Analytics, Authenticity, Lipidomics

Analytical Methods for Olive Oil Elemental Profile and Influence of Carbonic Snow Addition in the Extraction Phase
C. Zoani, Rome/IT , G. Zappa, Rome/IT, A. Zinnai, Pisa/IT, F. Venturi, Pisa/IT, C. Sanmartin, Pisa/IT
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Determination of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol in infant foods and human breast milk by GC-MS and GC×GC-TOFMS
R. Jedrkiewicz, Gdansk/PL , Magdalena Kupska, Gdansk/PL, Justyna Gromadzka, Gdansk/PL, Jacek Namiesnik, Gdansk/PL
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Determination of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol in palm oil by GC-MS and GC×GC-TOFMS
M. Kupska, Gdansk/PL , R. Jedrkiewicz, Gdansk/PL, J. Gromadzka, Gdansk/PL, J. Namiesnik, Gdansk/PL
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Determination of Iron and Copper in Liquid Edible Oils by FAAS after Solid Phase Extraction
F. Tokay, Balikesir/TR , S. Bagdat Yasar, Balikesir/TR
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The Comparison of Direct and Indirect Determination of Iron and Copper by N, N'-bis(4 methoxysalicylidene)-1,2 diamino Ethane in Oils
F. Tokay, Balikesir/TR , S. Bagdat Yasar, Balikesir/TR
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Direct Immersion SPME-GC-MS Method for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Determination in Edible Oil
G. Purcaro, Udine/IT , M. Picardo, Udine/IT, S. Moret, Udine/IT, L. S. Conte, Udine/IT
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Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for Assessment of Key Fatty Acid Ratios of Canola Oil during Frying Process

M.Y. Talpur, Konya/TR , H. Kara, Konya/TR, S.T.H. Sherazi, Jamshoro/TR
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Analytical Methods for the Determination of Olive Oil Authenticity
Ö. Özdestan, Izmir/TR
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Sterol Analysis: The Risk of False Peak Assignment
T. Küchler, Hamburg/DE , M. Nestola, Sprockhövel/DE, H. Dümmong, Hamburg/DE, P. Tablack, Sprockhövel/DE
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Characteristic Sterols allow the Detection of Cereal Admixture to Amaranth and the Determination of Amaranth Levels
S. Hammann, Stuttgart/DE , K. Lehnert, Stuttgart/DE, S. Zikeli, Stuttgart/DE, W. Vetter, Stuttgart/DE
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Furan Fatty Acid Concentrations are Higher in Organic than in Conventional Butter
C. Wendlinger, Stuttgart/DE , S. Laure, Stuttgart/DE, W. Vetter, Stuttgart/DE
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Synthesis of Phospholipids for their Absolute Quantification in Human Milk
A Patin, Lausanne/CH
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Determination of total Phenolic Content of Hazelnut and Oil Coated Red Pepper: Method Validation
D. Bozkurt, Ankara/TR , B. Onal-Ulusoy, Cankiri/TR, M. Mutlu, Ankara/TR
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Palmitic Acid, the Major Component of the Essential Oil of Crataegus azarolus L. Leaves and Flowers Growing in Algeria
N. Tigrine-Kordjani, Algiers/DZ
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Identification and Quantification of Side Components in Unsaturated Fatty Alcohols by Means of GCxGC-(TOF)MS
A.-K. Thom, Wuppertal/DE , V. Wulf, Düsseldorf/DE, J. Liebich, Düsseldorf/DE, H.-W. Kling, Wuppertal/DE
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Novel Approach to the Analysis of Steryl Glycosides in Foods
L. Münger, Zurich/CH , L. Nyström, Zurich/CH
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Determination of Phenolic Compounds in Extra Virgin Olive Oils by Ultrasound-assisted Emulsification-microextraction
P. Reboredo-Rodríguez, Ourense/ES , C. González-Barreiro, Ourense/ES, B. Cancho-Grande, Ourense/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES, M.D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/ES, J. Simal-Gándara, Ourense/ES
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Oxidative Stability, Fatty Acid Composition and Cholesterol Content of Milk Fat from Cows Fed Sunflower Oil-supplemented Diets
R. Antoniassi, Rio de Janeiro/BR , M.A.S. Gama, Juiz de Fora/BR, F.C.F. Lopes, Juiz de Fora/BR, A.F. Faria-Machado, Rio de Janeiro/BR, C.G.S. Ribeiro, Belo Horizonte/BR, H.R. Bizzo, Rio de Janeiro/BR
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Analysis of Phytosterol Fatty Acid Esters: Evaluation and Validation of a LC-MS/MS Method
N. Firl, Freising/DE , M. Rychlik, Freising/DE
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Bioavailability of Diesters of 3-MCPD in Animal Model
F. Joffre, Pessac/FR , S. Amara, Marseille/FR, F. Carriere, Marseille/FR, L. Couedelo, Pessac/FR, C. Vaysse, Pessac/FR
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Health and Diseases

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs): A New Tool to Transport Bioactive Compounds
E. Yilmaz, Çanakkale/TR , B. Aydeniz, Çanakkale/TR
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The Role of Nanoemulsions in Functional New Food Products Development
E. Yilmaz, Çanakkale/TR , B. Aydeniz, Çanakkale/TR
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Consumption of Fatty Acids and the Appearance of Cancers in Batna (Algeria)
A. Mihoubi, Batna/DZ , O. Alloui-Lombarkia, Batna/DZ
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Study Of Possible Modification Of Lipid Profile As a Result of The Changes Of Hematocrit And Hemoglobin
S. Patiakas, Kastoria/GD

The Impact of Chronic Anaemia at the Levels of Blood Lipids
S. Patiakas, Kastoria/GD
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Evaluation of Hypolipidemic Treatment and Adjustment of Hypertension on Overaged Patients
S. Patiakas, Kastoria/GD , C. Charalampous, Thessaloniki/GD
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Effect of Dietary Jew's ear on 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 Concentration of Young Japanese Women
M. Iwamoto, Fukuoka/JP , K. Yazumi, Fukuoka/JP, M. Shimoda, Kumamoto/JP, S. Nishizono, Kumamoto/JP
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Antibacterial Activity of A Medicinial Plant Rumex patientia L. Seed Methanol Extract
S. Yücel, Istanbul/TR , D. Colak, Istanbul/TR, A. M. Allahverdiyev, Istanbul/TR, M. Bagirova, Istanbul/TR, S. Kivrak, Mugla/TR, E. S. Abamor, Istanbul/TR, P. Terzioglu, Mugla/TR
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The Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of Flax Seed (Linum usitatissimum L.) Oil
E. Nakilcioglu, Izmir/TR , S. Ötles, Izmir/TR
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Functional Characteristics of a Spread Based on High-protein Sunflower and Hemp Seed Kernels
E. Dimic, Novi Sad/RS , O. Radocaj, Novi Sad/RS, S. Dimic, Novi Sad/RS, V. Vujasinovic, Sremski Karlovci/RS
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Mechanistics Studies on the Antidiabetic Activity of Oleanolic Acid
J.M. Castellano, Seville/ES , T. Delgado, Seville/ES, A. Guinda, Seville/ES, M. Rada, Seville/ES, P. Gutierrez-Adanez, Seville/ES, J.A. Cayuela, Seville/ES
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Effects of Dietary Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids on Sperm Motion Characteristics and Reactive Oxygen Species in Rat
V. Esmaeili, Tehran/IQ , A.H. Shahverdi, Tehran/IQ, A.R. Alizadeh, Saveh/IQ, B. Ebrahimi, Tehran/IQ, A. Kheimeh, Tehran/IQ
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Buffaloe Milk Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid as a Functional Dairy Foods used for Prevention of Diabetes in Rats
Abd El-Rahman Abd El-Gawad, Giza/EG , Abdelrahman Abdelgawad, Giza/EG, Rida Ali, Giza/EG, Ahmed Aboul enein, Giza/EG, Mohamed Hanafy, Giza/EG, Mohammed Bakr, Giza/EG
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Seaweed Supplementation Increases Beneficial n-3 PUFA Levels in Salmon
T. Wilke, Milltown, Co. Galway/IE , S. Faulkner, Milltown, Co. Galway/IE, L. Murphy, Milltown, Co. Galway/IE, S. Kraan, Milltown, Co. Galway/IE
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Different Glycerides Species Exercise Selective Cytotoxic Activity on Colon Cancer Cells
R.P. Ramos-Bueno, Almeria/ES , E. Venegas Venegas, Aleria/ES, M. Á. Rincon Cervera, Almeria/ES, A. Gonzalez-Montoya, Almeria/ES, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almeria/ES
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Effect of n-3 PUFA, ALA, GLA, SDA, EPA and DHA, on Blood and Brain Lipids
N.M. Bandarra, Lisbon/PT , S.V. Martins, Lisbon/PT, P.A. Lopes, Lisbon/PT, C.M. Alfaia, Lisbon/PT, R.P. Ramos-Bueno, Almería/ES, J. Ferreiera, Lisbon/PT, I. Batista, Lisbon/PT, M.L. Nunes, Lisbon/PT, J.A.M. Prates, Lisbon/PT, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES
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Secretory Phospholipase A2 Group IIA Contributes to Prostate Tumor Progression
A. Korotaeva, Moscow/RU , E. Samoilova, Moscow/RU, L. Moskvina, Moscow/RU, I. Alentov, Moscow/RU, K. Nyushko, Moscow/RU, B. Alekseev, Moscow/RU, G. Frank, Moscow/RU, N. Sergeeva, Moscow/RU
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Bioscience, Biocatalysis, Biochemistry

Acidolysis Reaction of Terebinth Fruit Oil with Palmitic and Caprylic Acids in a Recirculating Packed Bed Reactor: Optimization using Response Surface Methodology
H. Keskin, Gaziantep/TR , S. Fadiloglu, Gaziantep/TR, F. Gögüs, Gaziantep/TR, D. Koçak Yanik, Gaziantep/TR
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Fatty Acid Selectivity of the Lipases in Hydrolysis
Ihsan Karabulut, Malatya/TR , G. Durmaz, Malatya/TR, A.A. Hayaloglu, Malatya/TR
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Use of Ionic Liquids as Additives for Immobilization ofLipase from a new Source of Bacillus sp. on Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)
R. Cabrera-Padilla, Aracaju/BR , M. Lisboa, Aracaju/BR, A. Frick, Aracaju/BR, E. Franceschi, Aracaju/BR, A. Lima, Aracaju/BR, D. Silva, Aracaju/BR, C. Soares, Aracaju/BR
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Optimization of Enzymatic Degumming Process Conditions for Vegetable Oils
K. Sampaio, Gent/BE , N. Zayakina, Zaventem/BE, L. Wozniak, Antwerpen/BE, J. Tsukamoto, Gent/BE, C. Stevens, Gent/BE, W. De Greyt, Zaventem/BE
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Synthesis of Phosphatidylcholine with Conjugated Linolenic Acids in Lipase-catalyzed Transesterification Process
A. Chojnacka, Wroclaw/PL , W. Gladkowski, Wroclaw/PL, A. Gliszczynska, Wroclaw/PL, C. Wawrzenczyk, Wroclaw/PL
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The Application of Lipases for the Acidolysis of Phospholipids with PUFA Concentrates from Fish Oils
W. Gladkowski, Wroclaw/PL , A. Chojnacka, Wroclaw/PL, E. Jaskiewicz, Wroclaw/PL, N. Niezgoda, Wroclaw/PL, C. Wawrzenczyk, Wroclaw/PL
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DHA Isolation from Natural and Sustainable Sources
E. Venegas Venegas, Almería/ES , M.A. Rincón Cervera, Almería/ES, R.P. Ramos Bueno, Almería/ES, J.L. Guil Guerrero, Almería/ES
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Synthesis of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid-enriched Triacylglycerides by Thermomyces lanuginosus Lipase under Supercritical Fluid CO2
M.E. Pando San Martín, Santiago/CL , M. Berrios, Santiago/CL, C. Encina, Santiago/CL, A. Galdames, Santiago/CL, S. Aubourg, Vigo/ES, A. Rodríguez, Santiago/CL
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Preparation of Transgenic Barley Producing Essential Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids GLA and SDA
M. Gubisova, Piestany/SK , D. Mihalik, Piestany/SK, K. Ondreickova, Piestany/SK, L. Klcova, Piestany/SK, T. Klempova, Bratislava/SK, M. Certik, Bratislava/SK, M. Hudcovicova, Piestany/SK, J. Gubis, Piestany/SK, J. Kraic, Piestany/SK
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Delta-6-desaturase Gene as an Object for Cereal Transformation
D. Mihalik, Piestany/SK , M. Gubisova, Piestany/SK, K. Ondreickova, Piestany/SK, L. Klcova, Piestany/SK, J. Gubis, Piestany/SK, M. Certik, Bratislava/SK, T. Klempova, Bratislava/SK, J. Kraic, Piestany/SK
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Concentration of Omega 3 PUFA in Salmon Oil via Lipase-catalyzed Ethanolysis: A Focus on Candida antarctica lipase A
D. Kahveci, Istanbul/TR , X. Xu, Aarhus/DK
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Physical Chemistry

Rheological Characterization of Shellac Oleogels and Oleogel-based Emulsions
A. Patel, Gent/BE , D. Schatteman, Gent/BE, A. Lesaffer, Izegem/BE, D. Koen, Gent/BE
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Quantitative Polymorphic Analysis of Triacylglycerol by X-Ray Diffraction and Rietveld Method
G. A. Calligaris, Campinas/BR , A. P. B. Ribeiro, Limeira/BR, A. O. dos Santos, Imperatriz/BR, L. P. Cardoso, Campinas/BR
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Crystallization Kinetics of Blends Beef Tallow / Vegetable Oils and their Interesterified Products
I. Jachmanián, Montevideo/UY , N. Segura, Montevideo/UY
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Effects of Irrigation Regimes on Fatty Acid Composition Antioxidant and Antifungal Properties of Volatiles from Fruits of Koroneiki Cultivar Grown under Tunisian Conditions
F. Brahmi, Monastir/TN , H. Chehab, Sousse/TN, G. Flamini, Pisa/IT, M. Issaoui, Monastir/TN, M. Hammami, Monastir/TN
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Chemical Evaluation of Oil Extracted from different Varities of Colza in Southern of Iran
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , M. H Naji, Zarindashat/IR, Z. Hashem, Shiraz/IR, D. Salar Bashi, Mashhad/IR
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Physicochemical Properties of Selected Persian Sunflower Seeds
H. Tavakolipour, Sabzevar/IQ , A. Elhamirad, Sabzevar/IQ, N. Vafaee, Sabzevar/IQ
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The Edible Vegetable Oils Rheological Behavior Under Heating Condition
N. Dehghannejad, Isfahan/IQ , R. Makaremi, Isfahan/IQ
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Shear Effect on the Crystallization of O/W Emulsion Type Chocolate
I. Saya, Higashi-Hiroshima City/JP
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Effect of Cooling Rate on Isothermal Crystallization of Cocoa Butter
G. Sekeroglu, Gaziantep/TR , A. Kaya, Gaziantep/TR
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Effect of Cocoa Solid Contents on Sorption Isotherms of Dark Chocolates
G. Sekeroglu, Gaziantep/TR , A. Kaya, Gaziantep/TR
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Effects of Temperature Fluctuation on Bloom Formation and Appearance of Dark Chocolate Containing High Melting Milk Fat Fraction
D. Büyükbese, Gaziantep/TR , G. Sekeroglu, Gaziantep/TR, A. Kaya, Gaziantep/TR
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Influence of Continuous Enzymatic Interesterification on Thermal Behavior, Microstructure, Polymorphism and Crystallization Properties of Palm Stearin, Palm Kernel Oil and Olive Oil Blends
F. A. Soares, São Paulo/BR , R. C. da Silva, São Paulo/BR, N. M. Osório, Lisbon/PT, J. M. Maruyama, São Paulo/BR, N. R. Dagostinho, São Paulo/BR, S. Ferreira-Dias, Lisbon/PT, L. A. Gioielli, São Paulo/BR
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Comparison of Antioxidant Activity and total Phenolics of Olive Cake with Grape Seed Extracts and butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) during Fermentation
K. Ereifej, Irbid/JO
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Crystallization and Polymorphism Beahviour of Lipid Systems Containing Triacylglycerols with added Diacyglycerols
F. Soares, Campinas/BR , R. Silva, São Paulo/BR, F. Soares, São Paulo/BR, L. Gioielli, São Paulo/BR
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Non-triglyceride Structuring of Edible Oils and Emulsions
R. den Adel, Vlaardingen/NL , A. Bot, Vlaardingen/NL, E. Roijers, Vlaardingen/NL, P. Heussen, Vlaardingen/NL, E. Flöter, Berlin/DE
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Application of Phenolic Compounds Extracted from Virgin Olive Oil as Green Inhibitor to Protect of Steel Corrosion
D. Seifzadeh, Ardabil/IR , B. Fathi Achachlouei, Ardabil/IR
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Scanning Electron Microscope coupled with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (SEM-EDS) for Fat Bloom Investigation in Chocolates
M. Masuchi, Campinas/BR , R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR, T. G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR, E. C. Bonomi, Campinas/BR
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Symmetric Triacylglycerols obtained from Cocoa Beans Contaminated by Witches' Broom Disease Fungi
M. Masuchi, Campinas/BR , F. C. Silva, Campinas/BR, T. G. Kieckbusch, Campinas/BR, R. Grimaldi, Campinas/BR
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New Technology for Preparation of Mayonnaise from Extracted Plant Protein Isolates From Chickpea, Broad Bean and Lupin Flour: Chemical, Physiochemical, Nutritional and Therapeutic Properties
M. Alu'datt, Irbid/JO
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The Use Of Ultrasound Technology In Vegetable Oil Industry And The Effect Of Oil Yield And Quality
H.H. Akcar, Bornova-Izmir/TR , A.S. Gumuskesen, Bornova-Izmir/TR
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Effect of Refining Practice on Tocopherols content of Sunflower Oil
A.R. Khaskheli, Konya/TR , Saba Naz, konya/TR
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Decomposition of Glycidyl Esters in the Model Systems
V. Ilko, Prague/CZ , M. Dolezal, Prague/CZ, J. Velisek, Prague/CZ
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Process of Enzyme-catalyzed Transesterification and 3-MCPD Esters Concentration - A Model System Study
V. Ilko, Prague/CZ , M. Tesarovi, Prague/CZ, A. Rybinskaya, Prague/CZ, V. Filip, Prague/CZ, J. Smidrkal, Prague/CZ, M. Dolezal, Prague/CZ
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Behaviour of 3-MCPD Fatty Acid Esters and related Compounds under different Storage Conditions
B. Matthäus, Detmold/DE , P. Weitkamp, Detmold/DE, K. Vosmann, Detmold/DE
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Changes of the Content of 3-MCPD Esters and related Compounds during Food Preparation
B. Matthäus, Detmold/DE , W. Jira, Kulmbach/DE, G. Unbehend, Detmold/DE, K. Vosmann, Detmold/DE
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Effect of Surfactant Addition on Aqueous Oil Extraction of Sunflower Seeds
E.O. Vardar, Istanbul/TR , G. Ustun, Istanbul/TR, M. Tuter, Istanbul/TR
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Effect of Different Brine Composition on the Colour and Textural Properties of Green Chalkidiki Olives
Z. Tsiolaki, Thessaloniki/EL , F. Mantzouridou, Thessaloniki/GD
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Study of Grape Seed Oil Extraction Process from Cabernet Sauvignon and Ives
N. Pereira, Maringa-PR/BR , M. Menezes, Maringa-PR/BR, M. Danilussi, Maringa-PR/BR, B. Fraga, Maringa-PR/BR, S. Barros, Maringa-PR/BR, M. Vieira, Maringa-PR/BR, R. Bergamasco, Maringa-PR/BR
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Study of the Effect of Fruit Maturation of Palm Macaw on Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Almond Oil
N. Pereira, Maringa-PR/BR , G. Souza, Maringa-PR/BR, T. Fernandes, Maringa-PR/BR, D. Francisco, Maringa-PR/BR, R. Bergamasco, Maringa-PR/BR, M. Vieira, Maringa-PR/BR
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Production and Purification of Ethyl Biodiesel from Soybean Oil by Centrifugation
M. Vieira, Maringa-PR/BR , J. Medeiros, Maringa-PR/BR, O. Motta Lima, Maringa-PR/BR, N. Pereira, Maringa-PR/BR, R. Bergamasco, Maringa-PR/BR, M. Gomes, Maringa-PR/BR
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Biodiesel Production from Blends of Beef Tallow and Frying Oil
M. Vieira, Maringa-PR/BR , S. Oliveira, Maringa-PR/BR, J. Dalcolle, Maringa-PR/BR, N. Pereira, Maringa-PR/BR, R. Bergamasco, Maringa-PR/BR, M. Gomes, Maringa-PR/BR, L. Ferreira, Maringa-PR/BR
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Chemical Characterization oil of Seed Moringa Oleifera Obtained by Solvent and Mechanical Extraction
R. Bergamasco, Maringá/BR , M. Silva, Maringá/BR, J. Lazari, Maringá/BR, C. Favero, Maringá/BR, M. Vieira, Maringá/BR, J. Visentainer, Maringá/BR, E. Bonafe, Maringá/BR, N. Pereira, Maringá/BR, A. Vieira, Maringá/BR
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Lipid and Fatty Acid Extraction from the Cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa for Biodiesel Production
R. Bergamsco, Maringá/BR , F. Camacho, Maringá/BR, L. Moreti, Maringá/BR, E. Trevisan, Maringá/BR, F. Arakawa, Maringá/BR, Q. Shimabuku, Maringá/BR, P. Ferri, Maringá/BR, P. Arroyo, Maringá/BR, N. Pereira, Maringá/BR, M. Vieira, Maringá/BR, A. Vieira, Maringá/BR, M. Ugri, Maringá/BR, L. Nishi, Maringá/BR
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Comparison of Sterol and Wax Composition of Hazelnut Oils Obtained by Pressing or Solvent Extraction
C. Gumus, Ankara/TR , A. Yorulmaz, Aydin/TR, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
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Hardfats Seeds Produced by Spray Drying to use as Modulators of Palm Oil Crystallization Process
M. C. C. Nucci Mascarenhas, Campinas/BR , I. Alvim, Campinas/BR, C. M. Chiu, Campinas/BR, F. C. Rufino, Campinas/BR, L. A. G. Gonzalves, Campinas/BR
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Single Bounce-attenuated total Reflectance-FTIR Spectroscopy applied for Rapid Analysis of Free Fatty Acid content in Waste Deodorizer Distillates
S. Naz, Jamsoro/PK , S.T.H. Sherazi, Jamshoro/PK, H. Kara, Konya/TR, A,R, Khaskheli, Jamshoro/PK
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Shelf Life Analyses of Jatropha curcas L. Oil extracted with Mechanical and Aqueous Enzymatic Procedures
S. Karaj, Stuttgart/DE , S. Latif, Stuttgart/DE, J. Müller, Stuttgart/DE
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Quality Evaluation of Jatropha Seed Kernel Oil Obtained by Aqueous Enzymatic, Mechanical and Solvent Extraction
S. Latif, Stuttgart/DE , S. Karaj, Stuttgart/DE, J. Müller, Stuttgart/DE
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Matrix Mechanical Extraction of Jatropha curcas L. Kernel: A Novel Method for Improving Oil Recovery
S. Romuli, Stuttgart/DE , Sh. Karaj, Stuttgart/DE, J. Müller, Stuttgart/DE
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The Effect of Persian Bleaching Earth on the Quality of Edible Oils
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , M. H Naji, Zarindashat/IR, Z Hashem, Shiraz/IR, D. Salar Bashi, Mashhad/IR
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Influence of spices (Black Pepper, Turmermeric and Cinnamon) usage in Iranian Food Cooking on Prevention of Trans-fatty Acids Foramtion
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , S.R Hejazian, Sari/IR, S.Z Hatami, Sari/IR, D. Davoud Salar, Mashhad/IR
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Survey on Rate of Losses and Wastes in Oil Seeds Processing Plants in Southern of Iran
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/IR , M. H Naji, Zarindashat/IR, Z. Hashem, Shiraz/IR, D. Salar Bashi, Mashhad/IR
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The Effect of Different Bleching Earth on Quality of Edibles Oil
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/IR , M. H. Naji, Zarindashat/IR, Z Hashem, Shiraz/IR, D. Salar Bashi, Mashhad/IR
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A Microbiological Assessment Scheme (MAS) To Evaluate The Feed Safety Management System (FeSMS) In A Category 3 Fat Melting Establishment
T. Kennedy, Limerick/IE
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Changes in the Fatty Acid Composition during Gordal Cultivar Green Table Olive Processing
A. Lopez-Lopez, SEVILLA/ES , A. Cortes-Delgado, Sevilla/ES, P. Garcia-Garcia, Sevilla/ES, A. Garrido-Fernandez, Sevilla/ES
download poster

Effect of Tehina Processing and Storage at Different Temperatures on the Physicochemical, Minerals and Fatty Acid Analysis of Sesame Seeds and Tehina
T. Rababah, Irbid/JO , K. Ereifej, Irbid/JO, S. Yücel, Istanbul/TR
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ISO 22000 Implementation in Jordanian Company
H. Jawasreh, Irbid/JO
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Studies on the Application of Nano-fortified Olein: Stearin Vegetable Butter in Biscuits Preparation and it's Nutritional Evaluation
Gh. Abo-Elwafa, Cairo/EG , Y. El-Shattory, Cairo/EG, Saadia Aly, Cairo/EG, Mervat Foda, Cairo/EG, Wafaa Bahgaat, Cairo/EG, Affaf Ezzat, Cairo/EG, Amany Hegazy, Cairo/EG
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Effect of Seed Moisture on Pressing Efficiency and Quality of Passion Fruit Seed Oil
R. Antoniassi, Rio de Janeiro/BR , A.E. Wilhelm, Rio de Janeiro/BR, S.L.R. Reis, Bom Jesus Itabapoana/BR, S.A. Regis, Campos/BR, A.F. Faria-Machado, Rio de Janeiro/BR, S.A. Cenci, Rio de Janeiro/BR
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Oxidation, Antioxiants and Deep Frying

Volatile Compounds Formed during Thermo-oxidation of Margarines Enriched with Phytosterols
M. Rudzinska, Poznan/PL
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Volatile Compounds, Fatty Acids and Sterols in Snacks Enriched with Biological Active Antioxidants
M. Rudzinska, Poznan/PL , M. Gumienna, Poznan/PL, M. Majcher, Poznan/PL
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Influence of Sunflower Oil Unsaturation Level on French Fries Characteristics
C. Alamprese, Milano/IT , M. Rossi, Milano/IT, E. Casiraghi, Milano/IT
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Frying Stability of Virgin Sunflower Oils with Different Unsaturation Levels
M. Rossi, Milano/IT , E. Casiraghi, Milano/IT, S. Ratti, Milano/IT, C. Alamprese, Milano/IT
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Effect of Olive Mill Wastewater and Pomace Extracts on the Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil during Deep Fat Frying in the Presence of Lecithin
D. Günal, Bolu/TR , S. Turan, Bolu/TR
download poster

A Study on Antioxidative Capacity of Various Natural Plant Extracts During Frying
O. Ozdikicierler, Izmir/TR , F. Yemiscioglu, Izmir/TR
download poster

Performance of Vegetable Oils during Standardized Domestic Frying
R. Inchingolo, Bologna/IT , M.T. Rodriguez-Estrada, Bologna/IT, V. Cardenia, Cesena/IT
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Peroxide Value to Predict the Sensory Shelf-life of Wholemeal Breadsticks Containing Extra Virgin Olive Oil
M. Rossi, Milan/IT , S. Ratti, Milan/IT, M. Calderoni, Milan/IT, E.M.V. Rossi, Milan/IT
download poster

Protocatechuic Acid Lipophilization: Methods and Antioxidant Activity Evaluation
C. Grajeda-Iglesias, Montpellier/FR , E. Salas, Chihuahua/MX, B. Baréa, Montpellier/FR, P. Villeneuve, Montpellier/FR, M-C. Figueroa-Espinoza, Montpellier/FR
download poster

Co-spray-drying of a Heme Iron Ingredient as Strategy to Decrease its Pro-oxidant Effect in Lipid Matrices
F. Guardiola, Barcelona/ES , M. Aleman, Barcelona/ES, R. Bou, Barcelona/ES, A. Tres, Barcelona/ES, R. Codony, Barcelona/ES
download poster

Fat Degradation during Domestic Cooking of Deep-fat Fried Products
F. Lacoste, Pessac/FR , B. Heyd, Massy/FR, B. Broyart, Massy/FR, L. Berthier, Coudekerque Branche/FR, P. Gondí, Villeneuve d'Ascq/FR
download poster

Effect of Some Essential Oils on Stability of Corn Oil at Frying Temperatures
T. Inanç, Gaziantep/TR , M. Maskan, Gaziantep/TR
download poster

Effect of Plant Based Active Components on Stability of Corn and Palm Oils at Frying Temperatures
T. Inanç, Gaziantep/TR , M. Maskan, Gaziantep/TR download poster

A Simple, Sensitive and Rapid Method based on Flow Injection Analysis with a new Sampling Strategy for Peroxide Value Determination in Corn Oils
H.F. Ayyildiz, Konya/TR , H. Kara, Konya/TR
download poster

Thermal Oxidation of Cornicabra Virgin Olive Oils during Potato Frying
M.A. Perez, Alcala de Henares/ES , R. Olivero-David, Alcala de Henares/ES, C. Mena, Alcala de Henares/ES, C Lorenzo, Alcala de Henares/ES, B. SASTRE, Alcala de Henares/ES, G. VERGARA, Alcala de Henares/ES, S. Bastida, Madrid/ES, F.J. Sanchez-Muniz, Madrid/ES
download poster

Spray-dried Chia Oil Emulsions Encapsulated with Sodium Caseinate and Lactose. Physicochemical Properties and Stability during Storage
M. Tomás, La Plata/AR , V. Ixtaina, La Plata/AR, L. Julio, La Plata/AR, E. Denisienia, La Plata/AR, J. Wagner, Bernal/AR, S. Nolasco, Olavarría/AR
download poster

Identification and Quantification of Tocopherol and Tocotrienols for Pomegranate Seed Oil by Using Normal-Phase HPLC
M. Topkafa, Konya/TR , H. Kara, Konya/TR
download poster

Effects of Salicylic Acid on the Antioxidant Enzymes Activity in Sunflower
M. Sedghi, Ardabil/IR , H. Khani Basiri, Ardabil/IR
download poster

Oxidative Stability of an Iranian Ghee (Butter Fat) versus Soybean Oil during Storage at different Temperatures
K. Nayebzadeh, Tehran/IQ , Maryam Enteshari, Tehran/IQ
download poster

Assessment of Antioxidant Activity of Phlomidoschema Parviflorum
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , Mojtaba Heydari, zabol/IR
download poster

In vitro Antioxidant Activity of Cold Pressed Virgin Oils from Macedonia
S. Kostadinovic, Stip/MK
download poster

Influence of Antioxidant Activity of Alkyl Esters of Caffeic Acid by Tocopherols
I. Hradkova, Prague/CZ , M. Dobesova, Prague/CZ, R. Merkl, Prague/CZ, J. Smidrkal, Prague/CZ, V. Filip, Prague/CZ
download poster

Adsorbent Purification of Frying Oils
B. Cooke, Jeffersonville/US
download poster

Plasma Modified Membrane Application: Recovery of Frying Oil from Repeated Frying Operation
B. Onal-Ulusoy, Cankiri/TR , E. Tur, Karaman/TR, M. Mutlu, Ankara/TR
download poster

Evaluation of antioxidant activity of Dill water-methanolic extract on the stability of soybean oil
M. Soleimanifar, Aliabad/IR , R. Niazmand, Mashhad/IR, M. Shahidinoghabi, Mashhad/IR, R. Jalali, Damghan/IR
download poster

Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Purslane Water-methanolic Extract on the Stability of Soybean Oil
R. Jalali, Nowshahr/IR , R. Niazmand, Mashhad/IR, M. Shahidi noghabi, Mashhad/IR, M. Soleimanifar, Aliabad/IR
download poster

The Study of Antimicrobial Effect of Salvia leriifolia benth Essential Oil on the Growth of Staphylococcus aureus in Traditional Kashk
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , G.R. Yasaie Mehrjardi, Masshad/IR
download poster

Comparative Evaluation of Various Solvents and Two Methods of Conventional and Ultrasound-assisted Extraction for Higher Antioxidant Activity and Phenolic Compounds of Achillea willhelmsii
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , D. Salar Bashi, Mashhad/IR, S. Alavi Rafiee, Masshad/IR, M. Mahdi Karimkhani, Sabzevar/IR
download poster

Evaluation of AntioxidantCapacity and Total Phenolic Content of Achillea millefolium as Affected by Various Solvents and Extraction Methods
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , D. Salar Bashi, Mashhad/IR, S. Alavi Rafiee, Mashhad/IR, M. Mahdi Karimkhani, Sabzevar/IR
download poster

Antioxidative Effects of Bene Kernel Oil and its Unsaponifiable Matter Fraction on Canola Oil Blended with Palm Olein and Virgin Olive Oils During Deep Frying
P. Sharayei, Mashhad/IR , R. Farhoosh, Mashhad/IR
download poster

Protective Effects of Equimolar Mixtures of Monomer and Dimer of Dehydrozingerone with alpha-tocopherol and/or Ascorbylpalmitate During Bulk Lipid Autoxidation
V. Kancheva, Sofia/BG , A. Slavova-Kazakova, Sofia/BG, D. Fabbri, Sassari/IT, M .A. Dattori, Sassari/IT, G. Delogu, Sassari/IT, M. Janiak, Olsztyn/PL, R. Amarowicz, Olsztyn/PL
download poster

Effect of Extraction System on Oxidative Stability of Kernel Oil of Malatya Apricot
S. Uluata, Malatya/TR
download poster

Determination of Biochemical Characteristics and Antioxidant Activity of Kernel Oil of Malatya Apricot
S. Uluata, Malatya/TR
download poster

Comparison of Frying Stabilities of Olive Pomace Oil and Palm Olein
O. Ketenoglu, Ankara/TR , K. Sahin, Ankara/TR, T. Yasdag, Ankara/TR, A. Yorulmaz, Aydin/TR, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
download poster

Effects of Partial Glycerides, Squalen and Free Fatty Acids on Frying Stability of Olive Pomace Oil
K. Sahin, Ankara/TR , O. Ketenoglu, Ankara/TR, A. Yorulmaz, Aydin/TR, A. Tekin, Ankara/TR
download poster

Changes in Antioxidant Activity of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) after Treatment with Shortwave Ultraviolet (UV-C) Radiation
E. Dogu-Baykut, Istanbul/TR , G. Gunes, Istanbul/TR, E. A. Decker, Amherst/US
download poster

Some Oxidative Stability Parameters of EVOOs which Collected from different Geographical Locations in Turkey
E. Ghanbari Shendi, ankara/TR
download poster

Washing Minced Mackerel White Muscle with Solutions of Varying NaCl Concentration - Effects on Erythrocyte Integrity, Hemoglobin Removal and Lipid Oxidation
L. Eriksson, Gothenburg/SE , M. Chaijan, Nakhon Si Thammarat/TH, I. Undeland, Gothenburg/SE
download poster

Accelerated Oxidation of Soybean and Sunflower Oils as Affected by Fatty Acid Profile, Tocopherol Content, Metal Concentration, Storage Temperature and Time
A. Bastürk, Igdir/TR , G. Boran, Van/TR, I. Javidipour, Van/TR
download poster

Oilseeds, Plant Breeding and Plant Lipids

Production of Essential PUFAs in Wheat by Transgenic Approach
K. Ondreickova, Piestany/SK , D. Mihalik, Piestany/SK, L. Klcova, Piestany/SK, M. Gubisova, Piestany/SK, J. Gubis, Piestany/SK, M. Certik, Bratislava/SK, T. Klempova, Bratislava/SK, J. Kraic, Piestany/SK
download poster

Quality Characteristic of Flaxseed and False Flaxseed Oils from Polish Market
M. Rudzinska, Poznan/PL , M. Raczyk, Poznan/PL, K. Ratusz, Poznan/PL
download poster

Slovak Poppy Seeds as a Tool for High Lipids Quality
M. Havrlentova, Piestany/SK
download poster

Fatty Acids Composition of Seed Oils from three Tunisian (Punica granatum. L) Cultivars
M. Mekni, Monastir/TN , R. Ben Hmida, Monastir/TN, W. Kharroubi, Monastir/TN, M. Dhibi, Monastir/TN, I. Cherail, Monastir/TN, M. Hammami, Monastir/TN
download poster

Characterization of Berry and Currant Seed Oils from Asturias, Spain
L. Alonso, Villaviciosa, Asturias/ES , J. C. Bada, Villaviciosa, Spain/ES, M. León-Camacho, Sevilla/ES
download poster

Chemical Composition and Inhibitory Effects of Opuntia ficus indica Seeds Oil on alpha-amylase Activity, Hyperglycemia, Hyperlipidemia and Liver Dysfunction in Alloxan induced Diabetic Rats
Z. Amri, Monastir/TN , K. Hamden, Sfax/TN, A. Elfeki, Sfax/TN
download poster

Boraginaceae Constitutes an Inexhaustible Source of Valuable Fatty Acids
J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES , R.P. Ramos-Bueno, Almería/ES, M.A. Rincón-Cervera, Almería/ES, C.E. Venegas-Venegas, Almería/ES, M.D. Suárez, Almería/ES, N.M. Bandarra, Lisbon/PT
download poster

Manufacture of Functional and Low- Fat Iranian White Brined Cheese with Fat Replacement by Walnut or Linseed Powders
B. Fathi Achachlouei, Ardabil/IQ , J Hesari, Tabriz/IQ, S Azadmard Damirchi, Tabriz/IQ, S.H Peighambardoust, Tabriz/IQ, M Esmaiili, Urmia/IQ
download poster

Physicochemical Properties and Nutritional Compounds of Milk Thistle Seeds Oil from different Varieties grown in Iran
B. Fathi Achachlouei, Ardabil/IQ , K Alirezalu, Tabriz/IQ, S Azadmard-Damirchi, Tabriz/IQ
download poster

Effect of Coconut Oil on Lipids Profiles and Evolution Weight on Rats Male Wistar Strain receive High Fat Diet
Y. Sidi Mohammed, Tlemcen/DZ , A. Fouzia, Tlemcen/DZ, M. Radjaa Kaouther, Tlemcen/DZ, D. Amel, Tlemcen/DZ, K. Latifa, Tlemcen/DZ, B. Ikram, Tlemcen/DZ, C.S. Daoudi, Tlemcen/DZ
download poster

Antioxidant Activity of Extracts of Almonds, Hazelnuts and Walnuts and their Low-molecular Weight and Tannin Fractions
R. Amarowicz, Olsztyn/PL , M. Karamac, Olsztyn/PL, A. Kosinska, Olsztyn/PL
download poster

Stability Oxidation of the Lipid Component of Chia Seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) using RSM
J. Ayo, Derio/ES , E. Bilbao, Derio/ES
download poster

Evaluation of Oil Content and Fatty Acids Profile of Echium amoenum Fisch. Seed Oils from Different Regions of Iran
B. Fathi Achachlouei, Ardabil/IR , E. Daneshfar, Tehran/IR, A. Alirezalu, Tehran/IR, K. Alirezalu, Tabriz/IR
download poster

Physicochemical Properties and Fatty Acids Profile of Black Truffles Grown in East Azerbaijan-Iran
B. Fathi Achachlouei, Ardabil/IR , K. Alirezalu, Tabriz/IR, J. Hesari, Tabriz/IR, S. Azadmard-Damirchi, Tabriz/IR
download poster

The Effect of Different Vegetable Oils on Popping Characteristics of Popcorn (Zea mays everta Sturt.)
Ö. Konuskan, Hatay/TR , H. Gözübenli, Hatay/TR, D. Bozdogan Konuskan, Hatay/TR
download poster

Development of Transgenic Rapeseeds Producing Gamma-Linolenic Acid using D6DES Gene from Pike Eel(Muraenesox cinereus)
J.-B. Kim, Suwon/KR , K.-H. Roh, Suwon/KR, H.-U. Kim, Suwon/KR, K.-R. Lee, Suwon/KR, H.-C. Kang, Suwon/KR, S.-H. Kim, Suwon/KR, E.-Y. Lee, Suwon/KR, J.-B. Kim, Suwon/KR, B.S. Gu, Suwon/KR, K.-S. Kim, Muan/KR
download poster

Lipids in Animal Science

Trans-18:1 and CLA Isomeric Distribution of Lamb Subcutaneous Fat Collected in the Basque Country (Spain)
N. Aldai, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES , L. Bravo-Lamas, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, I. Etaio, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, X. Belaunzaran, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, J.K.G Kramer, Gulph, ON/CA
download poster

A Comparison of the Antioxidant Activity and pH Adjustment Properties Pyrophosphate and Carnosine in Meat Model Products
E. Biazik, Wroclaw/PL , W. Kopec, Wroclaw/PL, T. Skiba, Wroclaw/PL, L. Bobak, Wroclaw/PL
download poster

Chemiluminescence Data Modeling to Predict Lipid Oxidation Stability in Pork Fat
H. Stoffers, Bern/CH , D. Guggisberg, Bern/CH
download poster

Random Esterified Palm Oil in Poultry Feed: Effect on Meat Fatty Acid Composition
R. Codony, Barcelona/ES , A. Tres, Barcelona/ES, A. Schott, Barcelona/ES, G.B. Gonzales, Barcelona/ES, M. Aleman, Barcelona/ES, J. Weiss, Stuttgart/DE, R. Bou, Barcelona/ES, F. Guardiola, Barcelona/ES
download poster

Occurrence of Lipid Hydrolysis during Feed Storage
A. Tres, Barcelona/ES , R. Codony, Barcelona/ES, E. Vilarrassa, Barcelona/ES, R. Buonfiglio, Barcelona/ES, J. Zoldan, Barcelona/ES, N. Magrinya, Barcelona/ES, T. Gallina Toschi, Bologna/IT, R. Bou, Barcelona/ES, F. Guardiola, Barcelona/ES
download poster

Effect of Dietary Lipids on Plasma and Erythrocytes Fatty Acid Profiles in Mediterranean Amberjack (Seriola dumerili, Teleosteen, Carangidea, Risso 1810)
W. Gam Haouas, Monastir/TN , N. Zayene, Monastir/TN, H. Guerbej, Monastir/TN, L. Achour, Monastir/TN
download poster

Dietary Intake of Process-induced trans Fatty Acids Represents an Atherogenic Factor in Rats
M. Dhibi, Monastir/TN , A. Mnari, Monastir/TN, F. Brahem, Monastir/TN, Z. Houas, Monastir/TN, I. Chargui, Monastir/TN, M. Hammami, Monastir/TN
download poster

Effects of Sodium Arsenate Exposure on Hepatotoxicity and Liver Fatty Acid Profiles in Rats
W. Kharroubi, Monastir/TN , M. Dhibi, Monastir/TN, M. Mekni, Monastir/TN, S. Haj Ahmed, Monastir/TN, I. Chreif, Monastir/TN, F. Neffati, Monastir/TN, F. Najjar, Monastir/TN, M. Hammai, Monastir/TN, R. Sakly, Monastir/TN
download poster

Effects of Chocolates Using Low Calorie Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS) on Rat's Plasma Profile and Determination of sn-1,3 Position of TAG
R. Borhan, Kuala Lumpur/MY , M. Said, Selangor/MY
download poster

A Prospective Study of Green Tea and Panax Ginseng against Mutagens & Carcinogens Produced during Thermolyzed Meat
M. Osfor, Umm Al-Qura/SA , A. El-Ashi, Umm Al-Qura/SA, M. El-Madbouly, Umm Al-Qura/SA, M.S. Zaki, Umm Al-Qura/SA, D. Negm, Cairo/EG
download poster

Effects of Commercial Diets enriched with Vegetables Oils on Growth Performance and Fatty Acids Profile of Tissues of Juvenile Cultured Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata)
N. Zayene, Mahdia/TN , F. Yosra, Monastir/TN, G.H. Wafa, Monastir/TN
download poster

Insects as Food Ingredient Selectively Increase Target PUFA Content in Muscle of Farmed Fish
M.A. Rincon Cervera, Almeria/ES , E. Venegas Venegas, Almeria/ES, R.P. Ramos Bueno, Almeria/ES, C. De Haro, Almeria/ES, F. Garcia Barroso, Almeria/ES, M.J. Sanchez Muros-Lozano, Almeria/ES, J.L. Guil Guerrero, Almeria/ES
download poster

Fatty Acid Profiles of Lesser Known Edible Fishes on Spanish Mediterranean Coast
R.P. Ramos-Bueno, Almeria/ES , S. Cruz, Ameria/ES, M.I. Saez, Almeria/ES, E. Venegas Venegas, Almeria/ES, M.A. Rincon Cervera, Almeria/ES, A GOnzalez-Montoya, Almeria/ES, M.D. Suarez, Almeria/ES, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almeria/ES
download poster

Lipid and fatty acids content in muscle of fish discarded on Spanish Mediterranean coast
S. Cruz, Almería/ES , L. Hidalgo, Almería/ES, M.I. Sáez, Almería/ES, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES, M.D. Suárez, Almería/ES
download poster

Changes in Lipid Profiles in Muscle of Farmed shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa) after Starvation and Re-feding
M.D. Suárez, Almería/ES , M.I. Sáez, Almería/ES, J.L. Guil-Guerrero, Almería/ES, M. Arizcun, Márcia/ES, M.C Hidalgo, Granada/ES, A.E. Morales, Granada/ES, E. Abellan, Márcia/ES, G. Cardenete, Granada/ES
download poster

Influence of Freezing and Freezing-Thawing on Lipid Deterioration of Meagre (Argyrosomus regius) Fillets
M.I. Sáez, Almería/ES , Martínez-Prados A., Almería/ES, Molina B., Almería/ES, Guil-Guerrero J.L., Almería/ES, Martínez T.F., Almería/ES, Cárdenas S., Cádiz/ES, Suárez M.D., Almería/ES
download poster

Vitamin E and A Content in Raw Milk Cheeses from Mountain Grazing Ewes
L. J. R. Barron, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES , M. A. Bustamante, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, I. Valdivielso, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, J. C. Ruiz de Gordoa, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES
download poster

Fatty Acid Content in Raw Milk Cheeses from Mountain Grazing Ewes
L. J. R. Barron, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES , I. Valdivielso, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, O. Franci, Firenze/IT, A. Buccioni, Firenze/IT
download poster

Zootechnical Effects of n-3 Fatty Acids in the Diet of Gestating and Lactating Sows - A Literature Review
S. De Smet, Melle/BE , S. Tanghe, Melle/BE
download poster

Olive Oil

Quality Discrimination of EVOOs: Insights from the long-term project "International Olive Oil Award - Zurich
A. Bongartz, Waedenswil/CH , M. Popp, Waedenswil/CH
download poster

Comparison of Antioxidant Capacities and Phenolic Compositions of Ayvalik Olive Oils from South Marmara and Mediterranean Regions in Turkey
A. Dagdelen, Balikesir/TR , G. Özkan, Isparta/TR, L. Dalgiç, Isparta/TR, S.O. Sermet, Isparta/TR
download poster

Differences of Volatiles Among Olive Cultivars Grown in the Same Orchard from Turkey
A. Dagdelen, Balikesir/TR , G. Özkan, Isparta/TR
download poster

Antioxidant Properties and Mineral Compositions of Olive Mill Wastewaters from Eight Olive Varieties from Turkey
A. Dagdelen, Balikesir/TR , G. Özkan, Isparta/TR, S. Çevik, Isparta/TR, S. Aydin, Isparta/TR
download poster

Effect of Maturation Index on Total Phenolic Content and Bitterness Index of Natural Olive Oils
A. Saygin Gumuskesen, Izmir/TR , S. Erdogan Capar, Izmir/TR
download poster

The effect of Olive Leaves Addition on Quality Parameters and Sensory Properties of "Memecik" Olive Oils at Harvested Two Maturity Stages
D. Sevim, Izmir/TR , Özlem Tuncay, izmir/TR

A Review on Phenolic Compounds of Natural Olive Oils: Sensory Characteristics, Oxidative Stability and Olive Oil Processing
M. Asan Nebioglu, Bursa/TR , F. Yemiscioglu, Izmir/TR, O. Ozdikicierler, Izmir/TR
download poster

A Case Study of Development of a Registration Database of Chemical Profiles of Moroccan Virgin Olive Oils
A. Carrasco-Pancorbo, Granada/ES
download poster

Distribution of Phenolics between Olive Oil and Waste Streams During Virgin Olive Oil Processing
Ö. Secmeler, Istanbul/TR , Ozlem Guclu Ustundag, Istanbul/TR
download poster

Virgin Olive Oil Odor Notes: Relationship with Volatile Secondary Metabolites from Fungi isolated on Olives
H. Bejaoui, Monastir/TN , N. Aguir, Monastir/TN, M.S. Ben Mansour, Monastir/TN, I. Chraief, Monastir/TN, A. Bakhrouf, Monastir/TN, M. Hammami, Monastir/TN
download poster

Characterization of Olive Oil, Collected and Extracted in Pakistan, From Wild Olives (Olea ferruginea)
P. Anwar, Rawalpindi/PK , M. Gulfraz, Rawalpindi/PK, A. Bendini, Cesena (FC)/IT, R. Qureshi, Rawalpindi/PK, E. Valli, Cesena (FC)/IT, G. Di Lecce, Cesena (FC)/IT, S. Naqvi, Rawalpindi/PK, T. Gallina Toschi, Cesena (FC)/IT
download poster

Rapid Assessment of Fatty Acids Alkyl Esters in Extra Virgin Olive Oils by Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
E. Valli, Cesena (FC)/IT , A. Berardinelli, Cesena (FC)/IT, C. Cevoli, Cesena (FC)/IT, A. Bendini, Cesena (FC)/IT, T. Gallina Toschi, Cesena (FC)/IT, L. Ragni, Cesena (FC)/IT
download poster

Olfactory Fingerprint of Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Fast Analysis by Flash Gas Chromatography (FGC) Electronic Nose and Coupling with Sensory Data
S Barbieri, Cesena/IT , A. Bendini, cesena/IT, M, Barbanera, Bologna/IT, F. Gottardi, Bologna/IT, T. Gallina Toschi, Cesena/IT
download poster

Influence of Different Filtration Systems on the Quality of a PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Z. Ayyad, Cesena/IT , E. Valli, Cesena/IT, G. Di Lecce, Cesena/IT, A. Bendini, Cesena/IT, T. Toschi Gallina, Cesena/IT
download poster

Determination of PAHs Concentration in Olive Oils
P. Günc Ergönul, Manisa/TR , S. Sanchez Villasclaras2, Jaén/ES
download poster

Characterization of Ayvalik and Memecik Cultivars Olive Oils by their Phenolic Content and Some Other Minor Components
Ü. Altuntas, Istanbul/TR , B. Özçelik, Istanbul/TR, S. Uluata, Malatya/TR, A. Tatli, Adana/TR, S.Ö. Ünsal, Balikesir/TR1
download poster

Phenolic Characterization and Antioxidant Capacity of Commercial Extra-virgin Olive Oils of Turkey
S. S. Miran, Ankara/TR , E. Kizilkaya, Ankara/TR, Y. Laleli, Ankara/TR
download poster

Virgin Olive Oil Acidity: An Electrochemical Determination
G. Di Lecce, Bologna/IT , M. Grossi, Bologna/IT, B. Riccò, Bologna/IT, T. Gallina Toschi, Cesena (FC)/IT
download poster

Effect of the Growing Area Conditions on Physicochemical Properties and Oxidative Stability of Roghani Virgin Olive Oil
R. Esmaeilzadeh Kenari, Sari/IR , S. Haghighat Kharazi, Babol/IR
download poster

Influence of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems on Potential Quality of Virgin Olive Oils Produced in the Central Region of Spain
M.A. Perez, Alcala de Henares/ES , C. Mena, Alcala de Henares/ES, C. Lorenzo, Alcala de Henares/ES, B. Sastre, Alcala de Henares/ES, Z. Gonzalez, Alcala de Henares/ES, E. Horcas, Alcala de Henares/ES, G. Vergara, Alcala de Henares/ES
download poster

A New Method Based on the Extraction with N, N'-bis(5-methoxy-salicylidene)-1,3-propanediamine (MSP) for the Spectrometric Determination of Iron in Olive oil
S. Bagdat Yasar, Balikesir/TR , E. Köse Baran, Balikesir/TR
download poster

Survey to Determine Compliance with new Methodologies in International Standards
C Guillaume, Lara/AU , C. Ravetti, Lara/AU, N. Ruiz, Lara/AU, D. Zaparenkov, Lara/AU
download poster

Pyropheophytin a and 1,2 di-acyl-glycerols Over Time under Different Storage Conditions in Natural Olive Oils
C. Guillaume, Lara/AU , C. Gertz, Hagen/DE, L. Ravetti, Lara/AU
download poster

Characterization of Galician Local Varieties Virgin Olive Oils
P. Reboredo-Rodríguez, Ourense/ES , C. González-Barreiro, Ourense/ES, B. Cancho-Grande, Ourense/ES, J. Simal-Gándara, Ourense/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES, M.D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/ES
download poster

Aroma Distribution between Pulp and Seed in Olives for Oil Extraction
P. Reboredo-Rodríguez, Ourense/ES , C. González-Barreiro, Ourense/ES, B. Cancho-Grande, Ourense/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES, M.D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/ES, J. Simal-Gándara, Ourense/ES
download poster

Characterization of Extra Virgin Olive Oils from an Emerging Production Area in North-Western Spain
P. Reboredo-Rodríguez, Ourense/ES , C. González-Barreiro, Ourense/ES, B. Cancho-Grande, Ourense/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES, M.D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/ES, J. Simal-Gándara, Ourense/ES
download poster

Changes in the Aroma Profile of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the Racking Process
P. Reboredo-Rodríguez, Ourense/ES , C. González-Barreiro, Ourense/ES, B. Cancho-Grande, Ourense/ES, G. Fregapane, Ciudad Real/ES, M.D. Salvador, Ciudad Real/ES, J. Simal-Gándara, Ourense/ES
download poster

Evaluation of Minor Polar Compounds and Sensorial Characteristics in Croatian Virgin Olive Oils
M. Zanetic, Split/HR , E Vitanovic, Split/HR, L Cerretani, Cesena/IT
download poster

Natural Decantation vs Vertical Centrifugation: Influence of Clarification Methods on Volatile Profile and Sensory Attributes of Extra Virgin Olive Ool
A. Sánchez-Oritz, Jaen/ES , M.P. Aguilera, JAEN/ES, M.A. Bejaoui, JAEN/ES, A. Gila, JAEN/ES, A. Jiménez, JAEN/ES, G. Beltrán, JAEN/ES
download poster

Determination and Comparison of Some Biochemical Characteristics and Antioxidant Activity of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Produced from Ayvalik and Memecik Olive Cultivars in Turkey
B. Özçelik, Istanbul/TR , Ü. Altuntas, Istanbul/TR, S. Uluata, Malatya/TR, A. Tatli, Adana/TR, S.Ö. Ünsal, Balikesir/TR
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The Determination of Volatile Components and some Quality Properties of Virgin Olive Oils Produced in Hatay Region
D. Bozdogan Konuskan, Hatay/TR , A. Karayiyen, Hatay/TR, A. Tatli, Adana/TR
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Application of High Power Ultrasounds in the Virgin Olive Oil Extraction Previous to Olive Paste Malaxation
M.A. Bejaoui, Mengíbar/ES , A. Sánchez-Ortiz, Mengíbar/ES, A. Quintero, Mengíbar/ES, A. Jiménez, Mengíbar/ES, G. Beltrán, Mengíbar/ES download poster

Sunflower/ Rapeseed/ Soybean Oil

The Effect of Drying Temperature on Dehgradation of Sterols and Tocopherols in Seeds of Yellow-seeded Rape
M. Rudzinska, Poznan/PL , M. Gawrysiak-Witulska, Poznan/PL, A. Siger, Poznan/PL, I. Bartkowiak-Broda, Poznan/PL
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Quality of edible oils from Polish market
B. Michalak, Kruszwcia/PL , Monika Momot, Kruszwica/PL, Gyorgy Karlovits, Kruszwcia/PL, Tulodziecka Agnieszka, Torun/PL, Szydlowska-Czerniak Aleksandra, Torun/PL, Teresinski Piotr, Kruszwica/PL, Wojtowicz Anna, Gdansk/PL
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Sensory Quality of Refined Rapeseeds Oils on Polish Market
M. Momot, Kruszwica/PL , B. Michalak, Kruszwica/PL, G. Karlovits, Kruszwica/PL, A. Troszynska, Olsztyn/PL
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Evaluation of Oxidative Changes in Soybean Oil during Shelf-life by Physico-chemical Methods and Headspace-liquid Phase Microextraction (HS-LPME) Technique
M. Enteshari, Tehran/IQ , K. Nayebzadeh, Tehran/IQ, A. Mohammadi, Tehran/IQ
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Chemical Evaluation of Oils Extracted from Different Varites of Soybeen in Southern of Iran
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , M. H. Naji, Zarindashat,/IR, Z. Hashem, Shiraz/IR, D. Salar Bashi, Mashhad/IR
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Epoxidized and Isocyanated Soybean Oil as New Chain Extenders for Unsaturated Polyesters
E. Taylan, Istanbul/TR , S. H. Küsefoglu, Istanbul/TR
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The Fatty Acid Composition and Oil Content of Rapeseed Varieties in Korea
K.S. Kim, Muan/KR , YH Lee, Muan/KR, YS Jang, Muan/KR, IH Choi, Muan/KR
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Effect of Salicylic Acid on the Quality of Edible Oils and Fatty Acids in different Regions of Sunflower Capitol
M. Sedghi, Ardabil/IR
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Kernel Fatty Acid Composition and Leaf Antioxidant Activities in Response to Nano Zinc Oxide in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus .L) Cultivars
M. Sedghi, Ardabil/IR
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Effect of Nano Zinc Oxide on Kernel Filling Period in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus .L) Cultivars
M. Sedghi, Ardabil/IR
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Palm Oil

Acceleration of Palm Oil Crystallization by Sorbitan Fatty Acid Esters
H. Shiho, Higashihiroshima/JP
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Fatty Acid Composition and Physico-chemical Properties of Cold Pressed Palm Kernel Oil and Thermally Oxidized Palm Kernel Oil
E. Egbung, Calabar/NG , J Atangwho, Calabar/NG, C Ibegbulem, Owerri/NG, M Agiang, Calabar/NG, G Igile, Calabar/NG, E Essien, Calabar/NG
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Effect of Polyglycerol Fatty Acid Esters on Crystallization of Palm Oil
M. Yuki, Higashihiroshima/JP
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Improving the Stability and Quality Characteristics of Edible Vegetable Oils by blending with Super Olein
A. Abdel-Razek, Cairo/EG
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Chromatographic Analysis of Tocols in Crude Palm Oil by Cyano Column
H. Çakir, Konya/TR , S. Naz, Jamshoro/PK, H.F. Ayyildiz, Konya/TR, F.N. Arslan, Konya/TR, M. Topkafa, Konya/TR, H. Kara, Konya/TR
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Quality Assessment and Determination of Total Fatty Matter Content in Nigerian Palm Oil Samples
G. Igile, Calabar/NG , B. Mgbeje, Calabar/NG, I. Williams, Calabar/NG, G. Egbung, Calabar/NG
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Impact of New Oral Bioavailability Data on the Risk Assessment of Heat-induced Contaminats (3-MCPD Fatty Acid Esters)
A. Lampen, Berlin/DE , S. Sawada, Berlin/DE, A. Oberemm, Berlin/DE
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Adulteration of Crude Palm Oil
O. Okogeri, Abakaliki/NG , O. L. Nwani, Abakaliki/NG
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Variation in Fatty Acids of Palm Oil from Brazilian Tropical Savanna
R. Antoniassi, Rio de Janeiro/BR , N.T.V. Junqueira, Planaltina/BR, J.C.A. Antonini, Planaltina/BR, G.A. Campos, Palmas/BR, M.F. Braga, Planaltina/BR, A.E. Wilhelm, Rio de Janeiro/BR, A.F. Faria-Machado, Rio de Janeiro/BR, H.R. Bizzo, Rio de Janeiro/BR
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Effect of Sorbitan Monostearate on Crystallization Characteristics of Refined Palm Oil
C.C. Ming, Campinas/BR , C.A. Santos, Campinas/BR, L.A.G. Gonçalves, Campinas/BR
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Marine Oils, Microalgae Oils and Microbial Lipids

Microalgae for EPA/DHA Production Cultivated in Wastewater from a Pulp Mill Digester
A. Polishchuk, Turku/FI , S. Mishra, Turku/FI, D. Valev, Turku/FI, T. Antal, Turku/FI, M. Tarvainen, Turku/FI, B. Yang, Turku/FI, E. Tyystjärvi, Turku/FI
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Topological investigations of Tgl3p, the main triacylglycerol lipase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
B. Koch, Graz/AT , K. Athenstaedt, Graz/AT, G. Daum, Graz/AT
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Biodiesel Production from Microalgae Oil
P. Oguzhan, Ardahan/TR , F. Yangilar, Ardahan/TR
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Single Cell Oil (SCO) Production from Yarrowia lipolytica
A. Saygun, Istanbul/TR , N. Sahin Yesilcubuk, Istanbul/TR, N. Aran, Istanbul/TR
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Different Responses of Blood Parameters to Vitamin E alongside with or without Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Rat
Z. Taleb, Saveh/IQ , A.R. Alizadeh, Saveh/IQ, K. Karkoodi, Saveh/IQ, B. Ebrahimi, Tehran/IQ, R. Salman Yazdi, Tehran/IQ
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Phosphatidic Acid Phosphatase in Oleaginous Bacteria
A. Arabolaza, Rosario/AR , S. Comba, Rosario/AR, S. Menendez-Bravo, Rosario/AR, H. Gramajo, Rosario/AR
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Major Fatty Acid Compounds in Padina SP. (Phaeophyta) from Qeshm Island
H. Agah, Tehran/IR , F. Ghaderiardakani, Qeshm/IR
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Concentration of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids of Crude Commercial Salmon Oil by Optimization of Urea Complexation
M.M. Berrios, Santiago/CL , B. Bravo, Santiago/CL, M.E. Pando, Santiago/CL, C. Encina, Santiago/CL, M. Rivera, Santiago/CL, A. Rodriguez, Santiago/CL, S. Aubourg, Vigo/ES
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Evaluation of some Physicochemical Properties of Two Species (Euthynnus affinis and Katsuwonus pelamis) of Fish oils from Iran
B. Fathi Achachlouei, Ardabil/IR , A. Aberoumand, Behbahan/IR
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Oleochemistry, Biodiesel

Kinetic Analysis of Interesterification using Liquid Lipase for Biodiesel Production
M.F. Mohamad Yusoff, Aarhus/DK , S. N. Fedosov, Aarhus/DK
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Study on the Preliminary Biofuel Characteristics of Vegetable Oils Extracted from Different Raw Materials
C. Botinestean, Timisoara/RO , I. Jianu, Timisoara/RO
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Microalgal Oil as a Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
D. Özçimen, Esenler, Istabul/TR , M.O. Gülyurt, Esenler, Istanbul/TR, B. Inan, Esenler, Istanbul/TR

Synthesis of Alkyl Esters using Enzyme Catalysis Coupled to Glycerol Separation
I. Jachmanián, Montevideo/UY , N. Martinez, Montevideo/UY, N. Segura, Montevideo/UY
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Biodiesel: Neutralization of Catalyst by Carbon Dioxide and they Influence on Dealcoholization of Reaction Mixture Composition
M. Hájek, Pardubice/CZ , F. Skopal, Pardubice/CZ, J. Kwiecien, Pardubice/CZ
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Chemical Composition of the Lipid Fraction Recovered from Wine lees with Emphasis on Squalene
M. Tsimidou, Thessaloniki/GD , E. Naziri, Thessaloniki/GD, F. Mantzouridou, Thessaloniki/GD

Using of Fat Replacers in Food Industry
F. Yangilar, Ardahan/TR , P. Oguzhan, Ardahan/TR
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Building Partnerships Towards Sustainability
E. Esselink, Zoetermeer/NL
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Other Topics

Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil of Echinophora Orientalis Hedge and Lamond Roots
S.M. Razavi, Ardabil/IR , S. Baniebrahim, Ardabil/IR
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Education/Research/Industry Interfaces towards the Innovation of Food Sector: The ISEKI_Food Network Approach
F. Gogus, Gaziantep/TR , F. Erdogdu, Mersin/TR, S. Otles, Izmir/TR, P. Pittia, Teramo/IT, C. Silva, Porto/PT, G. Schleining, Vienna/AT
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Thermal Deactivation Kinetics of Pseudomonas Fluorescens Lipase Entrapped in AOT/isooctane Reverse Micelles
C. W. Kwon, SEOUL/KR , K. M. PARK, Seoul/KR, S. C. HONG, Seoul/KR
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Algal Oil usage in Cosmetic Industry
D. Özçimen, Istanbul/TR , S. Akis, Istanbul/TR, B. Inan, Istanbul/TR
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Characterization of the Oleogels of Olive Oil and Sunflower Wax
E. Yilmaz, Çanakkale/TR , M. Ögütcü, Çanakkale/TR
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Aromatic Compounds and Sensory Properties of Cold Pressed Poppyseed Oil
E. Yilmaz, Çanakkale/TR , D. Dündar Emir, Çanakkale/TR
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The Study of Antimicrobial Effect of Salvia lerufolia benth Essential Oil on the Growth of staphylococcus aureus in Tradional Kashk
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , GR Yasaie Mehrjardi, mashhad/IR
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Optimization of Ultrasound Extraction of Dried Extract and Phenolic Compounds Phlomidoschema Parviflorum by Response Surface Methodlogy
E. Ghanbari Shendi, Ankara/TR , Mojtaba Heydari, zabol/IR
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LC-ESI-MS investigations on interactions between lipid peroxidation product malondialdehyde and isolated beta-lactoglobulin peptides
G. Gürbüz, Helsinki/FI , M. Heinonen, Helsinki/FI
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Transcriptome Analysis of Waterlogging Response in Rape Seedling Leaves
Y.-H. Lee, Jeonnam/KR , K-S. Kim, Jeonnam/KR, Y-S. Jang, Jeonnam/KR, I-H. Choi, Jeonnam/KR
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