cell Proliferation (Abstract)
  Corsetto, P., Milan/I, G. Montorfano, L. Adorni, M. Negroni, P. Berselli, B. Berra, A.M. Rizzo, Milan/I
FUCO-007 Effects of various CLA-isomers on viability, proliferation and lipid metabolism in breast epithelial cells. (Abstract)
  Degen, C., Jena/D, K. Kuhnt, J. Kraft, G. Jahreis, Jena/Germany
FUCO-008 Recovery of Squalene from Olive Oil Deodorizer Distillates using Supercritical CO2 (Abstract)
  Akgun, N., Istanbul/TR, F. Özdemir, Istanbul/TR
FUCO-009 The Major Functional Phenolic Constituents (Cyanarin, Chlorogenic Acid, Caffeic Acid) in Artichoke Bracts and Leaves (Abstract)
  Tokusoglu, Ö., Manisa/TR, S. Basay, Bursa/TR
FUCO-010 Minor Components in Selected Berry seed Oils and Grapeseed Oils from Different Cultivars (Abstract)
  Van Hoed, V., Gent/B, V. Van Hoed, M. Andjelkovic, C. Echim, R. Verhé, Gent/B
FUCO-011 Carotenoids Concentration of Crude Palm Oil Using Membrane Technology (Abstract)
  Chiu, M.C, São Paulo/BR, C.M. Coutinho, R. Basso, A.P.B. Ribeiro, R. Grimaldi, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
FUCO-012 Tocopherol and Tocotrienol Contents of Grape Seed from Fourteen Different Cultivars in Korea (Abstract)
  Wie, M., Cheongju Chungbuk/ROK, J.Sung, H.-S. Jeong, J. Lee, Cheongju Chungbuk/ROK
FUCO-013 Milk Fat Globule Membrane- Nutracuetical and Biophysical Properties (Abstract)
  Akbaridoost, Gh., Tehran/IR, M.R. Ehsani, Karaj/IR, M. Ghavami, Tehran/IR
FUCO-014 Role of Caseinate-Glycoconjugates in Stabilisation of Microencapsulated Lipophilic Functional Ingredients (Abstract)
  Drusch, S., Milan/I, S. Berg, Kiel/D, M. Scampicchio, Milan/I, Y. Serfert, Kiel/D, V. Somoza, Garching/D, S. Mannino, Milan/I, K. Schwarz, Kiel/D
FUCO-015 Influence of Long-term Intervention with n-3 LC-PUFA on the Fatty Acid Composition of Plasma Lipids and Erythrocyte Membranes in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Hypertriglyceridemia (Abstract)
  Dawczysnki, C., Jena/D, G. Jahreis, Jena/D
FUCO-016 Oxidative Stability of Omega-3 Rich Camelina Oil in Food Products (Abstract)
  Ni Eidhin, D., Limerick/IRL, D. O` Beirne, Limerick/IRL
FUCO-017 The Effect of Olive Leaf Supplementation on the Lipid Profile of Blood and Oxidative Stability of Red Blood Cells of Pigs (Abstract)
  Paiva-Martins, F., Porto/P, S. Barbosa, M. Silva, Porto/P, D. Outor-Monteiro, V. Pinheiro, Vila Real/P, S. Rocha, L. Belo, A. Santos-Silva, Porto/P
FUCO-018 Process for the Preparation of Sugarcane Fatty Alcohols Concentrate (Abstract)
  Wada, J. K. A., Campinas/BR, D. Barrera-Arellano, Campinas/BR
FUCO-019 Phenolic Compounds in some Special Grape Seed Oils (Abstract)
  Van Hoed, V., Gent/B, M. Andjelkovic, R. Verhé, Gent/B
FUCO-020 Improving the Extraction of Phytosterol-enriched Oil from Kalahari Melon seeds by Supercritical CO2: Optimisation using Response Surface Methodology (Abstract)
  Tan, C.P., Serdang/MAL, K.L. Nyam, H. Mirhosseini, Y.B. Che Man, O.M. Lai, K. Long, Serdang/MAL
FUCO-021 Phytosterols decrease Cholesterol uptake in vitro – CaCo-2 model to Demonstrate the proof of Concept & Implications for future Trials (Abstract)
  Weidner, C., Monheim/D, A. Schulz, C. Schulz, Esslingen/D, D. Bell, Monheim/D
FUCO-022 Nutraceutical Components Characterization and Hypocholesterolemic effects in Wistar rats of a rice bran Enzymatic Extract. (Abstract)
  Parrado, J., Seville/SP, E. Revilla, C. Santa María, A. Castaño, O. Cremades, E. Miramontes, J. Bautista, Seville/E
FUCO-023 Effect of Candida cylindracea Lipase Immobilization on thermal Stability and n-3 PUFAs Separation by Enzymatic Hydrolysis (Abstract)
  Pizarro, C., Valparaiso/RCH, A. Marcovits, R. Chamy, L. Wilson, Valparaiso/RCH
FUCO-024 Review in Sterols: Important Components for Oil Authenticity, Fate of Sterols during Extraction and Refining, Safe Use of Sterols in Functional Fats (Abstract)
  Tzia, C., Athens/GR, V. Giannou, C. Soukoulis, D. Lebesi, D. Sabanis, Athens/GR
Physical Properties Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-013 Crystallization Properties and Polymorphism of Triacylglycerols in Spreadable Processed Cheese: Influence of Cooling rate (Abstract)
  Gliguem, H., Châtenay-Malabry/F, C. Lopez, Rennes/F, C. Michon, Massy/F, P. Lesieur, Vandoeuvre lès Nancy/F, M. Ollivon, Châtenay-Malabry/F
LAMI-018 Crystallization in Emulsions: Characterization of Lipid Nanostructures by coupled SAXS/WAXS and DSC (Abstract)
  Kalnin, D.J.E, Chatenay Malabry/F, M.R. Ollivon, Chatenay-Malabry/F
PHYS-001 Physical Properties of Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Produced from Canola Oil Based Polyurethane and Poly (methyl methacrylate) (Abstract)
  Kong, X.K., Edmonton/CDN, S.S. Narine, Edmonton/CND
PHYS-002 Stop-and-Return DSC Method to Study Fat Crystallization (Abstract)
  Foubert, I., Kortrijk/B, E. Fredrick, J. Vereecken, M. Sichien, K. Dewettinck, Ghent/B
PHYS-003 Crystallisation, Polymorphism and Melting Properties of Triglycerides Obtained by Dry Fractionation of Milk Fat Elucidated using the Coupling of X-ray Diffraction and DSC (Abstract)
  Lopez, C., Rennes/F
PHYS-004 Effect of Sphingomyelinase on Sphingomyelin containing Lipid Model Membranes (Abstract)
  Boulgaropoulos, B., Graz/A, P. Laggner, G. Pabst, Graz/A
PHYS-005 Adsorption from Supercritical Solution (Abstract)
  Chuang, M.H., Hamburg/D, M. Johannsen, Hamburg/D
PHYS-006 Relation between the Texture and Flavor Acceptability of Fat Spreads (Abstract)
  Dostalova, J., Prague/CZ, P. Stern, Prague/CZ, P. Seifert, Usti nad Labem/CZ, Z. Panovska, J. Pokorny, Prague/CZ
PHYS-007 Influence of the Incorporation of Soy Lecithin and PGPR on Rheological Properties of Chocolate (Abstract)
  Cunha, K.M., Ponta Grossa, PR/BR, V. Luccas, Campinas/BR, L.B. Quast, Ponta Grossa/BR, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
PHYS-008 Thermal Behavior of Carboxylic Salts in the Presence of Catalysts: Implication for LTC (Abstract)
  Weber, B., Giessen/D, E. Schlich, E.A. Stadlbauer, Giessen/D
PHYS-009 Whippability of Whipped Oil with High-melting Fats: Evidence of Adsorption of Fat Crystals at Air-oil Surfaces (Abstract)
  Mishima, S., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, A. Suzuki, S. Ueno, K. Sato, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
PHYS-010 Thermodynamic and Structural Changes Associated to the Interaction of a Dirhamnolipid Biosurfactant with Bovine Serum Albumin (Abstract)
  Ortiz, A., Murcia/E, M. Sanchez, F.J. Aranda, J.A. Teruel, Murcia/E
PHYS-011 Interaction of trehalose Lipid with Saturated Phosphatidylethanolamine Membranes (Abstract)
  Aranda, F.J., Murcia/E, J.A. Teruel, A. Ortiz, Murcia/E
PHYS-012 Estimating the Solid Fat Content of Interesterified Fat Blends (Abstract)
  Zieverink, M.M.P., Zwijndrecht/NL
PHYS-013 Particle Size Analysis of Sesame Seed Paste (Abstract)
  Kaya, S., Gaziantep/TR
Lipids in Pharmaceutics Interconti
Poster Session
PHARM-001 Investigation of Stratum Corneum Lipid Model Membranes with Free Fatty Acids Composition by Neutron Diffraction (Abstract)
  Ryabova, N.Y., Dubna/RUS, M. A. Kiselev, Dubna/RUS, S. Dante, Th. Hauss, Berlin/D, A. M. Balagurov, Dubna/RUS
PHARM-002 Diet enriched with Rapeseed Oil: A Putative preventive Strategy against Stroke in a Mouse model of Cerebral Ischemia (Abstract)
  Blondeau, N., Valbonne/F, B. Delplanque, Orsay/F, C. Gandin, Valbonne/F, G. Agnani, Orsay/F, C. Heurteaux, Valbonne/F, E. Fénart, Paris/F
PHARM-003 Chronic Rapeseed Oil Diet reinforces the Neuroprotective Effect of an Anti-epileptic Drug (Carbamazepine), using Three Seizure Tests in Mice (Abstract)
  Delplanque, B., Orsay/F, N. Pagès, P. Maurois, Châtenay-Malabry/F, J. Vamecq, Lille/F, G. Agnani, Orsay/F, E. Fenart, Paris/F, P. Bac, Châtenay-Malabry/F, S. Rapoport, Bethesda/USA
Palm Oil Interconti
Poster Session
PALM-001 Preparation of Ultraviolet Curable Resin from Kernel Oil (Abstract)
  Jiratumnukul, N., Bangkok/T, P. Pichayanan, Bangkok/T
PALM-002 Palm Oil Oxidation in the Presence of Catalyst for Hydroxylation (Abstract)
  Lesin, V.I., Moscow/RUS, L.M. Pisarenko, O.T. Kasaikina, Moscow/RUS
PALM-003 Codes of Practice in The Malaysian Palm Oil Industry (Abstract)
  Kuntom, A., Kuala Lumpur/D, M.B. Wahid, R. Baharuddin, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
PALM-004 Chemical vs. Enzymatic Interesterification with Special Reference to Palm Oil Products (Abstract)
  Habi Mat Dian, N., Kajang/MAL, I. Nuzul Amri, I. Nor Aini, Kajang/MAL
PALM-005 The Accumulation of Tocotrienol in Egg Yolk of H & N Hens Fed with Commercial and MPOB-HIE Rations (Abstract)
  Atil, O., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, M. Mohammad, F. Mohd Subakir, E. Mohd Hata, A.R. Ahmad Zohdi, J. Roslan, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
PALM-006 Formation of Molecular Compound Crystals in Binary Mixture of POP and OPO in Solution (Abstract)
  Ikeda, E., Higashi-Hiroshima/J, R. Miyamoto, S. Ueno, K. Sato, Higashi-Hiroshima/J
PALM-007 Fat Acid Characterization of the Licury [Syagrus coronata (Martius) Beccari] Oil to Animal Nutrition Use (Abstract)
  Garcez Neto, A.F., Salvador/BR, L.S. Lima, R.L. Oliveira, L.P. Barbosa, A.R. Bagaldo, N.B. Santana Filho, R.D.X. Ribeiro, G.G. Barreto, Salvador/BR
PALM-008 Zero trans Fat Production using Palm Oil, Palm Stearin and Fully Hydrogenated Soybean Oil for Food Application (Abstract)
  Gonçalves, L.A.G., Campinas/BR, J.A. Wada, Campinas/BR, L A. Gioielli, São Paulo/BR
PALM-009 Utilization of Palm Oil Breakdown Products by Cryptococcus curvatus (Abstract)
  Leeuw, N.J., Bloemfontein/ZA, M. Joseph, C.H. Pohl, J.L.F. Kock, Bloemfontein/ZA
PALM-010 Green Surfactants For Your Detergents (Abstract)
  Abu Hassan, H., Selangor/MAL, R. Ismail, Z. Abd Maurad, S. Ahmad, Selangor/MAL
PALM-011 Palm-based Esterquats for Fabric Softeners (Abstract)
  Abu Hassan, H., Kuala Lumpur/MAL, H. Abdul Aziz, I. Zainab, Y. Amiyati Yusof, Kuala Lumpur/MAL
PALM-012 Phytonutrients in Different Stages of Oil Palm Fruits Development (Abstract)
  Ng, M.H., Selangor/MAL, Y.M. Choo, M. Basri Wahid, Kajang/MAL
PALM-013 Thermal and Crystallization Behaviour of low trans Fats from Soybean and Cottonseed Oils Interesterified with fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil (Abstract)
  Becker-Almeida, D.F.S., Campinas/BR, L.A.G. Gonçalves, L.A. Gioielli, Campinas/BR
Frying Oils and Frying Technologies Interconti
Poster Session
FRY-001 Effect of Deep Frying Oil on Oxidative Stress and Blood Pressure in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (Abstract)
  Lu, Y.F., Taipei/RC, P.L. Yen, Taipei/RC
FRY-002 Changes of Phytosterols during Heating Rapeseed Oil (Abstract)
  Kmiecik, D., Poznan/PL, J. Korczak, M. Rudzinska, J. Kobus, Poznan/PL
FRY-003 The Influence of Heating on the Content of Native Tocopherols in Rapeseed Oil after Various Stages of Processing (Abstract)
  Siger, A., Poznan/PL, D. Kmiecik, M. Nogala-Kalucka, J. Korczak, J. Kobus, Poznan/PL
FRY-004 Study by 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of the Evolution of Virgin Olive Oil Composition under Frying Conditions (Abstract)
  Guillen, M.D., Vitoria/E, P. Sancho, Vitoria/E
FRY-005 Effect of Hydrocolloids on Quality Attribute of Potato French Fries (Abstract)
  Mirzaei, H.O., Gorgan/IR, A. Daraei, Gorgan/IR
FRY-006 Investigation of the Effects of Pre Drying and Hydrocolloids on Oil Uptake and Quality of Potato French Fries (Abstract)
  Mirzaei, H.O., Gorgan/IR, A. Draei, Gorgan/IR
FRY-007 Oxidative Stability of Deep-frying Oils (Abstract)
  Fritsche, J., Hamburg/D, K.D. Placke, K.K. Kleeberg, Hamburg/D
FRY-008 Microconstituents of Pan-fried French Fries in Oils Enriched with Olive Leaf Extract (Abstract)
  Salta, F.N., Athens/GR, A. Chiou, N. Kalogeropoulos, N.K. Andrikopoulos, Athens/GR
FRY-010 Oleuropein in French Fries during the Successive Deep-frying in Sunflower Oil Enriched with Olive Leaf Extract (Abstract)
  Chiou, A., Athens/GR, V. Karpathiou, A. Gkioxari, N.K. Andrikopoulos, Athens/GR
FRY-011 Effect of Temperature, Lipid Medium and Antioxidants in Potatoes Oil Uptake during Domestic Deep-frying (Abstract)
  Matias, A., Oeiras/P, C.M.M. Duarte, Oeiras/P
FRY-012 Quality Improvement of Used Frying Oil by Modified Active Carbon Adsorption (Abstract)
  Chwialkowski, W., Cracow/PL, B. Buczek, Cracow/PL
FRY-013 Improving Soybean Oil for Food and Industrial Uses (Abstract)
  Ulmasov, T., St. Louis/USA, T. Voelker, A. Mroczka, P. Roberts, B. Schreckengost, N. Wagner, P. Hoffer, G. Keithly, S. Hess, E. Godsy, G. Klopf, J. Heise, V. Makadia, G. Ahmed, St. Louis and Davis/USA
FRY-014 Effect of Frying on Changes of Quality Rapeseed Oil (Abstract)
  Lesniak, A., Cracow/PL, W. Chwialkowski, Cracow/PL
FRY-015 Monitoring Total Polar Compounds and Trans Fatty Acids formed in Rice Bran Oil during the Deep-frying process (Abstract)
  Ariyapitipun, T., Bangkok/T, T. Ariyapitipan, A. Glin-gosum, V. Lacornsri, J. Palakawong-Na-Ayudhaya, S. Pungwattanakul, A. Thongkul, J. Udompol, S. Adisukwattana, W. Dahlan, Bangkok/T
FRY-016 The Quality of Fried Foods in South Africa (Abstract)
  Joseph, M., Bloemfontein/ZA, V.J. Reid, C.H. Pohl, A. Hugo, A. Van Wyk, J.L.F. Kock Bloemfontein/ZA
FRY-017 Deep-frying Assessment of Enzymatically-Synthesized Medium- and Long Chain Triayclglycerols (MLCT) (Abstract)
  Lai, O.M., Serdang/MAL, S.P. Koh, N. Arigin, C.P. Tan, Serdang/MAL, M.S.A. Yusoff, Banting/MAL, K. Long, Serdang/MAL
LAMI-032 The Importance of Free Fatty Acids Content and Polar Compounds Content in Assessing Frying Oils Quality (Abstract)
  Anyambot, G., Grimsby, South Humberside/GB, J. Croy, Gimsby/GB, B. Wedzicha, Leeds/GB
Other Topics Interconti
Poster Session
LAMI-022 Immobilization of Lipase from Rhizomucor miehei on Anionic Exchange Resin (Abstract)
  Fernandes, J.L.N., Rio de Janeiro/BR, I.C.R. Costa, O.A.C. Antunes, E.G. Oestreicher, M.C.B.V. Souza, Rio de Janeiro/BR
LAMI-023 Immobilization by Adsorption of Lecitase® ultra and Lipozyme TL 100L on different Solid Supports (Abstract)
  Gonçalves, Karen M., Rio de Janeiro/BR, B. Ivelize B., A.C. Flávia de, G.O. Enrique, G.F.L. Selma, A.C.A. Octavio, Rio de Janeiro/BR
OTTO-001 A Kinetic Study of the curing Reaction of Linseed Oil Epoxidized Methyl-esters with different Anhydrides by using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Abstract)
  Martini, D.S, Porto Alegre/BR, D.S. Samios, Porto Alegre-RS/BR
OTTO-002 Olfactory Analysis of Palm Olein and Cottonseed Oils and Their Various Mixtures (Abstract)
  Seifollahi, F., Tehran/IR, Bahmaei, Manouchehr, Tehran/Iran, Ameri, Majid, Tehran/Iran
OTTO-003 Supramolecular Organization and Photopolymerization of Neoglycolipids on Carbon Nanotubes: New Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications (Abstract)
  Khiar, N., Sevilla/E, R. Baati, Strasbourg/F, M. Pernía, I. Fernandez, Sevilla/E, C. Mioskowski, Strasbourg/F
OTTO-004 Effect of Hen Egg Intake on the Bone Metabolism and Density of Normal and Streptozotocin-diabetic Mice (Abstract)
  Shirai, N., Tsukuba/J
OTTO-005 Overview of Butter Production in the World and Turkey Markets (Abstract)
  Kavaz, A., Erzurum/TR, I. Bakirci, Erzurum/TR
OTTO-006 Comparison of Butter and Margarine for Some Properties (Abstract)
  Erkaya, T., Erzurum/TR, A. Kavaz, M. Sengül, I. Bakirzi, Erzurum/TR
OTTO-007 Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Acceptance of Mayonnaises with Addition of Walnut, Linseed and Corn Oils (Abstract)
  Perl Piricki, A., Osijek/HR, T. Moslavac, Osijek/HR, S. Sikra, Cepin/HR, K. Popovic, Osijek/HR
OTTO-008 The Effect of Physical Activity on the Blood Lipid Levels (Abstract)
  Oplopiadis, D., Thessaloniki/GR
OTTO-009 Thermal and Structural Properties of the Obtained Products by the Reaction of Linseed Oil Epoxidized Methyl-esters with Different Anhydrides in Solution (Abstract)
  dos Santos Martini, D., Porto Alegre/BR, A. Lygeros das Chagas, D. Samios, Porto Alegre/BR
OTTO-010 Effect of selected Thio Compounds on Melanin Formation (Abstract)
  Duh, P.D., Tainan/TN, H.L. Chua, B.S. Wang, Tainan/RC
OTTO-011 Quality Evaluation during Storage of Pecan Nuts [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh) C. Koch] in Different Packaging (Abstract)
  Oro, T., Florianopolis/BR, R.D.M.C. Amboni, J.M. Block, Florianópolis/BR, D. Barrera-Arellano, Campinas/BR
OTTO-012 Inhibition of Lipolysis in Milk by Proteose Peptone (Abstract)
  Sengül, M., Erzurum/TR, T. Erkaya, Erzurum/TR
OTTO-013 MAC-Oils Project: Mapping And Comparing Oils
a Specific Support Action in FP6 (Abstract)
  Russo, G.L., Avellino/I
OTTO-014 Determination of Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons in Vegetable Oils (Abstract)
  Tzamtzis, V.A., Athens/GR, V.A. Panagiotopoulou, Athens/GR

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