Fats and Health - Update on Dietary Phytosterols, Trans-fatty Acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acids

19-20 October 2006, Frankfurt, Germany

H. Steinhart (Hamburg, Germany)
W. O. Richter (Windach/Munich, Germany)

Organizing Committee:
F. Amoneit (Frankfurt, Germany), N. Hinrichsen (Hamburg, Germany) W. O. Richter (Windach/Munich, Germany), H. Steinhart (Hamburg, Germany)


Fats and health, this is always a fascinating issue. Although our knowledge increased strongly during the past few years, there are still many questions open and they demand to be answered, hopefully in due time. The organizers of this conference tried to illuminate the questions around fats and health with an interdisciplinary approach. Analytical, chemical, physiological, clinical, nutrition, animal nutrition and technical questions are discussed during the conference.
The conference is focused on minor fatty acids which are regarded to have either positive or negative influence on health. The most important of these minor fatty acids are the trans-fatty acids and the conjugated linoleic acids. The aim of the organizers was to invite well known researchers to present their latest results.
Another exciting question is the discussion concerning the use of phytosterols in functional foods, their benefit and perhaps also drawbacks which have to be discussed.
We kindly invite experts in the research field to submit posters which deal with the topics of this conference in order to extend the scientific discussion.
Deadline to submit poster abstracts is October 1, 2006.

W. O. Richter                                H. Steinhart


Thursday 19 October 2006

Introductory overview

12.30 ? 13.15h Health aspects of dietary minor fatty acids and phytosterols
W. O. Richter (Windach/Munich, Germany)

Session 1: Synthesis and analysis

Chairmen: J. K. Kramer (Guelph, Ontario, Canada), W. Francke (Hamburg, Germany)

13.15 ? 13.45h Analysis of trans- and conjugated fatty acids by chromatographic methods
J. K. Kramer (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

13.45 ? 14.15h Rapid determination of total trans fat by infrared spectroscopy
M. Mossoba (College Park, Maryland, USA)

14.15 ? 14.35h    Synthesis of CLA and CLA containing triglycerides
W. Francke (Hamburg, Germany)

14.35 ? 14.55h Synthesis of furan fatty acids
N. Hinrichsen, H. Steinhart (Hamburg, Germany)

14.55 ? 15.15h    Coffee break

Session 2: Physiology and clinical importance I

Chairmen: F. Spener (Graz, Austria), W. O. Richter (Windach/Munich, Germany)

15.15 ? 15.45h Modulatory potential of conjugated linoleic acids on the development of atherosclerosis
R. Ringseis (Halle, Germany)

15.45 ? 16.15h Effects of trans fatty acids of milk fat on cardiovascular risk factors in humans
J.-M. Chardigny (Dijon, France)

16.15 ? 16.45h Conjugated linoleic acids dependent modulations of transcriptional networks in human diseases
G. Schmitz (Regensburg, Germany)

16.45    - 17.15h Trans fatty acids in foods and conversion of vaccenic acid in conjugated linoleic acids
J. Kraft, K. Kuhnt, G. Jahreis (Jena, Germany)

17.15 ? 17.30h Intervention with trans-vaccenic acid affects gender-specific gene expression in human monocytes
F. Spener (Graz, Austria)

17.30 ? 18.00h Coffee break

18.00 ? 18.30h Plasma sitosterol elevations are associated with an increased incidence of coronary events in men: results of the PROCAM study
G. Assmann (Muenster, Germany)

18.30 ? 19.00h Phytosterol-enrichment of foods - an update on clinical data
E. Trautwein (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)

20.00 Dinner at the "Restaurant im Literaturhaus" (optional, registration required)

Friday 20 October 2006

Session 3: Physiology and clinical importance II

Chairmen: G. Schmitz (Regensburg, Germany), H. Steinhart (Hamburg, Germany)

8.30 ? 9.00h Generation and characterization of oxy-phytosterols
R. Lorenz (Munich, Germany)

9.00 ? 9.30h  Metabolism of oxy-phytosterols and furan fatty acids
L. Lehmann (Karlsruhe, Germany)

9.30 ? 10.00h Molecular signalling effects on colon cancer cells and aspects of the reprotoxicological assessment of conjugated linoleic acids
A. Lampen (Berlin, Germany)

10.00 ? 10.30h  Conjugated linoleic acids and insulin sensitivity in man
H. M. Roche, S. Toomey (Dublin, Ireland)

10.30 -11.00h Coffee break

Session 4: Animal nutrition

Chairmen: J. M. Griinari (Helsinki, Finland), F. J. Schwarz (Weihenstephan, Germany)

11.00 ? 11.30h Metabolism of conjugated linoleic acids in ruminants
J. M. Griinari (Helsinki, Finland)

11.30 ? 12.00h Conjugated linoleic acids in cattle and sheep nutrition
K. Nuernberg (Dummerstorf, Germany)

12.00 ? 12.30h Conjugated linoleic acids in pig nutrition
A. M. Pfeiffer (Offenbach/Ludwigshafen, Germany)

12.30 ? 12.45h Conjugated linoleic acids in fish nutrition
F. J. Schwarz (Weihenstephan/Munich, Germany)

12.45 ? 14.00h Lunch

Session 5: Conjugated linoleic acids and phytosterols in food technology

Chairmen: R. Eggers (Hamburg, Germany), H. Schubert (Karlsruhe, Germany)

14.00 ? 14.30h Incorporation of phytosterols in food products
E. Floeter (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)

14.30 ? 15.00h trans-fatty acids or saturated fatty acids: the dilemma
J. C. Martine (Warsaw, Poland)

15.00 ? 15.30h Formulation of phytosterols in o/w emulsions by preventing interfacial crystallisation H. Schubert, R. Engel (Karlsruhe, Germany)

15.30 ? 16.00h Enrichment of phytosterols in triglycerides by high pressure processing
R. Eggers, P. Zacchi (Hamburg, Germany)

16.00h Concluding remarks
H. Steinhart (Hamburg, Germany)

Call for Papers:

List of papers (Scientific Committee only, password needed)

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