"Young Investigators in Lipid Science"


10-11 May 2016, Duesseldorf, Germany

This meeting is aimed at fostering collaboration between emerging scientists (young group leaders) active in different aspects of lipid science in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To this end the meeting is limited to 30 participants. All participants are encouraged to give 15 min oral presentations on their research focus to enable active discussion and future fruitful collaboration between biologists, chemists, medical doctors and engineers from academy and industry with an interest in lipid science and lipid technology.

The meeting will take place at the BASF campus in Düsseldorf from 10-11 May 2016. Registration is free. The conference dinner and a part of the travel cost of the invited participants will be sponsored by the DGF. The location and coffee will be kindly provided by BASF.

Meeting language is English.

The Organising Committee:
Birner-G. Dierker Kourist Wolfrum
Ruth Birner-
Medical University
of Graz
and Omics Center
Markus Dierker
Robert Kourist
Christian Wolfrum



Tuesday, 10 May 2016

12:00-12:10<<<Welcome (Markus Dierker, Düsseldorf)
Session 1: Lipids in Health (Chair: Christian Wolfrum, Zurich)
12:10-12:25Human lactoferricin derived peptides induce apoptosis specifically in cancer cells through targeting membraneous phosphatidylserine (Dagmar Zweytick, Graz)
12:30-12:45EDI3, a glycerophosphodiesterase linking metabolism to cellular migration and attachment (Rosemarie Marchan, Dortmund)
12:50-13:05Neuronal vulnerability in neurodegenerative diseases (Caroline May, Bochum)
13:10-13:25Atypical sphingolipids in the nervous system and its implication in metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases (Alaa Othman, Luebeck)
13:30-13:50Coffee Break
13:50-14:05Deregulation of lipid metabolism in methylation deficiency and hyperhomocysteinemia (Oksana Tehlivets, Graz)
14:10-14:25Understanding fatty liver disease and its consequences (Christina Cadenas, Dortmund)
14:30-14:45Lipid signaling and the development of metabolic disorders (Christian Wolfrum, Zurich)
14:50-15:05Proteomic view of mammalian lipid metabolism (Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Graz)
15:10-15:30Coffee Break
Session 2: Applied Lipid Research (Chair: Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Graz)
15:30-15:45Engineering high value lipids in the non-conventional oleaginous yeast Trichosporon oleaginous (Thomas Brueck, Munich)
15:50-16:05Oleaginous yeasts as platforms for biofuels and renewable chemicals (Johannes Kabisch, Greifswald)
16:10-16:45Oleochemicals in Personal Care (Markus Dierker, Dusseldorf)
16:50-17:10Coffee Break
17:10-17:25EPR spin probing to characterize the impact of interfaces during lipid oxidation (Anja Steffen-Heins. Kiel)
17:30-17:45Intensifying homogeneous catalysed reactions with fatty compounds (Andreas Vorholt, Dortmund)
17:50-18:05Sterolacyltransferases (Harald Pichler, Graz)
19:00-21:00Dinner (Brauhaus Kuerzer:

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

<<<Session 3: Lipid synthesis (Chair: Markus Dierker, Dusseldorf)
09:00-09:15Enzymes in lipid modification from the perspective of a SME (Henrike Brundiek, Greifswald)
09:20-09:35Polymers from Plant Oils - Co-Polymerization of Fatty Acid based Monomers (Andre Fleckhaus, Emden)
09:40-09:55Enzymatic decarboxylation of fatty acids for the sustainable synthesis of bio-based olefins (Robert Kourist, Bochum)
10:00-10:15Synthesis of oleochemical carbonates (Thomas Werner, Rostock)
10:20-10:40Coffee Break
Session 4: Lipid metabolism (Chair: Robert Kourist, Bochum)
10:40-10:55Membrane binding and remodeling by an enzyme involved in phosphatidylcholine synthesis in Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Meryam Aktas, Bochum)
11:00-11:15Regulation of phosphatidic acid biosynthesis via phosphorylation of the glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase Gpt2p/Gat1p in the yeast (Karin Athenstaedt, Graz)
11:20-11:35Fatty acid metabolism in Archaea (Christopher Braesen, Duisburg-Essen)
11:35-11:50Fatty acids as cell membrane components and metabolic regulators (Josef Ecker, Munich)
11:55-12:15Coffee Break
Session 5: Lipids in subcellular compartments and transport (Chair: Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Graz)
12:15-12:30Molecular coupling of mitochondrial protein import, lipid transport and morphology maintenance (Thomas Becker, Freiburg)
12:35-12:50The many paths of lipid transport to mitochondria (Benoit Kornmann, Zurich)
12:55-13:10Protein-mediated channeling of diacylglycerol between lipid droplets and the endoplasmic reticulum regulates neutral- and phospholipid homeostasis (Daniel Markgraf, Dusseldorf)
13:15-13:30Investigation of lipid metabolism and localization using alkyne lipids (Lars Kuerschner, Bonn)
13:35-13:45Closing Remarks (Markus Dierker, Dusseldorf)

The Venue


The meeting takes places at Fritz-Henkel-Haus, BASF, Dusseldorf, Henkelstrasse 67 (Tor 1):
BASF Düsseldorf


How to get there?
Directions BASF Düsseldorf





To apply for participation please send an email with a short description of your current position and research field to until 30 March 2016.



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