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1st European Symposium on Plant Lipids

From Fundamental Biology to Industrial and Field Applications

Aachen, 10.-13. September 2003

The organisers would like to thank the 132 participants from 25 countries. We hope that you have enjoyed the meeting as much as we did and looking forward to meeting you again in Edinburgh 2004 and/or Danmark 2005 for the 2nd European Symposium on Plant Lipids.

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Final Program:

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

17:00-20:00 Registration, poster mounting and welcome party (18:30) at the Karman-Auditorium

Thursday, September 11, 2003

08:00-09:00 Registration, poster mounting

09:00-09:15 Opening

Biosynthesis and functions of isoprenoids
Chairperson: M. Frentzen (Aachen, Germany)

09:15-09:45 A. Boronat (Barcelona, Spain)
Plant isoprenoid biosynthesis

09:45-10:00 A. Hemmerlin, J.F. Hoeffler, O. Meyer, D. Tritsch, I. Kagan, C. Groddemange Billiard, M. Rohmer, T.J. Bach (Strasbourg, France)
Interactions between the cytoplasmic mevalonate and the plastidial methylerythritol phosphate pathways in tobacco BY-2 cells

10:00-10:15 D. Witisuwannakul, A. Rattanapittayaporn, R. Witisuwannakul (Bangkok, Thailand)
Short chain polyisoprenoids and specialty natural rubber synthesis in vitro by Hevea latex bottom-fraction particle membrane; micro-reactor biomembrane

10:15-10:30 R. Sadre, J. Gruber, D. Weier, M. Frentzen (Aachen, Germany)
Characterisation of prenyltransferases involved in tocopherol biosynthesis

10:30-10:45 H. Schaller, P. Benveniste, P. Bouvier-Navé, C. Burger, F. Muller, A. Schaeffer (Strasbourg, France)
Sterol metabolism and functions in plant growth and development

10:45-11:15 coffee and tea break

Biosynthesis and regulation of fatty acid derivatives
Chairperson: M. Miquel (Versailles, France)

11:15-11:45 S. Rawsthorne, M.J. Pike, S. Kubis, C.J. Everett, L.M. Hill, E. Morley-Smith, K. Findlay, W. Köckenberger, O. Lepri, X. Wu (Norwich, Great Britain)
Compartmentation and its implications for fatty acid synthesis in seeds

11:45-12:00 M.J. Pike, S. Kubis, P.C. Nield, C.J. Everett, L. Hill, M. Hills, S. Rawsthorne (Norwich, Great Britain)
Expression of the phosphoenolpyruvate/inorganic phosphate translocator genes in oilseeds-from transcript to activity

12:00-12:15 J. Schwender, Y. Shachar-Hill, J. Ohlrogge (East Lansing, USA)
Metabolic flux analysis in growing oil seeds

12:15-12:30 T. Roscoe, R. Guyot, S. Maisonneuve, H. Chiron, M. Delseny (Perpignan, France)
A multigene family of lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase-like proteins in higher plants

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Desaturases and elongases
Chairperson: J. Napier (Bristol, Great Britain)

14:00-14:15 P. Sperling, P. Ternes, C. Beckmann, W. Boland, E. Heinz (Hamburg, Germany)
Characterization of long-chain base desaturases and hydroxylases involved in sphingolipid biosynthesis

14:15-14:30 J.J. Salas, R. Garcés, E. Martinez-Force (Sevilla, Spain)
Factors affecting the accumulation of n-7 fatty acids in sunflower mutant lines

14:30-14:45 A. Meyer (Hamburg/D), P. Cirpus (Ludwigshafen/D), U. Zähringer (Borstel/D), E. Heinz, (Hamburg/D)
A delta(4)-fatty acyl desaturase from Euglena gracilis

14:45-15:00 Z. Cohen, I. Khozin-Goldberg (Sde Boker, Israel)
Role and production of arachidonic acid in the microalga Parietochloris incisa

15:00-15:15 N.I. Shtemenko, V.N. Shepelenko (Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Surface lipids on plants

15:15-17:15 Posters, coffee and tea

Metabolism of storage lipids
Chairperson: R. Rajasekharan (Bangalore, India)

17:15-17:30 K. El Kouhen, E. Ortiz, A.M. Gardies, N. Ferté, R. Verger, V. Arondel (Marseille, France)
Identification and characterization of a triacylglycerol lipase from Arabidopsis

17:30-17:45 H.M. El-Shora (Mansoura, Egypt)
Purification, essential groups and immobilization of lipase from marrow cotyledons

17:45-18:00 M. Srinivasan, R. Rajasekharan (Bangalore, India)
Identification of a novel lipase from rice bran that generates diacylglycerol from triacylglycerol

18:00-18:15 M. Fulda, J. Schnurr, J. Browse (Goettingen, Germany)
Peroxisomal long-chain acyl-CoA synthetases are absolutely required for seedling establishment in Arabidopsis

Friday, September 12, 2003

Lipid transport
Chairperson: A.S. Sandelius (Göteborg. Sweden)

08:30-09:00 J. Knudsen, N. Fćrgeman (Odense, Denmark)
Evolution and function of acyl-CoA binding protein

09:00-09:15 P. Dörmann, S. Porfirova, E. Bergmüller, A. Kelly (Golm, Germany)
Synthesis and function of chloroplast lipids in Arabidopsis

09:15-09:30 M.C. Andersson, K.E. Larsson, C. Liljenberg, A.S. Sandelius (Göteborg, Sweden)
Phospholipid replacement with galactolipids in the plasma membrane as a response to phosphate starvation in oat (Avena sativa)

09:30-10:00 N. Rolland, M. Ferro, D. Seigneurin-Berny, J. Garin, J. Joyard (Grenoble, France)
Proteomics of plastid envelope membranes and lipid metabolism

10:00-11:00 Posters, coffee and tea

Functional role of lipids in signal transduction
Chairperson: E. Blee (Strasbourg, France)

11:00-11:30 T. Munnik (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Challenging phospholipid signalling in plants

11:30-11:45 S.A. Arisz, F. Valianpour, A.H. van Gennip, T. Munnik (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Substrate preference of stress-activated phospholipase D in Chlamydomonas and its contribution to PA formation

11:45-12:00 R. Tobeńa Santamaria, W. van Leeuwen, J. E.M. Vermeer, T.W.J. Gadella Jr, T. Munnik (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
4D-Visualization of phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate turnover in living plant cells

12:00-12:15 W. van Leeuwen, R. Tobeńa-Santamaria, J.E.M. Vermeer, T.W.J. Gadella Jr, T. Munnik (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
In vivo visualisation of PI(4,5)P2 signalling in plant cells

12:15-12:30 C.F. de Jong, A.M. Laxalt, B.O.R. Bargmann, P.J.G. de Wit, M.H.A.J. Joosten, T. Munnik (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Evidence for the lipid second messenger phosphatidic acid mediating Cf-4/Avr4 signaling

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Functional role of lipids in plant defense
Chairperson: A. Slusarenko (Aachen, Germany)

14:00-14:30 E. Blee (Strasbourg, France)
Phytooxylipins and plant defense

14:30-14:45 R. Olias, E. Belfield, R. Hughes, R. Casey (Norwich, Great Britain)
Hydroperoxide lyases and the CYP74 family of enzymes

14:45-15:00 G.J. de Boer, M. Haring (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Snake venom phospholipase A2 proteins in Arabidopsis.

15:00-15:15 Z. Spičkova, E. Bartosová, R. Cervenková, F. Vladimir, J. Smidrkal (Prague, Czechia)
Antimicrobial effect of fatty acid esters with polyols

15:15-15:30 S. Rosahl, C. Göbel, I. Feussner (Halle, Germany)
Oxylipins and induced defense in potato

15:30-16:30 coffee and tea

Technical applications of lipids
Chairperson: J. Pánek (Prague, Czechia)

16:30-16:45 J. Pánek, L. Parkányiová, J. Pokorný, Z. Réblová, H. Sakurai (Prague, Czechia)
Application of traditional and high-oleic peanut oil in food technology

16:45-17:00 E. Teunou, D. Poncelet (Nantes, France)
Micro encapsulation of plant oil for optimum applications

17:00-17:15 L. Puchinger, D. Leichtfried (Vienna, Austria)
Methodological problems occuring by chemical and microbial investigation of oilseeds

17:15-17:30 J.M. Aragón, M.C. Palancar, M.D. Liébanes, D. Jiménez, G. Arévalo (Madrid, Spain)
Low-temperature drying of by-products from olive oil mills

18:30-19:30 Guided city tour (ends at the "Ratskeller")

19:30 Informal conference dinner at the "Ratskeller"

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Genetic engineering of plant lipids
Chairperson: I. Feussner (Göttingen, Germany)

09:00-09:30 E. Heinz, A. Abbadi, F. Domergue, H. Kirsch, A. Meyer, C. Ott, P. Sperling, T. Zank (Hamburg, Germany)
Engineering of LCPUFA biosynthesis

09:30-09:45 R. Rajasekharan, S. Saha (Bangalore, India)
Monoacylglycerol as an intermediate in triacylglycerol biosynthesis in oilseeds : cloning and expression of soluble diacylglycerol acyltransferase

09:45-10:15 I.A. Graham, E.L. Rylott, T.R. Larson (York, Great Britain)
Metabolite profiling of acyl-CoAs to aid metabolic engineering and gene function studies in oilseeds

10:15-10:30 J.A. Napier, F. Beaudoin, S. Mugford, O. Sayanova, T. Dunn (Bristol, Great Britain)
Heterologous reconstitution of C20 PUFA biosynthesis: dissecting the role of the elongase

10:30-11:15 Posters, coffee and tea

Genetic engineering of plant lipids
Chairperson: M. Hills (Norwich, Great Britain)

11:15-11:45 S. Stymne (Alnarp, Sweden)
High amount of unusual fatty acids in oils of transgenic plants - lessons to be learnt

11:45-12:00 E. Hornung, C. Krüger, I. Saalbach, A. Renz, M. Gipmans, I. Feussner (Göttingen, Germany)
Production of conjugated fatty acids in transgenic plants

12:00-12:15 N.D. Sasongko, H.C. Becker, C. Möllers (Göttingen, Germany)
Increase of erucic acid content in oilseed rape (Brassica napus) through the combination with gene for high oleic acid

12:15-12:30 A. Abbadi, F. Domergue, C. Ott, A. Fahl, T. Zank, P. Cirpus, E. Heinz (Hamburg, Germany)
Production of PUFAs in oilseeds: Where are we?

12:30 E. Blee (Strasbourg, France)
Discussion about the possibility to organise a division on Plant Lipids within Euro Fed Lipid

Poster Presentations

Press Release (in German Language, .pdf)


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